Hockey Night In Canada – Set Yer VCR’s

Okay, brace yourselves.   I got the email from the CBC to let me know that tonight’s Corrie is the last weekday episode to be shown on the CBC until June 10.    The sunday omnibus will still be shown during this time.

Why the change?   The playoffs.   And I am passing on to you  sincere apologies from the CBC but they can’t reschedule the playoffs so there’s not much choice with the weekday episodes.    Turns out there are a few hockey fans in Canada.

So, there’s your heads up.

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23 Responses to Hockey Night In Canada – Set Yer VCR’s

  1. Mandy says:

    This SUCKS! I hate this time of year because of this. Don’t they know how rabid fans of Coronation Street can be? Ha ha ha. Let’s all storm to the CBC and demand they re-install our beloved Corrie… because who likes getting up THAT early on Sunday?

  2. beanie says:

    Holy Shit Batman!!!!What will we do? I remember them doing this but I wasn’t addicted to this site with all my beloved new friends.How will the updates work? This is totally going to mess up my whole week! I do a second round on Sunday and call it Corrie Mass.At least I can’t miss it because we have CBC in 5 timezones and we have a PVR.I wish this was another April Fools.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Well, not only that, but I’m guessing that the Olympics will pre-empt Corrie as soon as they start. No sooner do we get Corrie back then it’s gone again.

    It wouldn’t bother me so much except that it’s not a give and take situation. It’s not like the CBC says “You know, Corrie gets the shaft, so once the hockey playoffs and the olympics are over, why don’t we run 2 episodes a night for the rest of the summer, to get them a LITTLE closer to the UK episodes.”

    I mean, we are more than 9 months behind them now, since it’s July 2007 in Weatherfield now.

    If I felt that they felt our pain at all, it would make it easier. But there’s no spirit of cooperation involved at all. If I wanted to get shafted constantly and made to feel unimportant, I’d watch US television!


    But thanks for the heads up!


  4. geenee says:

    beanie – thanks for the laugh. Now I know I’m not the only fanatic. It’s just too much sitting still to watch on Sunday; so I tape it but don’t have the discipline to dole it out so sit there stupified for over 2 hours.

    It will be a dead time for TV and the summer Olympics are coming up to disrupt things yet again, I suppose

  5. beanie says:

    I can’t remember what year but Judy Mallet was at the BI show and we were 8 weeks behind.Now..9 months.WTF !! Isn’t the O’s every 4 years and haven’t we always had hockey? Also we get 5 episodes now.I just don’t get it!!OK I have concluded my venting.

  6. Summer says:

    Beanie your venting (and everyone else’s) is entirely understandable — I hate this time of year when they do that to our beloved show… Shite.

  7. pip says:

    Well, I would certainly like to catch up a bit closer to the Brits. My daughter’s friend lives with us and she was in Ireland for three months from last November to January, and watched Corrie over there. She couldn’t believe how far behind we are here. Every now and then if she watches the show with me she gets this knowing look on her face. Quite infuriating.

    I suspect there are a lot of ‘lurkers’ on this site who don’t post but share our sentiments. What say we get an online petition going for extra showings once the hockey season is over? Squeaky wheels get the grease. Maybe we need to organize and make a giant squeak!

  8. beanie says:

    Great point Pip!! Now who do we know that is a good organizer? Hmmmm

  9. S. Poole says:

    This an outrage. Postponed for damn ice hockey!

    *ahem* Ah well, go Habs go.

    Oh, and yes, it would be nice to catch up to the UK sched. I am sick of Guy Fawkes day not syncing up with our Halloween.

  10. kunzie says:

    I suggest that everyone watch the hockey. After all, the penalties and misdemeanors in hockey are pretty much the same as on Corrie.

    For too many men on the ice, we have, of course, Liz.
    A face-off is simply Cilla without her make-up.
    Leanne would get two minutes for hooking.
    A 10-minute-minor is about how long teen David Platt can hold a job.
    Rita and Doreen would get done for high-schticking.
    Checking is Liam looking in on the workforce.
    Cross-checking is Carla looking in on the workforce.
    Bored-ing is the Sean and Violet storyline.
    Either Wilf or Blanche will do for sudden death.
    And as far as the Mortons, I think Gerry is the best of seven!

  11. whitehorsefan says:

    To be caught up with the UK schedule. What a sweet fantasy. Then I would not have to be worried about reading spoilers when reading up on Corrie.

  12. thebigseester says:


    That was WAY COOL! Did you come up with that yourself?

    Michigander Fan

  13. geenee says:

    Well I think they’re offside for benching Corrie!

    We have made progress though, with all the complaints and emails to CBC. Once upon a time they would have just cancelled it; now they at least run it on Sunday.

  14. antik says:

    ok.. so they can’t postpone hockey.. why not re-schedule corrie.. run it earlier.. later.. whatever.. then we can tape it.. and at least get our daily fix! ..

    the olympics are going to pre-empt the show too .. but there’s no need since the games are happening in China.. (a whole ‘nuther time-zone).. and we’ll be getting taped highlights in the evening.. so why shouldn’t that PRE-TAPED highlights package play AFTER CORRIE.. ??? ..

    that would make too much sense..

    .. there REALLY needs to be one GIANT squeak here!

  15. beanie says:

    Well done Kunzie!!

  16. robswizzle says:

    At least start the Omnibus later. There’s nothing precious on that Sunday schedule, and nothing with a fan base like Corrie. C’mon CBC, make the Sunday omnibus an event, not a hidden shame.

  17. Alfie says:

    May I suggest that instead of, or in addition to, complaining here, we all write emails to the CBC. I always do when they preempt Corrie. I get a form letter type response, but at least it lets them know there’s a viewer-ship out there that they’re alienating -big time!

  18. fondue says:

    good one beanie: Corrie Mass!!!! Also kudos to Kunzie, well done!
    Yes Corrie fans are once again given short shrift, treated like a dog happy to get at least a bone. I usually catch up with missed episodes on Sunday mornings, but as beanie said, now I’m enjoying this site everyday, and I’ll miss the chatter a lot.
    I think antik poses a fair question: why not show Corrie BEFORE the hockey games or AFTER? Petition sounds good to me.

  19. TrudyC says:

    I HATE this time of year – but at least we have Sundays. What I worry most is the Olympics ’cause we don’t have the Sunday’s omnibus. But folks there is one saving grace. CBC has lost the tv rights of the Olympics after this summer – so we won’t have to go through this again!

  20. howdi says:

    I am going to email CBC to suggest they show Corrie during the week as per usual but just move it up to past midnight or some such time. At least we could record it.

  21. nwtrunner says:

    I have two passions on the telly – les Glorieux – les Habs – and Corrie. Oh – the torment! Go Habs Go and Sunday mornings here we come!

    Oh – and too bad for Leafs fans…

  22. arphpeck says:

    Since the Canuckleheads are out I don’t care about the hockey now either. I have sent emails in the past, even phoned them, but CBC just don’t care. A petition to CBC would just be wasted, but maybe one to the advertisers would work. I have sent them emails, too, telling them I only watch to see what companies to email and that I boycott CBC when they do this pre-empting and will not buy any products (and I try really hard not to) that are advertised whenever they stop Corrie for something else. The really stupid thing is CBC continues to show American soaps that are already showing on the US networks! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

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