Update for Monday July 7, 2008 – Viva Las Vegas!

Keep On Runnin’, Gonna Have Me Some Fun If It Costs Me My Very Last Dime

At the Battersby-Brown’s, Kirk is passed out on the settee, surrounded by empties and leftover Chinese food. Chesney arrives a little angry that he no longer has a job, as Cilla had him quit on his behalf and Norris now referring to him as Little Lord Fauntleroy. He’s worried that without his paper round, he won’t be able to afford Schmeicel’s food. Cilla just wants to celebrate her new found £45,000 but Chesney goes off to school and Kirk drags himself off for a fry-up at Roy’s to “line his stomach.”

When he gets there, Fizz is already talking to Becky and Blanche about her £500, which Becky thinks is an insult but Blanche says she knows a few pensioners who wouldn’t mind that amount. Kirk corrects them: £45,000. Fizz instantly thinks it’s another scam and runs off to her mother’s place.

Later at Cilla’s, as she is seen using the home shopping channel to decide how best to invest her money, Kirk comes home, put off his lunch by all the raw meat at work. He asks Cilla how it’s going. So far, she’s bought a gourmet slicer and dicer and a little crystal angel with his own birth certificate.

He asks her if she’s considered buying the house they live in (they rent from the Council). “Why waste good money on a pile of old bricks?!” she asks. (Hey, Cilla’s being kinda of pragmatic there, given the current housing market in the UK)

Fizz enters and demands to know what’s up. When Cilla convinces her it’s for real, Fizz warns her mother that the more she has, she more she messes it up.

Later the big decision about how to blow invest the money is still being made. Kirk suggests a swim with the dolphins, or sponsoring a donkey or bird of prey at a refuge.

“That’s it!” Cilla exclaims. “Where have I been the happiest I’ve ever been? Where did I really feel at home?”

Kirk blanks.

“Las Vegas!”

Kirk thinks she could spend a month there but Cilla has other ideas.

“Forever, Kirky!”

Kirk thinks it’s brilliant, particularly for Chesney who will get a girlfriend with a ponytail and white socks, like in Grease.

“Oh, right,” Cilla says, suddenly remembering as he face falls. “Chesney.”

When Chesney gets home, Kirk is excited to tell him the news as Cilla tries to cut him off.

“Is that true?” Chesney asks. “Are we going to America?”

“What? Me on fruit machines and you outside with a bottle of pop? No, love.”

Later that evening, mother and son are alone at the dinner table. Chesney can sense how badly she wants to go. She knows what people think of her in Weatherfield but in Vegas, she was anonymous and every dollar in a slot machine brought that much closer to a fortune (other way around, sweetheart). But she denies how much she wants to go, so she suggests they make a fresh start in Skegness.

Finally, Ches stops playing along with the ruse that Cilla is going to choose anyone but Cilla. He says he can’t leave his dog, and his friends behind. In a pre-emptive move to avoid what would possibly be the biggest disappointment of his life, he tells her he wants her to go to Vegas. He figures he has Fizz and Kirk. He also says that Uncle Less should be back any day now but I think we all know now that Less is never coming back.

She refuses, asking what people would say, and not, I add, how could she leave her son behind.

“You’ll be in Vegas,” he answers. “What’ll you care?”

She promises she’ll send for him as soon as she finds a millionaire.

“That’s it, then,” Chesney says. “Sorted.”

And they hug and somehow, I think Chesney just grew up.

Viva El Preston

This is Ian Brown.

Lloyd scored tickets to an Ian Brown concert in Preston, where he intends to take Jodie on their date. He also booked a hotel overnight. What they don’t know is Jerry intends for Jodie to work at the kebab shop all weekend while he swans off in Milan with the boys on a bender.

When Jodie learns this finally, she yells at Jerry a lot and storms off. But he claims he’s still going to Milan. Even Dev takes her side.

Viva El Blackpool

Paul manages to get the Duckworths off to Blackpool for a few days. Tyrone and Molly realise he’s going to be even more insufferable.

Viva El Edinburgh (I think?)

Tony Gordon takes Carla to the home of Arthur’s Seat while Liam fumes and Rosie flutters her eyes at Liam.

Viva El Ballcock

Leanne is still getting Roger to fix the restaurant’s plumbing in the middle of his free meals.


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19 Responses to Update for Monday July 7, 2008 – Viva Las Vegas!

  1. Gayle says:

    John excellent update! Thanks for the links as well, I had no idea who Jody and Lloyd were talking about.

    Regarding Jody and her weekend off – why on earth can’t Mel and Daryl babysit? Kayley is supposed to be 13 so the only one who really needs looking after is Finday. I never understand the child care situation in Corrie. No one EVER pays someone for childminding. I just don’t understand why Jody, Tyrone and Mollie don’t get their own places. And why is Leanne still living with Janice and Roger? I’m finding Paul slimier and slimier.

  2. thebigseester says:


    Yes – why can’t the Wonder Twins babysit? I wondered about that too, but then figured out that they are going to be left to run the kebab shop completely on their own all weekend. They’re 18! Pretty darn irresponsible of a business owner to do that, dontcha think?

    OTOH, I thought it was awfully presumptuous of Lloyd to have booked a hotel room, complete with jacuzzi – isn’t this their FIRST date?

    As for the others, Tyrone was a lodger, which makes sense (like Kirkeh at Cilla’s, although I have a feeling he’s about to get the short end of the stick on that one). And Leanne, well, she’s broke, and I’m sure Janice would rather her live with them so she can ostensibly pay Roger back that much faster.

    But the whole concept of paying for a babysitter seems foreign to all of them.

    I will be seriously cheesed off at Eileen if she allows herself to get drawn into this dysfunction.


  3. thebigseester says:

    PS. I have long suspected that Las Vegas is full of Cillas (American Cillas, but Cillas all the same). Which is why I have never felt the slightest urge to visit. Ever.


  4. geenee says:

    Interesting how much more depressing the protest songs are now than they were in the 60s. I had never heard of Ian Brown either. I suppose it takes at least one person to run the shop and another to babysit, and I wouldn’t leave a 13 year-old in charge all weekend.

    I can only hope Tyrone gets busy and finds a place; Molly needs a cattle prod to get him mobile!

    Cilla wouldn’t be allowed to stay more than 6 months on a visitor’s visa but then this is a soap – not real life! Chesney has really changed. At one time he would have been really hurt and upset, now he doesn’t seem to mind.

    I think Leanne is broke, having used all her money to buy the restaurant. Looks like Roger is getting fed up waiting for the payments. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

  5. John says:

    I think with Chesney is that he wears disappointment like an old pair of shoes. He knows people are going to let him down and now is hardened enough to take away from his mother any expectations of responsibility that he may have had.

  6. kunzie says:

    Agree with John. Chesney has been systematically hardened by the adults in his life. Wendy Peters (Cilla) is so much better than her material – I’m sorry they never gave her more dimensionality.

  7. geenee says:

    I agree too. Chesney has been let down so many times, he’s afraid to hope for anything better. I hope Wendy Peters comes back sometime as I always enjoyed her, especially at her and Les’s wedding.

  8. whitehorsefan says:

    Re: the twins babysitting. I also wouldn’t trust Darryl to take care of my goldfish, though Mel, on the other hand, I would.

    I too, think that is the perfect assessment of Chesney. The poor kid has been forced to mature far too quickly.

    Also, sending Cilla to Las Vegas is a very befitting end to the character. It seems that Las Vegas is the perfect fit for Cilla.

  9. eps says:

    Wow, I really like that song by Ian Brown.
    We should be singing it in the streets.

  10. eps says:

    Jack Shepherd’s girl friend is pg? He is soon to be a father?
    The mind is boggled.

  11. arphpeck says:

    Thanks for the great update. I loved the Ian Brown Clip too.

  12. missusmac says:

    EPS, isn’t he 19 or 20? Still young, though.

  13. nwtrunner says:

    Vegas is perfect for Cilla, and vice versa (she’ll do well at the all-you-can-eat buffets!). Losing Les and Cilla from the show is indeed a loss – they made you want to throw a brick at the telly, but well done acting does that!

    Hadn’t heard about Ian Brown before either, so thanks much for the info and song.

    And speaking of Ian Brown – yeah, gotta admire Lloyd booking not just tickets for the concert but also a hotel room and jacuzzi on a first date! Guess he figured that since Jody approached him in the first place – he’s got it made in the shade!

    Where are we supposed to think Ken and Drearie are right now?!

  14. Michigander Fan says:

    Ken & Dreary: Murder-suicide pact

  15. geenee says:

    Recovering from all the Tracy angst. May be in rest homes.

  16. eps says:

    Maybe Ken and Daughter-of-Blanche are taking Monica for that great dog-walk in the sky.

    Having a dog does not seem to be a consideration for the flat hunting pair.

    missusmac: yeah, I am sure that Jack is older than David but he seems like a cocky, twerpy guy to me. I was surprised to hear Jack with the same accent and flat voice that David has when he was being interviewed. Maybe he’s not acting as much as I thought.

  17. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    I saw alot of Cilla types in Florida…that is where they all go to really….Nice tea rooms and Brit pubs though! But then again, I love the Brits..chavs and non-chavs! I will miss Cilla…

  18. Die hard says:

    I thought it was really weird how Chesney was all grown up while he was letting his mother off the hook , preparing for his new life on his own, and then Kirk is cuddling him and stroking his head like a baby as his mother drives away. Inconsistent character development?

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