Update: Thursday July 3, 2008 – Smug City


Part of the Nouveau Riche?

At the Battersby’s  Cilla is going on about being a millionaire and all the dosh she is going to receive. The outfit she has on reminds me of Big Bird and Barney in mouring. Kirk tells her she should keep it on the down low, but she thinks otherwise.

Cilla goes into the cabin and picks up a magazine and declares to Norris about her new found wealth and that Chesney will no longer need his job as a delivery boy. Oh dear.

She then prances into StreetCars and pulls out a fifty pound note and demands a ride to the solicitor’s office.

Cilla and Lloyd arrive at the office in the taxi and tells Lloyd to open the door for her.  God, what a nightmare in the making.  She tells him that she could “get used to this”.  Once in the office she wants to know how long she has to wait to see the solicitor.  And brags that she has a car waiting.  LOL.

Little Black Book

In the café, Becky is flirting with Jason, Sarah comes up and tells her she better keep her hands to herself.  Sarah then asks Jason for his address book so she can send out more invitations.  She tells him that people have cancelled.

Sarah arrives back at the Salon. David says he’ll get out of her way and go to Roy’s Rolls.  He keeps making comments about Sarah and Jason’s wedding not going ahead. David tells her that she’ll be “wasting her stamps. But then again” he goes on “every show needs an audience doesn’t it?”

Sarah leaves the salon and David looks through Jason’s address book that Sarah has left there. He has the smile of a Cheshire Cat.

Spoiled Kebabs

Jerry and Eileen arrive back on the street in a cab after Eileen’s birthday trip. He seems is furious to see that the kebab shop is closed and immediately blames Jodie.

Jodie completely ignores Jerry when he arrives back home. He confronts her. She is still very annoyed about being left to clear up after Finnigan’s birthday party – who can blame her?

Lloyd goes to see Jerry in the kebab shop Jerry apologizes about Lloyd and Jodie’s ruined date. He offers Lloyd money to take Jodie out another time. He doesn’t take the money.  Good move.

Lloyd later sees Jodie. He tells her about Jerry’s offer of money which she is furious about.

Jodie catches up with her dad and is still angry that he tried to offer money to Lloyd. She lets him know how humiliated she feels by his actions. Jerry tries to calm Jodie down without any success.  She tells him to keep out of her life.

Scottish Hottie

In the factory office Liam is acting smug. He then notices there aren’t any roses decorating the office and assumes this means that Carla and Scottish Tony are splitsville. He also thinks this means they have lost Tony as a client. She informs him otherwise and tells him how great things are between them. I love it.

At Underworld, Carla is having problem sending e-mail with an attachment. Liam sighs and says “Ahh women and technology” Which is infuriating!! Tony arrives looking sauve to take Carla out to luch. Liam then goes on to claim that Carla is not the one in control of her and Tony’s relationship like she earlier stated. 


Music at Underworld

Cardigans and Manic Street Preachers – Your Love is Not Enough


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13 Responses to Update: Thursday July 3, 2008 – Smug City

  1. geenee says:

    Again, not much happened. Bridezilla was writing invitations instead of working and David has plans of sabotage. It should be an interesting wedding!

    Jodie should move out. Jason and Sarah should move out. Tyrone and Molly should move out. Maybe they could all rent a house together!

    Cilla was her usual charming self and would be even more obnoxious with money. I do enjoy watching her, though.

  2. Mandy says:

    Lovely update!

    Come on, I don’t think Sarah is a bridezillah. I want her and David to work it out but she has every right to not want him at the wedding. And did anyone else think she handled the Becky thing with a lot of maturity? What she said to Becky was more of a joke, but also a warning. And then she didn’t care if Jason had girls in his litle black book. That was nice and mature.

    I am going to laugh in Cilla’s face if it turns out she doesn’t get the money… or at least laugh at the t.v. Lol!

    Jodie DOES need to move out!

  3. whitehorsefan says:

    In many parts of the world (I would even hazard to say most parts of the world) children live with their parents until they are married, and it would be seen as ridiculous to do otherwise.

    Anyone know whether it is also common in England, or whether children living with their parents until they are 45 is only done for dramatic purposes?

  4. geenee says:

    There’s nothing wrong with living with parents in “normal” families where people are a bit more considerate of others. Jerry just uses Jodie as a babysitter and to run the shop when he wants to go out and doesn’t have any time to herself. Tyrone too is in a thankless situation with Vera and Jack and there really isn’t enough room for all of them. It’s hard for Gail to know what to do with kids like she has but once the young couple get married, it would seem natural for them to move into a place of their own IMO.

    I was liking Sarah more until lately and she has matured a lot, except where David is concerned. For the sake of Audrey and the business, she should be more professional and not always be sniping at David. She seems to be always goofing off and is totally obsessed with the wedding to the exclusion of other people’s feelings.

  5. beanie says:

    Really great update Mayfair!! You really did make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear because the episode wasn’t that great. Sarah is beyond annoying but over the years I have had the misfortune to work with several people who were getting married and they were all EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I want Carla’s wardrobe!! And I wouldn’t mind Wee Tony as well.

  6. beanie says:

    One more thing…I thought Cilla looked pretty good for Cilla. Ridiculous but not that bad. I would have enjoyed seeing more of her with old dead Frank.

  7. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    It will be sad to see old Cilla leave the street…her character is so much more interesting than other ones. Have any of the characters mentioned Ken and Deidre being gone? Good news though….Peter Barlow is coming back to the street…The actor who plays him is such a hottie….Such lovely eyes….

  8. nwtrunner says:

    My favourite part of this episode was Jerry and Lloyd singing “Come Up and See Me, Make Me Smile” by the great Steve Harley! One of my all-time favourites from university days long gone.

    Resist, resist…. Well, if Carla was involved, maybe I wouldn’t… 😉

  9. Gayle says:

    I was wondering who on earth was Sarah sending all those invitations to? She has only had one friend (Candice), and Nick and Martin are never even mentioned any more.

    I agree with Geenee completely, why don’t Tyrone and Mollie, Jason, Sarah and Bethany MOVE OUT! It appears that Sarah has no intention of getting a place. I have a 20 year old son and I know as soon as he completes his education he’s dying to get his own place.

  10. geenee says:

    The invitations sometimes go to people who won’t come but would feel slighted if they didn’t get one, eg. Martin and Nick. Then they send a present, which is always welcome – if you’re lucky! Martin was like a father to Sarah so he should be there, but the actor may have other ideas. Maybe they could bring in a Martin with a new head – or a new Nick. Who will walk her down the aisle? I’ve forgotten who did it last time.

  11. missusmac says:

    Perhaps Bill will walk her down the aisle? Certainly not David!

  12. dave says:

    Love the Manic Street Preachers/Nina Persson song in the bkgd. Corrie has played that song at least half a dozen times recently.

  13. pip says:

    RE: the young people moving out and living on their own thing v. the culture of staying home until you’re married. I’m in the ‘move out’ camp because I think every young person should learn to shift for him/herself before getting hitched. That way they understand the real costs of living independently and won’t spend themselves into tremendous debt the first few years of marriage. they’s probably have a more mature attitude towards their responsibility to do housework and the like, as well. Of course, it seems like everyone on the street is dirt poor because all their disposable income goes for pints and wine at the local.

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