Update for Epiosde #6590 March 28, 2008


Sean tries to get Violet in the mood for a little DIY impregnating

Eileen and Pat

The banter continues amongst the Streetcars gang about Eileen and her new man. While she is covering for the switchboard for Steve for the evening Pat comes into the pub looking for Eileen. The lads direct him to the cab office. After Pat leaves Jamie looks a bit puzzled. With a bit of prompting from Steve and Lloyd he tells them that he thinks Pat is married, based on some of the cab runs he has done. Not a good turn of events for our Eileen.

Pat picks up some delicacies from the kebab shop to bring to Eileen. Jerry seems less than impressed with his competitor from the affections of the siren of the switchboard.

Tyrone and Molly

Our young lovebirds have returned from looking for a place of their own, which they think they have found. When they tell Kevin the news he wonders how Vera will react. Molly insists that they have talked about their move with Vera and Jack and they are alright with the plan. Kevin, based on long experience, is not so sure.

When Molly is back at The Rectory later and word slips about them having found a place Vera does react rather badly to the news. It may not be as simple a departure as the young couple thought it would be.

Fiz and her People

Fiz and John stop in at The Rovers so Fiz can have a stiff drink before going for dinner with Roy and Hayley and Cilla. No one seems to be happy that Cilla has invited herself along for the meal, for good reason it would seem, as Cilla acts like a complete cow throughout the evening. She wonders if Fiz and John are getting hitched or if Fiz is ‘up the duff’ (such a lovely phrase) and later points out to Hayley that at least ‘she was always a woman’. Charming. Throughout this ordeal John acts like a complete gentleman, carrying the conversation along, and even offering to give waltzing lessons. The ‘waltz’ Roy found for them to dance to sounded an awful lot like Moon River though.

Sean and Violet

The two aspiring parents continue their mature and well thought out plans to sire a child. Their attempt to get pregnant the traditional method seems to have failed, as Sean had trouble getting in touch with his inner heterosexual. They have a bit of a spat, a palpable tension hovers between them throughout the day, Violet has doubts about the baby, Sean wonders about their friendship surviving. They finally agree that the plan is back on, and Sean starts on about cement mixers and artificial insemination and the internet, rather than trying the ‘Pat & Eileen’ way again. I can only guess something related to basting a turkey is involved here. After some discrete off-camera happenings they wonder if Violet is pregnant.

Carla and the Girls

A lorry is parked outside the factory unloading fabric. Carla has got things moving again at Underworld. Hayley is genuinely grateful that someone has stepped into the leadership void. Carla thanks Hayley for going the extra mile while no one was in charge. Sally makes bitchy asides in the background, as is her wont.

Inside Carla goes around and gathers cellphones from everyone, so there will be no temtptation to call or text anyone. She tells Janice to bring her some coffee, and the two of them have a bit of aggro in the office. Carla tells Janice that she does not want to see or hear her, and the first time she gives Carla an excuse to fire her, Janice is gone.

Sean shows up waaay late for work with strange excuses and a bar of chocolate as a peace offering. He offers Carla some sincere condolences about her late husband, which seems to smooth things over a bit.

Sally comes into the office to talk to Carla about the job Paul had offered her previously as his PA. Sally thinks she could be helpful to Carla in the process of getting the factory up and running smoothly again. Carla asks Sally for her CV (which she doesn’t have) or for any references from her last job as a PA (which she doesn’t have) and when she tries to call Davenport Motors Sally tells her that their was a personality conflict with her last boss. Carla tells Sal to get out and stop wasting her time.

Later at the pub, Carla pops by to buy the girls some drinks, to show she is human.

Epiosde originally aired July 2, 2007

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10 Responses to Update for Epiosde #6590 March 28, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    Poor Eileen – about to be let down by a man yet again! Can’t they let her have a bit of fun for awhile?

    The thought of cement mixers doesn’t inspire romantic feelings but maybe I’m just past it! I fear this storyline could get as tedious as the Jamie/Frankie one.

    Carla must have come in and contacted suppliers while the mice were at play as now they have fabric!

  2. beanie says:

    Well done Papa Smurf thank you.How could Sally have asked for a promotion? Carla needs knicker stitchers not knicker removers which was Sally’s real funtion as a PA.I hope Carla runs into Ian Davenport somewhere!It was great to see Janice put in place.I’m glad it was confirmed this week that Eileen does NOT cook so if a kitchen gadget was used to add the sand to the cement mixer it must have been purchased specifically for that purpose and disposed of. It would really freak me out if Eileen was basting a turkey now LOL

  3. Glacia says:

    Wait…wasn’t the whole reason they were doing the ‘Pat and Eileen’ routine because Violet didn’t want to wait for the DIY kit to arrive in the mail? So where did they get one from?

  4. beanie says:

    They kinda fluffed over that part so Papa assumed a turkey baster intervention I hate when they do that.

  5. missusmac says:

    Honestly, neither Sean or Violet strike me as DIY types so this homemade coupling probably won’t work!

  6. arphpeck says:

    EEEEWWWWW! I may never look at a turkey baster the same again! Since they are both acting like turkeys I guess it’s apropos. (is that spelled right?)except Violet won’t help Sean by gobbling (sorry, couldn’thelp it:)). I can’t see her problem myself. I think she will be more sorry to be a single mom looking after and paying for a baby alone than waiting for the right financial and emotional time. She isn’t even 30 yet, I had kids at 34 & 36 and my Mom was 39 when she had me. I think this is a pretty stupid storyline, myself.
    I still don’t like John, I just get the feeling he is looking down on everyone. Not hard to do with the performance Cilla put on, but at least with her you know who she is and what she’s like, I don’t get anything from John about who he really is, it all seems like an act to make himself look like the good guy. Nice to see Carla sober up and look after her business, I like how she saw through Sally and I think she really did appreciate what Hayley did for her. I hope she gets a raise or something for putting the Connor’s business ahead of her life. Probably not, though. Since the whole family lie to each other about anything major that happens there’s not much chance they will think of other people’s feelings.

  7. arphpeck says:

    did anyone else hear the rumour about Richard Hillman’s brother coming to the street?

  8. geenee says:

    Haven’t heard that rumour, and I hope it’s wrong. Storylines are getting less believable all the time.

    John hasn’t been around enough yet to decide if I like him. He seems OK so far but time will tell.

  9. pip says:

    I thought John handled himself very well in the face of Cilla’s atrocious behavior. If he was looking down on everyone then you would have expected him to do subtle things to make Fizz and the Croppers feel embarrassed, but he didn’t.

  10. arphpeck says:

    April Fool’s – no Hillman. LOL

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