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Corrie Stars Bear All…

From Alexia over at Peta UK…quite a few Corrie stars have joined a campaign to end the use of real bear fur on the Queen’s guards ceremonial hats.  Stars include Wendy Peters (Cilla), Jenny McApine (Fizz), and many more…check it … Continue reading

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Tribute to Vernon’s T-Shirt

As mentioned earlier, Vernon continued his streak of wearing awesome T-shirts with this week’s Captain America one, complete with ripped abs. This delighted the comic nerd in me and I can’t help but wonder if the shirt was Vern’s tribute … Continue reading

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Corrie Update – Mad Lib Edition

Okay, so here’s the story. We ran out of Flaming Nora updates as our lovely UK correspondent went on hiatus in September of last year. Course, I realized this AFTER I had erased the episodes from my pvr. In a … Continue reading

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Update for the Week of May 18, 2008 aka “I’m not gonna be ignored.”

From Flaming Nora’s update of the week of August 20, 2007. Again, commentary added by yours truly in italics. Casey’s spotted at Ashley’s bedroom window by nosey neighbours with wagging tongues on the Street. Kev pops round to see his … Continue reading

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Obscure Football Reference of The Day

Leanne makes a comment about ‘owing more than Glazer’ at some point this morning. She is making reference to the American who in recent years bought a controlling interest in the Manchester United FC, and angered and alienated fans when … Continue reading

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Hey Steve! Shania’s single again!

Unlucky in love Steve Macdonald will be pleased to know that his Maltese holiday girlfriend Shania is back on the market. Oops. Sorry, that would be the other Shania. Apparently, her marriage to Mutt Lange don’t impress her much.

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How Coronation Street Saved Canadian Culture

Last night I watched a biography on Mary Walsh and she retold the tale of how she got into showbiz. Apparently many moons ago she was sitting on her aunt’s couch watching Coronation Street (which she mentioned that she loves) and … Continue reading

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I finally figured out what it is about Casey that creeps me out the most…it’s her eyes. Like those big-eyed kid pictures.

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Update for Last Week

Sorry this is so rushed kids, but here’s your update from last week from the ever lovely Flaming Nora. Oh, but before you go on to the update, I just wanted to refer back to an entry I did awhile … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Beanie!

For those of you who missed the comment, Beanie let us know that she was born the day that Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile, which is pretty damn cool.  (The only interesting thing to happen on the day … Continue reading

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