Lazy Sunday Update

Here it is …you’re update from last week. Again, it’s abridged just because…okay….look….I’m lazy and I’m hoping you’ll all forgive knowing that your regular Corrie Canuck updates are just around the corner.

The Worst Writing in The World

Speaking of lazy….the wrapping of Big Eyes McGee (aka ‘KC’) was probably some of the worst writing I’ve seen in a long time. I think the writers were shit bored of it already and just wanted to wrap it up…either that or they just don’t care about the Peacocks since Fred went to the buffet in sky.

I also beginning to think that they purposely make Ashley into such a hothead so that we believe he is so upset that he just can’t think straight…thereby allowing the sloppiest of writing to play out.

KC is still slinking around the Peacocks and Claire is naively letting her invade their lives by inviting her around for tea, etc. Ashley, instead of saying to Claire that he thinks KC is unstable and doesn’t want her around, frets and frets while Big Eyes at once plays pals with Claire while being bat shit crazy stalker lady with Ashley.

So this is really what I don’t understand. Why would Ashley ignore all her craziness? I know he doesn’t want Claire to know about the rumpy pumpy that went on while she was away, but he could even say to her that he thinks KC has the wrong idea about them, or she’s confused. It’s already been established that she’s emotionally delicate….Hello, didn’t Claire meet her though a suicide prevention hotline?

Anyway, he tells her about a million times to leave them alone, which of course she won’t all the while talking more and more irrationally about how they are destined to be together. Then decides to leave Freddy with Kirk of all people at the butchers while he runs an errand. The minute he’s gone KC pops in and tells Kirk that Ashley told her to pick up Freddy and off she goes with the baby.

Again, why in the HELL would he let that baby out of his sight even for a second? Freddy has already been locked in a car at the park by mom and oh yeah, kidnapped the night his house burned down. Now, some crazy woman is hassling you and you’re going to leave your baby with a man who says he’ll try not to confuse the baby with prime rib?

When he returns and finds out that KC has the baby, he calls her and she tells him that Freddy is safe and that they are at her flat. When he gets there Freddy is in the pram out on the balcony and KC is ready to explain to him that they are meant to be together and he just can’t see that. Ashley tries to open the door, but it’s locked and KC won’t give him the key. Hmmmm, I’ve never actually seen a door that you lock from the inside with a key…but maybe that’s only because I live in the crazy world called ‘reality’.

Seriously, at this point I’m breaking martini glasses and resorting to crack cocaine to get me through the writing. What exactly was stopping Ashley from getting his son from the balcony? The brick wall that is KC? Or that impenetrable substance called GLASS.

What he does decide to do is go into her bedroom to collect one of the thousand Ashley photos she has in the flat – leaving her enough time to open the door, grab Freddy and get all Michael Jackson on his ass with baby/balcony fun. Oh no, who would have thought it was unwise to take your eyes off of her?

Luckily, Audrey had seen KC drive off with the baby, so she grabbed Claire and they head off to the apartment. When the arrive at the flat, KC tells Ashley to get rid of them, but when he goes to tell Claire to hoof it, she barges in to confront KC. KC wants him to tell Claire that it’s over and that she’s the one he wants and they’re going to get married.

Oh, meanwhile the cops have arrived and Audrey, still outside the flat confronts D.I. Parks (aka the poor son of a bitch who has to deal with this family) asking him why he isn’t doing something. Like, arriving at the scene and taking stock of he situation before barging into a volatile situation?

Back in the flat, KC wants Ashley to tell Claire that he’s in love with KC and that they’re through. He’s also to get down on bended knees and ask her to marry him. Ashley resists and Claire starts hitting KC with some home truths about her baby Reese which is enough to get her inside and get her to hand over Freddy to Claire.

KC then makes a dash for the balcony but Ashley stops her before she can jump. Claire says, ‘Let her jump.’ Nice touch.

So that wraps up that other than Claire is not happy at all to find out that Ashley did sleep with KC, but at this point I no longer care what happens with these two.

The Very Cool Story Line
Haley attends Aunt Monica’s funeral and as suspected there are some unkind words said to her by her jerk relatives. Monica’s brother however his happy to see her and as she leaves he gives her some of Monica’s possessions that she wanted Haley to have including a jewelry case.

Back home Haley goes through the box and finds a secret compartment with a letter. Inside is a pic of a young man and a letter. Becky oversees the photo and makes some comment about what a piece of ‘alright’ he is. Haley yells at Becky and tells her to leave her alone.

They make up a few scenes later and Haley tells Becky that the picture is of Harold, the man that Haley was born as. There’s some lovely writing where Haley explains that she can’t even relate to that person and how hurtful it is to be reminded of that life. Becky is very understanding, so much so that Haley tells her what the letter in the box said….she has a son that she didn’t know about and he’s come looking for his father.

Becky thinks Haley should talk to Roy about this, but the problem is that Roy thinks Haley was virgin when the met both as a woman and as a man. Turns out that Roy was the original 40 year old virgin so Haley lied about never having had sex as a man. She tells Becky that she can’t tell Roy now because he’d never understand why she lied.

Becky then convinces Haley to get a Private Investigator to find out who her son is and to bring back a report. They hire P.I. Sexy for the job and £300 later he’s on the case!

The Merry Widower
Norris takes Rita out for a fancy dinner and asks her to marry him. She thanks him and gives him a very firm ‘no.’. Apparently, she thought this day would come and has been practicing what she’d say.

In Other News
Tyrone is back and jealous of Paul.

Gayle is being haggy to David and embarrassing him when he tries to apologize to Mel. So he’s on the warpath and decides to unplug her freezer and throw away the courier packages she receives.

Kayleigh got drunk at a party.

Lloyd and Mel seem to be cozying up to each other.

Darryl still hasn’t bathed.

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39 Responses to Lazy Sunday Update

  1. Pamer says:

    i agree with you about that KC ending…horrible. Kept thinking that Ash must be the slowest, weakest guy on earth that he couldn’t subdue her

    She did have a nice view from that flat though.

    i was wondering when they would get to Haley and her boyish days

  2. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! I agree with you 100% about Claire and Ashley – the pair of them drive me nuts. There is absolutely no chemistry between them. I don’t think Ashley loves her I think he married her because she was there looking after Joshua. I have absolutely no respect for Ashley, I find his character to be very self-absorbed and childish. I love their little kids but would not miss either one of them if they left the show. How old is Kayleigh supposed to be? She has to have a babysitter but she goes out drinking? I too questioned why in God’s name did Ashley leave the baby with Kirk who is working? Why don’t Corrie parents ever hire a babysitter?

  3. pip says:

    Where the heck is Joshua? Did I miss something?

  4. Lisa Millar says:

    Amazing update as always. Yes, it’s me after a long absence. I miss you guys. I’m moving to Ottawa in a few weeks. I’m ‘holding court’ at the Cadillac Lounge at 1296 Queen Street West this Friday. Any one who wants to get in touch before I go let me know at

    Miss ya & hope to see a few of you before I go.

  5. Lisa Millar says:

    PS Loving the Haley storyline. I can only imagine the upcoming minutes of stammering from poor Roy when he finds out.

  6. beanie says:

    Nice one Glacia. Pip, Joshua is spending aa week with Matt.Another one of those disappearing acts where nothing is discussed.The Peacocks are beyond annoying! I started watching next weeks shows. There’s even more stammering! What’s up with that? By #3 it was barely audible. Kinda funny though to hear Em’s voice come out of Gail and Em is speaking Clair. LOL

  7. eps says:

    Where is Ashley’s mother? – actually his aunt/Fred’s sister who raised him as her own. Did she die and I missed it? If not, why in the heck is she not doing the grandma thing with the kiddies and her faux son? After Assley’s great emotive scene sometime in the past he seemed very “whatever” regarding Joshua-the-child-actor-who-can-speak spending a week with Matt.

    I did like Claire’s “Let her jump”. It is getting hard to tell Assley and Kirk apart, intellectually, that is.

    David seems to be going around the bend. The writers are setting up a Columbine scenario, I’m afraid.

    Have Ken, Deirdre and Blanche died in their house and no one has yet noticed the smell?

    Did the entire writing crew change sometime in the past 6 months or so? Geezz.

  8. pip says:

    Joshua’s spending a week with Matt???? That’s convenient. Sheesh.

    While I did find Ashley incredibly annoying (as usual) this week, I didn’t think the writing was unusually horrible. I especially liked Claire keeping cool and talking Casey away from the balcony. You go girl!

    To be honest, I find Ashley’s failure to blow the whistle on increasingly nutso Casey no more unlikely than Haley’s allowing Becky to talk her into going behind Roy’s back to hire a private detective. Though I do grant that leaving Fred the Head with Kirk was pretty bizarre.

    Am I wrong, but didn’t the subject of Norris maybe marrying Rita or Emily come up a couple of years ago when he was trying to write the world’s greatest novel under the encouragement of Gandalf? Didn’t he get a clear ‘no’ from Rita back then? My memory fails me.

  9. missusmac says:

    Darrell’s inability to bathe is beginning to creep me out. I know there is no running water in the shed, but don’t they let him in the house sometime?

    Pamer, I too thought KC had a pretty biffing view from her balcony. Lots of green and a water feature. Made up for her bad decorating with Ashley posters. Best line was: let her jump, said coldly and cooly by Claire.

    My sister and I kept thinking Ashley could have got out of this coming firestorm with Claire, just by saying KC is obviously bat shit crazy and she just made up the sex on the lawn furniture in the glass house. I mean, WHO would have sex in full view of the neighbors and no one find out???

    And finally, all the exterior views of Gail;s house show she has patio doors on the side closest to the Mortons. Where are the patio doors inside Gail’s house? I can’t figure that one out.

  10. missusmac says:

    Oh, I am also having trouble buying the ‘don’t tell Roy’ scenario. Ummm, won’t finding a 20-something lad and bringing him home be a bit of a tip off about the non-virgin thing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the Thelma and Louise aspect of this Becky Haley pairing, but really — Roy is the sweetest man on earth. Do we really think he would kick Haley out for being all Harold just once?

  11. geenee says:

    Thanks for more laughs, glacia! I’m happy they finally nabbed KC at last. The pictures on her wall were a nice touch, though borrowed from dozens of serial killer detective shows.

    I agree that Ashley doesn’t really love Çlaire that much and just found it convenient to marry his son’s nanny. Josh seems to be always at daycare, his grandma’s or Matt’s. But they couldn’t really involve him in those upsetting scenes with KC.

    Roy didn’t see Hailey for awhile after she told him she was a man but then missed her and went to see her in Amsterdam. She/he seemed very shy at the time and it’s hard to picture her fathering a child or having a girlfriend. I think Hailey’s character would have to tell Roy pretty soon, though.

    David is getting tedious and so is Gail. Jerry Morton’s oldest should either go or get a good storyline.

  12. glacia says:

    Roy should be involved, but I do think that Haley is scared to bring up another chapter in Harold’s life with him. It’s probably easier to talk to Becky because isn’t risking as much confiding. If Becky walks out of her life it’ll suck, but not as bad as if Roy does.

    I’m sure it’s hard for Haley each time to talk to Roy. On several occassions in my life I’ve had friends come out of the closet with me, but not without a lot of anxiety and tears because they’ve lost so many friend previously by opening up to them.

    I’m wondering if she’s just testing the water with Becky before going on to Roy.

  13. Michigander Fan says:

    And consider this: Your husband comes to you and tells you he fathered a child 20 years ago that he just found out about.

    Forget about transgender for a second. The fact that he fathered a child is an upsetting thing, even though you probably didn’t know him 20 years ago. Emotions are crazy things.

    Once we add the T back into the mix, things get really complex. And if I can be honest here, I think that Haley struggles with self-esteem/insecurity issues. I’ve noticed it in the past with her interactions with other characters. So, on some level, I think she thinks that Roy will leave IF… (and the fact that he already ditched her once probably doesn’t help).

    Overall, I am really liking this storyline – it’s compelling.

    Just my 2 cents.


  14. geenee says:

    I think Roy and Hailey have been together so long now, he’d probably get over any discomfort. He’s usually pretty understanding but it is a weird situation. Technically, she didn’t lie to him but he is a stickler for details and she’s pretty upset and flustered herself now so it’s good she can talk to Becky.

    Becky’s come a long way too from the nasty character she was when she worked at the factory.

  15. Gayle says:

    I love the genuine affection that Becky shows towards Hayley. I would really like to find out more about Becky’s family situation. My feeling is that she has been badly abused.

    Michigander fan, I agree completely with you. (go Wings go)

  16. Michigander Fan says:

    As far as Casey goes. Whew am I glad that’s over. And wasn’t it convenient for her to fess up to the fire for DI Parks? He didn’t have to earn that buck, boy! No sweating it out of her in the Interview Room, a la L&O. Nope, she just blurts it out.

    As far as leaving little Headdie with Kirkeh, forget about the fact that he’s dumb as a box of rocks for a second. HE WAS ALONE IN THE SHOP. Where in his job description does babysitting fit exactly? Who does Ash think he is, swanning in to HIS business and informing his employee that not only is he skipping work (his livelihood) to do something that he could have done during non-business hours (it’s not like the dentist), but also he’s leaving his baby with the employee?

    Unbelievable. On a lot of levels.

    And then to get upset at Kirk – so he’s supposed to be a PYSCHIC babysitting butcher’s apprentice, who magically knows that today, we don’t like Casey anymore.

    Good Grief!

    Of course, we’ll still have the screechy, shouty Clurr & Ashley drama, but I for one am glad to see the back of Casey.


  17. Michigander Fan says:

    In other news:

    Missus, Re: Dirty Darryl. THANK YOU! And the fact that he works around FOOD just makes it that much grosser. ICK!

    Re; The Morton Chick – for the first time, I felt a smidgen of compassion for her – her dad’s blaming her when Kayleigh came home drunk really explained a lot about the way that family operates. If I were her, I’d be a screeching unpleasant witch too.

    Re: Auntie Monica’s funeral. The nasty couple was sad, but I prefer to focus on the fact that not only was Auntie Monica loving and accepting, but also the uncle, whose name I didn’t catch.

    Re: Magnum, PI. Can I hire him? There’s some detecting that I need done…



  18. Michigander Fan says:


    Oh, I think Roy would ultimately be ok with it (although probably not immediately).

    I think the problem is in Haley’s head. I think on some level she feels unworthy, adn therefore projects that on to other people.

    Some of the crap she has taken in the short time I have seen the show just floors me.

    Gayle. Thanks! I had hoped that we would have finished it last night (home ice) but apparently not. Here’s hoping.


  19. Michigander Fan says:

    Did no one mention Cilla going with Frank to Las Vegas?

    Why did I get the feeling she isn’t coming back? She just seemed too casual and nonchalant about going.

    Plus I saw the never ending vacation to Spain (that was right after I started watching) and I remember thinking then that Cilla would leave the kid given half a chance. With Les “on tour”, she can dump Chesney on Kirk, who’s not smart enough to figure out she’s not coming back.



  20. pip says:

    I can’t imagine Roy would hold it against Haley that she fathered a child years before she knew him. After all, didn’t Roy think he’d slept with Tracy and he was Amy’s father? Didn’t Haley forgive him for that? They were going to adopt Amy. Roy owes Haley one for that.

    If Cilla goes I won’t miss her. Strange how it seems Les doesn’t even exist any more. I don’t recall that he said he was never coming back, did he? Poor Ches. Though I think Cilla and John would make good surrogate parents. John seems genuinely fond of him.

  21. TrudyC says:

    Thank goodness that KC-Ashley-Claire story is over because I was ready to jump off the balcony. BTW, my M-I-L has a door that locks from the inside with a key. Creeps me out everytime I go there.

    I think Ashley s Mom/Aunt died. Can t remember which one, but I m sure one did.

    How old would Hailey be then – I didn t think she was over 40 – but I guess I m wrong.

  22. glacia says:

    The Aunt/Mom was at Fred’s funeral. I haven’t seen anything on if Kathleen died.

    Haley was born the same year as the lovely Glacia which makes her 24 this year.

    Oh wait, I transposed numbers, AGAIN….she’ll be 42.

    Roy, fyi will be 54.

  23. geenee says:

    Good points about Roy, Tracy and Hailey forgiving him. I’d forgotten that. Anyone would have low self-esteem with all the crap Hailey’s had to take over the years but I love it when she speaks up for herself.

    I think that was Cilla’s swan song and I’ll miss her. The actress is really good at those over-the-top scenes and her wedding to Les is my all-time favorite. I love those outrageous comments she makes to the new boss. Chesney is probably better off without her. She hasn’t been much of a mom to him. Lucky he has Fizz to keep an eye on him.

    No comments about David? Are we sick of his antics yet?

  24. missusmac says:

    Absolutely sick of his antics, and Gayle’s bionic blinking every time he says something that astonishes her.

    He’s a little Charlie in training. And to think I used to think he was the normal one in the family!

  25. beanie says:

    I too forgot about the Tracy&Precious(?) thing. Roy is such a genuinely sensitive guy that we are forgetting that he is MAN. Most men are all about their peepee. The size,shape,hardness and endurance. Roy has dealt with the fact that dear Hails used to have one but can he handle the fact that she/he actually USED it? Will he start wondering about the size,shape etc.etc. Could be a lot to deal with even for a saint like Roy.

  26. pip says:

    Wow, beanie, the places your mind goes to!!! I do have trouble seeing Roy’s mind work that way. I think as soon as he started to go down that path he make himself think about trains or something.

    The David storyline is getting a little overwrought. Maybe we should all start trying to guess exactly how David is going to arrange for his mother’s accidental death: fall down the stairs, electrocuted in the bath, apoplexy over her son’s behavior. 😛

  27. Michigander Fan says:

    HA! Well, he works in a hair salon – perhaps he’s going to make her drink perm solution, sort of like Heathers…

    He’d probably want her to suffer. And he’d want to take out Sarah too.

    Then he can focus on making Bethany his little disciple.


  28. geenee says:

    That would make a great horror storyline: David and Bethany – who wouldn’t talk much but do bad things in a zombie-like trance. It has been awhile since they dropped the hairdryer in the bath so they could probably use that one with Gail. They do recycle a lot of the plots.

    So Roy thinks of trains instead of counting backwards…

  29. pip says:

    Yeah, though thinking of trains going through tunnels might be counterproductive!

  30. beanie says:

    Well now pip, you’re starting to think along with me. You should see from this side LOL

  31. beanie says:

    BTW Bethany does a wonderful ‘Children of the Corn’ imitation this week. Downright scary!!!

  32. Michigander Fan says:

    Wednesday 11:18 PM

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

    The Red Wings win the Cup and we get our Corrie back!!!

    It’s PERFECT!

    Unless you’re from Pittsburgh…


  33. romeozulu says:

    Nice to see the back of Krazy Kasie, and I’ve pretty much had enough of the whiny pair, Ashley and Claire.

    Lloyd and Jodie – that has potential.

    Hayley’s dilemma – I hope the writers don’t use this as a reason to create a “marital strife” crisis between her and Roy. I really wish they’d allow one couple on the Street to have a cheerful, pleasant relationship that lasts. They could use them as a foil against the other maniacs (residents) of the Street.

    Cilla and Two Car Garage Janice could fight a cage match for the over-acting, hambone actress Spewing Member Actrees of the Year Award. Good riddance to one, and hopefully both (eventually).

  34. Michigander Fan says:

    OK, Jims and Sals,

    According to the CBC website, Corrie is back on Primetime as of Tuesday night (June 10). Not sure why they wouldn’t start it back up again on Monday, as of right now anyway, that’s what the website says.

    Honestly, how many episodes of Just for Laughs Gags do they have in the vault?!?!


  35. Piper77 says:

    It looks like the CBC is going to continue to use the online episodes as well!

    From the website:
    Thanks to an amazing response from Corrie fans, we’re going to continue putting episodes online.

    With episodes back on weeknights after playoffs, we’ll be changing the way we put up episodes online. Starting Tuesday, June 10th, each day’s episode will go online after the show has been broadcast across the country (7:30 pm PT, 8:30 pm MT, 9:30 pm CT, 10:30 pm ET and 11 pm NT

  36. AngB says:

    Great update! thank you so much. WOW I missed a lot last week 😦

    I have nothing to say about the whole Peakcock/KC storyline, or even David for that matter. I am tired of it all. I kind of like where this Hayley storyline might be going. Should be interesting!

    I am VERY glad to hear CBC are going to continue putting the episodes online. With my schedule these days that’s only chance I get to watch.

  37. missusmac says:

    CBC is going to continue putting them online? I love that! I have enjoyed watching them when it’s convenient for me, and also — I confess –watching them at work! 🙂

    The full screen experience is still best, but my computer screen is just fine.

  38. antik says:

    MF, pip.. re: Cilla..

    I’d rather hoped she’d come back after a quickie vegas wedding.. married to her wealthy, wheelchair bound employer Frank..

    Imagine.. Cilla with money to throw around..

  39. pip says:

    Could be interesting if Cilla comes back married to Frank, as then she’ll be a bigamist. The thought of Cilla spending a few days in the slammer does my heart good.

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