Quick Ashley Primer

Eps asked, ‘Where is Ashley’s mom?’ so I thought I’d just give a quick primer to those of you who aren’t familiar with Ashley’s lineage.

Fred had an affair with a worker in his shop, Kathleen Gutteridge, who became pregnant with Ashley.  She ended up leaving Ashley with Fred and has since been estranged from Ashley.

Fred’s sister Beryl (I freakin’ LOVE that name) and her husband Sam agreed to raise Ashley as their own.   Ashley originally came to work with Fred as his nephew and through a series of events Fred had to let Ashley know  the truth.

So bio-mom is awol, but his mom/aunt…yeah…where the hell is she?  

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8 Responses to Quick Ashley Primer

  1. geenee says:

    I remember Maxine breaking off with Ashley over Zoe. He moved her in because she was homeless but I can’t remember if she was pregnant or had the baby at that time. He was a sucker then for a needy woman so history kind of repeated itself, though he didn’t have an affair with Zoe. Too bad he wasn’t as sympathetic to his wife.

  2. beanie says:

    When Max and Ash broke up he wasn’t sleeping with Zoe yet but they did become a couple and LeeAnn and Nick lived with them. At least I think.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Yes, Beryl FTW! My Auntie Beryl is the best VON on the planet. And probably the only one with that name. 😉

  4. geenee says:

    I remember them all living together in that house but had forgotten that he and Zoe were a couple. I don’t think they were though when Maxine broke things off.

  5. tvor says:

    I wrote a character study of Zoe here
    And Ashley has met his biological mother. She even came to the wedding though did not come to Fred’s funeral that i noticed. His mother was there though.

  6. geenee says:

    Thanks tvor for the character study of Zoe. I remember how she used to bug me when she slept rough with the baby and hung out with the boyfriend. I really missed Gary and Jude when they left but not Zoe. Ashley really seems to go for disturbed women!

  7. AngB says:

    Thank you for all the info folks! wow had no idea about Ashley’s past.

  8. beanie says:

    Re:Beryl When we first came to Canada the neighbours had a daughter Beryl about 10 years older than me. My cousin and I have discussed (even in our 50’s) how she let us come in once to admire her doll collection. There was a beautiful doll still in the box that had rollers skates. We were only allowed to view from a distance but NEVER touch not even the box. We were 3&4 and we still remember. The name Beryl is said with disdain. LOL

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