We’re Back To Regular Shows Update

Okay children, I hope you all remembered that the weekday Corrie starts again today – and not yesterday.   I received a call last night from our Debbie asking, ‘Glacia, where is Coronation Street?’. 

‘In Manchester.’ I responded, only to be met with an icy silence.

Anyway, here’s what happened last week:

Who’s On Claire’s Shit List?

  1. Ashley – for obvious reasons.
  2. Audrey – for not telling Claire that Ashley was having an affair.
  3. D.I. Parks – for doing his job.
  4. Emily*

Claire has declared that her marriage is OVER!  Ashley tries to convince her to give him another chance, but he’s camping out  on the Webster’s couch.    She allows him to see his children and they even go out for a family walk and when Emily comes over to coo over the vision of happy family, Claire abruptly tells her that Ashley slept with KC and that their marriage is OVER!  (*Which is why I’m thinking Emily is on her shit list, cause it was almost killed poor Emily with that news.)

They tell Josh and use some weird analogy about Ashley stealing Claire’s toys, which even Josh seems to think is strange.  

There’s the usual moaning about with Ashley getting support from his mates.  When Claire tells Eileen, she suggest to Claire that if they break up, then the mad woman wins.

YES! They played ‘the song’ in the Rovers.

Violet and Sean go to get an ultrasound done of the baby and while they are there Sean manages to get the ‘snogafer’s’  (him what does the ultrasound) phone number.   Back on the street they let all and sundry know about the baby and the best part was when Sean was telling the factory workers in the Rovers, this was playing.

You may remember that song from this post, which means that the Corrie writers think JUST like Glacia.  Yeah me!

Anyway, general reaction is happy mixed with one part ‘WTF?’.  Betty is happy the Sean finally found a nice girl to settle down with.

Myself, I’m still not comfortable with this, because it’s all fine and dandy right now, but I think Sean will lose his mind in the end.   When it comes to emotional matters, I don’t think Sean thinks straight.  (no pun intended.).

David and Gayle Sit Down To  A Nice Game of ‘Push My Buttons’

David and Gayle are at each other’s throats whereby Gayle assumes the worse of him and he retaliates by doing something EVIL.  She found out about the mail and the freezer and wonders what it is about her that makes him hate her so much, he replies that it’s her that hates him.  He  is still having issues with the Richard Hillman thing and finding out that she wanted to abort him.

Meanwhile over at the salon, Maria notices that he has a knack for the hair and Audrey says how together he is since working there.  He’s encouraged enough to enroll in college to become a stylist and everything is on an upnote.    He even expressed what seems like sincere concern about Ashley and Screamie McFee.

I don’t know which order all of this happened in, but he tries out Darryl’s new air rifle and when Gayle sees this she does the screaming harpy bit.   He retaliates later by shooting at her groceries and huge fight ensues.   Later she tells him that she wants him to start contributing to the household income by giving a portion of his wages over.   He balks at that, but doesn’t say yes or no.

Gayle however, decides to take matters into her own hands and tells Audrey to dock his wages directly and give her the money…oh yes and take out money for the groceries too.   He is outraged by this and I have to say I’m kind of on his side with this.  Also, how legal is that?   I know this is all in the family, but a third party has asked an employer to dock an employee’s wage without a court order.

David confronts his mom and says that he’s mad because he was going to give her the rent to begin with and that …and I totally agree with him here…the conflict is between him and her and that she manipulated her own mother into the arguement.

Then he does something weird and shaves the hair off of Bethany’s doll’s head.  I’m not so in agreement there.

Later, very calmly he tells his mom that it’s not working out and that it’s best if he finds his own place to live….mainly because he doesn’t like her.  So he leaves home only to be brought back later by the police a bit beaten up.   He claims that Gayle did this to him, but later recants his story.   (We never do find out about the bruises, but it’s assumed he got into some kind of fight.)

Seriously, I think the best thing that could happen here is if he went to live with Audrey and worked at the Salon.   I  think he and Gayle need to stay far,  far away from each other.

Just as an aside, as much as David can creep me out, this dude makes me keep garlic and a crucifix with me at all times.

Haley’s Son

P.I. Sexy returns to the cafe with a package for Haley, containing information on her son.   Inside is a picture and details of where he works (at a record store not far from the street).   She rushes to go see him and Becky decides to tag along.  

Overwhelmed a bit, Haley is not sure about going in, so Becky goes in first and comes out with the report that he’s a bit of ‘all right’.   Haley goes in and starts flipping through the ‘P’ section of the CD’s and when he notices that she’s got an interest in The Pixies he suggest Doves for her.  She asks if they are lovely and he assures her they are lovely.

As the business transaction happens, Haley realizes that her son is also lovely.   I think the casting was wonderful on this because he really does seem like he could be her son in both looks and manners

After the shop, she goes directly home to tell Roy.   As predicted he does not take the news well because she lied to him, she handled the situation with Becky not him and finally also something about her talking like an american.  

Anyway, he his HUGELY pissed, like ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Don’t touch me, Haley!’ pissed.

In Other News 

Maria and Liam seem to be an item.

Jerry disciplines his kids.

Tyrone still jealous of Paul.

Rosie makes goo goo eyes at John.

But most importantly, Dev’s Hooogo Boss gets wet.


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21 Responses to We’re Back To Regular Shows Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Cheers Glacia! I’m off now with a glass of wine to watch the real thing for an hour!

  2. geenee says:

    Great casting with Hailey’s son. Roy is being pretty self-righteous and I hope he gets more understanding, though it was a lot to accept that she had a son when she said she was a woman in a man’s body. Very confusing.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at David singing “your Beautiful” to the doll and shooting holes in the milk carton. I have been seeing his side of things more often lately for some reason.

    Claire is being very civilized letting Ashley see the boys so often and I can’t blame her for being angry and feeling betrayed. No wonder she has a shit list. The police seemed to put all their efforts into questioning her and she seemed to be their only suspect.

  3. missusmac says:

    Claire reminds me of a very strict school teacher trying to extract punishment in the meanest way — “Shall we tell Josh now, Ashley? Can we tell him now, just what Daddy did? It will break his world, but we should tell him now”

    Yes, Ashley screwed up, but helllooooo, where was she? Didn’t he ask repeatedly for her to come home? And didn’t she fall for all of KC’s lines too? It seems she cannot stop telling everyone about Ashley in the baldest possible way.

    Best line spoken in the pub by a Corrie hypocrite: Ashley had a choice, Kevin. He could have said no. I’m with Claire on this one.

    Only our Sal, WHO SLEPT WITH HER BOSS FOR MONEY, could say that with a straight face.

    Isn’t it just a teensy weird, and a run for your life kind of preview for Violet, that Sean starts hitting on the scanographer (?!?) at his own baby’s ultrasound? Ewwwww

    Over at the Platts, loved that Audrey counseled getting sloshed so early in the a.m and also loved David’s argument that Bethany needs to pay us some cash too. Absolutely adored it when he told Gayle he really didn’t like her, have a nice life, ta!


  4. Glacia says:

    RE: David – I thought the milk carton execution was hilarious. One more shot he could have been a cereal killer.

  5. S. Poole says:

    Roy said Haley hiring a P.I. sounded like something straight out of an American movie. How true!

    Enjoying the David Vs Gayle and Becky-Haley-Roy-Christian storyline, the others not so much.

    They just don’t seem to know what to do wuth Dev, he is like a wacky comedy relief character all of a sudden. (bring back Mad Maya to wake him up please, and have Amber suss it out and save the day also)

    Love the way Becky and Haley pronounce Chris-tee-an BTW. ;p

  6. geenee says:

    I hope they’re not preparing David to be a real cereal/serial killer! There won’t be many people left on the street – just some of the teenagers like Jerry’s son!

    I find it hard to have sympathy for Ashley. He just could not try to see or understand Claire’s fears after nearly being killed. I know she brought the nut bar into the house but to be cheated on with your best friend is a double betrayal – especially when the nut bar is the perpetrator. I thought she was being pretty good, giving him access to the kids whenever he wants. If they stay separated, she’ll want to move on with life and not have him wandering in and out of the house.

    I thought it was nice that Sean met a man at the ultrasound. After all, he and Vi are not a couple, so why would she care who he dates?

  7. TrudyC says:

    Cereal killer – groan!!!!!!!! But priceless. good one.

  8. Gayle says:

    I just don’t get Violet. She apparently really wants a baby (never mind the fact that she rents a “room” in a house and is single). How the hell is she going to provide for the baby? Who is going to look after it when she works? She looks miserable all the time now, how is she going to cope with single motherhood? As far as Sean is concerned (I think Marcus is lovely) I think that he behaves very immaturely. He has two jobs why doesn’t he get his own apartment? I think the Sean/Violet thing is going to end in tears.

  9. beanie says:

    What a glorious day it was yesterday!!!!! First a fabulous update!! Glacia you were truly on your game!! Then 2 great episodes! Thanks missusmac for translating ‘snogafer to scanographer. I thought they were saying stenographer which would be too weird. The term ‘anti-natel’ is odd to me. We generally use it to mean the opposite. It means before or pre in an anti-climax. I’m talking about the anti-climax of a BOOK Pip!

  10. Michigander Fan says:

    I thought they were saying stenographer too, but then I thought they were saying “sonographer” (as in a person who reads a sonogram)…


  11. TrudyC says:

    The anti, ante term can be confusing, spelling is different ante being pre and anti being opposite.

  12. John says:

    Never heard of the Doves before. They’re really cool.

    Loved Kevin’s consoling Ashley: “Pfft. Sally and I both had affairs. Claire’ll get over it.”

  13. glacia says:

    It is sonographer….I was just making a wee joke with ‘snog’.

  14. missusmac says:

    I think the ultrasound guy is lovely and seems more mature than Sean, BUT the flirting was a little inappropriate. Sean and Vi were there to look at their new baby, and although they are not in a relationship, Sean is still the dad.

    So I think there was just a hint, in all that mad flirting over the scan, that Sean won’t always be putting the baby before himself.

  15. pip says:

    I thought Sally would get struck by a lightning bolt, the way she was getting all high and mighty about Ashley’s choice to have an affair.

    Sean’s trying too hard with Mr. Snographer, and he seemed a little put out by the bevy of straight friends Sean has. No doubt Violet’s soon going to start going on about how unfair it is that Sean has a love life while she’s beginning to look like a whale, and why can’t he just put the baby (and her) first.

    I never noticed how alike Claire and Roy are in their black and white thinking, and in not being willing to give a person another chance. I do hope we see more of Christian. Poor Hales!

  16. Michigander Fan says:

    OK. Never even got a lunch today, so this is my first opportunity to comment more than that 2 second thing earlier.

    Major/minor irritations this week:

    1. Clair’s mini-psycho episode with Emily. OK, see, stuff like this kind of makes me think Ashley’s right and she HAS gone off the rails. Honestly. She can blurt all that out to the most conservative person on the Street, and someone who seems more an acquaintance than a friend, but Jerry, your next door neighbor, who saved you from the fire, gets attitude! WTF?!
    2. Ashley’s asking if he has to make an appointment to see the kids. DUH!
    3. The whole Joshua thing was awful, and unneccessary.
    4. Roy is now “Rigid Roy”. End of. Great casting of Christian though.
    5. I second what everyone has said about the Sean/Violet storyline eventual playing out. It will all end in tears.
    6. Do the writers really expect us to believe that Betty is sublimely unaware that Sean is Queer as Folk? COME ON! She’s old, she’s not retarded! With Sean, you need no functioning Gaydar at all. I can remember being a very little girl and seeing Liberace and knowing he wasn’t like other men I knew. Put Sean in some sequins, and he could compete with Liberace in the camp category. There is NO WAY a woman who has lived as long as Betty has (and worked in a bar all these years) doesn’t get it)!!! It is SOOO AGEIST to have Betty not get it.


  17. geenee says:

    Thanks for clearing that up; I too thought he said stenographer and wondered where the shorthand came in! I don’t think Violet has any cause for complaint about Sean’s love life as all he was to her was a sperm donor/friend.

  18. Michigander Fan says:


    I know, and I thought that was terrific Weatherfield-ese.

    Someone up above heard something different, like maybe “scanographer” and I was just saying what I thought they said.

    Who’s to say who’s right?

    The more Corrie I watch, the more I agree with Henry Higgins: Why CAN’T the English teach their children how to speak?


  19. Michigander Fan says:

    I know some people think David is an obnoxious twit, but I am honestly enjoying watching this. The kid who plays him is doing a really great job. And honestly, if I can get personal for a minute, I have a sibling who spiraled downward for awhile (not into serial killing, but into bad stuff) and I remember watching my parents, steps, and various relations having the same EXACT reactions that Audrey, Gail, Sarah and even Bill are having. Something bad would happen, and everyone would be incredulous, certain that there must be an explanation. My mom was wondering how my sib could hate her so much (she wasn’t blinking quite as much, but she was every bit as puzzled). Relatives were rewarding the slightest good behavior the way Audrey does. Certain people were saying the sib needed a “good swift kick in the pants” to turn them around, like Bill. There was a lot of triangulation going on (what Gail & Audrey pulled with David’s pay was classic triangulation).

    I was Sarah – screaming at the injustice of it all, BTW.


  20. Glacia says:

    MF – you’re dead on about Betty. It is ageist.

    I actually kind of hate the way they set up some of the characters and I’m stilled pissed about Eileen as Steve’s surragate mom.

  21. John says:

    I’ve always seen Betty as someone of the generation that believes that gay is something that some guys will do until they find the right girl. There are a lot of people who believe that. At least, that’s how I read but I can see how she comes off as clueless.

    I also wish Sean would grow the hell up and learn what’s appropriate and not appropriate. He’s 31 for chrissakes but everything is all! about! him!

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