Sunday Omnibus Update

Here’s your update from across the bond by the lovely Glenda (aka Flaming Nora). Once again, her current update blog can be found here (and of course you know that it’s the current episodes so spoiler, spoiler, spoiler).

Glenda, has a wicked sense of humour and as I was going through her updates, I came across this bit announcing Leanne’s restaurant opening:

Leanne’s pizza place in the precinct opens for business. The standard menu is £50 for a half hour, £350 for an overnight stay, £20 if you bring your own cutlery and any extras to be negotiated with Miss Leanne herself.

Have I mentioned my super crush on Glenda? Anyway, here’s your update from Sunday’s omnibus. I did add a few things and comments, but those will be in italics so you can tell Glenda’s original work.

July 16, 2007
Don’t come in and whatever you do, don’t sit down. In fact, it’s probably best if you left, right now. I’ve got a nasty cold and I’ve been off work all day. So it’s up to you. If you come in, I’ll be asking you to put the kettle on and mix me up a Lemsip. Or you could stand by the letterbox and I’ll shout out this week’s update to you through the front door. Except I won’t shout because I can’t, in fact I can hardly speak as my throat is so sore. But enough of this moaning. Without any further ado, let’s crack on with this week’s Corrie update as I’ve got up off the sofa and pulled myself together for long enough to write it.

It’s Sally’s 40th birthday and there’s karaoke in the Rovers with Kevin belting out Mustang Sally: ride, Sally, ride. Yes, most people have. “I love her so much, I married her twice” Kev announces in his speech before Sally takes the microphone for a spot of Nancy Sinatra. She’s got the mother of all hangovers the next day and takes the day off work which doesn’t go down well with daughter Rosie, who’s now management at Underworld, you know. Sally muses on the mid-life direction her life is taking her. Instead of it leading from house to factory to pub to corner shop she wonders if there’s more. Oh yes, Sally, much more.

During the festitivies, Der-ick’s wife Linda shows up to talk to Liz. They go to the back where Linda tells Liz that she’s worried about an affair that Der-ick is having and that she’s afraid he’ll leave her. Liz tells Linda that she know the affair is over because Der-ick told her that it was. Linda wonders how Liz knows seeing as Der-ick is so closed mouth about these things. Liz tells her that she knows because she is the other woman. (Now, didn’t Linda one day see Liz walking out of the apartment building awhile back? And once she figured out that Der-ick is keeping a fancy woman there….I would have thought she would have put 2 and 2 together…which is why I thought she came into the Rovers in the first place.) Anyway, Linda storms out of the pub, presumably on her way to confront Der-ick.

Speaking of Underworld, Carla sacks Joanne this week as she was last in, first in. Well, sort of. She was last in most recently and that’s good enough reason for Carla to get rid. Liam, who knows Joanne’s knicker seams a bit better than Carla does, reinstates her at the factory.

At the Rovers, Derek breaks Vernon’s heart by telling him the truth about him and Liz. Vernon had only gone and proved how much he loved Liz too when he sold all of his record collection to buy two tickets to Paris. “I’m sorry” says Liz but that’s not good enough for Vernon this time and he walks out with his bags packed, splitting up their Liz and Vernon mugs in the Rovers back room.

As Vern stomps out, Liz tells him to not leave, but instead, yell at her. He stops in his tracks and says, ‘Do you want me to hit you, like Jim did? Sorry Liz, I’m not going to be that man.’ And for a moment, the skies opened up and Glacia saw Vern in a whole new light…he was kind of…I don’t know…not gross. Seriously, he never looked better. That line alone won him points with me.

He spends his time sleeping the cab office and moaning about life in the café to Roy. Liz finally finds him and begs him to take her back and try again. She even asks Lloyd If he’ll take Vernon in to his spare room and look after him there, as a mate.

Jack and Vera’s grandson Paul Clayton (a posting on who Paul is to come) arrives on the Street and Tyrone’s not best pleased. His antenna for a bad ‘un twitches when he spies Paul and it hasn’t stopped twitching all week. Paul gets his feet under the Duckworth table good and proper, he’s a chef and cooks up all manner of fancy meals for the Duckies. “It’s real steak pie with a lid on” enthuses Vera while Tyrone watches on, starving himself rather than eat anything made by a son of Terry Duckworth.

And it’s little Freddie Peacock’s first birthday and a party’s in full swing at the house.

Haley and Roy show up a bit late because they left the gift buying to Becky, who bought Freddie a firetruck….so yeah, they had return it. Meanwhile, they also brought the Robot cake that Roy made even though Becky points out that they way the arms and legs of the robot are positioned, it looks like a homicide victim. Call CSI – Cake Shooting Investigation. (Okay, yeah, whatever, I’ve been sick all weekend.)

Claire’s nipped out for a new cushion, as you do, when the party guests arrive and Ashley’s frantic with worry. Casey turns up with a pressie for Freddie and Claire unburdens her soul to the woman who tried to burn her house down. Ashley storms out with his confused face on, followed by Kevin Webster with one much the same.

And that’s just about that for this week. Now then, where’s me hot Lemsip?

Glenda Young

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24 Responses to Sunday Omnibus Update

  1. geenee says:

    Claire’s bit with the cushion, forgetting to pick up Josh from daycare, leaving all the party refreshments to Roy and Hayley, etc. – along with the touching scene of friendship with KC – make me wonder if she’s cracking up again.

    And we have a new Freddy, it seems; maybe she picked up the wrong baby someplace!

  2. debbie1975 says:

    I told you Vern was a good one.

  3. glacia says:

    Don’t get crazy, Debbie.

  4. beanie says:

    Thank you Flaming Nora! I loved this episode with all the singing! Glad you explained the cushion emergency I guess I’m a crappy hostess.Who knew? Arphpeck I answered you below.

  5. thebigseester says:

    Sooooo… is KC gaslighting Clurr? I get the impression she is.

    I hate Derek. And Glacia, I agree – suddenly Vern doesn’t look quite so weaselly.

    I thought that was a new Freddy – he has curly hair!

    You know I like JOann, but she was being really witchy to Carla, and (from the “Duh” files) it’s not a good idea to antagonize your boss. They don’t like it.

    Can I ask why Liam needed a haircut when he just came back last week with a haircut? Why on earth didn’t they tell the actor to wait until Maria “cut his hair”? I would have been way impressed with her hairstyling abilities.

    Don’t trust Paul. I think Ty is right to not trust him. Course I heart Ty, so…

    Michigander Fan

  6. missusmac says:

    ok, pls can everyone pause for a moment and remember Vern following Michelle around the bar trying to get his paws on her?

    Ewwwwwwwwww! What a jerk.

    And this is the beauty of Corrie. You can hate someone one day, not so much the next. He certainly looks golden next to Derek now.

  7. beanie says:

    It’s amazing how much hair stuff we all notice and not just because of the salon.Liam’s brand new doo was in a VERY recent update They might have given the actor a heads up about an upcoming salon haircut scene.Were we supposed to imagine his hair looked it did before the new doo? And how did they manage to find another Freddy with the same giant head only this one has curls?

  8. Gayle says:

    Genee: I completely agree with you regarding Claire. Why can’t Ashley see what’s happening and take her back to the Dr. she is obviously unwell.

  9. geenee says:

    Speaking of hairdos, I hated Jodie’s – and she had the nerve to comment to Vi about how it’s OK for barmaids to dress trashy – or something to that effect. Vi isn’t my favorite character, but she always looks nice. It kind of put her on the spot when Liz told her about Derek and I think she was right on in her comment about Vernon not being right for Liz – or she wouldn’t have cheated. I do have a problem feeling sorry for Vernon when he would have done the same thing with Michelle if she had agreed.

  10. Jackie says:

    I thought it was really neat how just before KC was leaving Claire said, “How did you know it was his birthday?” and she just passed it off like, “oh you told me once before” I was sitting there screaming, “RED LIGHT RED LIGHT” I believe that is one of lifes little gut instints that she is ignoring.

    I don’t know that she is going completely crazy, I think that he initial responce to the fire and everything was normal, but Ashley not trusting her and always second guessing her has made her hide the things she is doing and feeling and that is in turn making her go crazy.

    And Ashley, can we say OVER REACT! Sometimes I just want to slap him!!

  11. arphpeck says:

    Thanks for the answer, Beanie. I, however forgot the question, and when I went back to search for my comment I made Sunday night I couldn’t find it. (Blondes do you more fun, we just don’t always know when we’re having it)I think it was about why Joanne got fired, which was answered, so thanks for that.
    Clare is really starting to weird me out. So, if you really feel someone has tried to kill you and steal your baby, all they have to do is say they didn’t do it and then they are your bff?
    What goes on in Liz’s head? She was just itching to cheat on Vernon, and then tells her boyfriend’s wife it was her? Too crazy.

  12. Diane/tvor says:

    I really found Derek to be odious and very passive aggressive to Liz even before he was outed to his wife. Nasty piece of work and though i don’t like Vernon either, i really did enjoy him giving Liz the business and really telling her some hard truths.

    Ashley really doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that someone that burned down his house and tried to kill his wife is still out there. Oh he might say he does after he hears Claire talk to Casey but he’d been going about as if nothing happened. No regard for how she feels, just impatience. He over reacted to what she said because what she said was the truth!

  13. geenee says:

    To me, Ashley never really loved Claire as much as Maxine; she was handy and a good babysitter. Either he’s in deep denial, or he doesn’t care that much, though he does get a bit hysterical at times. It seems like all the trouble they’ve had is just too much for him to handle. I thought he was more mature than that.

    I was surprised at Liz telling Derek’s wife about the affair.
    That was pretty stupid if she wanted to keep it from Vernon.

  14. beanie says:

    Liz’s confession made me scream at the TV “Are you smokin’ crack?”

  15. eps says:

    Anyone know what is happening with watching CS online? I keep getting “This content is currently unavailable”. I got to see all of the shows last week via the website.

    Surely CBC didn’t intend to just tease us.

  16. geenee says:

    I was able to get one to work this afternoon but find it too small and hard to hear. I’d rather wait until Sunday and see it on a bigger screen – louder.

  17. eps says:

    Evidently Americans are not allowed access to CS on line. This is the reply I received from CBC. I am very unhappy.

    Thank you for your email. The CBC does not hold international internet broadcast rights for the online sports or drama shows. We can broadcast all our news and current affairs shows online, but broadcasts of hockey, skating, curling or dramas like Coronation Street have to be geo-fenced or blocked
    (through your IP address) for everyone outside the country. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you) we had a glitch in the geo-fencing at the beginning, which allowed the transmission to go out but now it is working properly.

    We appreciate your taking the time to write to us.

    Parker Bishop
    Communications Assistant
    CBC Audience Relations

  18. Piper77 says:

    eps – I feel your pain. All of the online episodes on the major networks (NBC, CBS etc.) are not watchable for those of us in Canada.

  19. eps says:

    Piper77: Because I live so close to the BC border and have spent so much time in Canada it never occurred to me that we (CA/USA) didn’t share online viewing. I subscribe to our local cable provider because I can’t imagine not having CBC available.

    Oh well, it is back to taping the Sunday omnibus and zipping through all of those darn commercials. At least we don’t have a total CS black-out that puts us even further behind.

    I appreciate your empathy.

  20. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh MAN! That’s why I cannot watch it! ARGH!!!!

    Guess it’s just the omnibus for us in the US.


    Michigander Fan

  21. Michigander Fan says:

    Gosh, I hope this isn’t about the letter I threatened to write about Peter Mansbridge…


  22. kunzie says:

    Don’t get me wrong. Debbie, Vern is still all yours ;-). BUT….I think, in Vernon’s mind, when he became engaged, he became devoted to Liz and Liz alone. In tiny increments, his selfishness has been decreasing ever since. It finally dawned on him that, if he wanted Paris tickets, he had to sell something of his OWN to pay for them.
    Cheaters like Liz all share the same value system. It’s “a laugh” until you see the pain in the eyes of the person whose home you have wrecked. Seeing Linda like that, as a human being, is probably why she spontaneously admitted the affair.

  23. kunzie says:

    ….oh yeah – I don’t like Liam’s hair short. But it did make me giggle when our satellite “info” on the episode called him “Laim”.

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