Update for Last Week

Sorry this is so rushed kids, but here’s your update from last week from the ever lovely Flaming Nora.

Oh, but before you go on to the update, I just wanted to refer back to an entry I did awhile back because I’m sure that a lot of you are asking who this Angela person was.   I wrote a quick background on her here.

August 13, 2007

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. There’s no preamble ramble this week, so let’s just crack on with the update without any further ado.

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Claire gets increasingly paranoid this week and thinks everyone is talking about her. Oddly enough, they are. But not in the way that she thinks, as people genuinely care about her but egged on by Casey, she leaves the Street to go and stay with her mum. As soon as the coast is clear, Casey’s straight round there to see Ashley, cooking his tea for him and opening the wine.  Ashley’s so distraught that Claire’s gone and left him again that he seeks comfort in Casey’s arms and, er, other bits. Audrey has a quiet word with me laddo after she spots Casey coming and going but he tells her all’s well although clearly it’s not.

Lloyd and Jamie finally find out about Shania and Steve on holiday in Malta. Eileen caves in and tells Lloyd the truth about Shania being a man just to shut him up as he won’t stop going on about Steve’s holiday secret. But if Ma Grimshaw thought that Lloyd would stay quiet, she clearly doesn’t know him as well as she thought and he ribs Steve mercilessly and relentlessly, as we all knew he would. However, Michelle demands to know what’s going on with the photos and Steve has to come clean that he snogged the face of a woman who turned out to be a man. Michelle makes Steve announce it to all and sundry in the pub where, in a truly wonderful scene, his embarrassment is complete and Michelle isn’t sure if she can trust Steve any more.

It’s the funeral of Norris’ ex-wife Angela and Norris meets up with two more of Angela’s ex-husbands, George Trench and Ivor Priestly. The three of them compare notes and head off back to the Rovers to enjoy the finer things in life that Angela denied them – beer, crisps and the odd pickled egg. They form the ‘Ex-Husbands of Angela Club’ and appoint Norris its Chairman on account of him being married to the woman for longer than the other two. Their talk turns to remarriage after a few beers in the pub and Norris admits he has special feelings for a lady in his life and wouldn’t mind popping the question to her. But who could it be? Emily, Rita or Doreen? My money’s on Rita the lovely shop  keeper.

Cilla gets a new job as a scrubber at the Badgerbrook care home for elderly folk. She tells everyone she’s a hygiene technologist, but you would, wouldn’t you?

Dev and Leanne chat finances over pizza and he makes it clear that he’s interested in putting something up front to help Leanne out. However, it’s not his cash he’s talking about and when Leanne gets drift of what he really means she gives him short shrift. Good for her, what a creep that man can be at times. He also makes up for being so creepy this week by being so nice to daughter Amber and makes a fool of himself over a salad cream incident in the corner shop.

Young David Platt gets chatted up by the wonderful Amber but is too dense to realise that she really likes him. Instead, he flirts with Mel Morton, convinced he’s in with a chance when he hasn’t got a clue.  As Sarah and Jason’s plans for the wedding steam ahead, David rubbishes his sister’s future with the builder every chance he can.

Steve buys Ryan a new pay of trainers and gets wrong from Michelle. Mind you, Michelle also gets ticked off from Liz after she laughs at little Amy all dolled up like Princess Barbie with a face full of make-up that Liz had slapped on her. Poor little kid.

And Tyrone heads off to Spain after he gets a phone call from the Benidorm police to say his mum’s been arrested for shoplifting. For those of us who remember Tyrone’s mum, this comes as no surprise.

At the factory, Rosie checks Sally’s seams and finds them wonky and loose. Sally’s a bit concerned that Rosie is enjoying herself too much in the management office while she sweats it out on the shop floor.

And that’s just about that for this week. Tune in next week for the update as it comes with very special news.

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39 Responses to Update for Last Week

  1. romeozulu says:

    Random thoughts:

    I am SICK TO DEATH of the Crazy Claire – Kreepy Kasey storyline. I’d hazard a guess that 1 1/4 hours of the 2 1/2 of this week’s Corrie was applied to it. Enough, I say, enough!

    Enjoyed the ex-husband’s club scenes with Norris. Made him look human sensitive, thoughtful and hunan, as opposed to the caricature that he’s been for ages. Give him a storyline.

    David as hairdresser?!? Sweeney Todd, anyone?

    Loved Steve’s line: “I’m lonely, miserable, and thickening…”

    Rosie in her underwear, again. Va va voom…

  2. geenee says:

    Everyone but Claire will soon know about KC and Ashley and it wouldn’t surprise me if Audrey guesses the truth about the fire one of these days. After Ashley’s betrayal, I doubt Claire could come back to him – but you never know.

    LOL at David as Sweeney Todd!

    Poor old Steve could save himself a lot of problems if he would just tell the truth right away; but then, Michelle would go on and on and on…. – which she does anyway. I still haven’t taken to her character for some reason though she did laugh and smile a couple of times last week which is progress, I guess.

    Loved Norris and the ex-husbands club, though they should have mentioned Derek.

  3. Skeezix says:

    Claire has gone from annoying to just unbearable. Awful, awful woman. She’s shrill, sour, self-absorbed and selfish, and she turns on family and friends on a dime.

    Cilla is a piece of work, but fun to watch. Watching Claire is just an ordeal.

  4. Gayle says:

    Romeozulu: I agree with you 100%. It gets even worse, I watched the first episode of the week on line last night, and Casey has moved right in and doesn’t even try to hide it! Ashley and Michelle drive me mad. But I am really loving Becky and Doreen.

  5. missusmac says:

    I love Becky and Doreen. I truly think, with the actress who plays Vera so ill in real life, that Becky is being groomed to be the Vera muse in the background — slinging out bacon butties, and digs and the dry comments on life around her.

    Was it Glacia who got KC and Claire’s mother mixed up? I’m with you! That just ups the creepiness factor in my opinion.

    Someone predicted the Steve/Michelle storyline a few weeks ago. Bravo! I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but the Eileen/Lloyd picture plot was grating too. Why didn’t someone just tear the flamin’ thing up? End of.

    Yeah, I had my grumpy pill today.

  6. debbie1975 says:

    I too am sick to death of the Casey/Ashley/Claire saga. I also find it weak. I know the writers came up with this at the last minute, but how ridiculous is it? Claire finally gets a friend, but had to meet her as a counselor on a crisis line – clearly Claire is a self-important moron.
    Then, the house burns down after she and Casey have a falling out.
    Claire blames Casey – who clearly did it.
    At one point – when Claire and Ashley went to her apartment – didn’t Casey actually sort of tell Claire that she was out to get her?
    Casey and Claire become bessie mates. Does Claire have another suspect for the fire?
    Claire is totally unhinged
    Ashley has an affair with Casey

    It makes no sense to me.

  7. beanie says:

    Why don’t we get to see the full episode online as it was shown on BBC? I keep thinking I’m missing something.Maybe I had a brainfart but where did Rita go? She was just gone and then came back.A lot seems to be cut out of the Ash/Casey thing.I really don’t want to endure more of them but it seems like…have a jacket potato POOF I need a shower.Love Love Becky and Doreen. Does David really think he has a chance with Mel? She’s 18 and he’s ? If one of our lovely updaters would give us a list of ages for reference it would be much appreciated.

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    Hmm. Well, David Platt is 18. I remember that because the second he turned 18, he said (in the manner of all obnoxious, no-nothing teenagers around the world) “I’m not going to school any more and YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”

    Which would not work in any of OUR households, but seems to work in the Platt Family.


  9. Michigander Fan says:

    Storylines I liked this week:

    Norris and the ex-husbands club. I like Norris. I mean, I wouldn’t like him if I actually knen him, but he’s a fun character, like Blanche and Cilla.

    Cilla and the job interview “Feeding time at the zoo – should I throw peanuts?”.

    Also anything with Amber, Doreen or Becky.

    Bonus question: WHAT IS SALAD CREAM? I thought he meant mayo, until he specifically mentioned mayo as being something he doesn’t like. Is it Miracle Whip?


  10. debbie1975 says:

    David is actually 16. That is when you can start ditching school with no repercussion from the law.

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    Storylines I didn’t like this week:

    Claire/Casey and Ashley. Claire needs to get a clue. Has she never heard of catty women who try to break up happy relationships? Shall I send her a copy of “Back in My Arms” by The Supremes? Anyone who is going to take the advice of someone they have known a grand total of 6 months in something this important needs their head examined. Also, being a witch to Hayley is compeletely uncalled for.

    Anything to do with Michelle. She is devolving into one of my least fave characters. Between her exhange with Ryan about Steve, her yelling at Steve for buying Ryan shoes and the picture storyline, I was ready to scream.


  12. Michigander Fan says:

    I was generally unhappy about the Shania storyline anyway – Lloyd, Jamie and Eileen should have known it would get out of hand and Michelle would freak out. That was thoughtless. If Michelle hadn’t been there, it would have been funny, but…

    And I’m sorry – I am COMPLETELY on Steve’s side with this – she wouldn’t even return his phone calls! He was supposed to go to an Island resort and NOT meet someone else, because MAYBE she might come back into his life? WHAT?!?!


  13. Michigander Fan says:


    Are you sure? I thought it was 18, because Gail threatened to throw him out. (An idle threat, of course, but a threat.)

    Meh – you’re probably right. Sometimes I have to really strain to understand them. All together now: “Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak? Norwegians learn Norwegian, the Greeks are taught their Greek…”

    That’s my favorite song from that movie!


  14. Gayle says:

    I agree with all of the posters concerning Michelle – she is another completely self-centered woman, there are a number of them in Corrie. It drives me crazy how she treats Ryan(isn’t he supposed to be 15?) like a five year old. Where on earth is Bethany (I know the child simply cannot act) but they’ll be all sitting at the table having a meal and no kid! I just adore the little boy who plays Josh…he is excellent! I thought the Steve and Shania thing went on far too long. As much as I like Lloyd and Jamie they were getting on my nerves. Now, all of sudden Sally wants to take her family on vacation… Rosie just starting working (what a joke all she does is suck up to Carla and Liam)no employer is going to give her time off. I really wish they would wrap up the Claire/Casey/Ashley story.

  15. geenee says:

    Steve seems to go for that self-centered type of woman – like Karen and Michelle. He needs to put his foot down with Michelle soon or she’ll walk all over him. No matter how hard he tries to please her, it’s never right.

    I too thought Lloyd went too far with the picture but Eileen should have taken it home and left it there.

    The Claire and Ashley thing should wind down soon as I think we’ve all had enough!

  16. missusmac says:

    Oops, forgot to mention that it sponsors Emmerdale, which might explain why it suddenly made Dev sick!

  17. beanie says:

    MF salad cream is somewhat like Miracle Whip but a bit more vinegary and slightly thinner.It’s made by Heinz and it’s pourable but as thick as ketchup. It’s a creamy yellow colour….and I love it…Can you tell?

  18. eps says:

    Thank all of you so very much. I accidently forgot to hit the button on the VCR and missed the Sunday omni once again. Although I have been reluctant to admit it, the truth is I have been finding CS a bit boring of late. Where are the fire-brand women of yore: Bette Lynch, Linda, etc? Claire is an extremely poor substitute. Was there this much whining 10-15 years ago?

    So, rather than lamenting having missed the show I am at peace with having escaped even more of the ClairAshCase drivel. Maybe ol’ Audrey will wade in and knock heads. That might be fun to watch.

    Do you think it is the writing or the cast that is diminishing the spark? Of course, maybe it is just me.

  19. beanie says:

    Oops I got interrupted mid post.Of coarse missusmac had to one up me with the website LOL

  20. beanie says:

    OMG I just went to the website LOL I thought I knew a lot about salad cream but I barely scraped the surface. Double bonus question who was involved in “the great salad cream fight on Corrie?”

  21. thebigseester says:

    Wow – thanks Missus and Beanie! I’ll have to see if Meijers Thrifty Acres has it in their international section…

    Sounds like it’s worth a taste! And what I really need in my life is one more delicious fattening food…

    I love the theory about why Dev got sick off the Salad Cream!


  22. pip says:

    Michigander Fan I totally agree regarding Michelle. She has no right to criticize his behavior after ignoring him so horribly when she went away. Steve really can be a doormat at times, though, which is why he gets the controlling women. I’m not trying to ‘blame the victim’ here but he does have a pattern of behaving marginally poorly, then lying about it, getting caught and acting like a naughty puppy that’s been given a pat on the head.

    I think Coronation Street has been a bit boring lately, too. I miss Audrey, Fred, drunken Bev, even sneaky Charlie (though not so much Tracy).

    Why doesn’t Eileen like Gerry. I know he’s no looker, he’s a bit heavy and he has a loud personality, but the same could be said about her.

  23. Gayle says:

    Pip, I agree. Eileen could do much, much worse. I for one like Jerry and think he is a very loving father.

  24. thebigseester says:

    Pip – you are 100% right about Steve the Doormat. I just don’t like Michelle, and have a soft spot for Steve.

    I agree about Corrie’s meh factor of late. The more seasoned characters seem to have more spirit than the younger ones. Give me Rita, Fred, Audrey and Mike Baldwin any day. Oh, and (although he isn’t an oldster) Danny. I really miss Danny. Lots.

    I don’t think Eileen “doesn’t like” Gerry. I think she wasn’t thinking about him “like THAT”. But I think Lloyd put the idea in her head a little, and based on her reaction when she saw Gerry at the pub, I think she’s mulling it over.


  25. thebigseester says:

    Really, the last few months can be summed up by:

    Claire = shrill
    Ashley = 2 YO
    Michelle = fishwife (always shouting at someone, usually in the street)
    Liam = poor manager
    Deirdre = weepy
    Mortons = worst neighbors ever

    OTOH, Carla shows some promise as a good bad character, Becky is developing nicely, Amber’s always fun, and the Streetcars Crew are fun to watch. Plus, watching David Platt these last few months, I feel like I am a fly on the wall, watching Jeffrey Dahmer grow up. Yes, a serial killer is born, right before our very eyes. Isn’t it touching?!

    Well. maybe not a serial killer, but that boy ain’t right.


  26. beanie says:

    Perhaps David Platt isn’t Martin’s son after all.Gail could have been impregnated by visiting alien because you know they would have found her attractive.

  27. missusmac says:

    Could the ‘meh’ plots be because it was summertime and folks were all on vacation? (I;m just thinking of North American soaps, where summer plots can be deadly long and involve many secondary characters no one cares about while the stars go on vacation.)

    Beanie, I am all about directing people to websites! I look smart, while in reality I have done next to nothing. It’s my philosophy of life.LOL!

  28. Glacia says:

    I actually like the idea of David as a hairdresser. I think it’s a vocation that might save him from himself. I see it now, he’ll always be a bit of a shit, but learning the trade and maybe inheriting the family business might turn him around. ‘Mr. David’s’ in neon lights.

  29. beanie says:

    Any guesses on who was involved in “the salad cream war” on the street?

  30. geenee says:

    I love the alien theory and also the idea of David as hairdresser! He would know everyone’s secrets and use them to his advantage.

    As for Eileen and Jerry Morton: does anyone really find him physically attractive? She wouldn’t be able to believe a word he says as he promises anything to shut people up and then does whatever he wants to. And think of the horrible in-laws she’d get! Not everyone needs to be paired off. Singleness is better than being married to most of the men on the street. They basically cheat whenever they can, escape to the Rovers or the bookies and sometimes murder people!

  31. Gayle says:

    I’ve been watching the Corrie on line this week, and wait for it…feel little bit sorry for David. Let me explain, his sister moves her fiancee in their little tiny house, then his mother decides (without consulting him) that she is going to convert the garage into a bedroom for him, then when he starts to show an interest in Mel and asks her to the movies, Sarah tells her that David is mentally unhinged is has stalked 2 women in the past.
    No wonder the kid is angry. Why can’t Sarah and Jason and Bethany(the kid we never see) get a place of their own! They are both working! One thing about Corrie that drives me nuts is that the children move their girlfriends/boyfriends into their parents home without even asking! Sorry rant over!

  32. eps says:

    David as a hairdresser? Boy, I’d hate to have him behind me wielding
    any sharp tool of the trade.
    Doesn’t Mel still want to be a cop? Associating with a 16yo wacko sure won’t help her. She can’t pick who her grandfather is (or brother, mother, father, etc) but she can pick her friends/boyfriends. David would love having inside info. It would be like Dexter (TV show) and his sister (he was adopted) – he works as a CSI kind of guy, she is an ambitious cop – without the ostensible “moral” angle. BTW, ol’ Dex is also a serial killer and has killed his serial killer bio. brother who Dex felt needed to die because bro killed indiscriminately.
    I have a hard time seeing David turning around. He was such a funny little boy. Maybe he needs a pet to soften him up.

  33. beanie says:

    eps….David needs a pet? I don’t think so. That’s how serial killers begin. Dissecting kittens. Once again kudos to the actor…brilliant work. I enjoyed him as a child too…a wonderfully expressive face.

  34. eps says:

    beanie, the pet comment was made tongue in cheek (almost choked myself), however, upon further reflection there are a few creatures I would be happy to pair him up with.

  35. S. Poole says:

    Also remember David had a pet rabbit named Barney, and when he hopped off to bunny heaven Craig’s grandpa Keith presented it to Devilboy as a gift — stuffed and mounted! The kid has many reasons for being weird and creepy as all get out. Don’t know what Amber is thinking man.

  36. beanie says:

    I agree. I don’t like to see Amber’s feelings hurt but she dodged an EVIL BULLET

  37. missusmac says:

    Amber is thinking “Chesney is too young, and there ain’t nobody else on the street!” man. Except that Morton boy, who looks like he never washes. Or combs his hair. I bet they hid Shmeikle in his hair….

  38. beanie says:

    LOL missus…anyone think we’re ready for this week’s omnibus? #39 and counting

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