Update for Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Exile on Coronation Street

The Shunning of David

At Audrey’s Bill is chowing down on his little toast soldiers as he gives Audrey his opinion that David is bad news and him staying there is a bad idea. David slinks down and goes to guzzle some orange juice from the carton when Bill sternly reminds him of the rules while he’s staying there. Meanwhile over at the Platts, Gail almost calls Audrey but decides against it.

Later as David helps Audrey in the garden, he says that he needs to get the rest of his stuff but Gail won’t let him in. Audrey says she’ll probably let him in long enough to collect his things but not much more than that so they head over.

When David gets there, and with Audrey across the street, he has a face off with Gail, who eventually relents and let him collect his things. She also warns him to be gone by the time his sister gets home. Meanwhile at the hospital, the doctor tells them there is no brain damage (but really, how can she tell?) and they will be discharging Bethany that afternoon. Jason and Sarah promise to turn her new room (David’s old room) into a princess palace.

Later, as David is leaving with his stuff, Sarah, Jason and Bethany arrive home. Bethany runs toward David calling “Uncle David!” and hugs him. He tries to apologise again but nobody wants to hear it. He goes back to Audrey’s. Later, Darryl offers him a room his mate’s place but he doesn’t seem interested.

Later at the Platts, Bethany is designing her new room (hint: there will be pink) and Gail seems distracted so she goes outside.  

On the street, she sees David who catches her eye, then walks away in the opposite direction.

The Church of the Potential Father

At the café, Hayley is showing Becky a cross pendant that belonged to Harold. She is going to give it to Christian. She also tells Becky that she is going to tell Christian the truth. Becky immediately figures this is Roy’s doing and begs him not to make Hayley do this. Later Hayley leaves alone to talk to Christian.

After Devendra comes in for his daily wait for Roy’s eco-friendly coffee (hey Dev, you know they sell coffee makers in stores, right? You could totally keep one in that back office of yours), Becky tells Roy he should have gone with her but Roy counters that she can manage on her own. Becky tells him that she is only doing this for Roy, not for her and Christian.

Hayley meets Christian in his shop and gives him the cross, which makes him slightly uncomfortable as he says he’s not that religious. She says it belonged to his father and was important to him (I wonder how Harold’s religious beliefs compare to Hayley’s). They go for coffee and a muffin. Christian says he has lots of questions of his father. Hayley starts to tell him the truth when his phone goes off. He ignores it but Hayley clams up.

She returns to the café where she tells Roy and Becky she couldn’t go through with it. Roy walks away from her, wordlessly, leaving her to cry in Becky’s arms.

In Other News

Vern cleans up the pub for Steve’s return from his 18th vacation of the year (this time in Ireland) so he can tell him the news about the wedding. He has envisioned the entire conversation in his head but when Steve arrives, it goes like this:


And after that there wasn’t much point in continuing. Anyhow, Steve ate like a pig, sucked up the Irish Connors, visited all the pubs, and got in Michelle’s good graces again. The photo of him kissing Shania will still stay above the bar.

If you get kicked out of your house and have to stay at the Websters, Sally will do your laundry. She’ll also unpack the groceries while her husband takes you out for a farewell pint when you find a room at Audrey’s. She will not, however, buy Sophie new clothes.

Becky likes that song about the umbrella.

It’s this one, right?


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11 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Exile on Coronation Street

  1. glacia says:

    Did anyone else notice that Bethany came out of the whole crisis with the ability to SPEAK? My God, it’s like she’s Weatherfield’s Jamie Summers. We can rebuild her, we can make her better than before.

    John, 5 stars for the Transamerica link – I wish I had thought of it! I freaking love that movie and recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

    The last scene with Becky and Haley was brilliant. I love it when the show takes a bit of a detour from being completely
    ‘campy-soap’ and the actors and writers really show off their skills.

  2. geenee says:

    I noticed that Bethany spoke a couple of lines last night so the whole experience seems to have done her good. I kind of feel sorry for David and it was good to see Bethany actually speak to him and give him a hug. I know he’s a rotter but maybe there is some hope for change down the road.

    Becky and Haley are good together and Roy should be reminded of how Haley forgave him when she thought he had strayed with Tracy.

    Audrey’s house is getting to be like Eileen’s or the Barlows’ and will need expanding walls if she brings in more roomers. Should be interesting with Ashley and David added. She does have a nice garden so maybe she could add a shed.

  3. Mandy says:

    Does Audrey not live on Coronation Street? I love her house and her garden, her yard is HUGE. No other houses are like that on the street. What’s the deal?

  4. geenee says:

    She doesn’t live on Coronation St. She was married to Alfie, who was mayor for awhile and they went a but upscale and live on a nicer street.

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Poor David – you almost kill ONE MEASLY KIDDIE and suddenly you’re a pariah!

    Bethany was actually verbal for a few weeks prior to the event. However, now she can show actual emotion – like looking excited and saying “Uncle David!”

    Shirley Temple this kid ain’t.


  6. pip says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the David storyline lately because it does show that David still has feelings and does really want to be loved by his mom (he’s not a psychopath!). Gail needs to reject the behavior but not the child. She needs to tell David she loves him, but he has to earn the privilege of returning to her home by becoming responsible and showing compassion for others. Rejecting David outright (even if only by action and not in her heart) is going to make him worse, not better. At least, that’s what Dr. Phil would say (I think!)

  7. Gayle says:

    I got really annoyed with Sarah last night.
    I’m glad Bethany recovered (quite quickly).
    There were Sarah and Jason planning to re-do David’s room for Bethany. Where did she sleep before surely not in the same room as Sarah and Jason (the kid is 7 years old!) Obviously Sarah and Jason have absolutely no plans to get their own place after the wedding. I just love Becky and Hayley together.

  8. kunzie says:

    Firstly – I just want to say a huge thanks and welcome back to that eclectic bunch of wits that provide us with our regular Corrie Canuck updates. I have no beef with Flaming N., but luv the Canuck regulars!

    Secondly – if the David-Gail storyline snaps back to the way it was (i.e. David back home, in his hostile little shell) I will be disappointed. I’d like to see David evolve in one direction or another. Jack P. is doing a brilliant job…so, will it be a hail of bullets from the rooftop, or development into a young leading male?

    Thirdly -I read with some interest the comments regarding Roy and Asperger’s syndrome. I have a 20-year-old nephew with Asperger’s (and yes I have very very long conversations about robotics). But the older he’s gotten, the more he consciously tries a “you first” approach when he socializes…he has a huge heart. This is all true of Roy also. His need for punctuality, cataloguing, and minutae are all signposts. I can see how it would be stressful to Roy if he has to lie or lie by omission to Christian whenever they meet, as long Haley continues her ruse as his Aunt. All that said Haley did not deserve the treatment he has dished out…aren’t patience and tolerance right up there with truthfulness? Demanding a result you want (between two other parties), on your timetable is….well, arrogant, isn’t it?

    Sorry so long guys – thanks again!

  9. the pink lady says:

    I think Bethany may have received a lobotomy while in the hospital. It’s the only explanation I can think up!

  10. glacia says:

    My favorite moment with one of my friends was one of ‘our’ robotics conversations (or maybe this time it was bus timetables). Anyway, he started talking to me at an uncomfortable distance….so I’d inch back, he’d inch forward, I’d inch back, etc. After about the 5 time he said, ‘Why do you keep moving away from me?’ I just bluntly told him that people dont’ have nose-to-nose conversations. With that, he took two steps back and we remained at slightly yelling distance.

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