Update: Thursday June 27, 2008 – “I promise to do my best”

The Duckworth Scandal

Jack and Vera are talking about the missing/returned money. Paul just comes in asking if Tyrone was saying it was him who took the cash. Jack says not in so many words. Paul asks if they think Tyrone took the money and trying to make out it was him. Vera is not so sure. Paul says they have the money back so they should forget about it. Jack agrees. Paul goes. Vera says he would agree as he always forgets.

Tyrone comes into the shop – and Molly asks if he is in a better mood. He says he hates being accused of stealing when he didn’t. Molly says Jack and Vera get mixed up. Tyrone says it is because Paul wants them to think that way. Cilla comes and starts listening to their conversation. Tyrone asks Molly if he believes her. She says yes and Tyrone starts again saying it must be Paul then. He leaves the shop frustrated when Molly tells him to stop going on about it. Cilla says he is not in the best of moods. Molly says she is not either.

Later outside the garage Tyrone runs up to Paul and says he knows he took the money. Paul admits it was him who took the cash. Tyrone asks if he is admitting it. Paul says yes – and tells him he took the money for the restaurant. Then says he didn’t speak up because he is sick of him trying to find out things about him. Paul then says he should think twice before telling Jack and Vera as it might just cause more trouble. Which when you think of it – sadly, is sort of true.

Tyrone needs to go to the Spy Shop and buy a web camera and wire.

He goes running into the shop and tells Molly what Paul just admitted. Tyrone thinks Molly does not believe him. Molly says she really does. Fizz comes in asking if this is the only cake. Molly says yes and then asks Tyrone what he is going to go. He does not know. Molly tells him to do nothing and they will talk later. Tyrone goes and Fizz says they will have to do.

Roy’s Rolls

Becky tells Blanche she is not expecting miracles and tells her to do what she can because she is old and decrepit. Wow, how nice. Blanche says she is going as does not want to be insulted. Becky says sorry. Blanche says she needs to sit down and wants cup of tea.

Lloyd asks where Roy is – Becky says he is away camping. Lloyd does not like the idea of creepy crawlies and cows (?) and asks Blanche if she camped. Blanche who is sitting down at a table says not since she was a Girl Guide. The visual kills me.

The wheels are turning in Becky’s head. She then tells Blanche she is closing the cafe. She yells and tells everyone there is an emergency and the café is now closed. Blanche asks why. Becky says she can’t say why and for her not to ask. She is on a mission. Fizz comes in asking for four tea cakes but is told the cafe is closed. She is out of luck.

Becky runs into Streetcars and wants a cab ASAP. Lloyd says yes and the charming driver too. Becky says she does not want chitchat and for him just to drive to Ashton Street.

Becky comes marching into the record shop – goes up to Christian and starts punching him. Whoa! Christian tells her to stop it and calls her mad. He holds her back and Becky asks to be let go. He finally lets her go and Becky says that hurt.

Becky says Hayley is the nicest person she has ever met. Christian says he didn’t hit a woman, he hit his “dad”. He asks if Hayley sent her to beat him up. Becky says she does not know she is here and says Hayley would have stopped her coming and would not want to hurt him even though he hurt her because she is a nice person. That was some scene!

Audrey’s Salon

David is really “trying” by being somewhat civil for once. He gets her tea, tries to talk to Sarah but she tells him she does not want to talk. Maria tells him to give her time and she will have to talk to him.

Maria she thinks the worst is over between Sarah and David. That is wishful thinking.


The girls all ask Liam about Carla. He says she isn’t in. They say he really hates her and more then ever. Vikki says it’s always the same, one family member dies and the rest blame each other. Interesting concept.

Liam asks Rosie if Carla has phoned. She says no. Liam says he is not going to phone, as she will think they are checking up on her love life. Yeah, like you are not interested…

Outside Carla pulls up in her car and heads to the factory door. Liam says he thought he’d speak to her outside. She asks about what. He says her coming from Tony’s bed. How rude! Carla says she came from her own bed and was late because she wanted to give him some space – just like he goes on about.

Liam tells Rosie to go for a “wander” then tells Carla he should not have said what he just said. He says it’s not very smart going out with someone they are doing a big order for. Carla says she is not going out with him and thinks because he is Paul’s brother he has a “duty” look after her. She tells him she does not need looking after. We all know that…

Carla mentions because she is the widow of Paul he is trying to be faithful to his memory. He says he’s not and she does not have to throw herself at every man. Carla says Paul went off with prostitutes. Liam asks if she is getting her own back. Carla says she is trying to get her life back together. Liam pushes against the wall and kisses her.


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6 Responses to Update: Thursday June 27, 2008 – “I promise to do my best”

  1. geenee says:

    That Becky has some temper! Christian didn’t know what hit him. Quite a shocking scene.

    Then there was the shocker with Carla and Liam. Both their partners cheated on them with each other so they do have that in common. They seem to hate each other but opposites attract, I guess.

    Tyrone can’t win so all he can do is play a waiting game until Paul gives himself away – unless he goes to the spy shop!

  2. Mrs. D says:

    For the record, Liam can push me up against a wall and kiss me anytime!

  3. glacia says:

    Go Becky! I’m glad she did that.

    I think her and Christian will EVENTUALLY get together.

  4. beanie says:

    I loved this episode!!! I have been really enjoying Becky and this puts at the top of my list. I’m not wealthy like missusmac so I don’t have a jury but I DO have a list. LOL

  5. Joy says:

    Mrs. D, I agree with you re Liam. I had to replay that scene 3 times!

  6. missusmac says:

    See, I told you I hate Carla. Great clothes, great hair, and now she has Liam too?!?!?! Life ain’t fair.

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