Some Youtubes and Fun

From NWT Runner, a video of Percy Sugden (aka the last real man on Coronation Street, Glacia genuflects and the mention of his name) singing ‘Always Look On the Bright Side of Life’.   I thought it’d be disturbing to watch him sing this Python song, but it wasn’t.  What was disturbing was Gayle as one of Santa’s sexy elves.

Next is an interview with Jack P. Shepherd (aka David Platt) at the NTA 2007 awards.  Here he explains his thoughts on the character.

WARNING: Don’t scroll down the ‘Related Videos’ because the title of one has a spoiler.

Finally, look who cleans up very nicely.

Here’s a nice spoiler free article for you too.


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6 Responses to Some Youtubes and Fun

  1. arphpeck says:

    Thanks, Glacia. It was great to see Percy and Phyllis again. I will always remember years ago when Rita was missing and everyone thought Alan Bradley had “done her in”, and buried her on the building site where Gayle’s house and the others are now, it was Percy who stood up and confronted him about it. I can still picture him saying “Well, what have you done with Mrs. Fairclough, then?”, and after that the younger men got up to stand behind him. I can’t remember how he left the show, though, did he just move away?

  2. glacia says:

    Percy was living with Emily in much the same arrangement as she has with Norris. After a falling out in Oct/97 Percy packed his bags and left to live at Mayfied Court – a retirement home.

    Percy had a lot of strength of character and I’ve said it before but one of my favorite scenes was when he came to visit Tracey when she had her kidney transplant and neither Ken nor Deidre would go see her.

    While he was a nosey parker (does anyone rememer when they wrote that on the parking spot where he lived?) he could really come through.

  3. geenee says:

    There were some great characters including Percy, Maude, Phyllis, Maxine, Des, etc. I remember Maude giving Jim a pep talk when he was in the wheelchair and I loved the time she dropped the fish in the counter when that horrible little man was marrying her daughter. They seemed to use the older characters more a few years ago.

  4. S. Poole says:

    “While he was a nosey parker (does anyone rememer when they wrote that on the parking spot where he lived?) he could really come through.”

    Yes, that was our Jack, I can still see him grinning as he altered the NO PARKING lettering. Top notch stuff that.

  5. glacia says:

    High fives S. Poole. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  6. S. Poole says:

    High fives, w00t!!! That old video brought some great memories back, thank you so much.

    Pretty sure the NP thing started with Jack and Vera parking their car in Mrs. Bishop’s designated spot in the street, causing Percy to come to her defence. I believe the Duckegg car would be the one Jack won while he was laid up in hospital with a broken leg suffered in a fall from his window washing ladder. (Stan Ogden’s old gear, the fall possibly involving Dulcie Froggatt’s bedroom window too)

    While he was on bed rest Jack was reading a womens mag and filled out a contest form to win a new car. Being a manly man he entered V’s name and lo and behold it paid off.

    Percy had some great scenes around the time Derek and Mavis were finally wed too. He was in charge of making sure the groom made it to the church on time as both had bottled it the first time around. He promised Rita and Mavis he would keep Derek in sight at all times on the eve of the nuptials. He was also busy baking the wedding cake, in one episode he announced in the Rovers his shopping list included tamarinds among other fine ingredients to get the job done properly. Being a former army cook he was perfectly qualified of course. ;p

    Sheesh, I’ve been watching too long, I remember more Corrie plotlines than I do stuff in the real world!

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