Can I Get An Amen? Update

It’s a rare event in soaps (or really any television show or movie) where what you think should happen and what you desperately want to happen actually freakin’ happens!

I’m Sooooooo Happy How This Played Out and I Love Audrey Even More

David spent the night in the creep’s (aka Darryl) shed who is more than a little annoyed that David’s there because he’ll get in trouble with Jerry.  David reminds him that he took the rap for him with the police and that calms him down a bit.   Soon Jerry comes out to the back for Darryl’s weekly  hose down  and asks for his bed sheets.  Darryl tells Jerry that he doesn’t need clean sheets (Glacia shudders) but Jerry becomes suspicious  and pushes past him to discover the Platt boy inside.  He tells David to clear off and says that the both of them are to stay away from each other.  (He also gives Darryl an nice slap upside the head.)

David goes back to the Platt house to collect some items and to talk to Gayle about reconsidering, but she is firm in her decision that he’s not to live with them.   He gives up and goes over to the salon where he is a bit shocked to find out that he still has a job.   When he tells Audrey that Gayle’s tossed him out,  Audrey shakes her head and says, ‘Oooooh this family.’ .

She marches over to Gayle’s to talk about David and that Gayle should let him back in because if he’s on the street he’ll become even worse, but Gayle refuses.   Not wanting David to be on the street, Audrey tells Gayle that he’s coming to live with her.  Gayle is furious as she sees this as undermining her authority.   Audrey lets loose and tells her that he’s going to live with her and there’s going to be very strict rules and that if there’s any good left in him, she’ll pull it out of him.  (GO AUDREY, GO AUDREY, GO, GO!) 

David over hears all this and wonders what’s going on.  Audrey turns him around, marches him down the streeing telling him that he’s coming to live with him, he’s going to have to pull his weight and finally to  ‘Not start with her.’.

So yes, I’m a happy camper. 

A) Gayle didn’t relent, which is good because I think David needs to know there are serious consequences to his actions.  In addition, if someone had put my grandchild/daughter at risk, I’d be kicking their ass to the curb too.

B) Grandma Audrey to the rescue!  I think David will really turn himself around with Audrey.  I wouldn’t have wanted to see him on the street and I’m glad that a responsible adult has swooped down to save him from himself.

Decision Time for Haley

It’s Roy’s birthday and Haley gets him out to the country for his special day.   All the time he talks about carbon footprints.   What’s the difference between Roy with environmental issues and a pit bull?   Pit bulls eventually let go.  (Seriously, the rumours that Roy has Aspergers seem more and more realistic when he gets like this. I have a couple of friends with Aspergers and I see so much of this kind of behaviour with them.   I think they should write that into the story, which would be a nice ‘public awareness’ bit AND explain a lot about his character.)

Once out in the countryside, Haley tells Roy that she really wants to see Christian again.  He tries to change the subject, but she brings him back to it.  He tells her that if she sees Christian again she has to tell him the truth.  They discuss it more and Roy finally tells her that it’s a choice between telling the truth and their future together.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this one.  Certainly I agree with Roy about Haley telling the truth, but I don’t think it’s fair of him to give her that ultimatum.     Granted, Glacia is a serial bride so she shouldn’t speak, but I would think that he should be a bit more committed to their relationship than that.    (Although, again, Aspergers would explain why he’s being sort of compulsive about this.)

Oh and one other little thing that is bugging me, all my internet sources say that Roy’s birthday is September 1, but this episode is for Sept 21.

‘Enery the Fifth, I Am, I Am, ‘Enery the Fifth I Am!

Yeah I know…wrong Henry, but I thought I’d just plug it in because it’s a rocking song and Peter Noone played Stanley Fairclough (Rita’s late husband’s son). 

It turns out that Sal has bought tickets to see Shakespere’s ‘Henry V’ (not the other Henry from ‘two doors’ down) on the same night as Fizz’s birthday.   The tickets can’t be returned and they’re a bit pricey to just throw away, so John suggests that Fizz and Kevin join them for the production. 

Sal is convinced that Kevin won’t go, but when approached, Kev says why not, at least next time he goes on it being rubbish he’ll have seen it and they can go out for drinks after.  (I LOVE Kevin.   I love the way he is so unpretensious and cool.)

Fizz is less excited.

In Other News

Liam is back from Edinburgh after having managed to avoid all tartan and deep fried Mars bars.  And then something about Carla and Tony, but hell, I wasn’t really paying attention.  Frankly, I was just hoping at that point that someone in the factory would be arrested by Weatherfield Vice and we’d see DC McIrish again.

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5 Responses to Can I Get An Amen? Update

  1. John says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Roy did indeed have Asperger’s. He has a certain rigid way of interacting with the world and this environmental crusade, while admirable, is his way of dealing with Hayley’s problems. He tends not to recognise the effect his words have on people and that sounds like Aspergers to me. It can be infuriating to deal with.

    I doubt he’ll ever be diagnosed as such but I agree it would a nice way to explain his behaviour rather than simply writing him off as a big nerd.

  2. pip says:

    Roy also has no sense of humour. Is that a symptom of Asperger’s? When they redid the Cafe after the fire they did it up exactly the same as before. Obviously, he dislikes change (also a symptom of Asperger’s?).

    I think he’s wrong to insist that Haley tell the truth to Christian. He should trust Haley to use her own good judgment to decide when and if this would ever be the right thing for Christian. If he doesn’t want to have a relationship with Christian because of this, then Haley can’t argue with that, but he doesn’t have the right to dictate Haley’s relationship with her son.

    Is Bill living with Audrey? David’s going to be in for a rough ride, there’s no love lost between those two. Of course, Bill might not be too happy about the little addition to their love nest and that might cause problems between him and Audrey. Oh, the drama!

  3. glacia says:

    I know routine is important, which may explain why the cafe was done the same way.

    I found this too on Wikipedia”

    Unlike those with autism, people with AS are not usually withdrawn around others; they approach others, even if awkwardly, for example by engaging in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic while being oblivious to the listener’s feelings or reactions, such as signs of boredom or haste to leave.[3] This social awkwardness has been called “active but odd”.[3] This failure to react appropriately to social interaction may appear as disregard for other people’s feelings, and may come across as insensitive.

  4. pip says:

    Hmm, very interesting glacia. I think Roy is quite sensitive to the feelings of others, (except when he gets on his high horse about something), so that doesn’t quite fit.

  5. missusmac says:

    Wow, re wikipedia and Aspergers. I just thought it was a definition of all my great-aunts…

    I had forgotten Audrey was so loaded rich. David seems to have scored himself a sweet crib. Why would he want to go back to Gail’s?

    Bill’s been living with Audrey since about 20 minutes after he got off the plane. David’s moving in, and now Ashley’s, will be interesting. Gotta say I didn’t see Ashley’s moving in coming, but predicted David’s.

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