I Want Locally Produced Eggs, Rick – Update

Around 7:15 last night I got a call from Debbie.


Debbie:  ‘Dude, who’s doing the update for tonight?’


Glacia: ‘Dude, me.  Why?’


Deborah: ‘Dude, there HAS to be a Falling Down refence.’


Glacia: ‘What like the movie?’


Deborah: ‘Totally.’


Glacia: ‘Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.’


Deborah: ‘Duuuuude’.***


So not having seen the episode yet, I was worried.  Who had the breakdown, Roy, Tyrone or Bethany? 


***This is exactly how Debbie and I speak to each other.


In Which Roy Leaves His Padded Cell

Haley and Becky get off the bus, but Haley won’t go home to change.  When Becky tells Roy that Haley has gone straight to work and that he needs to go talk to her, he says he can’t that he needs to finish his work….then the mop and pail tip over and that is surely a bad sign.


Things get worse when Roy’s local supplier can’t bring milk or eggs until the next day.   Roy refuses to go to Dev’s to get eggs and milk because they’re not local produced.


Becky tells him that he has to go to Tescos – I mean FRESHCO, Freshsco.  Roy immediately starts going into a panic, ‘What’s an egg?  What do they look like?’.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but he does say that  Tes-er-Freshco is too big and that he might not be able to find the eggs and milk there. 


Oh dear.


Becky convinces him that he’ll be okay and gives him her mobile just in case she needs something else while he’s there.  Roy says that he doesn’t know how to operate a mobile, but Becky once again calms him and he is able to operate the floor all the way to the front of the café.  More success is found when he operates the door correctly, all the way muttering, ‘Milk and eggs, milk and eggs.’


Really, Becky should have gone instead, but Blanche says she doesn’t want to be left alone with Roy when he’s all ‘Rainman’ ‘n shit.


At Freshco’s Roy is sulking around the saran wrapped pile of milk in the middle of the aisle.   Michelle runs into him and tells him there’s milk in the fridge but he says the aisle milk is fresher.  (Now, I haven’t had a glass of milk in 25 years, but I seem to remember that milk needs to be kept cold….).   Michelle inquires about Haley, but Roy is more concerned about the excess packaging of the aisle milk.


Next we see him rummaging through the eggs looking for free range local eggs, and when a clerk coms to help Roy tells him he wants local eggs, preferably within walking distance.  So basically Roy wants eggs that were produced by Deidre.  While the clerk tries to help him, his mobile phone goes off and he needs the clerk to help him answer it.


Haley is calling him to remind him to come back.  Blanche tells her that he might not make it back.   The café is his padded cell and he leaves it at his own peril.


Back at Freshco’s things go from bad to worse.  Roy starts explaining that if the eggs were fresh, you wouldn’t need packaging (What?  Don’t local eggs break?)  Anyway, he decides to just carry the eggs in his coat pocket, thus removing the need for wasteful cardboard packaging.   The clerk says he can’t let him do that and when he tries to take the egg carton away from Roy, they  fall on the floor and break. 


Roy proclaims that it’s all right and instructs the clerk to get him a bag (Paper!  Not plastic!) while he proceeds to empty out further cartons into his grocery cart of milk.  This is where security steps in. 


(Okay, call me a big ol’ canuck, but I have NEVER seen security in a grocery store.  Oh, maybe once at the Tescos – I mean Dominion – in the Annex, but then again, you can’t trust a student population.)


Anyway, Becky was called and she collects Haley from the factory and who rushes over to Freshcos.  Meanwhile, unlike Falling Down, this breakdown ends in Roy having a nice cup of Tetley’s in the manager’s office who explains that Freshco’s has made a commitment to less packaging and he can read about it in their mission statement.  (You know, I realize now that when I die, I’d like it to happen during a sales pitch so that the transition will be painless.)


Actually, the manager was pretty sweet and when Haley arrives, he explains that Roy got ‘into a state’ but there’s no lasting damage.


Back at home, Roy asks Haley why she came to collect him and she says that she’s not sure.  (eek!).  When he asks if she will see Christian again, she says no, that he’s lived without her this long so she doubts he needs her.   Roy says that if he got to know her, he’d need her.  (awww.)   Anyway, they talk further about Christian and their own relationship and both express concern if they can ever be happy again.


I would like to add that I sympathize with Roy regarding the Frescho’s fiasco, having had my own recent difficulties with organic locally grown food.


Update, Chapter 2, In Which Glacia Really Doesn’t Care About Other Storylines 

Sarah declares that David doesn’t exist anymore, but Gayle reminds her that he’s her brother and the Salon is Audrey’s livelihood so they’re going to have to play nice in front of the customers.  Gayle, Audrey and Sarah go to the Rovers to talk about David.  Nothing new there, Gayle thinks he needs to learn a lesson, Audrey says he’s behaving and Sarah wants to talk about her Big Fat Mancunian Wedding (Part Deux).


Paul is being all sneaky and Tyrone continues to be suspicious.  He looks through Paul’s manbag but doesn’t find anything and when Paul sees that it’s been riffled through, he confronts Tyrone.   Tyrone basically tells him to jump in a lake and storms off.   Leeanne then calls him to tell him she needs supplies and he takes £200 from Jack’s cigar box to pay for it.


Liam is taking advantage of Rosie’s schoolgirl crush to get her to work overtime and make lunch runs.   Carla, rightly so, warns him about this and reminds him of the Joanne incident.




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14 Responses to I Want Locally Produced Eggs, Rick – Update

  1. John says:

    Re- The packaging of milk. That milk would have probably just come off the truck before it was taken off the pallett and shelved in the cooler. As it’s all bunched together, it would have been fine for an hour or two. (I stocked shelves at a Co-Op one summer on Prince Edward Island)

    I’m going to have to assume that his marital strife with Hayley has caused Roy to completely lose his ability to socially function. I mean, he’s in his 50’s. I think he knows how to navigate a supermarket.

    Also, Wales is not that far away from Manchester. Even the most fanatical of the Buy Local crowd would compromise eggs from the same country. The UK ain’t that big, Roy. And he wants eggs within walking distance of his café? HE LIVES IN MANCHESTER. The closest eggs he’s gonna find might be in Jack Duckworth’s pigeons.

  2. glacia says:

    re: Roy, yeah I’m assuming that the breakdown was Haley related.

    I agree, I don’t even think that anyone demands that their produce be ‘walking distance’. But this just builds the aspergers case – Roy getting more and more obsessed. I wonder if the symptoms are more pronounced when someone is stressed?

    I totally remember Roy getting into trouble when he first appeared on the show. If he did something that bothered people, he’d get stressed and act, frankly, weird. Then those around him would get even more freaked out.

    Deidre and he were living in the same rental property that Mike owned and through some misunderstanding, it seemed that Roy was stalking Deidre…which he wasn’t.

  3. glacia says:

    Oh, and where is Betta-buys? Did that fold?

  4. papasmurf1964 says:

    Liam is behaving like a knob
    Sent Rosie out for a kebab
    Away she did flounce
    Caused her jubblies to bounce

  5. geenee says:

    Did Frescos buy Betta-buys? That breakdown was very well done IMO. Thank goodness he didn’t have a gun! Roy has always been a bit strange but never had a problem shopping before. Didn’t he always go to the cash and carry? Haley can’t go since she works.
    Good point about nothing being that far away, as long as it’s from Britain.

    The wedding talk is tedious; no wonder David wants to liven things up!

  6. debbie says:

    Rosie’s jubblies are all over the place, Papa Smurf.

    I loved Roy in this episode. He is so repressed. You can see that the man doesn’t know what todo with himself.

  7. beanie says:

    At least Roy did something DIFFERENT this time. He keeps getting stuck in a freakier mode every week. He’s starting to remind me of the guy in ‘Airplane’ who was so monotanous people were hanging themselves and slitting their wrists so they didn’t have to listen to him anymore. Good call Glacia on dying when you’re numb. How about during a timeshare presentation?

  8. beanie says:

    Didn’t Betta-buys become Furman’s Freezers then Frescos? It’s not like anyone needs a market anyway. If they’re not at ‘The Italian’ or eating Betty’s Hot Pot….they run out to ‘The Chippy’, Roy’s Rolls or Kebabs. When someone slaves over a big dinner it’s usually a tin of beans from Dev’s or on fancy occasions…’Jacket Potatoes’.

  9. geenee says:

    Don’t forget the fish fingers and beans on toast at Sal’s. She makes toast to go with the beans! No wonder the factory girls are always skint when they eat out and drink at the Rovers all the time.

    Maybe Christmas traumatizes them. When they cook big meals, bad things happen!

  10. kunzie says:

    Y’know, that’s totally true. The factory girls get brekky at Roy’s, lunch (plus booze) at The Rovers or the Caf, (even their coffee-break cakes at the Caf), and then a number of them seem to also eat out at night. Do people just not brown-bag it in the UK?

  11. Kerry says:

    I was commenting to John last night that I don’t understand how someone like Roy – who doesn’t seem to have the social aptitude to run a business – managed to START a business, let alone run what looks to be a pretty stable one.

    Also, for a caf. that serves breakfast, opening at some time past 8am seems a bit odd.

    Then John reminded me that he is a fictional character and therefore doesn’t need to make sense.
    Still – I’m jealous. *I* want a caf. to run…a Weatherfield one…where I don’t actually have to KNOW how to do anything and yet manage to survive.

  12. geenee says:

    Remember when Roy was working with Gail in the cafe? It was originally Alma’s (late?) husband’s and then she and Gail were partners until Roy bought it. Everyone was surprised that he could afford it but since he spends almost nothing, he had enough saved up.

  13. arphpeck says:

    Yes, Roy’s character has certainly expanded since he first appeared as Deidre’s creepy neighbour. That actor does a great job.

    Papasmurf – a last line for the limerick –

    “For Liam she’d do any job”

    A comment on Sarah – why she is all concerned now about spending time with Bethany, she should have taken Beth with her to the photographer in the first place and included her in the wedding plans. At 7 she is certainly old enough to go on outings with her Mom instead of left with Psycho uncle from hell.

  14. missusmac says:

    Basically, he wants eggs produced by Deirdre… hahahahahahahahahaha!

    I loved Haley and Roy, so awkward yet so obviously fond of each other.

    I remember when Roy bought the place. At first he was partners with Gail, buying out Alma’s share, and then bought out Gail. Everyone act as though Roy was mentally challenged, including Roy, but it soon became apparent he knew what he was doing.

    Hmm, Gail went from being a business owner to a receptionist. Why did she sell, does anyone remember?

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