Platt Wars

I stole this from Working from Home Today. It allows you to make your very own Star Wars title scrawl so, of course, I snipped some of my previous update and put it in there.

If only all our updates could be in that format.


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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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4 Responses to Platt Wars

  1. glacia says:

    That is more awesome than the most awesomest awesome in the history of awesome.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    That was lots of fun, and I stole the idea and came up with my own version – my poor sister is getting married (to a Canuck) in January, and even though she is the anti-Bridezilla, things are still getting away from her (not through her own making). SHe was really down yesterday, so I created a “Shoe Wars” for her…

    So for me, the Leetle Seester, and Canada Joe, Thanks much, eh?


  3. John says:

    Nothing to do with corrie but I couldn’t resist:

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