Opposite Day Update

I’m declaring Friday ‘Opposite Day’ on Corrie.  Why?  Because I think I was supposed come out of the episode feeling bad for Claire and hating David….but I don’t know, I kind of felt the opposite way.  

Claire, yes, she has every right to be angry and she’s being generous with ‘letting’ Ashley see the kids (although technically, I don’t think Josh is legally her son is he? so really….).  But seriously, every time I hear her talk to Ashley I think, ‘Yeah, yeah he did you wrong…but you know what?  You’re just a bitch.’.

David…yeah I’m feeling bad for him.   Personally, I don’t know how most people survive their teenage years.  Most 13 – 21 year olds seem hell bent on killing themselves with stupid risks to begin with and I think no one really has clear thinking during those years and most of us do really stupid things.  Unfortunately, whether it’s the person or just fate, some of us face bigger consequences than others for those stupid actions.    I’m not excusing David, I just kind of wish this character could catch a break and have something positive happen in his life cause I think he would turn around.

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth…now on with the update

I Think Bethany Slipped Into A Coma, But With Acting Like That, Who Can Really Tell

The ambulance comes and whisks Bethany to the hospital and the family follows.  The doctor presses the family to find out if there were any drugs lying around medicinal or recreational.   Everyone, including David swear up and down that there were no drugs.

Later, Jason sits David down and tells him the truth, that Bethany is in serious trouble and that he needs to tell the truth.  David finally breaks down and tells him about the ‘E’.  Jason quickly tells the doctor and of course everyone, especially Sarah, wants to kill David.   It gets worse when he tells them that he hid them in one of Bethany’s toys.

Audrey tells him that if he ever has kids he’s going to look back on this day with shame.   David goes home feeling probably as low as he ever has and yeah, watching him sit on the floor crying I felt bad for him.

Oh, and Bethany is in intensive care now.


Haley is out of sorts and when the factory girls come into the cafe they let Roy know…Vicky adds that Hales seems a bit discombobulated.

Roy is a bit nonplus about Haley, and is stressed about Becky use of paper towels.  When she tells him to chill out and that he’s ‘doing her head in’, he says that ‘doing my head in’ is probably the most vulgur expression to  come into the English language in the last 20 years.  Becky retorts with, ‘I’ll give you ‘discombobulated’.  Roy responds by wagging his finger and her and saying, ‘Becky, Becky!’  (It made Glacia  giggle.).

Meanwhile back at the factory, Karla is concerned and has a chat with Haley.  She gives her the Friday off to spend with Roy on his birthday and tellls her she can take more time if she wants.

In Other News

Claire still mad at Ashley.  But really who cares.

Tyrone and Kev deliver the vibrating to the Duckworths who give three cheers to ‘our Paul’ and tell Tyrone to be a good lad and get Paul a brew.   Later, Vera tries out the massaging fingers and makes some rather disturbing noises and pleads for it to ‘go faster’, ‘don’t stop’ and ‘yes, yes right there.’.

Jamie’s mom, Carol, has sobered up and is getting married.  Jamie asks Violet to be his ‘plus 1’ at the wedding.  The girls in factory btw are coming up for a name for the baby.  Vicki suggests ‘Zbigniew’.  I have a good friend named ‘Zbigniew’  (or ‘Zbig’ as we like to call him.  He tried ‘Paul’ for awhile, but it never took…) so I think this is a great idea.

Dev Watch

Dev phones in an order for sandwich with pickles NOT chutney and he makes Becky repeat this back to him so he knows she’s got it.   Yeah, yeah cries Becky, taking sandwich orders is not rocket science and she hangs up and reminds Roy to give Dev his chutney.

While waiting for said sandwich, Dev preforms the Habenera from ‘Carmen’

L’amour est enfant de Bohème,
il n’a jamais, jamais connu de loi;
si tu ne m’aimes pas, je t’aime:
si je t’aime, prends garde à toi!


Oh Dev, you little ‘oiseau rebelle’, you!

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12 Responses to Opposite Day Update

  1. geenee says:

    I would feel more sorry for David if he hadn’t hid the pills in the doll. Even David is not that stupid. Surely he’s seen all the movies and shows where they hide the drugs in the dolls/statues or whatever and it always comes out in one way or another. Even putting them under the mattress would have been better – or a sock drawer. I did feel sorry for the whole family and was cheering Jason as he wormed the truth out of David. Sometimes I do feel sorry for David but not this time; he could have told the doctor sooner and without prodding from Jason.

    The one I do feel sorry for at the moment is Tyrone who has been loyal to Jack and Vera for years and now is just shoved aside for their crooked grandson and doubted by his girlfriend.

    I know Claire can be annoying but a double betrayal by husband and best friend is devastating. Ashley should find an apartment and give her some space.

    Roy conveniently forgets how he thought he had fathered Tracy’s baby and I wish someone would remind him of that and how Hailey stuck by him.

  2. Gayle says:

    Excellent update as always! I thought the drugs in the doll was a very stupid mistake on David’s part but…Bethany is 7 years old and should know better than to put strange things in her mouth, I can see a 2 or 3 year old child doing it but a 7 year old? I thought Jack’s acting was terrific and I did feel a little sorry for him when he was sitting at home crying. As far as Sarah is concerned perhaps if she spent more time with her daughter instead of taking time off work to see a photographer none of this would have happened. As far as Claire and Ashley I wish they would just ride off into the sunset.

  3. arphpeck says:

    convulsion n. An intense, paroxysmal, involuntary muscular contraction. An uncontrolled fit, as of laughter; a paroxysm.

    -Perhaps someone should have told the kid (notice I did not say ‘actor”) that plays Bethany exactly what a convulsion is. Very hard to tell the difference from a coma and her regular expressions, maybe she’ll end up with brain damage and then her acting would be right on the money.
    David should have told them sooner about the drugs.
    Vera, on the other hand, obviously had some intense muscle contractions.

  4. arphpeck says:

    Oh, now I get it – opposite day.
    Beth should have been having a fit and Vera should have been relaxed.

  5. geenee says:

    If Vera uses that chair, Jack will be able to relax! I can see now how the chair was a present for both of them.

    I don’t know how Sarah could have foreseen David’s stupidity but then again, he hasn’t been the most reliable of brothers lately – just reliably mean, so maybe he wasn’t the best babysitter to get. Why wasn’t Beth at daycare or school as she usually is?

  6. eps says:


    Beth’s school had a gas leak of some sort and all of the kids were sent home. Audrey told David she’d pay him his regular wages to babysit until Sara finished with her scheduled appointment with the wedding photographer. I don’t think A. thought D. was prime care-taking material but probably couldn’t stand hearing Sara whining a moment longer.

    Are there ANY young women on CS who do not whine on a regular basis? By young I mean younger than Rita. That certainly opens up the field, innit? (as Amber would say)

  7. missusmac says:

    The look of total discomfort and embarrassment on the faces of the entire Duckworth clan as Vera enjoyed her chair was priceless!

    Three hours David sat there and never said anything? I would have killed him myself. However, I did feel sorry for him sitting on the floor. For the first time in many years, he obviously felt some emotion and empathy. Of the entire family, only Bethany would have been someone he had a soft spot for.

  8. beanie says:

    I wonder if we can get those chairs in Canada? What a perfect way to enjoy Corrie. Wow and we get it 5 time zones!!!

  9. glacia says:

    Beanie, you saucy little minx!

  10. TrudyC says:

    Vera in the chair reminded me of Meg Ryan in the restaurant – very, very funny.

    The actor playing David is one GREAT actor. I had tears in my eyes when I saw him sitting there. Glacia, you are spot on – teenagers only think of themselves and never more than for the moment. Not that this excuses David, but he didn’t think of anything except that moment.

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    I completely agree – the kid who plays DAvid is a terrific actor. I felt real empathy for him.

    RE: Younger women on the street who don’t whine regularly:

    And sometimes Haley (and when she whines, it’s usually for a good reason).


  12. Diane/tvor says:

    Oddly enough, i have a friend who’s name is also Zbigniew. He changed his to Alan. He was born in the UK but to Polish immigrants post-WWII. His last name is also a “spot the vowel” name but he’s a lovely bloke.

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