Update – Thursdsay June 20, 2008



It is morning – and Sally sees Rosie’s lack of skirt and tells her to change. (I have to admit it was really short) Rosie insists it is office attire and that it is okay to wear.


Christian comes by the café and wants to see Hayley – she isn’t there but gets a tea from Becky and sits down beside Kelly. She is curious about a new bloke on the block and starts chatting. Hayley comes into the café. Roy mentions that Christian was sitting and talking to Kelly but the took him away to avert disaster. Hayley sits down who says he wants to say hello and bye to his dad and asks if he is buried here. Hayley quickly thinks and says he was cremated. Quick save!

Hayley and Christian go for a walk in the countryside to “show where his father’s ashes are” . While they are walking Hayley’s son asks what music he liked. He is told Genesis and Earth, Wind and Fire. Hayley says he cares how things look. He says not so much now and asks if it’s much further. (Just like a kid) Hayley and Christian finally stop at a serene spot.


Michelle and Steve are giving back items to each other from the trip. Steve says she should move in together at the put. Michelle insists there isn’t any room and he still lives with his mom. He says he will work something out, somehow. Michelle says he does not know.

Vernon and Liz surprise Steve and Michelle they are getting married. Vernon says it is going to be on New Year’s Eve. As they open the champagne Michelle tells Steve they will definitely want a place of their own.

Liz asks if Steve is happy for her and if they will last – gee how optimistic. He says Vernon is nothing like his dad and that didn’t last. Lloyd tells Vernon that Steve needs a hug. (Hilarious) Liz says she is so happy and can relax now she has found her man. Vernon gives Steve a big hug. (I love that classic look on his face) Michelle kills herself laughing.

Vernon thinks about his old flat and tells about all the different effects he can do with the walls if he re-decorated. Steve tries to remind him that it’s his pub but Vernon and Liz aren’t listening. (No surprise) Liz mentions a hot-tub. Steve has heard enough and clears off. (That is a visual I do not want to see)

Fizz is fuming with John at the thought of sharing her birthday night with Sally and Kevin the theatre watching Shakespeare. John tells Fizzz that if she gets bored at the theatre she can do some people watching at “theatre in the round”. Kelly tries to encourage Fizzz by reminding her that Henry VIII had loads of wives so there should be lots of sex and naughty scenes to look forward to but Fizzz tells her it’s Henry V. Oh dear.


Everyone is ready to go to work. Bill tells David that he really needs to pull his weight at the salon. David says hi to Jason who blanks him (ignores him). Jason says Beth is asking after her psycho Uncle David – my god, a line!! Audrey she he is not a psycho. What is wrong with Audrey lately?

Jerry tells Gail that David stayed the night in the shed but he kicked him out. Gail says that is okay. Jerry says, anything but drugs and other people lead them in. Gail says David is no junkie. (How is she so sure of this?) Jerry says David might surprise them all and come out on top.

David is being nice in the salon to Betty under the dryer (looking for a tip?) and says he will leave the magazines with her. Audrey sends David to get milk and tells Maria he may be her flesh and blood but he is not going to be on easy street.

Sarah comes off the phone and says Beth can start back any time and has to play it by ear to make sure she is okay. She calls Gail to get her lunch but she’s looking out the window. Gail says he is still her son. Sarah says Beth needs to get back in to a steady routine.

David says he is sorry to Sarah and Jason but they tell him the damage is irreplaceable. Audrey goes after and says he has worked hard at the salon and is really sorry. Gail says she will not change her mind about her son. For once!

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6 Responses to Update – Thursdsay June 20, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    I guess Rosie’s skirt would be appropriate work attire if she worked in the same profession as Leanne did.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Can I just say that I don’t like Michelle’s new bob? It’s too short on her and it looks like a bubble. Very unflattering.

    Also, do you think Ken & Deirdre had a murder suicide pact? We haven’t seen them in a loooong time.

    The more I watch Roy, the more I agree with the Aspergers diagnosis.


  3. geenee says:

    I think Dierdre must have been exhausted from all the emoting and angst in the Tracy murder storyline. Ken’s not getting any younger either, so they probably needed an extended vacation and took the summer off.

    Didn’t care much for Michelle’s hair either, but then I’m not too crazy about Michelle.

  4. missusmac says:

    Michelle’s hair if far too short for her. Loved Audrey’s line — David’s been good today in the salon…

    What? All day? Wow!

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Ok, I’m not the only one. And she has great hair – the longer bob looked fa – it really showed off her super shiny hair. This makes her look older.

    Missus – I had to laugh at that too. Soooo, his carelessness almost killed his neice, but he spent 8 hours doing a great job sweeping up hair, so… you know… it’s all good!


  6. kunzie says:

    Don’t like michelle. Don’t like hair. Steve should force feed her picture over bar.

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