John, You Suck. AKA, In Which Glacia Uses Some Swears. (oh yeah, Update)

First the update on this story, then my rant.


Rosie calls in sick to the factory and when Liam finds out, he calls Sally into the office for a chat.  He explains the situation and Sally while concerned and still being the bootlick employee sends some signals to Liam that her daughter is completely off limits.  Liam tells her that he hears her loud and clear and wants to know if he should apologize to Miss Rosie.     Sally says no and that this is a time when a girl needs her mother most.


She sees Rosie in the café and sits down to have a heart to heart.  Rosie is hurt, embarrassed and trying to deny the fact she fancies Liam.   Sally tells her that she started work at 16 and she knows what it’s like.   When Rosie repeats that she isn’t at all interested in young Mr. Conner, Sally seems pleased and all is well.


Uuuuuuuuuntil Maria walks in and lets Rosie have an earful about playing games.  There’s some catty words between them and when Maria has the final word about how Liam wants a woman not a stupid little girl – Rosie’s humiliation rises again and she says, (and I think this is a teen anthem.), “Oh just shut up, all of you.” – and then storms out of the restaurant – the door slam was a bonus.


Later that day, John comes over the Websters to cancel his tutoring session with Sally in order to spend some time with Fizz.   When he gets there he sees that Rosie is upset and asks her what’s wrong.   They sit down on the couch and she pours out the story along with all her insecurities and general teenage angst.


John assures her that she isn’t hideous and that one day people will realize the absolutely gorgeous woman that she is.  


Okay……teenage girl insecurity + older man ego boosting = propane + match = BOOM!


Rosie decides to kiss John, who initially backs away which causes her to apologize.  He says that he didn’t say all that stuff to get that kind of reaction (bullshit)….but you know hell, if that’s what she wants….and the motherf****r KISSES HER!



They go in for full contact necking but are interrupted by Sally coming home and they quickly straighten their clothes and stand up so that John can explain he came by to cancel their tutorial.


Back at Fizz’s place, John lets himself in and takes a shower.  When Fizz comes home we are all treated to a damp, slightly pudgy manboy who’s skin is the colour of oatmeal.  He explains to Fizz that he’s taken the night off and assuring her that he isn’t interested in Sally he says, ‘That’s one woman you don’t have to worry about.’  (Her daughter on the other hand….).


So yeah, John is on the top of my superdy-duperdy creep list.  I feel like he’s totally taken advantage of Rosie’s emotions and vulnerable state (that being a teenage girl).  Being a teacher to teens, he totally knew he what he was doing – so he’s an even bigger ass.  And the minute Kevin finds out, he’s going to beat your Pillsbury ass into the ground so that when the police come by to inspect all they’ll see is another oil stain in the garage that used to be you, because even if he is a good 10 years older than you, he’s well fit and looks like he’s actually been in a fight.   When the beat down happens, I’ll be sitting on the back of my couch sloshing martinis with one hand and waving my other fist in a ‘whoop whoop’ action singing ‘Go Kevin, go Kevin…Woo!  Woo!’, all the while encouraging my German Shepherd to also bark in a fury of ass whooping encouragement.


Oh, yeah, and you need to wax the back of your shoulders, Chewbacca.  It’s called Veet, use it.  (motherf****er.)


Jerry the Jackal

Jerry hasn’t bothered to contact his family about his incarcaration and Norris takes the time to hassle Eileen about Jerry’s waywardness.  Eileen’s reaction was to make some gang signals over Norris’s head.


Jerry ends up calling Eileen to pass the message on to Jody to call him.  The news is she needs to send money, lots and lots and lots of money to him so he can pay the fine get his ass (appropriately covered) back home. 


Jody’s none to please because this comes at the same time that Roger has broken the news that she needs a new boiler. 


Darryl is still disgusting.


In Which Glacia Keeps Singing That Toto Song About Africa

The Croppers are back for vaycay!  Haley tells Becky that her and Roy are thinking about volunteering to build schools in Africa.  Becky is a bit worried about what will happen with her if they leave, but Roy tells her that they’d like her to actually run the place while they’re gone…anyway, the whole idea is still in the ‘talking’ stages.


Roy then tells Becky that he feels really bad about the Christian thing and would like to go and talk to Christian to patch things up.  And because, he adds, you Becky were the only one to keep your head during this whole fiasco, I want you to come with me.




In Other News

Sarah wants a church wedding…because a church is that much more special.  Not special enough to go to on an even semi-regular basis, but special for her day when she needs a really pretty venue – cheap.  Boy man, if I was the vicar in that parish…..  Glacia puts away her ‘churchlady’.


Eileen buys David’s magazine for him as a thank-you for bringing our Todd home.   She then pinches his cheeks and after when he’s gone, she smells her fingers and makes an ‘ew’ sound.    I can’t even imagine what Darryl smells like.


Because of the work at the Kebob place replacing the boiler, Roger can take Janice out.


Dev Watch

Dev gets into a discussion with the ex-husband’s club about the virtues of a younger woman over an older woman.  (At least two of the ex’s preferring a woman who’s been around the block.)  But really, they lost my attention the minute the term ‘older woman’ was married to the word ‘grateful’.


Between that scene and yet another Lolita storyline….it hasn’t been a banner episode.   Word to Corrie writers, ‘Grow up.’.



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15 Responses to John, You Suck. AKA, In Which Glacia Uses Some Swears. (oh yeah, Update)

  1. kerry says:

    Great update!
    Just something that spring to mind just now:
    Since when does John have a key to Fizz’s place? I wonder what Maria thinks of that?

    …and I’ll be joining you with the martini sloshing (baby be damned!) when John gets his arse beaten by Kevin!
    Too bad really, because I really was hoping John would turn out to be one of the good catches on the cobbles – Fizz deserves that.

  2. John says:

    Oh, I could go on an even further rant about John Stape. Do they not have sexual harassment training at his school? I think the minute he saw Rosie on that couch, he saw an opportunity and started to make things happen, just to see if he could.

    It’s also quite a contrast to the way Liam handled the same situation.

    So, to sum up: Liam is with Maria because Carla is with Tony and Carla is with Tony because she is attracted to Liam to whom Rosie was attracted but was spurned by Liam so now she’s with John.

    If I wanted to see the creepy older guy/teenage crush storyline again, I’d watch the old tapes of Martin Platt crawling all over Katy Harris.

  3. arphpeck says:

    Eeeeeuuuuuwwwww! I knew I didn’t like that creep for a reason.
    The only way I’d feel grateful to the ex-husband;s club would be grateful it wasn’t John.

  4. arphpeck says:

    I mean John Snakes of course.

  5. geenee says:

    Again, thanks for the laughs! It was strange that John would have a key to a shared apartment and in this day and age of cell phones and texting, etc. he should have called first IMO. I wonder how far he would have gone with Rosie if Sal hadn’t walked in. Time will tell I guess but she sure threw herself at him. Maybe it’s his aftershave, but all the females seem drawn to him – or his animal magnetism – or his cultured, educated mind. Or there’s something in the water on that Street that drives the women wild!

  6. whitehorsefan says:

    I wasn’t watching on a very consistent basis when the Martin/Katie thing was going on. I got the sense that they didn’t really deal with the fact that an adult should not be dating a teenager. Is that correct?

    Hopefully this won’t be a replay of that and there will some half-thoughtful look at how exploitative it is. It seemed that’s what they were setting up yesterday, anyway.

    And I am with Kerry: so sad for Fizz, who deserves a good guy.

  7. whitehorsefan says:

    Oh, and I found Maria to be a bit over the top. Has she not been 16? Has she not made some brutal mistakes (cough-Charlie-cough)?

  8. beanie says:

    Bravo Glacia!!!! Please let me in the “I hate John Club” That is just SO wrong on SO many levels. Poor Fiz!! He’s a TEACHER for pete’s sake. I wondered about the key thing too. If I were Maria and came HOME to his naked wet hairy self eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Let’s castrate him.

  9. pip says:

    Well, I agree with all of you, and this just sucks that John is such a scum bucket! He also has terrible posture. That shot of him kissing Fizz with his mooshy white body was disturbing. Poor Fizz (on so many levels)! I do hope they don’t drag this storyline out too long because it is altogether creepy. First stepsons sleeping with stepmothers, now teachers sleeping with schoolgirls.

    BTW, I would love to see Becky running the cafe for the next 6 months. She’s turned into one of my favorite characters and the more we see of her the better. Should be interesting watching her try to smooth the waters for Roy with Christian.

    Ashley and Claire seem to have vanished into the small black hole that has already swallowed Ken and Dierdre (the one that Bethany crawls out of from time to time). No great loss.

  10. kunzie says:

    I owe an apology to someone!! Whichever one of you called Creep Alert on John Stape a couple of months ago when we all defended him as nerdy and sweet…I’m sorry. (was it arphpeck?) Anyway, sorry.

    John, I agree: Liam’s class showed in the handling of the Rosie situation, even if he was a bit stern (and I agree – someone pointed out yesterday that may have been necessary the Webster females don’t take no for an answer).

    My heart always goes out to the cheat-ee. Poor Fiz!!! BTW, I think Kirk may beat Kevin to the “punch”.

    Great update Glacia.

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    There were a lot of us who didn’t like him from the beginning. WE HAVE BEEN VINDICATED!

    (Poor Canuck John – when I read the title of the original post, I thought there had been a major meltdown at a pub night!)

    I was also creeped that he’s taking a shower at Fizz and Maria’s. Does he not have a home? Why don’t they ever hang out there? (I know – a new set costs $$.) I’ve been there, done that with a roomie and her leech of a boyfriend – always around, using our shower, eating our food, monopolizing the TV to watch the stupid NCAA tournament, hitting on me and then bragging about it to his girlfriend during an argument. It’s no fun. Really.

    Rosie seems to be enjoying her new-found sexuality, and the power that gives her. Too bad she’s doing it inappropriately. Of course, let’s examine the boys her age on the street – Psycho Boy and Greaseball. Ick. No wonder she’s looking elsewhere!



  12. Michigander Fan says:

    PS. I’m not going to comment about the dough boy physique, the fish belly pallor or the sasquatch body hair.

    That would be rude.



  13. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh, and Glacia – I also caught the comment about why Sarah wants to get married in church.

    You know, the Pope’s in Oz right now for World Youth Day – they could just bop over to Rome – I’m sure there’s an empty church in the Vatican that they could use. No biggie.

    (They shouldn’t touch the Holy Water though – it burns if you’re not used to it!)

    Then they couldhead over to Milan, bust Peter Pan out of the hoosegow and head back to Merry Olde England.

    Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!


  14. fondue123 says:

    You know what’s creepy: think about how old Fizz must have been to have dated John in the past? I believe the character is 22 now. She showed up first at 15 and was fostered by Roy and Hayley, left and returned a few years later. I don’t recall any John Stapes from her stint on the show as a 15 year old, so this previous relationship must have happened when she was 16? 17? Whatever, my point is it seems as if he has a history of this kind of thing…I’m pretty disgusted by this character, honestly, and the whole story line. And they’ve already done this with Martin/Katy…why again?

  15. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    I love Brit guys with pasty white skins….Please don’t laugh….(Psst,,they are great lovers…)

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