Update – Call the CAA? CSIS?

Cracking the Whip

At the factory, Fizz thanks Hayley for an enjoyable dinner. Hayley says she had a good time, even though Cilla turned up. Carla comes in and takes the kettle away. Kelly asks her what she is doing, and she tells them that they will have to . savour the drinks they have. Fizz announces they are entitled to their breaks. Hayley stops her on her way out, and tells her that it is in their Terms and Conditions of employment that they are entitled to their breaks. Carla replies: “If we lose this order, Hayley, you can drink as much tea as you like – because you’ll be at home, on the dole!” Carla is doing an inspection of the work and finds crooked seams. She tells the girls it won’t do. “That’s caffeine withdrawal for you,” says Sally. (Good one Sal) Janice says it brings on headaches, too, and she can feel one coming on right now. Carla says she’ll give her a headache if she doesn’t buck her ideas up. Hayley volunteers to check the work and make sure it’s up to scratch. Fizz asks when Mr. Connor is coming back, as she’s sure Carla will want to put her feet up again and be a lady of leisure. Carla tells her those days are long gone, they are all going to working together for a very long time to come.

Home Sweet Home

At the Duckworth household, Molly and Tyrone show Vera and Jack the details of a potential flat. Jack thinks it’s really expensive but Vera thinks it’s lovely. After they’ve gone off to see the flat, Jack tells Vera she’s changed her tune, he thought she didn’t want them to go. Vera tells him that she’ll be sorry to see them go but she knows they’ll go sooner or later and she wouldn’t want them to part on bad terms.

Not a Good start

Tyrone and Molly return and discuss the flat they went to see. They want to go for it, but Molly is worried that they won’t be able to afford it. “We need to do our sums,” she tells him. At that moment, Leanne comes and puts a flyer on the table, trying to drum up business for the restaurant. They tell her they’re saving now. Bad luck.

Cilla asks Janice if Leanne is really going ahead with the restaurant. Janice tells her she can do without her business. Cilla says she wouldn’t eat anything cooked by “that filthy mare” she wouldn’t know where her hands had been. Janice starts shouting at her, but Leanne comes and steps between them, and says she doesn’t care what Cilla thinks. “And what about your father?” asks Cilla, adding that Leanne has broken his heart. “Broke his heart?” shouts Janice, “He lost every single scrap of shame the day he married you!” Good on ya, Janice!

Leanne gives Carla a restaurant flyer, telling her she’d be more than welcome any time. Carla says she wouldn’t set foot in the place until it’s got new owners.

Spare me the details…

Violet comes downstairs as Sean is eating his cornflakes. They are just giggling about the night before when Eileen walks in. She wants to know what they’re laughing at – “Nothing!” in stereophonic sound. Eileen thinks they’re both weird and goes off to work at Streetcars. Sean says that he feels awful for not telling her, but Violet says they can’t. She tells him to eat his cornflakes, he needs his strength, they need to have another “go” later. “What? Again already?” Sean looks perplexed. Violet says they need to make the most of her fertile days. Eeeach. I still do not understand why she feels the need to have a baby.Sean goes off to work. He tells her not to talk any more of ovulating or fallopian tubes or he’ll lose his breakfast. Thank you Sean! He promises to come back at noon for another round.

Sean is at the pub for an after work drink. Violet tells him she hopes Carla hasn’t worn him out too much Sean seems less than enthusiastic. Really, do you blame him?Later at the house….Violet rushes down the stairs, telling Sean she’d better get back before anyone notices. “With any luck I might be pregnant already!” she says, and gives him a peck on the cheek.

Peeping Steve

At Streetcars, Steve, Lloyd and Jamie are checking the taxi records to see if they can find any evidence that Pat is married. Personally, I had my suspicions – when he couldn’t stay for breakfast…

Eileen walks in and they all stop talking at once. “What?” she asks. “Nothing!” they say in unison. She says she’s sick of hearing that and will go and talk to someone who wants to talk to her. Jamie asks, “You’re not going to ring Pat are you?”

She says that she is. Lloyd then comments, that he’s got a bit too much chat for his liking and Eileen should watch him. Eileen is annoyed and goes off to ring Pat. When she leaves, Steve tells the others they should do a stakeout. He thinks they should watch the house and see who comes and goes. Lloyd points out that they are Streetcars, not Z-Cars, and they’ve got a business to run. Lloyd and Steve – who have watched far too many movies, are waiting outside Pat’s house. Lloyd thinks it’s a waste of time, no one has been in or out of the house.

Jamie who is manning the office tells them that Eileen has been wondering all morning about where he and Lloyd are, and he can’t distract her much longer.

Lloyd and Steve are still in the taxi. A man comes and knocks on the window and asks what they are doing parked there. “What’s it got to do with you?” asks Lloyd. He tells them his name is Maurice Pond and he happens to be the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for that particular street. Steve tells him they’re waiting for a fare. “A fare?” he says, “you’ve been parked there for three hours and 48 minutes. Do you expect me to believe that?” “No Mr Pond!” says Lloyd. “I expect you to die!” Steve, cigarette in hand, bursts out laughing as Lloyd says that he’s always wanted to say that.

Maurice says that if they are waiting for a fare then the taxi is a place of work and Steve shouldn’t be smoking as it’s illegal to smoke in the workplace. Lord. He tells to put the cigarette out at once or he will call his employer and report him. “You do that,” says Steve. Is he related to Norris?

Steve and Lloyd suddenly see Pat coming up the road. At that moment, Eileen comes through on the radio, saying that as they haven’t answered their radio for the last three hours. She assumes the car has been stolen and call the police. Steve decides he has to talk to her and tells her that the car has broken down and the truck is on its way. She asks them why they haven’t picked up their calls. Steve mentions to her they were probably under the roof at the time. “Oh the truck is here now, must go,” he says and switches her off. Good one. They watch as Pat goes up to the front door which is opened by a woman. He kisses her and goes inside the house.

Later, at the pub, Steve and Lloyd bump into Eileen. She asks them if they got car fixed and what the problem was. Steve replies that it was the Clutch, Lloyd says – Distributor. She is puzzled and asks what it was…Jamie comes over for a word, to discover what they found out. Steve tells him he might be right about Pat. They then toss for who has the honour of telling Eileen. Steve wins… Oh dear.

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17 Responses to Update – Call the CAA? CSIS?

  1. geenee says:

    This was the best episode in ages with lots of the old-style Corrie humour. I loved the interaction with the neighbourhood watch guy about the smoking in the cab.

    Janice isn’t the nicest character on the street but I love her comebacks to Cilla.

  2. thebigseester says:

    Steve and Lloyd crack me up so much! Poor Eileen though. I wish she would find a good man. She’s one of my very favorite characters.

    Do Jack and Vera not have any kith and kin of their own? Why are Molly and Tyrone taking care of them?

    On an unrelated note, I never thought I would miss the “Stop Cooking with Cheese” cranky old lady. But the new terrifying Aretha Franklin bastardization cheese commercial makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    Of course, being from Detroit, I’m probably a little sensitive.

    Michigander Fan

  3. missusmac says:

    Those songster cheese commercials make me cringe!

    How in hell did Pat manage to get married AND become date material??? Ewww!

    I’ve discovered I pretty much love Steve interacting with anyone on the street, but truly enjoy him and Lloyd together. Jamie makes a pretty good third musketeer too.

    The plot lines about Vera and Jack always have them being a family unit with other people’s kids. (Curly, Tyrone) Their own son is so vile, he’s pretty much a no starter, so that’s the irony.

    (Son Terry is the result of a fling Vera had. Jack knows Terry is not ‘his’,but V is so devoted to Terry, Jack has tried to be as supportive as possible.)

  4. beanie says:

    Wow I didn’t know Terry wasn’t Jacks! He is vile though.He sold one of his kids to the maternal grandparents and didn’t he back out of a kidney donation to another kid after taking money from V&J? I also hold him responsible for the death of Judy Mallot when he sold V that shoddy car.I hope he never comes back.Wheew.

  5. mayfairgirl says:

    All I remember about Judy is that she had some sort of stroke while putting up the laundry. And then died..Am I right?

  6. Glacia says:

    MF: “Of course, being from Detroit, I’m probably a little sensitive.

    Of course, we understand how Detroit feels about its cheese.

    My least favorite commerical right now is the Activia Challenge. They ask you to take the Activia challenge for 14 days, and they guarantee you’ll be satisfied….but they never say for what.

    Satisfied you lost weight, satisfied that you like yogurt, satisfied that you’ve given them all your yogurt allowance, satistified that your pro and pre biotic levels are high?

    Just tell me what I’m supposed to be doing the damn challenge for!

  7. geenee says:

    You are right if I remember correctly. I loved the Mallets and Judy’s death was one of the saddest. It would be nice if Gary would come back – and bring Curly, Martin, Des (he couldn’t have really died!) Danny and Jim.

    That Terry was a bad piece of work and Tyrone has been like a son to them. Curly was close too once.

  8. fondue says:

    I agree, Steve is priceless! I enjoy his banter with Lloyd (who is pretty funny himself!). I also find Steve much more believable and touching when he’s interacting with Eileen than any scenes he has with Michelle, who is a PIA, as far as I’m concerned.
    Oh, and Glacia! Re: Activia and their non-specified challenge…it’s supposed to make you…ahem…”regular” IYKWIM…

  9. Gayle says:

    Fondue, I completely agree with your comments regarding Steve and his interaction with other characters. I feel sorry for Molly and Tyrone as much as I have always like Jack and Vera I really feel that they are being taken advantage of. How long is Vera supposed to have a sprained ankle? (I know she is ill in real life.) I am really enjoying the show right now could it be because Claire and Michelle are away. I do miss Liz though.

  10. fondue says:

    I must have missed something somewhere along the line…I see Violet and Sean running downstairs giggling, were they really doing the two-backed beast together? Or were they upstairs “basting a turkey”? Either way, there’s a certain EWWW factor.

  11. TrudyC says:

    Judy died from an embolism (sp) due to a car accident. Vera got the car from her darling son Terry and it was a chop shop car. The accident was very minor – Judy was hit in the leg and was bruised – so we thought. She was limping around for a couple of days – then while she was hanging the laundry out she collapsed and died.

  12. geenee says:

    It all comes back to me now! So many storylines over the years. Anyway, it was very sudden and sad.

  13. Michigander Fan says:

    Glacia, Good one! Yes, we do take our cheese very seriously in Motown. But not our music. And apparently not our mayor.

    Missus, Excellent point about Pat. I wondered that too, but didn’t voice it.

    Re: Activia: the Canadian commercial is different (and I think slightly less obnoxious) than the Stateside one, where Jamie Lee Curtis looks very serious and tells us that “86% of Americans are irregular.” and I’m thinking, how in the name of all that’s holy could they POSSIBLY know that?! NO ONE asked me about this – was there a survey that I wasn’t privy to?



  14. mayfairgirl says:

    Aww Judy. She was one of my favourite characters – and barmaids. Personable, friendly and without pretension.

  15. thebigseester says:


    Thanks for the background on Jack and Vera and their own demon seed. Who knew that Tracy Barlow wasn’t the first child from heck on Corrie?!?! (Apparently everyone but me!)

    Now I feel a little better about Tyrone and Molly – I mean, this makes a litle more sense.


  16. glacia says:

    Oh, and Glacia! Re: Activia and their non-specified challenge…it’s supposed to make you…ahem…”regular” IYKWIM…

    Fondu: THANK YOU! I just watched the ad but I still couldn’t decipher it. Luckily I saw the American version and found out, unwillingly, that Jamie Lee Curtis is ‘irregular’ and that Activia is the trick.

    See, there’s something to be said for American directness.

  17. mayfairgirl says:

    being the youtube freak i am – i found this:

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