Update for Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – Hand Caught in Cookie Jar Update

Oh, Tyrone

It’s a lazy Sunday and Tyrone is doing a fry-up for the Duckworths, who insist he add an extra sausage for St. Paul, patron of grandchildren everywhere. Paul arrives with a copy of Lancashire Life for Vera and offers to take everyone out for pints in the Rovers later.

Jack insists on paying and goes to the Charles and Diana Memorial Cookie Tin to find a little cash. He finds £200 missing and asks Vera if she took. She denies (it was Paul, of course), as does everyone else. Paul assures them that he’s sure it’ll turn up.

Later, when they are preparing to leave, Paul reminds his grandparents that he’s still treating them at the pub. As they leave, Paul quickly returns the money he took to the Charles and Diana Memorial Cookie Tin.

Later in the Rovers, Tyrone and Molly talk about the missing money. Tyrone doesn’t think Jack is losing his faculties and is sure Paul took. Later he goes back to the Duckworths to search the tin himself, when, of course, Jack and Paul walk in on him. Jack finds the missing money in the tin and now everyone is convinced Tyrone is a crook.

That’s Not How You Report Your VAT

Liam is spending his lazy Sunday doing his VAT receipts (it’s like GST and we all love GST, don’t we?) at the office with the help of Rosie. And by help, Rosie means sitting on his desk and shoving her boobs in Liam’s face.

Liam is staying clear of this trouble and gets Rosie to go help while working at another desk. Later, he just sends her home, rebuffing her offers of overtime.

He later joins Maria for a pint. That’s when he finds out Tony Gordon had a drink with Carla and gave her a lift home (they had a chat – clearly, he’s interested. She’s standoff-ish.). Liam fumes about his brother not being dead four months but Maria points out that she can’t mourn forever.


Hayley suggests to Roy that they go away for a bit to talk things over. Roy thinks the trouble between them can’t be solved with a change of scenery. He also wonders if his episode yesterday was a nervous breakdown. He doesn’t think the trip is a good idea.

Hayley later suggests she go away by herself, if he won’t go with her. Roy suddenly remembers that the 30 right-of-return on his new tent is almost up so they should use it anyway, to test it out, BECAUSE ROY CROPPER HAS ASPERGER’S.

So plans are made for a little camping excursion (in October) and Becky is going to run the café with the only person Hayley could find at short notice: Blanche. Comedy hijinks are scheduled to ensue.


Cilla is making her new fancyman/employer a breakfast in remembrance of their time in America, that traditional Yankee classic: pancakes and chicken wings. The hell? Anyhow, she didn’t have maple syrup so she put HP Sauce on it instead and she didn’t cook the chicken wings.

He complains and gives her some of his dead wife’s bling and tells her that there’s a lot more to come.

Oh, and there was some bit about Michelle and Steve trying to cook a fry-up together in privacy but were unable to. It was all quite pointless, really. But there it is. It happened.

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18 Responses to Update for Wednesday, June 25, 2008 – Hand Caught in Cookie Jar Update

  1. geenee says:

    I seem to remember Roy and Hayley having their first quarrel after a camping trip. I hope some good will come of this. At least we get to see Blanche and Becky together.

    Rosie has been watching her mom in action or it just comes naturally – this urge to seduce the boss.

  2. Glacia says:

    Not having looked forward, I’m think I’m seeing Rosie as new femme fatale on the street and in a word I find it CREEEEEEPY.

    They don’t have pancakes in the UK?

    Okay, maybe because I was raised by Catholic women who were a bit ‘One man, one woman’ (If your husband dies that’s it. You’re a widow.), I find my myself thinking that dating 4 months after her husband has died a bit quick. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just conservative. I’d give it 6 months at least, no matter how bad your marriage was.

    Camping in October? I remember Mr.G. and I camping at his mom’s estate in Plattsburgh NY in October. In the mountains. I lost the feeling in my bum. I was afraid to fall asleep. Luckily I kept myself away in the knowledge that David Berkowitz was safely tucked away 14 miles away in Dannemora prison. But I digress.

  3. the pink lady says:

    John, you have echoed exactly what Aaron and I said this week! Roy has Asperger’s!!!!! Completely and totally. Just the writers forgot to add the diagnosis into the script. I really hate Roy and Hayley-heavy story lines. What a bunch of sad sacks.

    Must go, I have a sudden craving for pancakes covered in brown sauce!

  4. kunzie says:

    Carla and Tony are hardly dating. They’ve had a few drinks as mates. In any case, had Paul lived, Carla might very well be separated by now, after discovering her husband was a calculating, cheating rat. Not only has she had to grieve his death; she has had to grieve the loss of his fidelity. She’s entitled to a bit of comfort.

    Wanna bet Christian shows up at the caf…did I detect a spark between he and Becky in the works?

    Winter camping in Canada beats all – you’re so close to the fire your snowpants melt, and your rye & coke turns into a slushie.

  5. pip says:

    Yes, I think Christian will be back, once he’s had time to digest what Haley told him, and probably regret his treatment of her. Maybe Haley and Roy will be on their camping trip by then, so Becky will cosy up to him over a brew in the Caf, put in many good words for Haley and how she’s been the best mate ever, and howsabout a drink over at the Rovers?

    Who among us wishes they could write for Corrie?

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    I don’t think they DO have pancakes over there – I checked a Jamie Oliver cookbook out of the library once, and found a recipe for pancakes, and he was gushing at the top of the recipe that these were “proper American pancakes” and one of the most delicious inventions ever…

    I was like, “Dude, they’re just pancakes.” I had no idea that (sob) there are people all over the world who have NEVER TASTED a pancake (oh the humanity!)…

    Cilla was trying to fake a Nigella moment. It didn’t work out for her. As Nelson would say, “HA ha!”


  7. Michigander Fan says:

    No, Carla and TOny aren’t dating, but he is sniffing around quite a little bit.

    It’s tacky, however, remember time is speeded way up in a soap – Mike Baldwin went from normal to full blown Alzheimer’s in like 4 weeks.


  8. geenee says:

    I’m no fan of Carla, but at least she waited until Paul was dead. Paul, on the other hand, messed around with prostitutes, putting his wife in danger of STDs. She doesn’t seem that interested in Tony anyway; he seems to be the one doing the chasing.

    Sometimes, when one has had a cheating husband, one yearns to prove that one is still attractive, so starts to date ASAP.

    Cilla’s Nigella moment got her an antique necklace that could be worth a bob or two. Well, she had to throw in some crocodile tears!

  9. beanie says:

    I have seen and eaten pancakes in the UK but they weren’t quite the same. They were purchased in a small bakery on the high street, 6 or so stacked and wrapped and cold. They are eaten cold with butter and jam and tea (isn’t everything better that way?). I’ve never seen them made but unlike the fluffy ones we have that soak up tons of butter and syrup, they are a little thinner, denser and moister. Pretty good really. LOL (wow I haven’t gotten this carried away since ‘salad cream’)

  10. Kerry says:

    An anecdote: When my brother and I visited family in the UK when we were teenagers we thought we’d bring them something Canadian.
    So, we brought big jugs of maple syrup to everyone (this was before the weight restrictions on flights).

    The ‘Canadian’ side of the family LOVED us and were able to make proper pancakes dripping with syrup.

    The ‘English’ family had to be instructed as to what it was and how it was used. We even made them proper Canadian pancakes. They put a *TINY* bit of syrup on them and I think they only ate them out of politeness. Hell, they probably still have syrup in their house…20-odd years later.

  11. S. Poole says:

    LOL, our UK relatives didn’t like pancakes either, AND they thought the maple syrup was too loose (meaning thin, watery) for their liking. Blasphemy!
    Say, don’t some folks call them flapjacks in America? 😉

  12. TrudyC says:

    Beanie, what you’re describing sounds like crumpets. They do look similar, have little holes in them and you eat them while having your tea.

    Although, I guess one could put HP on them a la Cilla.

  13. Michigander Fan says:

    S. Poole,

    Yup. However (and I firmly state I am not an expert in the semantics of pancakes), I thought flapjacks referred to buckwheat pancakes…

    Of course I could be mistaken though…


  14. beanie says:

    Trudy, I am quite familiar with a crumpet. These were called pancakes and didn’t have holes. I think the flapjack thing depends on what part of the US you are from. In New England they are sometimes called Johnnycakes and I think they use Some cornmeal in the mix. They DO however have pretty good maple syrup there though. Move over Mrs. Butterworth WE”RE CANADIAN!!!

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    Beanie said: They DO however have pretty good maple syrup there though.

    If you need somewhere to hide from the RCMP Syrup Enforcement Division, I’m right across the Ambassador Bridge in Deee-troit!


  16. beanie says:

    Thanks MF!!! My BFF lives in Sterling Heights so I usually get my illegal goods there. Canada has come a long way though we got diet RED BULL now LOL

  17. missusmac says:

    Becky’s scene, with all the pumped up music, was excellent! I heart Becky.

    I’m glad Ty has Molly, else he’d be all alone in a few minutes.

    Liam and Carla I didn’t see coming, but I think it’s going to provide a winning storyline. Poor Maria, the prettiest unattached girl on the street!

  18. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Well great minds think alike….The incident in the grocery store with Roy really opened my eyes and as I sat there watching it….I Said to myself…”aspbergers”!! Wow… I dealt with my ex fiance who has it and it really hit home for me. I hate it when Roy and Hayley fight…
    I hope Christian comes back….it would be great to continue this storyline.

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