Friday June 21st 2008 – Oops, we forgot the Update Update

Hailey\'s Other Son

Hailey’s Other Son, Jerome

The show opens with Hailey at the lake with her son. He’s about to learn that yes his life is indeed the stuff that soap operas are made of. At this point it looks to Christian that Hailey is covering for her scoundel of a brother. If only it were that easy. Hailey tells Christian that Harold was a very troubled person. She tells him that Harold was unhappy and never felt right. Then she lets the bomb drop and tells him that she was born Harold but always knew that she was a Hailey and that she is Christian’s father.

You can’t blame the boy for being shocked.* But, it gets a little ugly. As Hailey is begging for some understanding, Christian hits her with the back of his hand. He hits her pretty hard and she falls to the ground bleeding all over her sweater. He’s shocked but when Hailey reaches her hand out for help, he turns his back on her.

Later we see Hailey cleaning herself up. This is the low point. She goes home and while walking along the cobbles Lloyd spots her from his cab and stops to show concern. At home she and Roy have it out and it is clear that he just doesn’t get it.

*Boy or man? How old is this dude? He dresses and styls his hair like a 19 year-old but has more wrinkles than Deirdre’s neck.

It’s Fiz Bomb Brown’s birthday and what are her big plans? She get’s to go see Henry V with her boyfriend and Sally Webster. On the up-side Kevin will be there. Fiz complains about this to Kelly and Vicki. Vicki educates her on the finer points of Polish theatre. Our pharmacist has suprisingly low brow tastes.

They all head into the pub and try to figure out if there will be any sex in he play. But, it looks grim.

Over at the Webster’s Sally and Kevin are getting ready to go to the play. Sally is under the impression that the place will be filled with Manchester’s jet set. She is behaving like an idiot over what she is gointg to wear. The woman has lost her mind, and I kind of love it.

Meanwhile she and Rosi are having a conflit over Rosie’s non-existant skirt. Sally calls it a “pelmet.” Sophie demands to know what a “pelmet” is. I could tell her, I went to Catholic school. In any case I am only 95% sure of what a “pelmet” is. But, let’s see if the Corrie Canuckster’s can guess. Hint, it doesn’t mean “really short skirt.”

After the play, Sally, Kevin, Fiz and John head to the Rovers. The reviews are mixed. But, Sally seems unimpressed by the calibre of the audience. That woman in the Disney jumper would NOT stop talking. That didn’t stop Kevin from enjoying the play or from making the apt parallel between Henry V and Tony Soprano. Sally thinks Kevin is being thick even when John agrees with him.

In Other News


Rosie kind of asks Liam out. It doesn’t go over well but makes me laugh.

They are trying to set up sexual tension between Liam and Carla in the form of Carla insulting Maria and Liam taking exception to that bloke Tony. It isn’t working for me.

Meanwhile, Carla is getting the signals for that Tony bloke

Becky plans to drink her face off and eats a big sandwich to create a base for the booze.

Sarah will never forgive David. This makes Gail sad.


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9 Responses to Friday June 21st 2008 – Oops, we forgot the Update Update

  1. geenee says:

    I think a pelmet is the little short skirt-like thing that goes over the drapes at the top – only about a foot long. I know it has another name but I’ve forgotten it.

    Why in English programs are people always asking people they meet “are you alright?” I know it was appropriate with Haley after she got socked by Christian, but they are always asking each other that. Lucky Haley has Becky to ask her, since Roy is too obsessed with ecology.

    Really, is Violet going to settle for Jamie now after he dumped her because he was bored? Is there any future there?

    I liked Liam turning Rosie down; at least he isn’t into cradle robbing. I kind of liked the Tony bloke.

  2. Glacia says:

    Glacia makes herself a really big sandwich.

  3. glacia says:

    Oh, and I don’t mean this in a mean way but through all the heart breaking drama of Haley’s confrontation with Christian (and yes, if he was 40 in real life, I wouldn’t be so shocked.), I couldn’t help but notice her footware.

    Not content to wear sneakers with a dress, the wardrobe people had her wear great honkin’ brown Columbia hiking boots. Glacia shakes her head at the fashion faux-pas, but she does give two thumbs up to the wardrobe department. It’s like they want to make Halesy the transexual who got screwed out of any female or gay sense of fabulousness.

  4. beanie says:

    I think a pelmet is that short white rectangle doodaa that nuns wear over all all the other stuff . Good thing I still have last week on PVR because I MUST go back and have a boo at those boots!!LOL

  5. arphpeck says:

    Maybe Rosie will need a “merkin” with that short of a skirt.

  6. beanie says:

    Arphpeck WTF is a ‘merkin’ sounds like something from ‘Lord of the Rings’ LOL

  7. geenee says:

    I was thinking of a valance. A pelmet is something like that, often in velvet or other heavy material.

  8. pip says:

    As a huge LOTR fan I can tell you there is no ‘merkin’ in Middle Earth, whatever the heck it is.

    Poor Sally was so crestfallen when John and Fizz left the pub. She really needs to get a life. No wait, that’s what she’s trying to do.

    I did feel sorry for Haley, but really, screaming hysterically at Christian and chasing after him only made things 10 times worse.

  9. missusmac says:

    I too noticed the Hobbit-like footwear on Haley as they clomped up the hillside. Not a good look with a skirt…or with anything for that matter.

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