Jerry Morton’s E-coli in a Pita


The doner kebab, the shawarma, the shish-taouk, the donair. They have as many names as they have regional variations and lots of people have their opinions on which version is the best. But they are all, basically, loaves of meat from a rotisserie, shaved off and served in a pita with some kind of sauce. And since last year, the popular fast food has made its way to Coronation Street.

But a federal Canadian safety group is recommending a few changes to the way Jerry Morton’s chief source of income is created. For one, they want to ensure only inspected meat is served on donairs and that the meat be cooked twice. Colour me surprised that it isn’t done already. This was in the wake of a couple of E-coli outbreaks in Edmonton that were linked to uncooked donairs.

I’d like to know how long Jerry keeps his doner meat out in the open, given that the missus once remarked that the amount of meat on that rotisserie never seems to change. I’d stick with french fries at that place, particularly if Darryl is working the counter.

Further to the health committee’s recommendations, another way to avoid health issues associated with donairs is to not eat them.
let's keep this between you and me, eh?


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14 Responses to Jerry Morton’s E-coli in a Pita

  1. Kerry says:


    After-drinking snack of choice of millions of young canadians!

    Jerry’s actually looks like one of the cleaner pita places I’ve ever seen. Just saying…(except for when Darryl is working, of course!)

  2. Jody says:

    That’s so typical of Jerry isn’t it? Here’s a tenner to forget. Hillarious stuff!

  3. beanie says:

    Thanks John for reminding me WHY I have been vegetarian fo 34 years.

  4. missusmac says:

    Did you know there have been 100 cases of confirmed or suspected e coli illness in Canada attributed to donairs in recent years?

    Yes, I am that smart.

    Naw, I read it in this story in the Halifax Herald:

    I do have a recipe though for homemade donair meat, which I shared with a friend’s mother. She would make batches of the meat (out of hamburger) and ship them out west to him.

    No word on whether he was involved in any of these 100 suspected cases…

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    OOOOHHHHH. They’re GYROS! I have been wondering what the heck everyone was talking about!

    The picture and description made it crystal clear. Thanks for that!


  6. John says:

    …which of course reminds me of Stephen Colbert:

    “Some people call it a GY-ro. Some call it gyros. I’m an American. I call it a LAMB SANDWICH!”

  7. beanie says:

    Missusmac, thanks so much for the link. Not that I would have ever eaten a donair but it’s good to know that somewhere out there is a “Federal-Provincial-Territorial Donair Working Group” who has spent 2 years studying donairs and recommends “Once in the freezer…twice in the fire” DANG!!! Is their HQ in Halifax? I had no idea that NS is a “hotbed of donair consumption”. The things I learn on this site LOL

  8. glacia says:

    After-drinking snack of choice of millions of young canadians!

    Honestly, I’ve never been that drunk.

  9. beanie says:

    I thought I was living on the wild side in my youth getting a slice at Pizza Pizza on Yonge St. Or really go crazy with a falafal next door. I couldn’t even imagine eating mystery blob of rotating meat even if we were on Survivor.

  10. eps says:

    Beanie: e coli, meat? Yes, but then there is the very large e coli outbreak in the states put down to: tomatoes, possible cilantro (yeech), and other vegetarian fare.
    The e stands for Equal (opportunity).

  11. beanie says:

    eps I hear what you’re saying about veggies. I have been on super high-alert with fruit and veg especially from the US. I though the lastest outbreak was salmonella but it’s all pretty gross. I stopped eating meat while I was pregnant 34 yrs ago. Last year I was freaked out about ‘merican spinach and that big e coli outbreak that led back to Taco Bell was not from the ground mystery meat but the shredded lettuce. Never heard of anyone getting sick from tins of beans or fish and chips though. Maybe they’re onto something on Corrie. LOL

  12. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Sorry to the Canadians here but I won’t touch your beef…and I won’t touch our own here. Too much scary stuff in it….

    I thought and doner kebab was different from a GYRO….(pronounced HEE-ROW)

  13. John says:

    I think Gyros are made of lamb, while doner kebabs are beef.

  14. Michigander Fan says:

    See, when I hear kebab, I think of a long metal skewer, which contains chunks of meat (usually beef), with cherry tomatoes, onion, and various other grillable veggies.

    Which you then grill. Of course, there are also non-traditional shish kebabs, which include chicken or shrimp or whatever, but what I just described is the quintessential kebab.

    What do you guys call that then?


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