Update for Wednesday, July 2, 2008. David’s New Project

Rich Bride, Poor Bride

At the Platts’, Sarah-Lou and Jason have returned from their walk and tell Gail that they have come to an important decision regarding their wedding: they want a chocolate fountain. And by “they”, we, of course, mean Sarah. Jason just needs to know when to show up.

Gail congratulates them for making one decision in the 1001 other things they’ll need to decide before giving their money over to the Bridal/Industrial Complex.

Gail decides they should discuss the wedding in full with all family members in attendance, including Eileen, but not David.

Gail calls Audrey to invite her over but David overhears and asks if they were talking about him. Audrey makes like he’s being an egoïste.

Anyway, Bill thinks being excluded from the wedding isn’t such a bad thing.

Of course, later, as David is talking to Darryl outside the Platts, he sees Audrey and Bill pull up and head toward the house with a bottle of wine in tow.

As they discuss the chocolate fountain, the church, the chocolate fountain, the flowers, and the chocolate fountain, David stands in the window and stares through the net curtains. This may have been the first time a character stared through net curtains into a house.

Eventually, everyone is creeped out and Gail goes outside to talk to David. He claims they are talking about him but she brings him inside to show they are talking about the wedding. He seems offended that he’s not even considered part of the family anymore but Sarah is surprised he’d even want to be a part of the wedding.

He again apologises for what he did to Bethany but Sarah says maybe in a thousand years, she’d forgive him. He asks if he can help at the wedding or the stag do, but it’s made clear he’s not invited to either.

David then says there is no way, therefore, that this wedding will ever happen.

The Only Socially Acceptable Place An Adult Should Dress as a Pirate is at a Child’s Birthday Party

Corrie Canuck: For All Your Eurovision Needs

It’s Finlay’s pirate-themed birthday party and there are 800 children in the house, not much sign of Finlay, but a whole lot of Jerry.

He and Jodie engage in a little pirate skit in which he tells bad pirate jokes. Oooh, I got one!

Q: Why didn’t the little kids see ‘Sex in the City’?
A: Because it was rated “AAAARRRRRRRR!!!”

Anyway, he’s not staying long, as he has a hot date with his “partner” Eileen which involves dinner at Chesire’s finest Indian restaurant (his friend owns it and promises a 10% discount), and the rather presumptuous move of booking the hotel next door. The kids are therefore dumped on Jodie, who protests that she was meeting someone (she made a date with Lloyd at the Rovers).

Jerry asks who this is, despite having practically thrown her toward Lloyd the other day. She says nobody and Jerry figures it’s ok for her to break the date.

Later, she gets her friend to watch the kids while she quickly goes across the street to meet Lloyd. She’s apologetic at first but then goes into a long rant about how selfish her father is and how he takes her for granted. She then gives him a big kiss and agrees that they’ll meet again later, then returns to the party. Liz notes that she looks good in a skirt. Lloyd agrees.


At the Rover’s, Sean hasn’t turned up for his shift, leaving Violet to fill in. She gets a little queasy and starts feeling ill. Jamie takes her to the hospital, just to be sure, given what happened last time.

Later Sean walks in apologising for his lateness and tells Liz how he was transported to another world with Marcus and they talked all night and had an interlude in which they did their own version of the Haagen-Dasz commercial.

This one?

Liz tells him that Violet was taken to th’hospickle with Jamie and Sean flies out the door. Turns out Vi had some bad spaghetti but all is well.

Except that I think Violet will be leaning on Jamie on a little more in the future for these types of things.

In Other News

Claire let Ashley sleep on the couch.

Tony Gordon’s been sending lots and lots of flowers to Carla. She suggests it may be a little over the top.

Original broadcast date: Friday, October 5, 2007.


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15 Responses to Update for Wednesday, July 2, 2008. David’s New Project

  1. glacia says:

    re: the Egoïste commerical.

    Je l’adore!

    One of my all time favorites. TY!

  2. Mandy says:

    This was a good episode. I start to feel bad for David, but then he makes it obvious that he hasn’t changed. He should have acted sad and repentant that Sarah and Jason didn’t want them involved in the wedding, not spiteful! Silly boy.

  3. geenee says:

    The whole secrecy thing was silly. Most boys couldn’t care less about wedding plans so if Audrey had just told him why they were going to Gail’s he might have been glad to be left out. Bill wasn’t that thrilled to be there either, and I would have been totally bored. Eileen couldn’t wait to escape. Sarah is acting like a spoiled brat.

    Also, I thought it was normal to feel queazy now and then during pregnancy and hardly called for a trip to hospital – more of a little rest.

    Is Corrie getting less and less realistic – or am I becoming more of a cynic?

  4. Gayle says:

    Geenee, I agree with you completely. I wanted to slap Sarah’s face. I find her behaviour to be extremely immature. What David did was wrong, he has repeatedly apologized. Why did Audrey and Bill need to be present to discuss the (I am so sick of hearing about)wedding. Unless Audrey is paying for it! I also thought the trip to the hospital was way over the top feeling dizzy is part of being pregnant. If I were Liz, Sean would be getting his walking papers, first he didn’t show up for his shift and then when he did he ran out to go to the hospital!

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    I also thought both main storylines were a little ridiculous.

    Violet and Jamie overreacted, but then Violet UNDERreacted to Sean blowing off his shift. Look, if you’re going to promise to cover for me at work, I need to know you’re going to COVER FOR ME.

    OTOH, Liz was being run ragged, but I didn’t remember seeing Vern OR Steve there. Part & parcel of being a business owner is the concept that when your irresponsible employees blow off their shifts, the owners pick up the slack. So why hadn’t Liz asked for help from them?

    And Sarah is acting like a spoiled brat, and the whole secrets thing was stupid. Chocolate fountain indeed.

    John, I loved the Bridal Industrial Complex comment! My sister is planning her wedding right now, and as hard as she is trying to avoid it, the BIC is like the gravitational pull around the Death Star.


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh, and you know who I don’t feel sorry for at all?

    Jodie. You don’t want to be your dad’s built in housekeeper and babysitter?

    MOVE OUT. You’re a grown up – just do it!


  7. John says:

    MF- A friend of mine, a very cheap friend, once remarked that as soon as he got engaged to his now wife, it seemed as though there was a line-up of people trying to separate him from his money. He eventually eloped at their own engagement party at the rented village fire hall. Total cost: $500.

    While I’d like to avoid the grandiosity of certain modern weddings, I don’t think I’d ever go that cheap.

    As for the family meeting to discuss the wedding, I can see it. I’m pretty sure Audrey and Gail are footing the bill. Eileen doesn’t really have the money and Jason is probably putting some cash down, too given that he’s a builder who lives rent free. So, if you’re paying for the thing, you probably have vested interest in ensuring the bride doesn’t get carried away.

  8. whitehorsefan says:

    For some reason, unbeknownst even to me, I feel the need to defend Sarah.

    Yes, she is whiny and immature, and so doesn’t express herself very well. But, her reaction to David is not unreasonable. David has been a sociopath in the making for a long time, and she has watched him over and over again do nasty things and get away with it. This last time, he almost killed her daughter. Surely he can’t expect that simply saying sorry over and over again is going to change anything? If he really understood the situation, he would understand that he has to earn everyone’s respect. After last night’s display, it’s clear he doesn’t get, and his brush with killing someone hasn’t made him reevaluate his life.

    As for the whole wedding thing, I have witnessed otherwise rational, level headed women become crazed fanatics when planning their weddings. I think there it might even be classified as a temporary mental illness in the DSM-IV (or is it V by now?) Sarah is tedious, but I think that’s to be expected. She could, really, be far worse.

    How’s that for a spirited defence of the poor girl (and I carefully chose that last word).

  9. glacia says:

    Whitehorse, I think Sarah’s reaction to David is understandable. Trust me, I have held bigger longer grudges for less offense.

    I think it’s just her personality that grates on me.

    So, if you’re paying for the thing, you probably have vested interest in ensuring the bride doesn’t get carried away. Or that the groom doesn’t escape through the loo window.

  10. geenee says:

    I can see a meeting between Gail, Sarah, Audrey, and Eileen (if she’s interested); that would be the natural group – but why do Bill, David and even Jason need to be there? Unless Jason’s really interested. Presumably he and Sarah had already talked things over. I understand Sarah’s anger, but she should be more professional at work. Lots of money was spent on the almost wedding so let’s hope Jason goes through with it this time.

    I think Gail could have made her feelings a bit clearer to David and told him they all need time to see an improvement in his behaviour before asking him back to live there. He should have to prove himself for a few months anyway. Instead, she almost seems to enjoy hurting him, and Sarah just delights in it.

    How long will Liz put up with lazy Vern? Was it his night off and he was out? If not, she could have called him from the back. Steve could have been working or out, assuming Sean was there.

  11. Michigander Fan says:


    I agree – David is a little sociopath, and Sarah is right about being upset. However, (and this is just my own gut feeling) at some point, I think she crossed that “good sibling/ bad sibling” line, where she is using her “advantage” over David to score as many points as possible. THAT I don’t like.

    However (and even Gail seems to have forgotten this) the social worker was making noises about removing Bethany from the house if the person who had the drugs was going to be around. So seriously, David can’t be there if they are going to contnue to live there.


  12. Michigander Fan says:


    I thought that story was kind of funny. My sister is trying, but the tractor beam is very strong. She has all these (well-intentioned) people telling her what she can and can’t do, and what is “proper”. Plus to make matters worse, since the groom is a Canuck, they are having to go through this completely insane immigration process. (Seriously, the procedure is exactly the same whether he’s from Canada or Iran.) Put it together and you have a very stressed couple.

    When I was engaged, my then-fiance and I were going to go on a trip and get married rather than get on the insane merry-go-round. Then I dumped him, and therefore saved us thousands!


  13. glacia says:

    wish I had dumped a few fiances.

  14. kunzie says:

    If Sarah, and her family, really understood that David is sociopathic (which I think he is), they need to extract themselves carefully. Throwing him to the wolves is like throwing gasoline on a fire. At sixteen, David does basically belong at home…it’s Sarah, Jayshun and Bethany that should be setting up house on their own; they have two salaries. But no one has every been able to accuse any Platt of being overly bright.

  15. Debbie says:

    I often wonder why Sarah and Jason must live at Gail’s. I remember them looking for a place and they could only afford a crappy apartment. It is times like this that I have to remind myself that these characters are about 23 years-old with very limited earning potentials. Also, I don’t think Sarah could look after Bethany without Gail around.

    I don’t understand why Audrey is pushing Sarah to be so understanding. She called him a “dangerous little psycho” a year ago and he hasn’t changed. In fact, he’s gotten worse. He his narcotics in one of Bethany’s toys. That is beyond destructive and beyond careless.

    I don’t know that Sarah is looking to score points. She has been trying to get Gail to see David’s true colours for a while. She is, no doubt, frustrated. Even more so because since his behaviour has gone un-checked, he almost killed her ugly daughter.

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