Friday June 11th 2008 – I Know Its Late Update

UK Time – Monday October 15th 2008 (episode 2)

Sarah is one pissed off Platt and who can blame her. Her gay ex-boyfriend just showed up to attend her wedding to Jason. Who could have known that she would ever have to see Todd again once she married his brother? I guess it was just an unforeseen shock, totally out of the blue.


Anyway, she’s behaving like a banshee and it takes several people to convince her that David invited Todd and that perhaps the best course of action is to not show David that he has scored any points here.


Sarah continues to be a pain the ass as Jason tries to leave for his stag do. She is going to be an awesome life partner.


Later, at the most dysfunctional house on the street Sarah is modeling her wedding dress, Eileen is drinking at a moderate pace, Sally is making an ass of herself and Gail is being a homophobic psycho.


The boys are having a great time at the stag do until Sarah calls shreaking. The issue is that her wedding will be catered by an ex-hooker. No, the real issue is that Sarah managed to rip her dress.


Jason, of course, goes running to her side only to be reprimanded because he has now seen her in the dress before the big day. Sarah proceeds to go ballistic and ends up with red wine all over the dress.  Eileen “helps” by tossing white wine on the stain in a protein gets out protein moment of logical reasoning. I mean seriously, Sarah goes ballistic. It was like watching a star go super-nova.


Over to the newest street romance, Liam and Maria try to make plans for that evening, but Maria can’t really commit until she talks to Audrey. Maria has to swap some overtime with the phantom third stylist seeing as Sarah already had plans to go insane that evening.


That afternoon Maria calls Liam at Underworld because calling his cell made no sense and left a message with Rosie: Milk Bar 8:00PM. Rosie, that little minx, decides not to pass the message on and then steals Liam’s cell phone. Witness the mind of the hot-to-trot teenager and their clever games.


Later that night, as Maria prepares for her date she tells Fizz that she feels that something isn’t right with Liam (could it be that there is no chemistry and the relationship is a pathetic ploy to put together the two best looking characters who just happen to lack any sort of real storyline). Maria is waiting for it all to go pear shaped. I know that feeling. Don’t even get me started on my weekend.


Rosie’s plan is successful and Maria gets stood up by Liam. They’re writing songs of love, but not for her. Or are they?


In Other News


A newly styled John talks to Rosie about going back to Oakhill. I don’t care what they do to that man’s hair, he is still not sexy.


Fizz allows Chezney to stay with Kirk for a bit longer even though the place is in a state.


Fizz tells John that she is feeling neglected.


Paul continues scheming and gets more money from the bank against the Duckworth estate.

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6 Responses to Friday June 11th 2008 – I Know Its Late Update

  1. geenee says:

    This was the best episode in ages. Loved the comedy and full marks to the actress who plays Sarah. Sally is such a snob but also a good laugh at times. It was good to see the Grimshaw brothers getting along and having fun together for a change.

    I can’t imagine any man marrying a shrew like Sarah so Jason must really be smitten.

  2. Gayle says:

    Debbie, sorry you had a terrible weekend.

    Your update was awesome. I really don’t understand what Jason sees in Sarah. She is really getting on my nerves lately. Why is there no mention of inviting Nick and Martin, after all they are her brother and father.

  3. beanie says:

    I just have to say this was the greatest episode in a long time. I’m sure our neighbours could hear us cracking up. When Eileen did the wine toss I wasn’t even thinking about the red/white thing I thought she was giving Sarah a well deserved smack. I snorted tea out my nose and may have peed a little. LOL

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Kim and Aggie have debunked the “white wine gets out red wine” thing, BTW.

    It was still HI-larious!!!


  5. arphpeck says:

    I loved the wine toss too. It’s too bad Sarah doesn’t have any friends to give her a hen party.

  6. glacia says:

    BTW – Gail’s homophobia will come to bite her in the ass in about 6 months. (No, David doesn’t come out of the closet.)

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