Update for Episode #6595 April 4, 2008

Sean and Violet

Sean continues to pester Violet whether or not she is pregnant. Violet continues to tell Sean to be patient.

The Websters

Rosie is looking for a job over the summer break, and ends up going for a job at Underworld as a personal assistant to Cruella de Connor. Carla decides to give her the job on the spot, starting the next day. Liam, wonders if they should talk about it first but Carla has made up her mind. Sal is shocked to see her daughter show up at the factory looking for work and is even more surprised when her daughter gets the job.

Later at home Sal and Rosie discuss her new job. Sal is clearly none to be pleased to be on the factory floor while her daughter has an office job in the same firm. Kev, ever the voice of reason, tells Rosie that he is dead chuffed that she got the job. He then points out to his bitter harridan of a wife that perhaps it is the high priced education they are providing for their daughter is what helped get her the job.

Kev negotiates the use of a Karaoke machine for the 40th birthday party for Sal from Jerry the Kebab King, in exchange for a fan belt and a set of plugs.

The Duckworths

Molly is at work at the corner store when Dev tells her there is a call from Vera. Molly rushes home in a panic (which seemed unreasonable to me) only to discover that Vera called to say they were out of milk for their brew. Molly is a bit steamed. Ty says they have to talk.

Later when the two young lovebirds are in The Rovers talking about the Jack and Vera situation Dev comes by and give them some strange advice.

Liz and Derek and Vern

Liz finally ends her lonely vigil on the balcony where Derek the Pillock left her. She calls to tell him that he has her suitcase in the boot of his car, and she needs to get that back somehow. When Liz finally show up at the pub Vern is overjoyed to see her, and makes a joke abut her having run off with a bass player. Liz is unhappy about something, and does her best to deflect Vern for the time being. Vern finds Liz on the steps by the back room and tells her he is going to say something naff. ‘I really missed you when you were gone, it was like someone hid my drumsticks, only a million times worse. I get kind of lost…So that’s how it is.’

One of the least eloquent yet most moving speeches ever.

Later out front Liz gets some stick from Blanche about the cigarette butts that have been accumulating outsdie #1 ever since the smoking ban went into effect. Grandpa Morton walks by and tells Blanche that she is an innocent victim of blanket legislation and he is behind her all the way. Blanche tells him that she isn’t interested in his hippie nonsense, as he puts his cigarette out in front of her house.

The Italian

Leanne is trying to organize the free opening night gala at the restaraunt, and ends up squabbling with the chef, head waiter, and Roger. Cilla wonders how much the evening is going to cost. The whole of Coronation Street show up for some free nosh. Of course there is much innuendo about where the money is coming from to run the place. Cilla, in a bit of irony, points out ‘once a scrubber, always a scrubber.’ Ty wonders if it is a front for a massage parlour. When Leanne is giving her welcome speech Carla and Liam show up and walk right past her. Leanne tries to talk to Liam and get him to have some food, but he spurns her, telling Leanne that he had chips before he came.

Original date episode aired – July 9, 2007

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5 Responses to Update for Episode #6595 April 4, 2008

  1. missusmac says:

    Oh papasmurf, thank you! I had no idea Rosie had become management, but am not surprised given all her previous work experience at the … um, ah… what the hell was it she did before?

    Oh yeah! Babysat Sophie!

  2. pip says:

    Great update!

    Vern’s little speech was sweet, I felt sorry for him for the moment. If he put as much effort into working as he does into avoiding work then he’d almost be likeable.

  3. Gayle says:

    It is obvious Leeane hasn’t got a clue in how to run a restaurant. What was the point of serving free food and booze to a bunch (hate to say it) losers from the neighbourhood. The only ones who could possibly become customers would be Dev, Rita and maybe the odd time Sally. That idea made no sense to me.

    What experience does Rosie have to work in a factory office? I think the only reason Carla hired her was to piss off Liam and put Sally in her place. I don’t see the need for more staff in that tiny little office.

  4. robswizzle says:

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been jonesing for this update.

  5. geenee says:

    Liam seems to do very little but argue with whatever family member is around. What was the point of he and Carla going to Leanne’s restaurant? They didn’t seem to do anything but walk past her. She is clueless but I’m hoping she smartens up and makes a go of it.

    I suppose Rosie can make the endless cups of tea they all drink when they’re not in the Rovers and take phone messages. Maybe she can type and do billing, etc. If the computer is programmed all she has to do is plunk in the numbers and print out the bills, order forms, payments, etc.

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