Monday June 30th 2008 – The Nothing Really Happened Update

UK Time Monday October 3rd 3007

I write this update on Canada Day just before I head to my friends place for some sumptuous Korean Barbeque to be followed by a rousing outdoor party on the beach beside the interesting Lake Ontario.  Happy Canada Day Corrie Canucksters! At some point I expect you all to raise a pint of Russell Honey Blonde, Grasshopper, Bohemianm, River City, Cameron’s, McAuslin, Pump House, Charelvoix, Freshwater, or Chilkoot depending on your location and say “Happy Birthday/Bonne Fete Canada!” Then dive into that curry and roti, borscht, tortiere, pasta, salted cod, chow mein, cheeseburger, tofu dog, or whatever it is that’s on your plate. Just have a good time.

On to the update. I think I could sum up this episode with the following:

Carla and Liam talks about stuff
Steve and Lloyd talked about stuff
Michelle and Carla talked about stuff
Maria and Liam talked about stuff
The factory girls talked about stuff.
Sean and Violet talk about stuff.
Eileen and Jerry talked about stuff.
Sarah wont talk to David about stuff.
Vicky cracked some jokes. She’s golden.
Blanche is rude to Steve and Lloyd.

Seriously, that was it.

Basically this episode was a delivery system. For the following:

The old dude
Cilla was caring for asked her to move in and told her that he would set her up big style if she would move in (and leave her son). Also, and this is key, after he des she would get basically everything. Then he up and dies a la Alf Roberts, in a chair and not noticed until it’s too late. What will Cilla do now?

Jason grabbed David and slammed him up against the fence.

Despite his best
attempts Liam and Maria end up having drinks with Carla and Tony (not really caring about the Liam and Carla thing at all).

Honestly, that was it.

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7 Responses to Monday June 30th 2008 – The Nothing Really Happened Update

  1. missusmac says:

    Pretty accurate update Debbie. The only other interesting thing to me was Eileen being referred to by Violet as Gerry`s `partner`. Whaaaa? I think they`ve had some dinner and drinks together, but that`s about it, isn`t it?

    I did like Blanche reading a book and making Steve and Lloyd pick up their dirty plates.

  2. geenee says:

    Perfect summing up. The old dude died. People talked. Blanche was enjoyable as usual.

  3. howdi says:

    Why, oh why did the writers kill off Cilla’s patient. This would have been a great story line.

  4. Michigander Fan says:


    That’s EXACTLY what I thought. They’re PARTNERS? They’ve been on about 2 dates!!!

    It was a blah episode, and Debbie pretty much said it all.

    Happy Canada Day, eh!


  5. Mandy says:

    I hope Violet and Jamie get back together!

  6. Mandy says:

    Wait, and is this the episode where Sarah was doing Violet’s hair at the salon? I don’t care that Violet moved on from Jason with Jamie and now has even moved beyond that. I can’t believe she’d go to the salon and let the woman who stole her boyfriend touch her!

  7. AngB says:

    Of all episodes for me to catch up on. Thank goodness for this website or I’d be totally lost. I haven’t been able to watch in weeks. Thank you everyone for the fantastic updates!!! This was one episode I could have missed no problem.

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