Update for Epiosde #6659 July 4, 2008

The San Siro in Milan, AKA Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, home of AC Milan and Inter Milan.


Eileen and Jerry are in The Rovers when he gets a call on his mobile, a friend of his is inviting him to go away that weekend with the boys to Milan. He agrees straight off to go on the trip, only to be reminded by Eileen when he gets off the phone that he had promised Jodie that she could have that weekend off. Jerry, in his usual self centered manner, assures that he can make everything work out with his daughter and the shop. Eileen seems unconvinced. Kev comes in and Jerry invites him along for the trip, as there is one more spot left with the posse for ‘a bit of craic’ in the fashion capitol. Kev mulls it over for a bit and eventually agrees to the plan, as long as it is all right with Sally. Jerry suggests that Kev tell her it a football trip, as they are scheduled to take a tour of the San Siro while they are there.

Kev stops in at the factory to ask his wife if he can go on the weekend getaway. Sal seems less than enthused by the idea, wondering how much it is going to cost, when did he and Jerry become such good mates, and why Milan of all places? Kev mumbles something about is being a football trip and going to the San Siro, which Liam overhears and asks Kev who is playing, and if he might be able to tag along. Kev is forced to admit that there is no game, and it is mostly an excuse to drink beer, but it is still cheaper than those poncy english classes Sal is taking. She relents and tells Kev that he can go.


Marcus pops by the pub looking for Sean. They eventually meet up and have a chat. Sean feels that he has to spend more time with Violet, but that does not mean that he wants to end it with Marcus. Not to worry, the new boy toy tells Sean, if we were to carry drinking and debauching the way we are they would soon be dead, so slowing things down a bit would be fine. His romantic life seemingly in good shape, Sean tells Michelle that he thinks he is in love.

Liam and Carla

Carla and Tony are sat in a booth the The Rovers canoodling over a drink while Liam glowers at them from a table on the other side of the bar. Tony wonders about this odd behaviour. Carla tells him not to worry, it is ‘just business’. When Tony and Liam have left Carla confides in Michelle about what is going on with Tony and how she is unsure about what she is feeling. Michelle assures her sister-in-law that she will do the right thing in the end and not to worry too much. Back at the factory Liam finds Carla on the computer and wonders what she is up to. It turns out she is making travel arrangements to attend the buyers show they had discussed previously but she was not keen on attending. Liam, with a bit of jealousy evident, wonders if Tony has influenced her decision. Carla tells Liam that she is travelling on her own, thank you very much.

David and Sarah

The two siblings continue to bicker at the workplace. Sarah comes into the salon while David is on the phone with someone who obviously wanted to speak with Sarah. When he hangs up Sarah wonders why he didn’t just give her the phone. David says it was only the florist confirming the date of the wedding, surely he can be trusted to get that right. No, she replies, and calls the florist back to ensure everything is in order, which surprisingly it is.

David steps out ‘to get some milk’ amd while on the way drops off a letter in the post addressed to Todd Grimshaw. No good will come of this, mark my words. When he retruns to the salon Sarah asks if he has been using any of her stamps. David deflects the question with an excuse about Audrey doing her bills earlier and then volunteers to put the wedding invitations Sarah is holding in the post for her. No way, she says, not if I want anyone to show up at my wedding. David assures her, in his smarmy fashion, that there will people attending the wedding.


Cilla is waiting impatiently in the recption area of the lawyer who is reading the will from Frank. When Mrs. Battersby-Brown is eventually called in, she is shocked to discover that she is getting 500 pounds. Not to cover administrative fees or the like. Only 500 pounds total. She wonders if there has been some kind of mistake, but the lawyer assures her that everything is in order. He hints to Cilla that Frank was a very busy man, that Cilla was not the only woman he spent time with after his wife passed away. The receptionist pokes her head at this moment, to inform the lawyer that ‘another one has arrived’. On the way out Cilla tells the next woman not to get her hopes up, there will be another coachload coming after her.

Back on the street Kirk comes home with a chunk of beef to celebrate their new found wealth, only to find Cilla sitting on the sofa in a depressed state. She tells Kirk that she had finally got the end of the rainbow, only to have it piss down on her. Kirk, the eternal optimist, points out that she has 500 pounds more than she did before, and besides there are still 4 cans of lager in the cooler. Cilla is not tio be consoled though, her dreams of a better life have been taken from her, and that is the biggest betrayal of all. Now she has no job, no money, and no idea when Les might return from his job as a roadie.

In a right state, Cilla decides that she is going to sell the necklace Frank gave her, she will never want to wear it again and she may as well get some money for it. She brings the jewelery to what seems to be a fairly high market antique shop. The buyer is quite interested in the piece, but tells Cilla that they are having a bit of a difficult financial time at the moment, and could only offer her 40 for the piece. Cilla, getting a bit frustrated, tells him to make it 50 and they can both walk away happy. The buyer tells Cilla that he has to confer with his colleague first about the price. When he returns he says that 50 is too much for them to pay at that moment. Cilla asks if 45 would be doable. The buyer says yes, that was the number they had also come up with. A happy ending it would seem. Cilla asks if she can get her money and be on her way. The buyer is a bit nonplussed, telling Cilla that they do not have 45,000 pounds on hand, but they will be able to get her a bank draft, which is the same as money. Needless to say Cilla is shocked but does an admirable job of covering up her surprise.

Meanwhile back on the street Kirk is telling Chesney not to mention the money when Cilla gets back. The two lads are surprised though when Cilla returns and does a bit of singing and dancing around the flat. She tells them the good news about the 45,00 pounds. Chesney wonders if they can have a chinese. Cilla goes on about how she is loaded now. Chesney asks her if she meant that they are loaded now. Yes of course, she assures her son. Time will tell. Cilla sends Kirk off to the corner store for 2 dozen cans of beer to celebrate – and whatever he is having as well.

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23 Responses to Update for Epiosde #6659 July 4, 2008

  1. missusmac says:

    How did things end with Todd and Sarah? And Todd and Jason?

    There was much sadness and anger from Sarah after the baby’s death, Todd was banned from the funeral. (Hey, history repeats itself for major Platt events…) So Sarah will be ballistic. And Gayle will have to get a whiplash insurance, those eye will be blinking like at warp speed!

    Jason and Todd were at odds, but I believe they mended fences enough to at least pass messages to each other via Eileen? Or have they spoken to each other via phone? Eileen has been to ‘visit’ Todd and his new fella several times in London.

  2. debbie says:

    I think Jason and Todd are OK, but Todd and Sarah are NOT.

    In all fairness to our Sally, she did have a little smile on her face when Kevin left. So, I don’t think she was all that irritated at the idea. Still, no good can come of her alone in Milan with Jerry.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Anyone else a little annoyed at how much Sean is making Violet’s “health scare” all about him?

    The Carla and Liam thing is starting to creep me out.

    See – THIS is why I said Jodie needs to move out. Jerry needs to be a full time dad. Actually, Jodie and Mel could move in together, then Darryl could move back in to the house, and potentially they could take that shed down, thus placating the neighbors. It’s much healthier (emotionally) on so many levels. OTOH, I firmly believe that on some level, this works for Jodie, or she would have already moved out. She needs to be needed. (Am I overthinking this?)

    Ultimately I think Jerry’s irresponsibility is going to cost him his relationship with Eileen. When the rubber meets the road, Eileen is a responsible person, and he will get on her last nerve.


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Also, can I verify? Todd is Jason’s brother, who seduced Nick Tilsley away from Sarah.. no. That can’t be right, because Nick and Sarah are siblings. Was Sarah dating Todd, and Nick seduced him? So I take it neither Nick nor Todd was initially invited to this wedding?

    Am I close?


  5. beanie says:

    MF Nick and Todd were never together. Nick is NOT gay. Todd didn’t know that he was gay himself until Nick came back from Canada and Todd suddenly had ‘feelings stirring’. He thought Nick was on the same page and tried to kiss him…..a real WTF moment. Nick totally avoided Todd after that but didn’t tell Sarah…….(someone else has to take it from here)

  6. missusmac says:

    Was it Eileen who told Sarah? I know she was against Todd continuing on with the wedding plans…

    I really felt sorry for Todd throughout this. He was/is a nice guy, just confused. And I think he really did love Sarah.

  7. geenee says:

    Todd was having an affair with a male nurse, if memory is correct but staying with Sarah because of the baby. I forget how she found out; she may have caught them. When the baby died, he was broken-hearted and not allowed at the funeral. Sarah was good in that storyline and not as annoying as she is now, Todd moved to London because he couldn’t stand the nastiness on the street when people found out and now has a significant other.

  8. missusmac says:

    Oh, I forgot about the nurse. Yes, I was amazed at the nastiness directed at Todd. (And now we have Sean, who arrived at the Grimshaw’s courtesy of knowing Todd, and no homophobia directed at him.)

    I always liked Todd, and thought the story line with his confusion and uncertainty was authentic and heartbreaking at the same time. I was sad when he left the show.

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    Ahhh. Thanks for clearing all that up, since it appears he may show up at the wedding!


  10. S. Poole says:

    And Martin pounded the nurse Todd was seeing (Carl, Karl?) in the A&E when he found out the baby died, a rare out of character meltdown by David’s dad. Or perhaps a hint of what makes Devilboy a psychopath, its in the genes!

  11. geenee says:

    I think it was Karl. I had sympathy for both Todd and Sarah. What a shock for her and then a dead baby at her age was a lot to cope with. They both did a great job on that storyline. Eileen never got over the nastiness directed at Todd by the Platts and that’s why she’s not enthused about Sarah and Jason getting married. I suppose seeing Todd at her wedding might bring back all the trauma she felt from the betrayal and her dead baby, so David is really being nasty in his own devious way. Todd had to cope with being shunned by everyone, plus his grief and guilt. I remember him standing outside the graveyard crying when the baby was buried.

  12. pip says:

    I think some of the nastiness directed at Todd was well-deserved in the sense that whether you’re straight or gay, you shouldn’t be having an affair behind your pregnant girlfriend’s back.

    After Todd and Sarah split up, Sarah got it on with Jason and Todd found out. I think the boys had a bit of a dust up in the front parlour. So even though Sarah did steal Jason from Violet, she was actually there first.

  13. geenee says:

    Todd should have told Sarah everything. It was a big mistake trying to cover it up and made it an even worse shock for her when she found out. The story was so well done, I felt sorry for both of them.

    Eileen always blamed Sarah for Todd not going to university and Gail never forgave him for what he did to Sarah, which is the basis of the on-going feud between Eileen and Sarah. If Todd comes to the wedding, there will be ructions!

  14. geenee says:

    I meant to say Eileen and Gail, of course.

  15. missusmac says:

    Pip, I agree. Todd should have told Sarah about any affair, straight or gay. Even Karl told him that, I think.

    I just always felt that the anger directed at Todd after the disclosure was more savage than it would have been, because he cheated on Sarah with a man.

    If it had been an affair with a woman, I feel it would have been more accepted, or more response of ‘they will work out.’ (Ashley isn’t getting much stick from too many folks on the street about his affair. He’s got couches to sleep on, kind words on the street.)

    And let’s face it, Martin probably wouldn’t have punched out a woman! Or maybe he would. They had him acting pretty non-Martin by the time he left the show.

  16. pip says:

    I agree missusmac, and that’s why I said ‘some’ of the nastiness was deserved. He wasn’t completely innocent of bad behavior.

    I think Ashley is getting a lot of sympathy because Claire had sorta/kinda left him when he had the affair, he had the affair with a manipulative wackaloon and he had previously stuck by his wife when she was a wackaloon.

    I hope Todd does come to the wedding (boyfriend in tow). I’d like to see him again.

  17. missusmac says:

    My new favorite word: wackaloon.

  18. kunzie says:

    Can anyone catch me up? If Todd and Sarah’s baby died…then where did Bethany come from? I always assumed that Todd and Sarah produced Beth.

  19. TrudyC says:

    Bethany was born when Sarah was 13. She did it once with a boy from school and got pregnant.

    Years later she and Todd started going out. She got pregnant again and they were going to marry. It was then that she found out Todd was gay and went into premature labour. Baby Billy was born but died soon after that.

  20. geenee says:

    She and Todd were living together on their own. That’s why I don’t understand why she and Jason don’t want their own place – except for the free babysitting, of course.

  21. Michigander Fan says:

    She’s the most fertile person ever! They ought to study her in a lab – my stepsister spent years and beaucoup bucks trying to have a baby.

    Bottle it, and she’s RICH!


  22. Gayle says:

    I’m looking forward to Todd’s return. I found him to be a sweet but mixed up kid.

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