Update for Thursday June 12, 2008

Hayley gone Crazy?

Hayley is sat at a table looking spaced out in the cafe. Roy says he has made her tea. It’s green tea as it’s been done in a friendly environmental way. (Does he ever stop?) Hayley thanks him for the tea. Becky says he has to stop this and customers are not going to give care. . He then turns back to Hayley who has gone outside onto the street. Becky says maybe she didn’t like it and would prefer it from the pot. Roy goes over to the table and picks up the cup of tea.

At the factory, Sally asks where Sean has gone. Fizz says out for some fresh air. They say he has a hangover and starts talking about his new guy. Hayley walks over to the clothes. As the rest of them, they start talking about being pregnant Hayley leaves and shouts telling them she can’t concentrate with the chattering and she is sure they can’t as well. She tells them to work. Ouch.

Who is going to get burned?

Jack says his toast is toasted – wait until you really find out… Vera says it’s well done. He says it’s like what they did to witches, toasted them. Paul comes in and gives Jack his newspaper. He says he bumped into the mailman and didn’t know if he should take them or not as he didn’t want to be accused again. Vera says it’s okay and Tyrone is sorry about the whole situation. Vera says that’s nice of him to forgive, him – wait until they find out the truth!

Tyrone is working on a car in the garage when Jack and Paul come up to him. Paul says the chair he ordered that was supposed to be a surprise is coming today. Jack says he would take it inside – he would take it inside the house, but he has trouble with his back. How convenient.. Tyrone reluctantly agrees and Jack walks off. This guy schemes all the time.

At the Valandros – Paul is on the phone. He gives his password to the person on the phone and asks if they can send any statements and correspondence to his business address. He is obviously talking to someone at the bank. He tells Leanne how he does not want them to become suspicious of him. Leanne tells him – it better not come back to her. Paul confirms that it won’t – Leanne just rolls her eyes. Back at the house – Paul runs and gets the mail and quickly goes through everything and one in his pocket.

Baby Bumped

Jamie bumps into Violet asking how she is. Violet says still very pregnant. She says she thought you where supposed to “blossom” when someone is pregnant. Violet says she doesn’t want to go out – but all she has is Betty to talk about swollen feet. – fun wow.

Betty tells Jamie and Violet to put the slippers in the microwave and says she will give them the book. Violet says she is glad he finds it funny but she can’t even drink. Jamie says she will soon. Violet says another 27 weeks then she will be breast feeding. (No visuals please) Jamie asks if she wants the baby. Violet says she is allowed to rant. Jamie’s phone goes rings and he says it’s his mom calling.

Drugs and Rock and Roll

Darryl tells David about burger van groupies. Darryl explains, it is two days in a muddy field watching the gig and he will be fighting “birds off.” Yeah, right. He says they will want his burgers. Beth comes out and yells for David. David says the DVD can’t possibly be finished. Beth says she is bored and asks if she can play with her Sarah’s make up. David asks if she’s allowed – Beth nods, yes.

Darryl is telling David about the gig again once again. David laughs that no one will have heard of any of the bands. Darryl says most bands start out at gigs like this. (David is sooo thick!) David tells Darryl he better check on Beth and will only be a minute Darryl tells him tea time again and he would like a milk and two sugars. David says it his turn.

David is in the house and asks if she is okay. Bethany says yeah and she’s doing up her dolls. He asks who this one is and asks if its Marilyn Manson. David says he hopes her mom’s mascara was not expensive. David then looks just behind her and sees another doll that the head is off and the drugs are all over the floor. David looking terrified (for once) asks what she has done.

David who is sat next to Bethany says he needs her to tell the truth about what has happened. He asks if she has taken one of the pink pills. Beth says no.. He then starts picking up the drugs counting them. He counts nine pills and tells her to stay there and not to move till he gets back.

David jumps the fence and looks in the shed for Darryl who is not there. David asks when his mate is going to be needing his drugs. Darryl tells him to keep it and says the weekend – then asks how many there were. Darryl says there were ten. David’s face drops.

David is throwing things around the house looking for the pill. David sits next to her and says he knows she has taken one and is not upset at her. He shouts at her to admit it. Beth admits she has taken one. He says he is going to get her some medicine as she might feel a bit sick. He gets a glass and puts salt in it, fill it with water and tells her to come over. Beth takes the salt water and throws up in the sink. David then tells her to go watch her DVD and he will come with a drink of water to her. Bethany watches as David puts the drugs down the sink and looks back at her.

David asks Beth if she is sure she is okay. Beth nods that she is. David says she shouldn’t tell mom or gran about the pill. Sarah comes in the house asking how Beth is doing. David says she has been sick. David says she does not look good and should call a doctor. Sarah tells him Bethany will be all right and for him not to play the concerned uncle.

Bethany comes down the stairs saying she does not feel well and it’s her head. David tells Sarah to call a doctor. Sarah says she is burning up and asks David to watch her while she calls the medical office. She asks if she had anything to eat, as the doctor will want to know. David says she hasn’t had anything..

Sarah is on the phone to the doctor’s office, she asks if they can fit her in as soon as possible because she is burning up with a fever. She says she will bring her along as soon as possible. David screams for Sarah and says she is having a fit. He says her eyes rolled back. Sarah comes over to Beth who is asleep on the couch. Sarah tells her to wake up and starts crying. She screams for David to call an ambulance. David punches the kitchen cupboard door. He starts crying as he is on the phone looking Bethany.

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6 Responses to Update for Thursday June 12, 2008

  1. missusmac says:

    Thank you for the update!

    It’s possible that Beth (incredibly coincidentally) IS really sick, and what follows after she threw up the pill is due to real illness. The convulsions/blacking out David described can be attributed to high fever. I had these spells when I was a child, and so did one of my kids.

    Well, I used to like Paul. Leave our Ty alone!

    And what’s with Sal being all gracious with Ashley. That ain’t like her.

  2. beanie says:

    Thanks Mayfair Well done! I wonder how the Bethany scene would have been written if they had a child that could act? It’s even more apparant in the update. “David screamed she’s …..” “David said her eyes rolled back” I don’t expect a dramtic ‘fit scene’ from a kid so young but for Pete’s sake they filmed the whole thing with David only a few feet away and just blocked her out with couch!

  3. glacia says:

    I like how she was kind of smirking during the dramatic scene where he gets her to drink something to make her vomit.

    Atractive child but seriously can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Maybe she’ll grow up to replace Kate Bosworth.

    Oh, btw, I don’t know if any of you notice but at the bottom of the entry was a list of other blog entries we may be interested – based on the content of this one.

    This one I like:
    Take 5 to Help Improve Congregation Beth David”

  4. debbie says:

    Love the pictures of the dolls, babe!

  5. missusmac says:

    ooops, looks like it wasn’t a febrile seizure after all. Don’t think David is going to be able to talk his way out of this one.

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    You know, I’m no fan of her acting either, but at least she delivered LINES. That’s a big improvement from where we were just a couple of months ago.

    Maybe they’re killing her off because she can’t act. Harsh, but necessary?

    Yeah, somehow I think the poo is going to hit the fan with this one. Big time.


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