Update: Thursday July 10, 2008 – The Return of …..

Bridezilla!! – to be fair, I don’t blame her.



Midsummer’s Nightmare

Wicki (or Vicki – if you like) wonders if Sean is feeling any better. The truth is, being the fashion diva he is – he is gone into the city centre for a new shirt, for Jason’s stag. The girls go on to discuss Cilla going off to America leaving poor Chesney behind. Fizz is offended by the conversation and says they should not jump to conclusions, there may be more to the situation than they know. The others however, know Cilla better and aren’t so sympathetic. Funny to see Fizz coming to Cilla’s defense.

They are all on a tea break and Sally is boring Wicki to death how about how wonderful John is – and his choice in corrective vision. Kelly says to Fizz she thinks Sally fancies John. Which seems pretty obvious to me.

Rosie compliments Liam on his striped shirt – and trying to hold a conversation with Liam but he couldn’t seem to care less. She takes a phone call from John who she arranges to meet later. Liam doesn’t even flinch then she says “it’s a date” very loudly. He doesn’t flinch.


Hell’s Kitchen

Tyrone is chatting to Jack on the phone. When he hangs up, Molly questions why he told Jack that everything is okay – when it is far from that.  Tyrone says it is because they wouldn’t believe Paul would do anything wrong like steal from his previous employers. Finally, Tyrone has caught on.

Paul arrives at work at the restaurant and face Leanne. She is far from pleased that they took the petty cash, knives and champagne. Paul explains the thugs weren’t the reason for his black eye. That was Molly. Leanne does not want to know the details.

Later, Paul brings out food from the kitchen and places in from of Leanne saying “away” as if she were one of the waiting staff. She has a few words with him the other day, he retorts that she doesn’t have a squeaky clean past either. Good one, Paul!


Sarah answers her phone and has a short conversation “I’ll let him know” She notices David down the street holding his side as if in pain. She looks a little concerned. He says with much sarcasm that it’s the pain he feels because he hasn’t been invited to Jason’s stag party. Sarah walks away rather perturbed.

At the yard, Bill and Jason are chatting about the stag night. Bill says Jason should have gone for an all weekend to Berlin. Sarah appears just as Jason says “well if I ever get married again I’ll consider it”. Bill and Jason explain the conversation – she retorts “ I don’t need an action replay (I love that line) She lets Jason know his suit is ready to be picked up. She also informs Bill he’d better behave on the stag night that evening.

Sean and Violet are sat on Eileen’s sofa chatting about what’s on daytime television and eating potato chips. Eileen says she’s got hold of Jason and he’s coming round later. She is going to break the news about Todd coming to the stag do. “If Jason wanted fireworks on his stag night he’s going the right way about it” says Eileen.

Jason arrives home and Eileen gives him the news about Todd’s arrival later that day. Jason’s confirms it was neither him nor Sarah who invited his brother. He tries to phone Todd but as Eileen said it would the phone goes dead. He knows he has to put this fire out, right away.

Sarah is alone in the salon when Jason arrives. He is intent on telling Sarah about the arrival of Todd stops short, when he sees how upset she is. She’s been trying to get in touch with Candice without any luck. She’s worried they will won’t have a matron of honour. Jason tells her that the reason he came in is that he was having trouble deciding on a best man. “Have who you want” she says “I don’t even care if it was your Todd”. “Really?” Jason asks. “Of course not, as if we want him there to ruining our day” she replies. Just then David walks in. He notices that Sarah is upset. “What’s the matter?” he asks “Has something gone wrong?” he says looking very pleased with himself.

A taxi pulls up to Coronation Street and Todd steps out. It is really nice seeing him again. He unlocks the front door just as she arrives back home with a bottle of wine. He is finding it a bit strange to be back on the street. He tells Eileen about an argument he had with his boyfriend who apparently threw his mobile phone into the dog’s water bowl.

Later outside, Eileen sees Jason in the street and tells him that Todd is back. He asks if she told him he wasn’t invited to the stag do, which she obviously hasn’t. He still doesn’t know what to tell Sarah.

Jason drops by his mother’s house, to be greeted by the sight of a half naked, dripping wet Todd fresh from the shower. Heeelllooo.. (We need more of this)

Todd thanks Jason for the invitation. Jason tells him that he isn’t invited. Todd can’t quite believe what he’s hearing. Jason claims he knows who invited Todd, David Platt. Eileen is rather impressed by David’s forged invite “he’s got your hand writing down to a t” she says. LOL!

Sarah crosses the street while talking on her phone. (She does this a lot) and is having a fight having with someone who has double booked their reservation. She looks like she is going to explode!  She walks into the house and passes the phone to Jason. “Speak to the hotel. They’ve double booked us, we haven’t got a reception!” At that moment she turns round and sees Todd standing in front of her. She throws herself toward Todd pushing him. (How bold) Eileen tells her to “get out” and points out that Todd is her son and can visit whenever he likes. Sarah goes out into the street slamming the door behind her and SCREAMS! at the top of her lungs. 

Pan out..

Good therapy.


In Other News

Norris organizes the next meeting of the Old Husband’s Club.

Fizz tells Kirk that she appreciates all that he has done – but will now take care of Chesney.  Kirk feels hurt.

Sally arranges for John to meet with Rosie, to talk some “sense” into her to go back to Oak Hill.



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17 Responses to Update: Thursday July 10, 2008 – The Return of …..

  1. geenee says:

    Bridezilla should have got over Todd by now – at least enough not to attack him in his mother’s house – where she just barged in without knocking. OK, what he did was hurtful but now she’s marrying his brother and it’s a few years later.

    Credit where it’s due: David is starting the wedding festivities with a bang and I’ll bet he had something to do with the reception mixup. The kid is creative; if only he could be a force for good, instead of evil. I wonder what other little surprises he has in store.

  2. antik says:

    love those little throw-away scenes the Corrie writers slip in to see who’s paying attention.. like the Kirk and Chesney conversation as they came out of the house, Kirk telling Chesney what a bang-up breakfast that had been.. and Chesney saying there’s no reason one can’t have beef curry for breakfast.. and that.. folk in India probably do it all the time! .. Holy Cow! .. nearly choked on me vindaloo..

  3. eps says:

    It has been a very long time since I enjoyed an episode, OK a scene, as much as this one. Remember when Norris, Sally and someone crept up to Rita’s apt to check on her (she was ill?) and they thought she was dead -until she spoke and scared them all witless?

    The scene with Sarah, et. al, and the wedding dress just cracked me up: Sarah displaying herself on the stairs then falling (she needs to only let people see her straight on – terrible side view), screeching, seeing Todd, screeching, ripped dress, screeching, telling Sally, “Go home, Oh you do go on” (YES! I screamed in agreement), the red wine spilled on her dress AND Eileen’s quick (before she thought? I have my doubts) blithely throwing her own white wine to follow the red (“Why did you do that?” “White gets red out” “That’s for carpets”) Gail lamenting that Sarah would probably be OK in the morning and the wedding would continue.

    For my money, the best 7+(?) minutes on C St in months (years?)

  4. eps says:

    Oops, my comments are obviously relative to Friday’s episode.
    Perhaps I’ll repost. Perhaps that would be a bit narcissistic, perhaps not.

  5. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Poor Jason should RUN NOW before he gets hitched to that crazy Sarah…Just see it as a warning Jason….you will regret marrying her. I loved it when Eileen threw her wine on Sarah!

  6. geenee says:

    Run Jason – run – like the wind! The last couple of nights have been great.

  7. AngB says:

    I was thrilled to see Todd again!!!!! and shirtless even. Best episode in ages.

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    BTW, in case you are interested, Kim and Aggie have debunked the whole “white wine gets red wine out” myth.

    I really enjoyed Thursday and Friday’s episodes. To be completely fair to Sarah, the stress of 4,927 details all coming together is enough to make even a completely sane and rational person go a little insane. I LOVED her primal scream!

    Did anyone else have a sense of disconnect at the stretch limo? In the land of egg cars, the stretch limo looked so out of place, like it belonged on an episode of 90210 (or whatever today’s equivalent is).

    Thoroughly enjoyed those episodes.


  9. Michigander Fan says:

    Does anyone here have a dog?

    When Gail really gets squeaky, I wonder if dogs freak out.


  10. Michigander Fan says:

    Any bets on whether the wedding will take place?


  11. Michigander Fan says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention before.

    Rosie’s conversation with John was sad on so many levels. “I guess I’ll have to marry money.” First of all, Carla and Paul had a very unhappy marriage, which may well have ended if Paul hadn’t been killed. Then where would Carla have been?

    Being financially dependent on someone else like that can give that person control and power over your life in a very unhealthy way. One of the many hats I wear in my job is our Domestic Violence Office. It is sobering to say the least. Many women cannot leave an abusive husband because they have no money and no job skills of their own. (Even though DV also happens the other way, very rarely is the financial dependence reversed.)

    Rosie has a real shot for success – she shouldn’t blow it. Plus, it will ease her ability to leave if she needs to later on.

    Unless of course Liam wakes up and realizes he’s madly in love with her. He seems like a pretty OK guy.


  12. geenee says:

    Rosie shouldn’t depend too much on Liam; he seems to be attracted to Carla and with them working together, it could get more complicated. Most people would agree that Rosie should go back to school but that doesn’t mean she’ll go as lots of teens get addicted to the money they earn working full time. She has a crush on Liam and a lot of hero worship for Carla.

    Stretch limos are used a lot these days, especially by people who live in the country and want a night out. If the cost is split by about 8 or 10 people, it”s cheaper than a taxi – and they get to drink.

    Another trend now is men collecting alimony from working wives and I’ve heard of a few cases. I don’t understand why this goes on for able-bodied men, but it happens in our stupid court system.

  13. missusmac says:

    John becoming cooler looking is somehow, well, creepy. Can’t explain it, it just is.

    Todd isn’t looking as solid as he used to. My sister’s summation: “he got flabby”. He also wasn’t a red sweater guy before, but now he is.

    Leaping forward to Friday’s comments: Gail snarking on about Todd letting out his sexuality for all to see, or something like that… Again, hellooooo, flaming Sean’s been on the street for years with no aggro, and even serving you drinks Gail. Perhaps like Betty, she believes Sean will settle down with Violet.

  14. Michigander Fan says:


    That comment about Liam was tongue in cheek.


  15. Gayle says:

    I thought Gail’s comment about Todd’s sexuality was very cruel. As well as stupid Sally’s comment to Eileen about having a gay son made no sense to me at all. Sally works with and appears to be friends with Sean.

  16. geenee says:

    I don’t think it’s so much Todd’s sexuality as the fact he dumped her for a man when she was pregnant that angered the Platts. The loss of baby Billy didn’t help. Bereaved people often lash out in anger at someone who really isn’t to blame and they never seemed to get over that anger towards Todd.

  17. Michigander Fan says:

    Sally strikes me as the epitome of the person who thinks they have to cover an awkward moment and doesn’t know what to say. and thereby sticks her foot in her mouth splendidly.


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