Update June 16th 2008 – It’s been a LOOOOOOOONG Time Coming Update

UK Time Wednesday September 19th 2007


Bethany’s First Art Project After “The Incident”


The show opens with our Bethany still in hospital recovering from her bad trip. Her family, with the exception of David, is around and we learn that Eileen is on her way to Jerry’s to tell him what Darryl’s part was in this whole mess. Meanwhile, on the street David is anxious to get to Darryl before anyone else does. When he finally finds him David tells Darryl that yes while he was stupid enough to put E into one of his niece’s toys he also told everyone that they were Darryl’s.


A bit later Gail makes a beeline for Darryl’s car and, acting on the information she had at the time, dragged Darryl’s scrawny body out of the car while screaming bloody murder. David leaps out of the car and calls ET off Elliot his mother off Darryl, just in time for Jerry to come by.  David takes responsibility saying that the drugs weren’t Darryl’s*


Inside their respective homes Darryl and David are catching hell. As the Platt’s doorbell rings Gail tries to get David to understand the consequences of his actions. Bethany could die, Bethany could be brain damaged, Bethany could make a full recovery – all grim futures for that child’s charisma. Finally opening the door, Gail lets the police in who cart David away – a bit roughly, if you ask me.**


The cops tell David that if his niece should die, they will charge him with manslaughter.  Amazingly, David seems to take full responsibility for his actions. He genuinely is scared, and worried for his niece. Too little, too late.


At the hospital the social worker comes by and Sarah finds out that David has been arrested. Just then, the nurse comes out to say that Bethany has woken up. No change there, then.


Sarah and Gail pop home to grab some things and David sheepishly comes out of the kitchen. Sarah, quite rightly says that she can no longer live in that house with David lurking about. Gail agrees and says that it is David who will be going. Yes, that’s right, it takes David almost killing his niece for Gail to take a stand where David is concerned. At first David doesn’t think Gail is serious. But, when she comes down the stairs with David’s things in a duffel bag, we know the woman ain’t foolin.’ David takes the long walk down the cobbles.


*Call me a little dim here, but he did get the drugs from Darryl who did ask David to hold on to them. David, being an idiot agreed and yes hid them in the doll of a barely functioning kindergarten kid. However, I really feel that yes, Gail and Jerry should know that David got the drugs from Darryl and that Darryl asked David to hold on to them. He is not as responsible, but he did give 10 pills to his moron neighbour who lives with an even dumber six-year-old.


**I was holding my breath for DC “Hot Stuff” Campbell. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one *cough* Glacia *cough.*


Get Them to the Church On Time


In probably one of my favourite parts of the broadcast Vern comes running after Liz, her breasts and her bad dye job because he has news. Vern is, of course, in a pair of boxer briefs and a white tank top (I love a man in a tank top, me). They are, I believe, in their ultimate state of self at this moment. Vern tells Liz that he has booked the registry for New Years Eve.* Roxanne Romance does not have the best reaction to the date and Vern is obviously upset – as he should be.


Later, Liz relents and says that New Years Eve is perfect. Of course, Vern can’t work the rest of the day as he is planning the wedding. Something tells me there WILL be fireworks at this wedding.


*In all honesty, people who plan their weddings on New Years Eve and on long weekends always drove me crazy. It is more than a little selfish to think that a room full of people want to spend their New Years Eve or Canada Day weekend at a wedding rather than in New York, at a romantic getaway, at some ridiculous house party or camping.


Sally is Dating Again


Who else finds Sally hilarious? I love that she is going to go to a play with John Stape. I love that she is delusional. I mean, it is too bad that she can’t find anyone to go with her, partially because her husband wouldn’t and partially because her friends find her irritating. But how cute was it that she got all excited and wanted to wear something nice?


How many people think that will all end in tears?


In Other News


Hailey is clearly spiraling out of control. She ordered a white wine alone at the bar. Becky came by and gave her some good advice. Go see your son, Hailey.


Dev Watch Day II


 The Eco-Kettle

I thought Dev had a business to run and other things to deal with, but I was wrong. Our man waited in the café – again – for a coffee. He asked Becky how long it would take and she quite rightly tells him that knowing how long will not make the service any faster. After unleashing a barrage of complaints about Roy’s eco kettle (Yes, they actually exist). Roy gives him a proper tongue lashing. Devinder (As Fred used to call him) is killing me right now. He and Amber should have their own show.


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22 Responses to Update June 16th 2008 – It’s been a LOOOOOOOONG Time Coming Update

  1. pip says:

    Great update! When the nurse came to tell Sarah that Bethany had woken up I felt like screaming at the screen ‘How can you tell!!??’ And really, when she went in to see her, you couldn’t.

    I felt a little sorry for David, until he began screaming at his mom for kicking him out. He can take responsibility for his actions, but only if there’s no consequences.

    What is going on with Dev. He seems to have become the comic relief of the street. Give him a real storyline, people!

  2. Mandy says:

    Of course you couldn’t tell she had just woken up. Apart from mumbling to her mom, she acted just like any other little girl would who is on the road to recovery from a near-lethal dose of a street drug.

  3. Lyta says:

    Thanks for the great update/commentary. I too was hoping for the hunky detective. *Sigh*

    On another note. Violet’s look of nausea at seeing Vernon in his scivvies was hysterical.

  4. debbie says:

    Yes, that bit with violet was great. I love that Liz was totally unphased and offered her a tea. like she could eat after that!

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Random thoughts:

    I really actually LIKED Gail this episode. When she pulled Darryl out of the car and then pushed David down the Street, I was thrilled!

    The kid who plays David (Jack P. Shepard – I looked it up) is really doing an awesome job with this storyline.

    Is it wrong for me to have hoped that Bethany wouldn’t make it?

    I’ve decided that Roy can have his eco-kettle. I get impatient very easily. That wouldn’t end well.

    I’m sorry – I am on Liz’s side with this one – you don’t set a date FOR YOUR WEDDING without consulting the other person! That is controlling behavior, cleverly hidden under a “thoughtful and romantic” image.

    Did anyone else look at Sarah’s “messy” ‘do and think, “Wow, she would look really cute in a long bob!”?? Yes, I realize that’s a little shallow when her child is in intensive care, but she really would.


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Also, where’s Amber when David is having his big downfall? She should see that loving the bad boys always ends badly.


  7. Michigander Fan says:

    One more thing. How much you wanna bet that David runs to Gran’s house and she takes him in?

    They have a seriously messed up family.


  8. Gayle says:

    Jack P. Shepard is a very good actor, in my opinion much better than the girl who plays Sarah.

    My husband was behind Gail 100% when she kicked David out (me I felt a little bit sorry for him, especially when the tear was rolling down his cheek).

    I bet Sarah is going to take complete advantage of Bethany’s accident to get what ever she wants concerning the (I couldn’t care less about wedding)!

  9. glacia says:

    ET off Elliot! You kill me, laaaaaady.

    Almost as awesome as the pic.

    1) I was hoping for DC Sexy, but I will GLADLY take any of the 8′ men who came swarming into the Platts. Was it just me or did it seem like they hired mountains for this scene. Especially the guy that physically arrests David. I thought he was going to eat him like an after dinner mint! DC McIrish was fairly hot too.

    2) What the F&(&^ was that Morton girl wearing? She looked like the lesbian lovechild of Holly Hobbie and Raggedy Ann.

    3) Yeah Gayle! I usually hate her screeching, but this time I was cheering her on. Especially when David tried to manipulate her and she told him ‘Don’t you dare try to make me feel guilty.’. I think this might be the best thing for David in the long run. A) Scares the beejus out of him and B) He needs to make his own way.

    4) MF – Is it wrong for me to have hoped that Bethany wouldn’t make it? You kill me.

    5) I’m slowly falling in love with Dev. I want to have his babies…do I have to line up for this?

  10. Michigander Fan says:


    Yes. I think the existence of Amber proves that you DO have to line up to have Dev’s babies.


  11. beaniej says:

    Debbie welcome back!!!! I missed you!!!! Mr.Bean asked me what Sally was hoping to accomplish with her new folly and I had nothing…..anyone know? I caught myself backing up the PVR to take a second look at DC McIrish. I thought maybe I was influenced be Glacia’s recent ‘Celt’ reference but he was quite lovely. Finally…Mr. Bean and I were married on Canada Day almost 20 years ago. It was the day that the 90 year old retired minister could come to our house and marry us with only our kids and our parents in attendance. The next day we threw a big honkin’ pool party. No formal invites and best wishes only.

  12. beanie says:

    BTW I didn’t change my name. The j just snuck in there LOL

  13. pip says:

    When Vern said something about money being no object in planning their wedding the wary look on Liz’s face said ‘Money? What money? You mean MY money?’ He must be really good in bed, because he has no visible talents or attraction.

  14. TrudyC says:

    Was it just me, but what kind of cafe makes instant coffee?

    Gail was excellent – it’s about time she got a backbone and stood up to David. When he said where am I to go – I yelled, to your father’s!! Where has he been throughout all of this.

    I’m agree that David will probably go to Audrey’s.

  15. geenee says:

    His assets are really well hidden! Her money is no object! It’s not romantic to plan a wedding without consulting the other person; no good will come of it down the road.

    I liked DC McIrish too.

    Becky is getting better all the time – and she doesn’t whine.

    It’s enjoyable to watch Audrey deal with David and he listens to her a lot more than he listens to Gail.

  16. missusmac says:

    I was eating chocolates I had bought specially for the show when Vern showed up in his shorts…not nice.

    DC McIrish needs to be seen more on the street. Perhaps in his skivvies?

    I was hoping Gail would drag Darren off and give him a good shampoo/wallop. However, wasn’t to be.

    Sally is harboring delusional ideas about how John really loves her… sort of a My Fair Lady thing. Rita would have gone with her, if she could have had a drink before during and after.

  17. missusmac says:

    Oops, forgot. Liz is exactly right to say whoa, not New Year’s Eve. Vern never consulted her, and he’s been around the music biz long enough to know that’s the big money night.

    However, in the interests of soap opera plots, and to continue Corrie’s tradition of over the top New Year’s Eve shows, this is the night it should be.

    And I have always loved Dev. He and Becky are comic gold as well as he and Amber.

  18. geenee says:

    I seem to remember David asking Martin about living there and they didn’t have room for him. He was hurt by that at the time and wasn’t there a new baby on the way? This is an all-too-common situation when dad moves on and starts a new family. The new wife has to be pretty patient and understanding to deal with it and maybe Martin’s wife isn’t.

  19. debbie says:

    Yes, but Martin has totally vanished. It is a bit out of character of him, actually.

  20. Michigander Fan says:

    If I remember, his new wife had a little bit of a jealousy issue with Martin – they wanted to “build their own life” or something…


  21. missusmac says:

    Wasn’t there some kerfuffle over Martin’s next plot line involving romance with someone even younger than RKaty, and the actor balked?

    That’s why the sudden Martin’s moving far away with a new gal pal plot came up, or that was my understanding too. It is out of character, but hey, that’s the way the actor was written out.

    Speaking of, has Les just faded away? No one cares? Not his daughter, ex-wife, current wife, former employers or the people who owes money to? I think someone should mention him every now and again.

  22. geenee says:

    It was out of character for Martin to just move on. He was a good dad up until then and treated Sarah like one of his own too. I miss him every time someone ends up in hospital.

    It’s hard to care about Les – let’s face it!

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