Update – April 3, 2008 – New Ann Sommers Model?

Sally is whinning about her life and job (as usual) to Kevin and how she is treated by Carla. He wonders if she is picking on Sally. She replies it is everyone at the factory. Rosie tells Kevin and Sally that she wants to work over the summer holiday, so that she doesn’t have to babysit Sophie.

Jason and Sarah are in the pub with Gail make the announcement they are getting married. LOL. Gail does not react – and asks Sarah if she is pregnant. She says she isn’t Jason then explains that they are going to do things slowly this time round. (Umm, and not jumping out of windows). Sarah tells her mother that she is upset that she wasn’t happier for her. Gail says she was sort of expecting it. Gail asks if they have told Sarah says they decided to tell her first. Gail doesn’t think Eileen will be very happy. No surprise. Later on – on the bench outside of the salon, Sarah tells Maria the news and asks the same pregnancy question. Maria wonders if Jason will make it to the reception. Maria is thrilled she gets to be Maid of Honour. Or is she just thrilled she get to do a new hairstyle and buy a dress?

Liam tells the girls that he is not late as he has been getting orders so that they can keep their jobs. To his dismay, he goes into the office he sees Carla there. He asks her if she can’t sleep. Carla says she is committed and to prove it she is running the business. He suggests that she is running the business into the ground while trying to show the workforce that she is the boss. Liam claims he knows everything about the business whereas she doesn’t have a clue. He becomes aggitated when Carla tells him that she has advertised for an administrative assistant and the accidental death at the factory. Carla hears a lot of laughter out front. Sally apologizes saying she was telling about her upcoming birthday. Carla warns them all that either they get back to their sewing machines or else they will be collecting cards. I guess I am thinking this is equilivant to pink slips. Liam warns her that she probably needs them more than she realizes.

Leanne is getting ready for the opening of her restaurant under her management. She is concerned that she wouldn’t have enough wine to go round, but one of the waiters tells her that there is plenty of bottled beer that could go off. She does not see that as a problem. She tells them that she is new (wait – what about the tapas in Madrid?) and bound to make mistakes – and doesn’t want their advice. Big mistake. Can we say someone will be spitting in her food? Leanne is in the Rovers and gives out flyers about the opening of her new restaurant. (Honestly, can she change the name to start?) She offers everyone a free drink – oh god, there will be a rush…. She gives a flyer to Carla. She doesn’t imagine the restaurant will be open for much after that night. Leanne says that if Carla were to ring for a booking in a month’s time, she would find
that the restaurant was fully booked. Doreen and Rita call Leanne over because they have not received an invite to her opening night. Yeah – they want their drinks!! Leanne says that she didn’t think they would want to come. Rita explains that what has been done in the past is done. There is no use in dwelling on it. How sweet. Doreen promises not to eat or drink too much. Good luck with that one.

Vernon is getting aggitated as there isn’t any sign of Liz. He has gone to Dev’s and bought up a bunch of flowers. Last of the big spenders. He texts Liz to see when she is coming back. He gets figity and Violet tells him to go down to the cellar. He turns to Dev and says that women shouldn’t be allowed mobile phones. They bury them in the bottom of their purses and cannot hear them ringing.

Meanwhile….Liz arrives back at the coach station. Derek is there to greet her. She didn’t seem pleased to see him. She was worried that they maybe seen together. He is very calm and says that he intends to take her back to the flat so they can talk. Does this mean he is going to dump her? Liz and Derek arrive at the flat and get down quickly to “business” if you know what I mean. Liz checks her phone to see that Vernon has left her 11 messages. Derek suggests that she should send him a text message and blame road works. Yes, works everytime… All of the sudden there is a kerfuffle at the the door. They are both paralalyzed. They hear Linda’s voice, “Derek, I know you are in there” He stalls her and he quickly gets dressed with a shirt and trousers.  Linda can’t get in as they had put a chain on the door. Liz is in her red lingerie set and has a towel. He hands her clothes and throws them on the balcony along with Liz. Liz thinks it is the first place she will look. Liz is outside on the balcony only in her underwear and a towel covering her. Down below two chavs yell out to her and whistle. OMG.

Warning adult content:


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7 Responses to Update – April 3, 2008 – New Ann Sommers Model?

  1. beanie says:

    Well done Mayfair on this sad day in Corrie Canuckland.I had a few “moments” during this episode.I wish I knew how to make paragraphs.. so bear with…1) did Rosie age a few years since her last appearance? OK she has a cold and that husky thing but she looked more mature and had more grownup mannerisms 2) EEWWW MOMENT Liz and Derek in their passionate scene in bed !!Yuk Thank God the sheet covered his “fishbellymanboobs” 3)an AAAWWW moment to me anyway..Rita was so nice to Leanne and I had forgotten that Leanne used to work for her and then 4)the grand finale…Liz almost naked on the balcony gettin wolfwhistles LOL

  2. thebigseester says:

    The scene with Leanne and Rita and Doreen was really nice, sweet and touching. My fave moment of the episode.

    I really loved how they ended the episode – Liz half-naked on the balcony.

    Derek has crossed the line from annoying egotistical loser to nasty jerk with this episode. What a butthead!

    Which is nicer than what I said out loud as it was going down.

    Michigander Fan

  3. geenee says:

    How long can Derek keep fooling his wife? Surely she smells a rat and will find out soon.

    I’d like to see Leanne succeed in the new business venture and put Carla’s nose out of joint. Don’t suppose it will happen though.

  4. Mary Prankster says:

    Less Corrie! Sob!

  5. howdi says:

    Those pants Liz wore when she returned from vacation were an old slapper’s delight.

  6. London Rob says:

    Help please! I was gripped in that intense moment of Derek’s wife trying to push past him into the flat with our Liz standing on the balcony clutching her toreador pants…the scene changed…I left the room to grab a beer and watch Liz being discovered…when I got back – 10 seconds tops – she was alone in the place! How did I miss what happened? Can anyone enlighten me? Please?

  7. mayfairgirl says:

    i thought the same thing. one moment linda was going through the door and she was on the balcony and the next?? who knows. it is like they stopped filming, returned a week later and forgot where they left off.

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