Mini Me Update

In honour of the best line of the night when Kelly refers to Carla and Rosie as ‘Dr.Evil and Mini Me’.

Haley’s Pre-Opt Mini Me

Okay, you have to bear with me a bit because I watched the episodes online and watched them in reverse order so if I get something bass-ackwards, you’ll know why.

Roy is pissed, pissed, pissed, pissed but after a lot of conjoling, Haley finally gets him to sit down and talk to her in a scene with some really beautiful writing.  The problem is, that she lied to him and he feels betrayed because in his mind their relationship was built on honesty and the only place where he could be himself and now that is taken away from him.  He says that she was the one person he could be absolutely honest, and that the marriage was “my sancutary, the one place where I didn’t have to be worldly and now I find that even there I was naive.”   Haley tells him that their relationship is more than that, that it’s ‘going up the stairs each night, watching the headlines with their horlicks and fighting over the quilts’.    (Glacia started to hyperventilate a bit at this point.).

Anyway, Haley tells Roy that she would never choose Christian over him and she won’t see him if it upsets Roy.  Roy tells her that he understands that she needs to see him and he’ll support her, on one condition, that she tells Christian the truth the next time she sees him.

Haley agrees and marches right over to the record store to introduce herself to him as…….Auntie Haley, Harold’s sister.   Do’uh!   Anyway, she invites him over the next day to talk about Harold.   When she returns to the cafe Roy asks her how Christian took ‘the news’ and is once again upset when she tells him she didn’t tell C.

They have a big row and while Roy gets into the specifics of moral and ethical behaviour, she tells him that she’s only human and she lied because she was afraid he’d reject her.   Roy asks if in being human is she being humane and taking his feelings into consideration. 

The next day C arrives and Roy grumbles when they are introduced.  They go upstairs where Haley brings him Jaffa cakes and exchange Harold photos (I’d be curious if those pics were younger pics of hte actor playing C.).  C wants to know about Harold and has some angry feelings about the man who abandoned him and his mother.   Haley assures C. that Harold didn’t know about him and that if he did, he would have been invovled in his life.     Then C. wonders if Roy is his father, thus the chilly reception.  Haley swears on a stack of bibles that he isn’t.

When he leaves C. indicates that while it was nice to meet Haley, there’s no real reason why they should meet up again.  Haley tells him that she would like to meet again because ‘you never know’.

Happy Birthday Sean

Sept 13th and it’s Mr. Tully’s 31st birthday and as a special pressie he gets a date with Marcus, scaonaogafarver at large.  They go Leanne’s and get to know each other and later Sean brings him around to the pub to meet his mates.  Marcus says his hellos and then tells Sean he had a great time but he’s got to go.  Sean gives off  that ‘eau de l’insecurity et desperation’ smell again at this news.

It doesn’t make matters any better when the girls give him a hard time and Kelly even says that she thinks Marcus is out of his league.  But ‘ha ha’ on them, because shortly after Marcus texts Sean.

In Other News

Carla and Sally hate each other, still.

Tyrone is suspicious of Paul, especially after he sees him rifling through the mail and overhears him making phonecalls using ‘Duckworth’ as a surname.

Claire is talking to Audrey.  (I seem to have missed the part where they kissed and made up.).

Jason welcomes Jerry to the family, sort of.

In DevWatch news, he has become the all seeing Oracle of the Mini-mart, offering advice to the love lorn from on high.

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11 Responses to Mini Me Update

  1. missusmac says:

    I love Dev. I don’t particularly want to see him become a big hambone, as someone appropriately called him recently, but I’m happy to see him getting more airtime.

    Now, just give him more airtime with Amber!

    Oh, and nice to see a litttle Jamie, and a little Jamie chest, again too!

  2. glacia says:

    I’m a huge Dev fan and I’d love for him to have a decent storyline again.

  3. Piper says:

    I too was suprised to see Claire and Audrey and wondered when they made up. I wonder if it was one of our deleted scenes.

  4. arphpeck says:

    I agree it would be nice to see Dev with a good storyline again.
    Although it would have been hard to tell ChristyAnn the whole story, I think Haley should have kept her promise to Roy not to lie. I think C will feel worse about Haley’s lying to him than if she told the truth.
    Maybe Claire feels she can be magnanimous now that she’s blaming Ashley for everything. Of course, he shouldn’t have cheated, but he was up against a first-class manipulator, Will Claire even recognize that if she hadn’t broke the helpline rule of no personal meetings none of this would ever have happened? I always thought that was pretty stupid on her part.
    Hopefully Tyrone will catch Paul out before he hurts J & V too much.

  5. glacia says:

    Here’s what I think Haley should have done from the get-go.

    Go into the record store as a customer and see what he’s like – just to satisfy your curiousity. Next, write him a letter telling him the whole truth and let him decide if he wants to meet you or not.

    It may not turn out the way you want, but at least you’re being honest and not dropping the bombshell in person.

  6. Mandy says:

    Dev is very self-centred I think! But I want Sunita to come back!

  7. geenee says:

    The letter to Christian is a good suggestion but I suppose Hailey panicked when she saw him and people in soaps never do the sensible thing. Claire proved that when she met with KC.

    Amber and Dev would be more interesting than the Mortons but they have been just background lately.

    I hope Rosie doesn’t turn into mini-me. Maybe she’ll experience Carla’s nastiness herself one of these days.

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    OK, I am Soooo glad I wasn’t the only person who had a “Huh?” reaction to Clair and Audrey sitting down nicely to tea like nothing had happened.

    You know, I don’t know who is more to blame in the Clair and Ashley debacle. They are both guilty of being boneheads in the 1st degree. The helpline thing was a terrible idea… right on up to the end of it.

    I like Dev too, and I wish he (and Amber) had some decent storylines.

    I miss Steve! (not Michelle though).

    Glacia: that is exactly the way you handle the child you spawned pre-tran. Mature, responsible, thoughtful to all persons involved. However, it makes for very boring soap opera material. This is why my sister cannot watch Corrie. Watching people lie when we all know they will be caught kills her. It makes her so frustrated she can’t enjoy the show. I, OTOH, enjoy it, because it’s part of the game.

    Tyrone is never going to outwit Paul.

    Of course, I’m not a gay man, but if I were on a first date with a guy and all his buddies showed up, I’d skip out too. Plus there’s the whole “it’s his birthday and now I know it but I’m not buying him a gift because hello! I just met him” awkwardness. Yeah.

    Anyone else getting the impression that Rosie has developed a coolness crush on Carla? (You know, the older, more sophisticated woman who seems so neat and together, unlike your boring frumpy mom who only ever nags at you)? We’d better watch out, or Rosie will become the next mankiller on the Street.


  9. Gayle says:

    arpheck, I completely agree with your comments regarding Claire breaking the rules and meeting Casey face to face. I could never understand how Claire was qualified to work at a helpline in the first place.

  10. S. Poole says:

    Love the new corner shop advice guru Devster and yes, he needs a new storyline, not one related to golf preferably. And he’d best remove that tobacco power wall or McGuinty will have his guts for garters.

  11. geenee says:

    It doesn’t take much to qualify to answer a help line. You just listen and make referrals. Once I had to call a doctor. One thing you never – ever do – is give your full name or meet clients – or talk about what you heard to your spouse or anyone else. I was trained to answer the phones at a women’s shelter and had a workshop on answering the Distress Line. The Distress Line is very depressing for someone like Claire who was just getting over depression herself. It was ridiculous to think she even had the time for that with a toddler, new baby and job at Streetcars. Anyway, these are volunteers and hard to get people in the daytime so they must have been desperate to take Claire.

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