Monday June 14th – The Home Truths Update

UK Time – Wednesday October 17th 2008

Its the morning after the wedding dress disaster. Jason is at his mother’s he couldn’t stay at Gail’s. Bill comes by to learn that Sarah’s melt down prevented Jason from returning to his proper stag do.


In the street, Gail and Sarah run into Jason and tell him they are so pleased that Todd is in town. At the yard Jason and David also have a conversation about how happy he is to see Todd. Although, I’m not too sure what they said because praise be to Jason Grimshaw in a white tank top in a builder’s yard.


Todd strolls up – I think – and has some exchange with David, I’m guessing. They all started to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, if I’m honest.


However, I did perk up enough to see Todd tell Sarah some home truths. He basically called her a spoiled cow and she reminded the viewers why she is behaving like a psycho. Then they started laughing and went shopping together. Later David fumes when he sees that Todd, Jason, Sarah and Eileen are all happy families heading to the pub.


Maria is smarting from being stood up. I know that feeling, girl. Little does she know that Liam has been stitched up. He’s at the factory searching for his cell when Rosie hands it to him as if it was just under a binder. Liam says, “Oh I could kiss you.” Rosie is into it but Liam clearly wasn’t serious and now feels funny on the inside.


In the street, Liam runs into Maria and they sort out what happened the night before. Liam has figured it out now.


Later at the end of the work day and Liam pulls Rosie into his office and basically sings “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” but not in an ironic way. He has no desire to go all Martin Platt on the cobbles. Here’s a home truth, Liam doesn’t date teenage girls no matter how big their crushes are. Rosie, with a face like a smacked backside, heads home in tears. Thankfully they just live across the street.


Guess who’s home! It’s Kevin and he still smells like booze. He has left Jerry in Milan as he has been arrested for dancing naked in the town fountain. Real mature, Jerry. Jody is about as pleased as she is interesting.


Moreover, there are problems with the equipment at the kebab shop. If I were Jody, I’d tell Jerry where he could put his kebabs. Here’s a home truth: Jerry’s an idiot and Jody needs to move.


Later, we learn that Jerry’s charge will be commuted to a fine.


In Other News


Rosie has decided to go back to Oakhill – I wonder why?


Maria tells Kirk to get his act together. It has no effect.

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5 Responses to Monday June 14th – The Home Truths Update

  1. John says:

    I loved how David inadvertently healed that rift between the Platts and the Grimshaws.

    Still, Martin, as well as Nick, not coming to the wedding is odd.

    I also liked how Liam got Kelly to act as a witness to his conversation with Rosie, even if she didn’t hear it over her iPod. (And here’s how old I am: I almost wrote “Walkman.”) He was a bit of a jerk about it but I think he did the right thing by nipping it in the bud.

    So…the airline let Kevin on board wearing that giant flag?

  2. geenee says:

    Surely someone will mention Nicky – the perfect son – the apple of Gail’s eye. It would be really strange if Gail doesn’t at least get a phone call saying he’s not coming. It’s more understandable for Martin not to be invited. Maybe a lot of this stuff gets edited out for all the commercials and promos.

    I think if Liam had been less of a jerk, Rosie wouldn’t get the message; she is pretty relentless, much like her mother.

    As for the Mortons: who cares?

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    You know, I finally figured out what bugs me about the Jerry naked in a fountain in a foreign country thing (other than the obvious). This is the same guy who took Finley away from his mom because she was so irresponsible.

    Pot, meet Kettle.


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    The Law of Unintended Consequences has reared its head in the last couple of episodes, hasn’t it?

    David’s attempt at Machiavelli has turned into a family reunion.

    Liam’s rejection of Rosie may send her back to school.



  5. Mandy says:

    I feel sorry for Rosie. I mean, she is rather young still and doesn’t have THAT much experience with men… other than Craig. Despite that though, she sure acts like a tart. No matter how big a crush I had on a guy at 16, I would NOT have had the guts to do what Rosie did when Liam said he could kiss her… especially with someone I’d have to face every day after. She ended up looking childish and desperate.

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