Update For Episode #6655 June 27,2008

The Factory

Liam and Carla carry on with their snog in the office. They both come to their senses and cease and desist, and quickly try to blame each other for what happened. Liam decides to take a wander and goes round the pub to talk to his sister about Carla and Tony and all the that is going on at the factory. Michelle does the best she can to proffer advice based on the limited information she has. A short while later Carla comes by The Rovers looking for Liam but ends up having a similar chat with Michelle. They agree that men in general are trouble and wonder why they can’t be more straightforward. Carla does her best to ascertain if Liam let anything slip to Michelle about their kiss.

A while later Rosie and her fingernails pops round Liam’s to see if he is alright, but he gives her the brush off and closes the door in her face, but opens it after her to ask if Carla is still in the factory. Rosie tells him that she has gone home already.

Liam makes his way over to have a chat with Carla, but she is barely willing to let him into her building. (worried about her unspoken desire for Liam is my guess) They talk things through that the last thing on earth that either of them would want is to have a relationship with each other. The very thought of it would make Carla vomit. When Liam leaves though, Carla almost says something to him but stops herself at the last moment.

The last we see of Liam is him sitting in the back garden, bouncing a baseball off a wall to himself. (who plays baseball in th UK?) This scene is taken directly from the 1963 classic The Great Escape with Steve McQueen playing catch off a wall in the cooler to pass the time. I can only surmise that the writers are making an allegorical reference to Liam being a prisoner of his unspoken desire for his sister-in-law, in the same way that Virgil Hilts was a prisoner of the Germans in Luft Stalag III in the movie.

The factory girls ponder the future ownership of their workplace.

The Cab Office

Ashley comes by the cab office to talk to Claire and wonder why she didn’t ask him to babysit the kids. She points out that he has a business to run, and if he is constantly closing up shop they will have no money to keep the kids in food and clothing, which would be a bad thing.

The Cafe

The B team, aka Becky and Blanche, continue to keep the cafe running while Roy and Hayley are away communing with nature. After they knock off for the day the two of them stop in at The Rovers for a drink. Blanche orders her usual large gin and tonic, pointing out to Becky that at her age, it’s not a bad thing. Blanche wonders if Becky is going to do anything with her life, like have a family. Becky almost starts to tell the story of Hayley and Christian but stops herself, and ponders aloud if having a child is not a bit of a gamble.

The Salon

Sarah comes back to work for first time since the unpleasantness with Bethany. As expected, sparks soon fly between the two siblings and Sarah flounces out, saying she can’t work with David and wondering which one of them Audrey is going to have to sack. She goes by the builders yard to talk about what has happened with Jason. Audrey finds the two of them in the cafe and persuades Sarah to come back to work, but tells David that he has top leave for the rest of the day. Maria tells Audrey that David was actually on his best behaviour at work and Sarah might have been out of order, to which Audrey replies, ‘I’m a hairdresser, not a miracle worker.’

Audrey and Bill talk later, and Bill correctly points out how scheming David can be.

The Old Rectory

The tired old plot line of the missing money drags on. Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Bits and Bobs

Not a single child actor was seen in any segment of this epiosde. Perhaps the producers realized what a shite bunch of child actors they had and are putting them through some sort of boot camp in an attempt to improve their thespian abilites.

No sign of Dev. Ken and Deirdre have been long absent as well.

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11 Responses to Update For Episode #6655 June 27,2008

  1. beanie says:

    Rosie is getting BEYOND ridiculous…Sheez. I’m loving this new relationship ‘The B Team’ Did anyone else have a Star Trek flashback in the salon? “I’m a doctor Jim…not a miracle worker”

  2. S. Poole says:

    Patiently waiting for Audreh to shush Bill if he keeps badmouthing young schemer David.

    Loved Blanche kedging a large G&T — when Becky was buying, why not ! Pretty sure she would normally be ordering a small one.

    All this talk of St. Paul lately and his picture in the office makes on wonder why no one speaks of Kasia in the factory any more, not even Vicki.

  3. arphpeck says:

    Is Audrey running a business or a daycare for unemployables? Maria shouldn’t have to put up with all that crap in the workplace, and how much longer will customers want to be subjected to a live run-through of Jerry Springer?
    Does anyone else notice that Carla can’t stand still? She’s either moving her arms around or sort of bouncing or weaving or something that might be called jiggling if there was anything there to jiggle. Even Rosie is better at jiggling, and as for her, thank God Liam has enough sense to shut the door in her face. I worry though, that she’ll feel she has to prove herself after being rejected and the next older guy she flirts with won’t be as mindful of her young age.

  4. geenee says:

    Rosie was wearing a shiny short velvet jacket; they must be all the rage over there.

    Strange that people become saints after they die. Liam seems to have conveniently forgotten about Paul, Leanne and the call girls. I am glad that he didn’t fall for Rosie.

    I enjoy seeing the Duckworths in a storyline with Tyrone and Paul, though it is past time that Ty and Molly find a place of their own. Can’t wait to see Paul exposed for the sneak he is.

    Maria has had to put up with a lot from the Platts. Sarah has acted like a spoiled brat ever since she started at the salon. I was never clear on what she did anyway. Do these girls ever get any training, or is it all just trial and error?

  5. missusmac says:

    I believe Maria was once sent on a training course for junior hairdressers; she went right from the dog kennel to the salon, didn’t she? Which may explain why everyone comes out of Audrey’s with a poodle perm…Emily, Betty —.

    Sarah can be a very spoiled wilful child herself, she has a pout that just won’t quit and is almost as manipulative as David.

    It was nice to see Ashley have an angry moment. I generally like Claire, but her anger/vindictiveness/singlemindedness can be quite frightening and bitchy. i.e. “we had an agreement you would ask me first to babysit,” says Ashley. “Yeah, well, I broke that agreement,” says Claire calmly. Oh. OK then.

    If Josh gets upset when Ashley leaves after visits, I can actually see Claire saying “well, you can only see him once a week because it upsets him.”

    I had the same WTF moment when I saw Liam with the baseball glove. Throwing a ball against the wall as a mindless timekiller I can understand, but how many gloves might there be in all of the UK?

  6. Gayle says:

    Geenee, I agree with your comments regarding Molly & Tyrone. I know Liz Dawn is ill in real life but why do they both need “looking after” Molly, Tyrone and Paul run round after them all the time. I was very disappointed in Jack and Vera’s treatment of Tyrone, he may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.
    It is high time Molly and Tyrone get their own apartment, especially after Jack and Vera turned on him.

    As far as the salon is concerned, I too wondered if Sara has had any formal training, why is it up to Audrey to employ her spoilt brat grandchildren. I sure wouldn’t go to a salon where there is constant bickering amongst the staff.

  7. beanie says:

    I LOVED the top Carla was wearing today and it looked great on her skinny ass. Glad to see and hear more from Wiki. I giggle everytime she says ‘fucktorry’ LOL

  8. geenee says:

    missusmac: I can relate to Claire and her attitude about broken agreements, since Ashley broke his by messing with KC. She was betrayed by him and her so-called friend. I know she can be a bit smug and priggish, but she is doing her best to carry on without him, keeping a job and looking after the kids. Is she now supposed to consult him about everything?

    If Ashley had listened to and supported his wife, instead of rushing out the door in a temper all the time, they might still be together. Granted, he has been under a lot of strain what with Fred’s death and Claire’s post-partum depression, but he can be quite a whiner too. Can you tell, it’s been a bit of a relief to me to have them off the screen lately?

    I loved Blanche’s remark about the all-day breakfast taking all day!

  9. fondue123 says:

    Thanks for this update papasmurf. They haven’t posted Friday’s episode online, does anyone know anything about this? I know it’s CBC, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, but they’ve been doing such a good job with this so far…

  10. glacia says:

    Paul is evil like Terry, but without the sex appeal.

  11. missusmac says:

    I don’t understand Jack. He knows Terry is a waster, always did, and didn’t have any trouble saying it. Vera believed the sun shone out of Terry’s behind.

    So, I would have thought Jack would have more faith in Ty. Vera not so much, because she can be blind to family faults — except for Jack’s!

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