Bruce Jones (AKA ‘Less’) in Canada

Are you in SJ?  (That’s St. John’s, not South Jersey as I assumed)

Love Corrie?

What to see Less?

TY to Corrie Canuck Andrew who tipped me off about a special apperance in Newfounland by Bruce Jones.

Coronation Street
An Audience with Les Battersby.   Hosted by Karl Wells.
On Saturday, June 21st, 8pm at Holy Heart Theatre in St. John’s Newfoundland
 Corrie’s Bad Boy, Actor Bruce Jones. Tickets are $30 reserved seating and available now at Holy Heart Theatre. Box Office hours are Noon to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Credit cards by phone. Call (709)-579-4424.  

For those wanting to meet and chat with Bruce personally, V.I.P packages are available @$75.
Bruce just finished a ten year run on the cobbles & has a decade of Corrie stories.
The VIP seems to have a meet & greet at a pub the night before & front row seats on Saturday. Cool if you like Bruce.  There a poster in the calendar link on the theater site:


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3 Responses to Bruce Jones (AKA ‘Less’) in Canada

  1. Joyce says:

    Was out of touch with corrie street when Les Battersby left the show and have been curious to why he left.

  2. Glacia says:

    His ass was canned actually…for getting drunk at a pub and blabbing spoilers and spewing off some racist comments.

    Thus his sudden departure.

  3. missusmac says:

    I saw him in Halifax two years ago. He’s very like his character… Told some great stories, but had to be ‘handled’ or ‘wrangled’ by a couple of organizers to keep on track and not offend.

    Since he’s under no obligation or contract, could be some really great behind the scenes gossip!

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