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Joanna Lumley is the Voice of Your Computer

Ever wanted to have former Ken Barlow love-interest Joanna Lumley tell you when an email arrives? Sure you do. You see, back in the day, when America Online went to the UK, Joanna Lumley was hired as the internet service’s … Continue reading

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Thank God For the Internets

I couldn’t resist, I had to look up the Eurovision moments Sean was yakking on about. Austria’s Schmetterlinge performing “Boom Boom Boomerang” in the 1977 competition In 2000, the Netherland’s Linda Wagenmakers dress holds a special suprise.  Let’s see Madonna … Continue reading

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Vanessa Feltz vs. Jody Marsh

Jamie and Llyod kill some time at Streetcars doing that game that they do on Family Guy…‘Who would you rather be with..?  Jamie offers Llyod the choice of Jody Marsh or Vannessa Feltz Lloyd chooses Vanessa, and I have to … Continue reading

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My Favorite Eurovision Moment – Update

This week had Sean practically re-enacting his favorite Eurovision moment, so I thought I’d share mine with yours.  I know, I know, my Norwegian bias is out of control, but you have to admit Wig Wam rocks. Now, here’s yer … Continue reading

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Omnibus Update – April 20, 2008

I know that Vern and Liz’s song is “These Arms of Mine” but I just happen to like this one better. And I agree with Vern on this: They don’t make soul singers like they used to. From Flaming Nora’s … Continue reading

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Gail Platt’s New Love

In an echo of Deirdre’s romance with Samir Rachid, Corrie viewers will soon see Gail Platt falling for a younger man. After getting lost on the Moors, she meets a sensitive pop singer from America who helps her to phone … Continue reading

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Obscure Historical Reference of the Day

Lloyd made reference to his dog Neville, who was named after former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who they happened to be studying in school the day he got his new dog. Mister Chamberlain is infamous for declaring ‘Peace for our … Continue reading

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Who’s This Paul Clayton, Then?

Very quickly, to give you all a brief background on the Duckworth’s grandson Paul. Jack and Vera have a very, very bad egg son named Terry.  Terry was involved with Andrea Clayton, who got pregnant by him and gave birth in … Continue reading

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Sunday Omnibus Update

Here’s your update from across the bond by the lovely Glenda (aka Flaming Nora). Once again, her current update blog can be found here (and of course you know that it’s the current episodes so spoiler, spoiler, spoiler). Glenda, has … Continue reading

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Song for Liz Macdonald

The past week’s storylines involving Liz’s affair with Derek and Eileen’s “bit o’ fun” with Irish Pat put me in mind of this song: Sarah Slean – “Get Home” God, next I’ll be doing Degrassi-style YouTube montages of dramatic moments … Continue reading

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