Malta Madness – Update, 28 April to 4 May, 2008

Episode 6611

We open to wonderful views of Malta ‘ cobbled streets, beautiful old buildings ‘ and Eileen berating Steve for not booking a hotel before they got there. ‘Where’s your sense of adventure?’ asks Steve, but it seems that Eileen doesn’t have one, especially after delays at the airport and Steve being drunk all the way there. ‘And I’m too hot!’ she moans. Steve asks if that’s his fault too. ‘Hallo ‘ this is Malta in August!’ he reminds her.

Back in Coronation Street, Tyrone bangs into the living room where Paul is asleep on the sofa. Molly tells him to be quiet. ‘Sorry, was I too noisy? Did I disturb you, mate?’ he asks Paul, and then turns on the radio, loudly. Paul gives up trying to sleep and sits up. Tyrone asks if he had a late night and a few too many drinks. Paul agrees that it was a late one, but it was work, not drinking. Just then they hear Vera’s voice on the baby monitor. Molly and Tyrone have to rush off to work, leaving Paul an opportunity to bond with his grandma.

Steve and Eileen are still wandering the streets in Malta, looking for a hotel. They decide to go to the Tourist Information Office.

Jason, Sarah and Gail are organising a get-together to talk about the wedding arrangements. Jason bangs on his mother’s front door to inform her of the time and place. (1.30pm ‘ Rovers). When he gets no answer Gail tells him she saw Eileen get into Steve’s taxi the night before and never saw her come home again. ‘Not that it’s any of my business,’ she says. Jason says Eileen is probably having a lie-in, and goes off to work with Bill. As they walk off down the street he phones her. ‘That’s a funny ringing tone,’ he mutters, the phone to his ear. Then, ‘Mam, where are you? I’ve been knocking on. I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up. Where? Mam, you are winding me up! Where? Who with?’ and then he loses the connection.

Steve emerges from the Tourist Information Office and informs Eileen that not only has he found a hotel, he’s found the man who’s going to take them there. Behind him is a man who introduces himself as Aiden. ‘Your lucky I was in there,’ he tells Eileen, and explains that the entire island is full, but, ‘we’ve had a cancellation at one of my firm’s hotels.’ He leads them to his taxi, and Steve informs Eileen that the bad news is that there was only one room available, but the good news is that it’s a twin. Eileen isn’t happy, but there’s no choice.

Casey appears at the butcher’s shop, giving Ashley a fright. She tells him she doesn’t want him panicking about anything. ‘Why would I be panicking?’ asks Ashley, with more than a note of panic in his voice, ‘Claire nearly walking in on us, people are seeing me more with you than I am with her. Why would I be panicking?’ She tells him to stop worrying, as far as she’s concerned it’s all over, it will be all right.

Over in the hair salon, Maria and Sarah are excitedly discussing the wedding. Maria suggests a theme, ‘All Gothic, you can wear black!’ she says. ‘Bit late for all white,’ remarks Audrey, which David finds very amusing. ‘Anyhow,’ he says, ‘I don’t know what you’re getting all worked up about, it’s never going to happen.’ Audrey is shocked, but David says he’s just going on past form.

In the restaurant, Leanne is rushing about trying to get the place ready to open for the lunchtime trade. Paul tells her to slow down, if she has a heart attack he’s not carrying her out. ‘Only because you don’t want people thinking you’ve poisoned me!’ she retorts. He tells her it’s going great and she should stop worrying, and he persuades her to sit down for five minutes.

Eileen and Steve have arrived at the hotel, with Eileen flirting outrageously with the taxi driver. He gives her his card and tells her to ring him tomorrow, promising her a fun filled night out.

Casey now goes to visit Claire with an armful of magazines. Claire confesses that she’s been thinking about herself and Ashley all morning. ‘Is everything all right?’ asks Casey, looking a little worried. Claire tells her that Ashley has said he thinks they should pull together, but she can tell he really thinks she should just step out of it. They chat for a short while and then Claire invites Casey to stay for dinner, saying it’ll be a nice surprise for Ashley when he gets home.

Eileen and Steve are being led to their room. As they walk in the bright sunshine, they pass a beautiful blue swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, lots of foliage and exotic pink flowers. However, when they get to the room there’s a shock in store ‘ it’s a double bed! They protest to the porter who looks blankly at them. Eileen tries her best language skills ‘ ‘Have you got another roomo, pour favouro?’ she asks. The porter departs without saying a word. (And who could blame him?) Eileen demands that Steve goes back to reception to sort it out. He tells her to go to reception and sort it out, reminding her that Aiden told them the whole island was booked up. She shouts at him that he’ll have to sleep on the floor. ‘It’s my trip!’ he shouts back, and goes off to get a drink.

It’s tea time at the Peacocks’ and they are all sitting at the table. Ashley is very quiet and just picking at his food. Casey comments that he’s bored with all the girl’s talk. Claire says he has to have a slice of apple pie, with either cream, ice cream or both. Casey says she’ll have everything that’s going, and worry about the damage afterwards ‘ looking pointedly at Ashley as she says it. He gets up from the table, saying he’s going to catch Kevin at the pub.

Steve is taking a dip in the pool, while Eileen sits on the rocks at the side, reading from a tourist guide. They are both pleased to be there, they’ve escaped the drudgery! Steve suggests they carry on drinking until they both fall asleep. Eileen thinks that’s a good idea, then they don’t have to speak to each other until tomorrow, when she is going to go and have a look round. Steve then pulls Eileen into the pool!

Gail, Audrey and Sarah are in the Rovers, waiting for Jason and Eileen to come and talk about the wedding. Just then Jason arrives and breaks the news that his mother is in Malta with Steve MacDonald. ‘What? What kind of arrangement is that?’ exclaims Gail. Jason assures them all it’s not in THAT way, they’re just having a break.

Casey catches up with Ashley in the bar, who is not with Kevin. ‘You couldn’t get away fast enough, could you?’ she says, coming up behind him. He asks if she’s enjoying herself. She says they couldn’t help doing what they did. She asks why she feels that he’s blaming her. ‘Would you rather I just disappeared?’ she asks him, ‘say you’re feeling guilty?’ Ashley takes a deep breath and downs his pint with an air of desperation about him.

In the restaurant Leanne says goodbye to the last customers. Paul thinks they could be on a roll with the place, she could soon be getting a lot more money, but a lot less sleep. He thinks a bit more investment and the place could really take off. Leanne explains that she has no spare money. He tells her to crack open a bottle, they deserve a drink.

Aiden, Eileen’s taxi driver, arrives looking for Eileen. Steve is still smarting from the two promised rooms that turned into a double, and tells him that Eileen is off complaining about it and that she can be a very violent woman who put one of her last husbands in hospital. Aiden then asks how come Steve is on holiday with her. Steve tells him she’s ‘intriguing’ and suggests he brings champagne to their room later. ‘Two’s company,’ says Steve, ‘but three is a modern, internet classic!’ Aiden says he thinks he’ll pass, and as Eileen approaches he makes a quick getaway. When she gets to the table she asks where he went and Steve confesses that he told him that she doesn’t like men. Eileen is outraged, ‘You evil pig, you could see he liked me!’ she says. Steve says he could, and he could also see himself outside, huddled up under a blanket while the two of them road tested the double room facilities. Eileen then notices him looking elsewhere and turns to see an attractive looking girl walking beside the pool, wearing a sarong. ‘So you can look and I can’t?’ she complains. Just then her phone rings, it’s Jason. She turns it off.

Molly and Tyrone arrive back at the Duckworth’s with fish and chips. They offer some to Paul but he declines. ‘You just been sat on there all day?’ asks Tyrone, throwing him a can of beer. Paul grins and shakes his head.

Back in Malta, Steve has obviously had a lot to drink, as Eileen leads him back to their room. Once inside he flops on to the bed, rambling drunkenly. Eileen goes to the bathroom and when she comes back, to her dismay, he’s out cold.

Episode 6612

It looks like Florence but is, apparently, Malta (the beaches are a clue) and Eileen and Steve are still in bed, making spoons, Steve’s arm flung across Eileen. He opens his eyes a second and snuggles close with a sigh… then is suddenly wide, wide awake! He’s shocked, confused and worried. What happened last night? Eileen slumbers on.

In the cafe, Janice is buying breakfast for Roger, who is nursing his arm. “I doubt I’ll be winning Wimbledon any time soon,” he tells her. When his mobile phone rings, Janice has to unflip it and hand it to him. It’s a job and he agrees he’ll be there in half an hour. Janice is appalled. Becky suggests that instead of being a cowboy plumber he’ll be a one-armed bandit.

Eileen is at breakfast on a sun drenched terrace. Steve sits down and still seems quite worried. He’d rather have a fry-up than a Continental breakfast. Eileen takes off her sunglasses and simpers: “It’s good to try something different now and again.” Steve looks slightly sick. He tells her they’re good pals and he respects her and whatever happened last night they should put it behind them. “I don’t want anything to come between us – er, get between us. . .” Eileen tells him she’s already forgotten it. Last night’s just a blank. Steve’s a bit put out. He’s pretty sure she’d remember if he’d . . .

At the Websters’ place, Kevin suggests going bowling, but Sophie wants to stay home and study, even though she’s on holiday. Rosie thinks it’s just because Mr Stape is coming round to help Sally with The Tempest. Sally thinks it’s good that Sophie wants to improve herself, but she thought Sophie liked bowling. Sophie goes on to the attack, telling her mother that if it was Rosie wanting to study, no-one would think anything of it. Rosie and Sally head off to work.

In the Kabin, Blanche picks up a paper. She can’t believe the old picture theatre she used to visit as a kid has burnt down. A sneering Norris asks whether she preferred Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin. They’re discussing the arson of the theatre when Emily comes in. Blanche points out that whoever set fire to the Peacocks’ is still out there. They speculate why no arrest has been made there, when Ashley and Claire walk in. Claire thinks they should have the guts to face her with their suspicions. She rushes off and an angry Ashley tells them to find someone else to talk about.

Outside, Claire says she knew people would start accusing her. She doesn’t blame them. She’s the only person who’s been questioned. “I don’t know who’s on my side any more – who I can trust,” she tells him.

Roger is back. He’s had to abandon the job. He’s lost his reputation, he says. “This job was me last chance. I’m not going to make the rent this month – again.” He says if Leanne doesn’t start paying him back soon he’ll be out on the street.

Jason arrives at the salon to set a time to set a meeting time with Sarah. David teases them about whether or not Jason will turn up at the next wedding. Sarah reminds Jason about speaking to Eileen before they make any decisions.

In Malta, Eileen ignores her phone. “I’ve got better things to do.” She sips another cocktail and tells Steve she’s off fellas, especially after last night. Steve’s off the booze for the same reason, he says. As they listen to some bad karaoke (I’m genetically unable to write “karaoke” without the word “bad”), Steve spots a rather attractive lady and they catch each other’s eye. Eileen orders a cocktail or three and calls the other woman over to join them. “It took you six painful months to get it together with Michelle,” she points out. “We’ve only got one day left.”

Ashley’s in the sitting room when Claire comes down from settling the kids. Ash suggests she try doing a few more things with Josh. He suggests they go out and Claire says she’d rather stop in. She suggests Ash go on his own. As he leaves, she appears to sigh with relief.

The attractive brunette has moved to Eileen and Steve’s table. As someone ruins It’s Hard To Be A Woman “she” agrees, making not-so-subtle alterations to what’s in her sun-top. And is that the suspicion of an Adam’s apple? Steve tells “her” that Eileen works for him. She’s the director of communications at his transport company, he says. He discovers that the brunette doesn’t have a boyfriend. Eileen clearly has realised this woman isn’t all “she” seems, gorgeous though she is.

Jason meets Sarah and confesses that he hasn’t spoken to Eileen. Jason doesn’t understand why she’s fussing so much about which church to book. Sarah wants the whole old-fashioned churchyard, stained glass, a steeple, the lot. Jason asks why she’d want to get married surrounded by dead people. “Because it looks good on the photos,” she explains. She plans to make an appointment with the vicar of the church she wants. She insists that Jason try again to contact his mother, because she’s like to be at her son’s wedding. And it’s the only one she’s going to get to go to.

Steve and the woman, whose name is allegedly Shania, sing Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, not noticing that Eileen’s taking their picture. They go back to the table and Steve tells Eileen that he and Shania were thinking of sloping off in a minute. He wants Eileen to let them have the room for a couple of hours. Eileen’s called to the microphone (where she gives a really bad rendition of The Winner Takes It All) and while she’s there, Steve and Shania sneak away.

Sally’s made a pot of tea as she and John settle down. Rosie goes upstairs to use the computer as John asks Sally to read aloud. She’s reluctant until Rosie has gone, then he asks her to read Ariel’s Song. “Oh, I didn’t know Shakespeare wrote musicals,” Sally says. She’s just getting into “Full fathom five thy father lies . . .” when Sophie comes in. She’s decided to work downstairs because Rosie’s playing music. John seems quite amused. Sophie won’t go into the front room to work, so Sally gathers up all her stuff and the teapot and she and John go into the front room.

Steve and Shania get back to his room, with him a bit drunk after stop at the bar on the way. She thinks it’s a mistake. Steve tries to reassure her. It’s not some cheap thrill for him. She says she’s got something to tell him, but he says he knows all he needs to know about Shania. He grabs her and tells her: “You’re a very special lady. A one off.” She draws back. “You already know?” Of course he does. He knew the minute he clapped eyes on her, he says. Shania sits on the bed, dejected. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Wrong? This is a top-of-the-range wig,” she says. “It cost me near on a grand.” And “he” whips off the wig.

Ashley drops his keys as he arrives home, waking Claire, who has been napping in front of the telly. She’s very affectionate and has made him a butty. She goes upstairs without him and Ashley weeps.

In Malta, Steve comes out of the bathroom to a teasing Eileen. She wants to know how long it took him to twig that Shania was a man. He can’t believe she didn’t warn him. “I can’t believe you didn’t know,” she says. She reckons he had a beer blindfold on, not beer goggles. She points out that she didn’t tell him because he went off, leaving her alone to fend for herself in a foreign country. As she goes into the bathroom she sings, “Man, I feel like a woman!” “Not funny!” shouts Steve.

Episode 6613

Eileen reckons she ought to up sticks and move to Malta – and perhaps Gail Platt would find it harder to pick a fight with her. Although pretty girls walk past Steve says that last night has scarred him (although how badly will take some days to show). Eileen’s phone rings – Jason wants to discuss the wedding.  Jason wades in (only fair as Steve & Eileen are paddling in the sea) and tells her to take as much interest as Gail. Eileen lets fly and her phone flies even further out to sea. They paddle further out to find it.

At the Platt Pile there is a vicar due and so the front room is getting a makeover and Sarah has checked with Emily and identified that the vicar likes fig rolls which she has bought in special like. Jason volunteers to help but is told to sit still – but decides to go down the yard to do some paperwork (and that will really tax his brain). David reckons they must be getting ready for the second coming, not just the vicar. Gail tells him to behave when the vicar comes (fat chance Gail).

Steve asks if it was a pay as you throw phone. Eileen whinges wanting to know who is there for her when she has problems and Steve reminds her that she has his number and he will always listen. Yeah she observes in many ways. The phone is spotted at the bottom of the ocean – Steve alleges next to a jellyfish to scare Eileen then bends down and retrieves it. Anyway that is not going to be working for a while (if ever I would have thought). Eileen asks if it is time for them to return to reality – almost but not quite and they both hold their arms out wide and fall backwards into the sea, laughing.

Roger has a rent problem – his landlord wants the arrears and the only assistance the landlord can provide is to move Roger’s worldly goods to the side of the road. Janice has the solution – he can move in with her as she is sure she can find him somewhere to sleep. Later in the Rovers they break the news to Leanne — who is not amused but clearly has been part of the cause and keeps mum.

At the Kabin there has been a visit from Angela’s son Neville – reason not given and Doris does not want to see his stepson just in case his mother wants to drag him back into captivity. Anyway a little later Neville re-appears and regrets that it is not a social call – but one of news. Doris is quick to say that he has no wish to meet Angela – but Neville explains that will no longer be possible on this plane – she has passed on. It was apparently all very sudden – a nice approach to the 14th and only a simple tap in needed – she died in her favourite place – on the golf course. Doris is invited to attend the funeral on Wednesday and before Neville goes Doris tries to amend for his initial rudeness. Doris was not keen on Angela – but even he would not have wished her to end her days at a relatively young age.

Steve and Eileen are dry again and Eileen points at a couple on the beach – she wants to know why that never happened to her. He reminds her she has two kids – but she is not referring to the sex but the companionship. Steve does not get it. Why couldn’t someone have loved her and vice versa – and someone worthwhile. Steve tells her she was unlucky but she reckons you make your own luck. She could have made someone very happy.  Steve thinks he must have missed her funeral – she thinks that she has missed her chance of happiness Anyway she says no-one will go out with her. Steve points out that Jerry would tomorrow. Eileen says they are just mates, Steve asks if she is sure and she is snappy when she tells him that is right. And she offers to get the drinks.

At the Platt property there is a vicar in attendance but no Jason. David asks the vicar what he thinks of those people who want a church for a wedding or christening but otherwise do not visit the place – and would he like a fig roll? Gail attempts to shut David up as Jason arrives apologising – but David points out that Jason is rarely where he is supposed to be where weddings are concerned. The vicar would like to know more, so the last wedding disaster is explained. The vicar asks if Jason is sure this time round and what has changed? Jason knows he made a bad mistake last time and he confirms he is very sure this time around. The vicar is glad – the first forty minutes making promises is easy – the next 40 years can be more difficult. Later after the vicar leaves Sarah and Jason go for a drink and spy David chatting up Mel whom he obviously fancies.

Anyway, Steve observes that he been married and divorced three times – so what can he say? Eileen says she has been shackled by the kids and then she had felt sad when they moved out – but would have been even more upset if they had not moved on, it is just that she did not feel needed any more. She observes that she did not have a life any longer and was it any surprise that she had wanted to keep Holly.

Steve laments that he was normal until Emma Howarth and since then the female sex have been his downfall. The only girl for Steve now is little Amy (oh yes and just who has been looking after the little mite for the past 3 weeks – two in Spain and one in Malta – not Dreary – she and Ken have not been spotted for weeks). Eileen reminds him of the good times with Karen and Steve admits he thought they would be together forever and that he would never find another girl – but then along came Michelle. E asks if there is any hope – but Stereckons not – weeks and he has heard nothing so it must be over. Anyway the fire of all his past relationships will keep him warm when he retires.

This break was supposed to make them feel better – but at least both know they have a true friend. Steve admits that Eileen is one of the reasons he goes to work in the morning – there is always a laugh to be had. And Eileen responds in similar tone. Steve says that there is Amy as well – but otherwise it is the same old depressing routine. Eileen points out that they are both addicted to the things which are bad for them and cause misery – but if they are both aware of it they can return to Weatherfield and change things – cos no other bugger will. Steve acknowledges her point as being right and they both laugh. They clink glasses and say cheers to each other and then turn to look at a marvelous sunset over the sea through an arch shaped rock, knowing that in each other they have a true friend.

Episode 6614

Taxi; Lloyd says he’s been working his backside off. Eileen says yeah the sites they have seen and the things they have done. Steve says to Eileen, they are not on holiday now so they are just friends. Lloyd asks if they went a bit further than that. Eileen says in her nightmares and Steve likes something exotic. Lloyd says, next time they have to tell him. Steve says it was a sprit of the moment thing. Lloyd says he wants to go into town and says Steve can over the switch. Steve says he has to see his daughter. Lloyd says Eileen will do it. Eileen says no as it’s her day off and has plans.

Cafe; Sally is sat reading a book. Kevin comes in and mock her saying Romeo. Sally says it not Romeo. He says she is a real part timer. Sally says she is on the butty run and was just going to finish to the bottom of the page. Rosie comes in saying Carla thinks she’s been abducted by aliens. Sally gets up to go and says she likes the clothes Rosie has on. Rosie says she is earning money now. Kevin says as long as his hand in not going in his pocket. Rosie asks if she can go before her dad as Carla is waiting for her.

Salon; Sarah says she wants rose petals on the floor. Audrey says it’s lovely the things you get. Maria says she should get a heart shaped arch. Sarah’s phone goes off and she says it’s Jason. David says they have an I.Q. of 10 between them. Audrey tells him to be quiet and says Cupid will hit him with an arrow. Sarah says he is jealous. Maria says his day will come. Sarah says someone will have to be desperate to want him. David says he saw something that would be good for Jason for the wedding. Maria asks what. Sarah says for her not to encourage him. He says a ball and chain. Sarah hits him with a magazine.

Outside the Rovers the taxi pulls up. Lloyd gets out the car to get the bags from the boot. Steve holds Eileen back. She asks if she is getting a good bye kiss. He tells her to behave. She says the name Shania will never touch her lips. She says oops. He tells her not to say a word. Lloyd asks if he is going to struggle with the bags. Steve says he is just coming. Jason to Eileen says she is finally back. He tells her they have talked about the wedding. Eileen says she can meet him in the pub at 1 and he can tell her all about it. Eileen then asks him to get her case for her.

Flat; Leanne and Janice are getting rid of some stuff. Janice says she does not know how half the stuff ended up here. She asks when she ever uses a rolling pin. Leanne says to bash her dad’s head in. Janice says, hopefully she won’t need it for Roger. Leanne says this is all her fault and its unfair she gets what she wants and they have to pay. Janice says they get on so it’s ok. Leanne says she should take Carla up on her offer. Janice says she has worked to hard to give it all away and says there must be someone else that can invest, as she is not the only one with money.

Rover’s; Vernon is singing while giving out food. Tyrone says he wishes he had a talent. Kevin says he can fix motors and that’s about it. Sally comes in and tells Kevin John will be round as she is studying tonight and goes. Steve comes through from the bar. Jamie comes in and starts singing sex bomb. Kevin, Tyrone and Vernon join in. Liz says that’s why it’s not a good idea to run off to Malta with a woman old enough to be your mum. Tyrone asks how it was. Steve says they are just friends. Vernon says that’s what they all say. Liz says it’s nice of Steve to join them. She tells him she is worried about Amy. He says he will pick here up. They start singing sex bomb again and Steve using his hand tells them to zip it.

Outside Claire is sorting out a hanging basket. Ashley comes up and says he had to get out the shop, as Kirk has to talk and say every step he does. Claire laughs then tells him Casey phoned and sends her love. Just then the inspector turns up and they ask if he has any news. He says he has come to talk. Claire says all they have done is talk. He says with the people that rescued her as they might remember something and he walks off. Claire says they still think its her. Ashley says someone might remember something. Claire says he sounds convinced as they do.

Rover’s backroom; Steve pulls out a teddy for Amy. Liz comes in and asks to see it. Steve then asks what is in Amy hair. Liz says ribbons. He says he is worried. Vernon says that they are going to leap off her head and strangle her. Steve says he is not her dad then stutters and says they are a fire hazard. Liz and Vernon laugh. Liz says everyone sees a pretty little girl but him. Vernon jokes saying the coffee is hot and they will have to section it off. He says he is looking out for her. Vernon says like last week. Steve says that’s none of his business. Vernon says it is if he is dissing his woman.

Flat; Leanne and Janice are taking in boxes. Rogers says there is about 8 more. Leanne asks if he is joking and says she is going to leave them to it. Roger says most of it is sentimental value. He opens one box and takes out a pair of boxes. He says this was his pulling pants. Janice asks if he got much action. Roger says no. Leanne says she wonders why. Janice says he can model with later. Leanne says that is her cue to leave and go. Janice and Roger laugh.

Rovers backroom; Liz asks how it went. Steve asks how what went. Liz says he knows and says his holiday and asks what made him go off with one of her friends. Steve says he is going to take Deirdre next time. Liz says funny. Steve tells her it was a spur of the moment thing. Liz asks if it took his mind off “her”. Steve asks who. Liz says he knows who. Steve says it did and a lot of alcohol. Liz says he will find someone, has a wonderful little girl and two businesses. Steve says maybe.

In the bar of the Rovers Tyrone and Steve are still winding up Steve. He says he will bar them if they carry on. Tyrone says they were just having a laugh. He says he does not find it funny. Eileen then winds him up and he does not look amused. Sarah orders the drinks in. Leanne asks Steve how his holiday was. She then asks how business is going. She tells him she is looking for someone to put some money in so she can put her plans into action. Steve says he has enough on his plate and tells her good luck. Liz asks Eileen if she did any thing with Steve. Eileen says she knows where his birth mark is but then says she didn’t.

Outside David and Maria are walking along talking. David says he gets £2 from one of the ladies. Maria says she is 70. Amber sees them and asks where they are going. David says the cafe and his gran is treating them. Amber asks if she can join. Maria says yes. Mel comes out of Jerry’s with a bin bag. David says he wants a kebab instead and says she will see them later. David says he will take the bag and she can put the stuff in.

Jerry’s; the inspector is asking Jerry questions. He asks how Claire was on the night. He says she seamed fine. They ask where Freddie was. He says he presumed he was in his cot. David comes in and asks Mel who comes from the back for extra chili. They ask why he was round and says things were not great. He says he was round asking for the stereo back and says she wanted one more night of peace and quiet. The inspector says that’s all the questions at the moment. Mel asks if they have any leads. He says no. Jerry asks if he can get them anything before they go. They say no and go.

Outside, the inspectors pass Ashley and say his name. Ashley comes up to Jerry who has come outside. Ashley asks what they wanted. He says the same old thing. He asks if they asked about Claire. Jerry does not say anything and Ashley says he knew it and they think its Claire. Jerry says they don’t all think that and says they are useless.

Rover’s; Vernon asks how the business is going. Leanne says she is looking for someone to invest in it. Vernon from his pocket pulls out £3 and a button. She asks if he has any rich relatives. He says his aunt has salmon on a Sunday. Gail says they have been through this. Eileen says she goes a better offer. Sarah says they can get someone to write the names for the place setting and it’s a pound a name. Eileen blows Steve a kiss. Gail says she didn’t know they were close then asks why she bothers and goes. Leanne turns around and Dev bumps into her. Her wine goes all over her top. Dev says he will pay for the dry cleaning. Leanne asks if she can get him a drink.

Outside the inspectors are thanking Jamie. Claire who is still at the hanging basket looks. As they come over she asks what they are still doing here. He says they are still asking questions. Audrey appears. Claire wants to know what they are asking. She says they are still trying to prove it was her. She says they won’t find any answers round here and they are hoping someone will say something to prove them right. Audrey says this is not helping and says they should go inside.

Peacock’s; Claire asks why they think it’s still her and says she would not dump her own baby in a park and set fire to the house. Audrey says she is sure they don’t think that. Claire says they do and asks why they are not asking Ashley questions. Audrey says he was not even here. Claire asks if she is sure and says maybe he pretended to be away and sneaked back and took Freddie. Audrey tells her to stop. She says if she wanted to top herself she would not go to all this trouble and would chuck herself in the cut.

Garage; Tyrone says he is thinking of taking up a sport. Kevin tells him to get down to the red rec on Saturdays. Tyrone says he thought about darts. Kevin says that’s not a sport and won’t build up his muscles. Sally comes out the factory. He asks if she has done any work. She says she is on her break. Tyrone asks where her book is as he thought it was stuck to her hand. She says he should try reading. Sally then says she thought they should go away on a holiday as Rosie has worked hard on her exams as soon she will be in university. Tyrone says they are not that busy and he can manage. Kevin says it’s a good idea.

Rovers; Gail asks if Eileen is coming back home to look at magazines. Eileen says she just needs to have a word with Liz about that thing. Liz says yeah that thing. Jason says she is doing this deliberately. As they go Liz says Gail will hunt her down. Lloyd comes in and says he knew he would find them in here slacking. Steve gives a wee laugh. Lloyd says he has just seen someone come out of a cab. Eileen asks if its Tom Jones. Lloyd says Michelle. Steve asks if this is a wind up. Lloyd tells him to go out and have a look.

Outside the Rovers door Steve sees Michelle. Eileen tells him to go talk to her. Steve says no. Eileen says she knows he really wants to. Michelle gets her purse out as Steve watches.

Episode 6615

Michelle and Ryan are back on the Street- they are getting out of their taxi and are unaware of Eileen and Steve watching them. “Go on, over there” Eileen urges Steve- but he won’t as he thinks it would be awkward with Ryan being there. Eileen goes inside the Rovers and Steve attempts to shout over to them, but stops before any sound comes out.

Norris and Doreen are in the Kabin, “Look at your face, you could turn milk sour” Doreen jokes with him, but Norris isn’t impressed and blames his face on his bunions which are giving him ‘jip’ Doreen offers to hold the fort while Norris seeks help from a foot doctor,he agrees; “Well, as long as you don’t eat your own body weight in pear-drops”

Michelle breaks up the banter when she enters wanting to set up her paper delivery again now she’s back, Doreen tries to make polite chit-chat by asking her where she has been, “Ireland” Michelle informs her- Doreen says she loves the Irish, they have great accents and lovely skin! Norris tells her not to bother Michelle with her boring banter as she has just had a bereavement. Doreen apologises and tells Michelle that Norris has had one too, his ex wife. Norris thinks the two bereavements can barely be put in the same sentence- Michelle’s was her brother after all.

Steve is behind the bar in the Rovers, Eileen is sitting on a bar-stool and Liz is asking Steve whether he said anything to Michelle when he saw her, “I didn’t get chance to talk to her” Liz says that he’ll soon get chance when she wants her job back. Vernon chips in that she won’t get it back- messing them about like that. “Oh i’m sorry” Steve says “I was under the impression I was the boss!”

Dev and Leanne are also in the Rovers- Leanne is plying Dev with drinks- “Are you trying to get me drunk so you can have your wicked way with me?” he jokes, Leanne laughs but Dev wants to know what’s going on- she cuts to the chase. Leanne wants Dev to think about a business opportunity- she needs another investor for the restaurant.

Becky is rushed off her feet in the cafe, and Roger is indecisive about what he wants to order, Becky says she’ll get back to him in half an hour and walks off to clear a table- Roger follows behind “I’ll have ham, you can’t go wrong with ham” Becky isn’t listening to him, she’s clearing Cilla’s table and Cilla is asking where her Eccles cake is- “Have you sent somebody to Eccles to get it?” Becky says she’s on her own and only has one pair of hands- Cilla see’s an opportunity and says she has been reviewing her job option and wouldn’t mind helping out- “Perhaps you could put a word in for me” Becky politely says…….no and shows her a job in the paper that would just suit her- “toilet attendant” Cilla reckons she found the joke funny, but as Becky’s back is turned her face is like thunder.

Steve is playing with a beer mat in the Rover’s- every time the door opens his head swerves to see who has walked in- and each time he’s disappointed when it isn’t Michelle- Eileen join him and tells him to make the first move- but Steve says it was Michelle that left him, therefore it should be Michelle that comes to him first. Later Steve is in the bar with Amy, he’s taking her out and he wants her to say goodbye to her Grandma, Liz.

Leanne is back at the flat- she’s complaining to Janice that Dev might as well have laughed in her face when she asked him to invest, She walking around the flat in her bra, wiping some clothes down with a damp cloth- we later find out she is trying to get a wine stain out. Roger walks in and Leanne jumps holding her top over her nearly naked body- “Let me know when its safe to come back in” he calls from the door- Leanne is horrified but Janice finds it hilarious!

Rosie is in the corner shop boasting to Amber that she may not go to college, now she’s had a taste of the working life, “I don’t want to learn everything from a book” Amber looks surprised and wonders if her parents know!

Michelle and Eileen are also in the shop- Michelle is grilling Eileen about Steve- “Does he know i’m back?” Eileen nods, “and he hasn’t been to see me” Michelle says sadly, “Apparently not” Eileen sums up. Michelle doesn’t realise that Eileen is feeling awkward at being caught in the middle of the two and carries on by asking if Steve is angry with her- “why don’t you give him a ring” Eileen suggests “He is angry with me then” Michelle guesses. Eileen tells her to give him a chance and that if she goes to see him, he’d talk to her “Michelle, he’s come to the solution the two of you are finished” Michelle looks upset and looks to the floor.

Sally and John are reading literature at the Websters- Kevin comes in from work ready for his dinner- Sally tells him to get his own, but when Kevin goes to the fridge he’s disappointed to see its stocked up with salad and not much else. Sophie is the next to interrupt Sally’s tutoring lesson- she plonks herself down at the table and starts talking to John- Sally isn’t impressed and suggests she goes away, “See this is how I get treated in this house” Sophie tells her teacher, she then tries to ask him a question but Sally tells her that its her time, “I’m trying to get an A-level here and i’m up against it as it is”

Steve is laid on the sofa in the Rovers back room, someone enters the room and Steve thinks its Liz, “I’ll put Amy’s tea on in a minute, do we have anymore of those chicken nuggets?” “Steve, its me” he looks up to see Michelle. Michelle says she will go if its an awkward time, what with Amy’s tea- but Steve tells her to sit down and heads in the kitchen to get them a drink.

Norris and Doreen are in the Kabin- Doreen is eating the profits away and Norris is telling her to stop! She carries on though and quizzes him on his ex-wife, Angela- Norris insists the death hasn’t affected him at all- but Doreen is insistent that he must have felt something once. Norris says he did but she was an ex for a reason and he wishes everyone would stop fussing. “she could have made a grown man cry” Norris informs Doreen, but she says she can’t have been that bad.

Steve is back with the drinks and the two are sat at the table- Michelle tells Steve how awful the past few weeks have been- she tells Steve that Ryan is quiet and keeps everything in and she wishes she could have talked to Steve before but she felt like she was going to “crack up” so had to get away. Steve tells her he doesn’t want to turn it all around and make out like its all about him- “it feels pathetic but you didn’t even try to get in touch, a text would have done” Michelle shrugs, “I’ve no excuse really” she says as time went on it seemed harder and harder to pick up the phone, Steve says he just hopes they can be mates- Michelle looks away, you can see she wants to be more than friends.

Cilla is in the Rovers, she offers to get Becky a drink- Thanks to her giving Cilla the job paper- Cilla has found a job, she has an interview tomorrow- for a carer! Becky laughs, but Cilla is serious, “People say to me- Cilla the milk of human kindness just oozes out of you” Roger has been observing the scene from another table and tells Janice that Cilla is so gobby he makes Janice seem Shy and retiring- “Oy, don’t be cheeky” Janice says and playfully hits him.

Michelle and Steve are still talking things over- she tells him she expected to come back and it all be happy and hugs- Steve asks her what does she expect when she just ups and leaves. She agrees it looks bad but says, being away from him has made her realise how much she cares about him. “I care about you too- I missed you” “I tried to put you to the back of my mind because I didn’t want to hurt Ryan” Steve softens up and goes to hug her, but she says if they are getting back together she wants a proper commitment, “not like last time when we acted like teenagers- breaking up and getting back together”

Emily and Norris are at home- Emily tries to speak to him about Angela, but he’s still being hard-faced. I suppose i’d better go to the funeral, just to make sure she’s dead! “Well whatever happened later on, she was still an important part of your life” Emily has got through to Norris- he softens up and says that she is right, “She was”

Back with Michelle and Steve and they are on the sofa together- Michelle asks him if he is happy to make a commitment- not just for them but for the kids as well, Steve is all for it and says he has always loved her. “Steve, no lies no nothing and this is it me and you forever” Steve echoes her, “forever” the two hug.

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24 Responses to Malta Madness – Update, 28 April to 4 May, 2008

  1. romeozulu says:

    Random thoughts:

    Once again, Eileen, Steve and Lloyd are terrific together – such good chemistry between them.

    Rosie looked quite fetching this week. Teen-angst-girl is going to grow up to be a Corrie maneater, I think.

    It looks like they’re promoting Amber from little girl to Rosie’s now unoccupied position.

    Michelle’s Ryan – another child actor that can’t act. Off to school, back to Ireland, or go play with Warren (horrible, horrible) in Spain. Soon.

  2. geenee says:

    Love Steve and the gang. He’s a lot more fun without Michelle but I suppose he needs a love interest. She does seem humourless though.

    That schoolteacher seems to have some charisma for all the young girls – and maybe Sally too. I was impressed with Sophie this week as I could actually make out some of her dialogue; maybe she practised her elocution.

    I really, really wish the hockey season would end.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    I loved the scenes with Steve and Eileen – very funny stuff!

    Also enjoyed the Norris and Doreen and sometimes Rita stuff.

    The little teen love triangle is painful – David loves Mel, and Amber clearly loves David. Sigh. Amber deserves so much more. I thought the conversation between Rosie and Amber about college was very interesting. That girl’s going places, whereas Rosie has no flipping clue.

    Vernon can actually sing. That was fun to watch. But it didn’t make up for the horrific karaoke earlier. Somewhere, Tammy Wynette is spinning in her grave.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the exchange regarding Amy’s hair ribbons. Quite funny.

    Michigander Fan

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh. And Michelle. GRRR. I mean, you come back and suddenly you want a commitment from the guy you wouldn’t take a phone call from? This is like a rebound relationship, and (wait for it…)

    It will all end in tears!


  5. karen says:

    i agree, i found the whole michelle thing hard to believe. like the time, all of the sudden frankie decides she is in love with her son. ta-da…

  6. howdi says:

    Nasty but Funny:

    When Mel asks David why the vicar was at David’s house, he says, “To perform an exorcism.”
    At that moment Gail comes out and he says,” Oh, I guess it didn’t work.”

  7. howdi says:

    Two questions:

    1. Is Doreen now working in the shop? I must have missed when she was hired.

    2. Did Dev and Leanne have a fling at one time? I have a feeling there was some history there.

  8. glacia says:

    Did Sarah suggest they get a ‘calligogifer’ to do the placecards?

    I hope she invites a few abidigitals.

  9. debbie1975 says:

    Is it me, or were Rosie’s breasts all over the omnibus on Sunday? It was WAY too much for a young woman. My mother would have killed me! There is no way I would be allowed to wear a tight white v-neck tank top that barely covered my nipples.

  10. geenee says:

    debbie: I thought I was being old-fashioned but Rosie’s top looked like underwear to me! She is a beautiful young woman and she doesn’t need to flaunt it so much.

    Didn’t Leanne threaten to sue Dev for sexual harrassment when she worked at the store? If I remember correctly, he was innocent but she thought she’d make some money. I’ve forgotten all the details but I thought she flirted with him first.

    Michelle is bound to find out about Steve’s holiday flirtation and will be all shocked about it. I have a feeling it will all get tedious.

  11. Gayle says:

    Geenee I agree with you regarding Rosie’s top. It was hardly appropriate office attire. Can’t believe Sally didn’t say something to her. But all she thinks about is her English lessons. Does she ever cook a meal?

  12. missusmac says:

    There seems to be an awful lot of bosom happening at the Webster household lately, and I don’t mean Sally!

    Loved, loved, LOVED everything to do with Malta. The scene where Steve tries to suggest a group love-in to Eileen’s potential paramour brought tears to my eyes!

    oh…yeah…Michelle’s back…bleeeeeeech.

    Can someone explain the allure of John the teacher? He’s a nice enough bloke, but there is a Pillsbury doughboy resemblance. Hardly hot stuff with the teen set, one would think.

  13. debbie1975 says:

    I think Sophie’s attraction to John has more to do with him being a young teacher than him actually being attractive.

    Only a young teacher can be the subject of a schoolgirl’s fantasy.

  14. glacia says:

    Okay this is one thing that bugged me…everyone was going on about Eileen being a mom figure for Steve.

    She was born in 1961, he was born in 1976.

    If people were tooting me as the stand-in mom to someone 13 years my junior, I’d respond with violence.

  15. karen says:

    that is funny, i thought the same thing.

    how bloody ageist! (not to mention sexist)

  16. beanie says:

    Well now I feel really old. Steve is a year younger than my son and Eileen is way younger than me.Ouch and today is my birthday. I was born the day Roger Banister broke the four minute mile.

  17. geenee says:

    Eileen does seem motherly while Steve has yet to settle into fatherhood. He does have Amy but the grandparents seem to do most of the childcare, with help from Betty and Emily babysitting. I don’t think Eileen is actually a mother figure, but more of a work friend.

    I think the teacher’s appeal is that he is one of the few well educated men around – other than Ken. Most of the men on the street don’t have many interests other than sitting in the Rovers or placing bets – or maybe watching football.

  18. glacia says:

    John may not be Jason in the looks department but he’s smart…and smart wins out over looks in my books. Okay, okay, okay, I know! I mean, Bill Gates aside…

    (Luckily Mr. Glacia has been blessed in both departments.)

  19. missusmac says:

    It wasn’t until Liz said ‘you’re going away with one of my mates?’ that I realized that Eileen is supposed to be soooo much older than Steve.

    Yes, Eileen, Liz, and Deirdre made a foursome with Frankie for a few months, but I don’t honestly ever see her as a really close friend of Liz’s… I really see her as Steve’s friend.

  20. pip says:

    Eileen may not be much older than Steve but she is old enough to be his mother (barely). Just ask Sarah about that.

    I agree that was a whole lot of cleavage for Rosie to be showing, especially when she’s off to work.

    It will be nice to see a storyline for Dev. I miss him, even though he is a smarmy, self-impressed jerk most of the time.

    I don’t think anyone has commented on the Claire storyline. I am sooooo tired of Claire’s stupid aggressive anger at the police.

  21. geenee says:

    Claire’s not being very smart when it comes to the police – but then she almost died in a fire – and had her baby kidnapped. Ashley is an insensitive prat and it’s disappointing how his character has gone downhill lately. He has absolutely no understanding of her feelings – yet it was his baby who was taken and his house that almost burned down. He seems to have no curiosity about who did it but seems to blame Claire for the whole thing. It will be nice to see this storyline finally wrap up.

    It would be good to have Dev in another storyline.

  22. Gayle says:

    Geenee and Pip I completely agree with your comments. I am SO SICK of looking at Casey does she not have a job? As far as Ashley goes, I find him to be extremely immature and dense. As much as I find Claire annoying someone did try to kill her and her son and Ashley just expects her to forget about it. I enjoyed seeing Dev on the screen again, he needs a proper storyline. I couldn’t understand when viewing this week’s show on line when Claire and Casey left the Rovers because Claire (being paranoid) thought the factory girls were talking about her, why were Casey and Claire standing at a bus stop…Casey has a car? Where were Freddy and Joshua?

  23. mayfairgirl says:

    casey is a complete nutjob. gayle, you are so right. what does she do for a living? please let me know. i’d love her car and some of those nice clothes.

  24. eps says:

    What a relief to get a few genuine laughs out of Malta. I must admit that I have been finding CS a bit on the boring side lately: Claire, Casey, Roger, Vernon, etc. Were it not for Blanche there would be little comic relief from all of the tedium. I remember when I used to actually look forward to each episode because there were story lines that actually held my interest.

    I think that young Joshua has already surpassed Bethany-the-selective-mute in lines delivered with clarity.

    What in the world has happened to Tyrone’s dog? Schmeikle (sp?) made a brief appearance last week – I had been wondering about him, as well.

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