Update for April 2, 2008 – Drive-by Update

Gotta do this quick because my PC at home went and got itself and virus and I’m at the office doing this, which I really shouldn’t, so, here’s what happened:

  • Carla’s got everyone doing overtime on a Sunday but one impromtu vacation and a shave n’ a haircut later, Liam arrives to tell everyone they’re not to work today, leading to much confusion, a noon dismissal of the employee, and a sudden call back.
  • Earlier Roy chews out Liam for leaving an unprepared Hayley to run the factory.
  • Carla and Liam bicker over who runs the factory as Liam points out the last time Carla ran the place, an overworked Kasia fell down the stairs and died and they all covered it up.
  • Carla correctly points out that she inherited Paul’s majority share of the business, which means Liam works for her now.
  • Wiki also pauses to remember Kasia.
  • Tyrone and Molly and still taking care of the infirm Jack and Vera, including Ty’s MacGuyvering a desk chair into a wheel chair for Jack so he can go to the Rover’s. Molly fears that all this attention is taking away from their ability to look for a new place to live and also from their time together as a couple. Molly appears to be at the end of her rope.
  • Steve is going on vacation with Amy, after unsuccessfully trying to get word about Michelle and her whereabouts. Liam’s exact words to Steve: “Do what you want, she’s not bothered either way.”
  • The air conditioning’s gone off at Leanne’s restaurant so Janice calls Roger over to fix it with the promise of a Sunday date. As he arrives and gets to work, Janice is called back to the factory and Roger thinks he’s being played for a mug (although was perfectly within her rights to say no to Carla, but then she needs extra money to pay back that loan to Roger).
  • Eileen wishes she could quit Pat, but cannot. Steve and Lloyd tell Pat not to hurt her.
  • Vernon: still a lazy git.

I think that’s everthing.

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14 Responses to Update for April 2, 2008 – Drive-by Update

  1. geenee says:

    That shave and a haircut worked wonders for Liam – he looked terrific. Carla does have the upper hand but they are supposed to be partners, though I suppose their rivalry will be an ongoing storyline.

    I hope Eileen comes to her senses before wifie finds out about the affair. Fun is fun but she knows it’s not right.

    Vernon seems to be getting ever more lazy if that’s possible.

  2. TrudyC says:

    I had to look twice to see if it really was Liam. He cleans up nice!

  3. glacia says:

    See, where I totally side with Carla is when Liam says shit like, ‘I was Paul’s next of kin.’

    What the hell? There’s still that in-law shutout attitude.

    No, my friend, the spouse card trumps you and I’m glad that Carla said that legally AND emotionally she was his next of kin.

  4. Gayle says:

    Thanks John! I thought Liam (although he looks gorgeous) treated Carla like dirt. She is her next of kin without a doubt and the remarks about Leeanne were vicious. How in hell is Leanne going to run that restaurant it’s obvious she doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. Why is Michelle (I don’t miss her one bit) treating Steve so crappy he doesn’t deserve that at all. Who is going to work at the pub with Michelle, Liz and Steve all gone?

  5. fondue says:

    Haha, Gayle, not Vernon that’s for sure!!!
    And Liam really ticked me off in last night’s show, such a neanderthal!! I enjoyed watching Carla get in his face, and I particularly liked Carla’s point that she started that kid’s clothes business to prove something to HERSELF not Paul. Get a calendar, Liam, it’s the 21st century!

  6. antik says:

    Does Pat really have a wife ? ..

    A string of girlfriends more like.. remember.. he didn’t have a key to the place where he was so warmly welcomed as Steve and Lloyd spied on him from the mini-cab..

    Besides.. who’d marry such a smarmy worm ?.. Nevermind the teeth.. didja notice those scrawny arms.. yeesh !

    As for next of kin.. a sibling is yours for life.. a spouse is just a decree nici away from .. being entirely inconsequential!

  7. fondue says:

    Carla and Paul were still married when he died, no decree nisi there. Carla inherited his share of the business – 60%. Hard to see what ground Liam thinks he’s standing on here…

  8. geenee says:

    Liam did have a point though, about her working the girls too hard; one had an accident and died. Then she was too heartless and self-absorbed to even call 911. They look like they could be good cop, bad cop running the place. He gets the same results but in a much nicer, though manipulative way.

    Good point about Pat: if that was his wife, where was his key?

    Liz was supposed to be back in the next couple of hours. Doubt if she’ll be impressed by all the slacking off lately.

  9. fondue says:

    Yes, Liam made a good point about the accident with Kasia. Carla doesn’t seem to have much respect for labour laws. But I question his motivation in bringing it up, I don’t think he was trying to prevent another accident, I think he was trying to score points off Carla. As far as Carla being heartless and self-serving, I agree with that as well, but as I recall, covering up Kasia’s death wasn’t Carla’s idea, it was Paul’s. And Liam went along with it too.
    All things considered, I don’t think either of them would win a humanitarian award just about now. (Although I might consider Liam for a “hottie” award!)

  10. beanie says:

    Roy was brilliant in letting Liam know how unfair he was to Hailey and Liam was a complete jerk with Carla but DANG HE’S CUTE!! Gayle I’m with you on the pub staff.We haven’t seen Betty for ages and Violet/Sean are too busy giggling and impregnating.

  11. missusmac says:

    The interesting thing about Pat is that he makes Vernon seem dateable…almost a catch, even.

  12. geenee says:

    missusmac – are you drunk?! Vernon a catch?!! At least Pat brings wine and chocolate whereas Vernon mooches them. Neither one of them would be candidates for The Bachelor.

    As for Carla – I still can’t get over her calling Paul instead of emerg.
    At least this week’s shows have been more entertaining than some we got last week and the writing has been much better.

  13. antik says:

    Gerry Morton for ‘Catch of the Day’.. !! ..
    Comes with wine and brochettes.. or whatever they call them over there.. ! .. kebabs.. yummy..

  14. arphpeck says:

    Isn’t there something called partnership insurance that if one dies, the remaining partner gets the business, so they won’t have to deal with next of kin coming in and throwing their weight around? Or is that only over here?

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