You Were Punk’d! Update

Oh dude,that was so sweet yesterday….you were all like ‘Whaaaaa?’ and I was all like ‘Duuuuuuuuude!’.   

Okay, yes, for the record I can NEVER pull of fApril Fool’s gags, so that was pretty ass sweet.  I’m not sure how many of you clicked on the eastender link, but rest assured I’m staying here ‘forever maaaaaaan’ (insert Jamaican accent cause I’m in a tropical mood with all this –1 temperature we’re having).

But I would like to say how nice it was to know I’d be missed.  It WAS like pulling a Blanche, except everyone said nice things about me.  So thanks to all for joining in the fun.

All right, I didn’t think last night’s show was all that exciting, so you’ll have to excuse me if I kind of brush over stuff.

Best Moment of the Show

Molly, Tyrone, Jack and Vera – let’s see….Molly wants Tyrone and her to look for a new flat, but their time is occupied taking care of the Duckworths.  Tyrone is kind of oblivious to her needs.

This storyline had for me, the BEST moment of the show.  After spending the day cleaning, cooking and shopping for Jack and Vera, Molly is a bit shocked to hear Vera say, ‘That boy works too hard.’ when Tyrone picks up a newspaper.  Molly’s face was priceless.  It was priceless because it signifies that treasured moment in a young girl’s life when she discovers that when a man does housework the appreciation exchange rate compared to a woman doing housework is about 24:1.  Yessssssssss, I’m being sexist, but I was raised by a mother who, very much like Vera, sees a man cleaning a dish as a holier vision than Jeebus in a taco.  (But to be fair, she would have been equally impressed by my ability to fix my own toilet.)

Okay…wow…I digress.  After hearing about the Duckworths’ problems, Doreen and Emily make a visit, and Emily brings a Madeira cake  (recipe here) .   Jack is less than happy to have three ladies in his house and calls them the Andrew Sisters  – which I freaking LOVE.


Haley Tows the Line

Carla gives Haley a new promotion to Line Manager with a bit of a raise and of course more responsibility.  Her first task is to tell everyone that they need to work on Sunday.  There’s much whinging, but the team agrees.  (Sean says that he just has to call the vicar to make sure someone can cover the organ on Sunday.. BA-DA-BING!)

The rest of this story line plays out as such:

1)     Sally feels that Haley got her promotion and is feeling depressed because she’s pushing 40.  Pushing?  Well, it’s true Sally was born in 1967…Sally  Whitaker who plays her, however, is 45 next month.

2)     Janice fears Carla will fire her.

3)     Janice fears that Haley will be too good for the rabble now.

4)     Carla fears she is becoming unpopular with the workers.

Wash rinse repeat.

Married Pat

Lloyd and Steve decide that Steve gets the joy of telling Eileen that Pat is married.   When he tells her, turns out Eileen already knew.   They have a bit of a talk about it and Eileen says that it’s been a long time since someone gave her a good time, that she’s not bothered.   But it turns out she is bothered and calls Pat to come over to her place.

Pat arrives, with wine, nuts and chocolate….which sounds like a PRETTY damn good time to me.  Eileen tells him that it’s off because she can’t be the other woman.  Pat says he respects her values and accepts  her decision.  As a goodbye,  they decide to crack open the wine while Pat gets his nuts out.

A bit later, Eileen laments the fact that they’ve polished off the wine, but Pat produces another bottle out of thin air.  Eileen asks if he is Paul Daniels*.   They kill off the second bottle and as they say goodbye at the door, they’re passions overwhelm them and it’s all ‘boom boom boom, let’s go back to my room’ as they run upstairs for one last farewell romp.

Oh And This Thing…

Sean buys Violet a pregnancy test to find out if she’s up the duff.  She tells him that she won’t be able to find out for a few weeks and that he needs to settle the hell down. 

*As a review of material already covered this semester:

Paul Daniels


 Daniel Craig


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14 Responses to You Were Punk’d! Update

  1. fondue says:

    Just wondering if anyone else was surprised by Violet’s reaction to Sean’s “gift” of a pregnancy test kit? I mean, she’s been pestering him non-stop about getting pregnant, ignoring his concerns, and being pretty pushy about the whole thing as well, and then when he gives her this kit (which I thought was very sweet), SHE calls HIM annoying!!! Violet used to be a very nice character, kinda boring, but nice. Now, she’s turning into a mare…

  2. beanie says:

    Girl…you really got me yesterday and obviously I posted before I clicked the link.Of course I had been dealing with EMILY the automated BELL BITCH for 2 days!!I was in one of those “what else can go wrong to really piss me off” moods.I was devastated at the thought of you leaving.After self-medicating I got it Blanch did the same thing to hear people say nice things about her.You are still here and I had a real live Bell Dude come fix everything today and all is well with the world!!!

  3. geenee says:

    Well, glacia – you got us good! Luckily I don’t watch/get Eastenders so didn’t click on it. Don’t think Blanche is much of a role model though.

    Vi has taken over as the most annoying character since Claire and Michelle have gone away. They seem to have a relay system going on. Fortunately we still have Eileen and the taxi gang, Jack and Vera, etc.

  4. beanie says:

    One more thing…Fondue I answered you yesterday but it didn’t post (re:EMILY BELL BITCH) You didn’t miss anything with Sean/Violet.The writers fluffed over the “procedure” of impregnating.We didn’t need to know EVERY DETAIL but the DIY kit was gonna take a week and they couldn’t Eileen/Pat so Papa Smurf assumed a turkey baster was involved and I had to agree.At the time I thought they could’ve just have the “kit” arrive early but they fluffed.I can’t think of what would require the two of them upstairs for round#2 and they both giggle down the stairs especially since Sean almost fainted at “ovulating” LOL

  5. robswizzle says:

    I couldn’t believe how horrid Violet was to Sean, after all the pressure she’s been putting on him.

    The dole must pay really well in England. Those girls shouldn’t be whining that the only manufacturing firm left in the UK has work orders to fill.

  6. fondue says:

    Thanks for the info beanie! I guess the writers must have slipped a bit, or “fluffed” LOL.
    I know this has been said before on other threads, but Violet’s plan is pretty sketchy, not to mention selfish, in my opinion. I guess she’s had a scare with her miscarriage, and thinks time is of the essence. But you’d think she’d get Eileen’s input at least, since as far as we can tell, Violet’s expecting to continue to be her lodger!

  7. fondue says:

    Oh, and BTW, Glacia, keep those pictures of Daniel Craig coming, you made my day!!! Thanks!

  8. thebigseester says:


    Amen, my brother! That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    I actually said out loud, “Don’t they know how lucky they are to have a J-O-B?!”

    The cat yawned. But at least she watches the show with me.

    Michigander Fan

  9. thebigseester says:


    I’m not sure I forgive you yet. I didn’t realize how much I would miss you until I thought you were really leaving.

    Of course, I had a very sucky day at work yesterday (not that I’m complaining – see above comment about J-O-B-S!) and then to top it off I was really bummed about your impending departure!

    I thought, OK, so I opted not to go to the BIS because I have a lot of stuff going on at work, and besides, it’s Ashley Peacock, and I may have to kneecap him for Claire. So I thought I would go next year. And then you were finished with us! Done! Had washed your hands of us!

    I have to stop now – I’m still a little emotional!


  10. thebigseester says:

    Mmmm… that recipe sounds a little like a lemon pound cake!



  11. thebigseester says:

    WOuld that be a lemon kilogram cake in Canada?


    I crack myself up.


  12. beanie says:

    I thought Madeira cake would have some booze.Isn’t Madeira wine or summot?

  13. jamaicangirl says:

    Thanks for the update. I miss the show on Tues/Thurs so its always great to get this. Carla is such a b*tch that I hope Janice calls in social services or the Ministry of Labour on Carla. The workers need to screw up the undies. The woman is plain selfish.

  14. mayfairgirl says:

    Nice pic of Daniel Craig! My fave is the one of him coming out of the water. Whoa!

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