Vanessa Feltz vs. Jody Marsh

Jamie and Llyod kill some time at Streetcars doing that game that they do on Family Guy…‘Who would you rather be with..?  Jamie offers Llyod the choice of

Jody Marsh

or Vannessa Feltz

Lloyd chooses Vanessa, and I have to say I’d agree with him.   BTW, More pics of Vanesssa and her boytoy Ben Ofoedu can be found on his official website.


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2 Responses to Vanessa Feltz vs. Jody Marsh

  1. geenee says:

    Very educational as usual; I had no idea who Jamie was talking about. That talk show looks a lot livelier than the ones we see.

    Reading the blog, I realized how little happened this week. Ashley and KC messing around, Eileen breaking up with Pat, then going on vacation with Steve, and Vi is pregnant. Other than that, it was mostly filler.

  2. howdi says:

    I love those tidbits of Corrie that I totally miss. You people are so clever.

    I agree, there was little going on this week.

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