Can you Guess the Ex-Corrie Star?

Look on the far right.

It is our Kieran – reviving his pop career with Boyzone.  They re-formed this past week.

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7 Responses to Can you Guess the Ex-Corrie Star?

  1. Michigander Fan says:

    Ah. I see he’s a student of the fabulous 70s school of “stuff a sock down your pants – girls dig that!”

    I believe Foreigner invented the concept.


  2. pip says:

    I think Kieran has stuffed a big woolly pair in his pants!

  3. kerry says:

    I didn’t know they made pants out of aluminum foil?

  4. Bob McIntyre says:

    I am a news producer at A-Channel Ottawa and hope you can help me. Is there somewhere in Ottawa where Coronation Street fans gather every Sunday morning to watch the program?

    Please email or call me: 613-789-0606 ext. 2248.

    Thanks very much.
    Bob McIntyre

  5. beanie says:

    I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!! I knew he had been with a boy band I never heard of but WOW!!! There is just SOOOO bizarroworld things going on there. So far we have a)Irish Sock Puppets b)ALU_MIN IUM Pants c) I,ll add the shitload of tattoos. NEXT………OMG I almost forgot…GREAT FIND MAYFAIR GIRL!!!!!Thanks for posting it.LOL

  6. antik says:

    Cringe ..

  7. missusmac says:

    wow, all that and fake tans too. The mind boggles. Who came up with this wardrobe. Looks like Jiffy Pop popcorn pants…

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