Update. Wednesday, July 16, 2008. But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?

There’s a timely episode of CBC’s The Fifth Estate tonight: Teacher’s Pet, which examines sexual misconduct in the classroom.

Mind you, Sydney Poitier wasn’t trying to sleep with Lulu in this movie…

To Sir, with Love

It’s Sunday at Fizz’s flat and they are preparing for a day at the cinema with Chesney. Fizz leaves to get him and John calls Rosie on his mobile. Rosie picks up at the Websters and goes out the back door, declaring she wants the conversation to be private. Sophie makes kind of fuss about her talking to a boy but Sally says it’s ok to want a little privacy.

John wants to meet somewhere for a chat but Rosie suggests someplace: Carla’s flat, which Rosie has the keys to. After making up a story about having some marking to do or something to Fizz, John meets Rosie there to discuss what happened the other day. He says he could get into a lot of trouble over what happened but Rosie is a step ahead: yes, you could be in trouble with Rosie, and with my parents, oh, and with school too.

What’s worse, she says, is meeting her at this flat, all alone. Rosie assures him, however, that she can keep a secret about the kiss, as well as other things that may happen.

He tells her that she is sexy and that makes her powerful and hey, are you sure nobody’s coming here…. oh, seriously. Shut up. John Stape is a guy and guys have a problem with this: they like to know that they’re attractive and they like to be told that women would make themselves sexually available to them, if they were given a chance. So they do dumb shit like this just to see how far it could go. By the time their consciences kick in, it’s already too late because something else has taken over the higher brain functions, if you know what I mean.

Rosie offers a tour of the apartment, starting with the bedroom. It’s up to our imaginations just what happened after that because when Rosie gets home, she tells everyone that she’s seeing a boy named John. Sophie asks what his family name is.

“Stape,” Rosie answers, seeing Sophie get upset, as she as a crush on Mr. Stape. Sally suddenly perks up and asks if she’s joking and Rosie says that she is, she really only bumped into him. Sally tells her to be careful about what she says as people could get the wrong idea.

Later, Sally and Rosie are heading out for a little shopping when they see Fizz and Kirk entering the Rovers. Sally calls over to John for a quick chat. Fizz’s eyes roll back in her head, Rosie smugs at John and John looks like a little boy who’s about to get caught doing something very bad.


Roy, after researching bus schedules and the store hours, is off to meet Christian to discuss what happened with Hayley, in the hopes he can convince him to accept Hayley back into his life. When he gets there, an employee tells him that Christian handed in his notice the day after some crazy woman came in and punched the crap out of him. Roy asks for a description of the assailant.

When he gets back, he mentions this and yes, Becky admits she beat him up because of what he did to her best friend Hayley. She apologises but Hayley says the time has come to look forward, not backward and she and Roy go off to listen to Gardeners Question Time. This probably has something to do with her desire to do volunteer work in Africa.

You know, I once did volunteer work in Africa twenty years ago. It looked a little something like this:

Yes, that’s me with the beard. I was a damn, dirty hippie back in the day.

In Other News

Jerry? Still in Milan. Jodie? Still bitchy. Lloyd? Thinks Jodie’s making excuses not to see him. Violet? Not caring to hear all this from Lloyd. Me? I’m with Violet.

Doreen wants Norris to set her up with either one of his friends in the ex-husband club. Tinky Winky or La La will do. She’s not bothered.

David totally drove his Fiesta around the block without a license or insurance or anything! I KNOW!


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32 Responses to Update. Wednesday, July 16, 2008. But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?

  1. geenee says:

    Poor Fizz. John Stape – you swine! Rosie: no good will come of this! Kind of a slow episode though, compared to the last two. Lloyd is getting tired of excuses from Jodie; I’m getting tired of Jodie.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Geenee, I think you mean: “It will all end in tears!” I love that expression. And so apt in this context.

    Was anyone else a little surprised that Greaseball was freaked out by Psycho Boy’s antics? I realize high school was a while ago now (thank God), but I seem to remember that there was a rule about not being impressed by the “outrageous” behavior of anyone 2 years your junior.

    John, are you suggesting that David hotrodding around the block DIDN’T make him a bad mammajamma? Clearly your Cool-o-Meter is broken!

    When exactly IS this wedding of the century? Can Todd really afford to take all this time off work? If I’m not mistaken, today was “Sunday” (Mr. Nabakov said something about Sunday at the cinema – what could be better?). It would be odd now for the wedding to take place before next weekend…


  3. beaniej says:

    Cheese&Crackers John thanks for ‘splainin’ in ins and outs of male paraphenalia to us. LMAO tonight Mr. Bean was all WTF are they doing? (Rosie&John) I totally forgot that he went off to the big city last night to see Joe Cocker and missed Corrie. Of coarse even when I played the recording later he was still all WTF !! My thoughts are about the same as the Jamie/Frankie thing “This CAN’T end well”

  4. beanie says:

    BTW John I think you look pretty hot in that hammock in a strange bohemian kinda way.

  5. papasmurf1964 says:

    Ah, the power of the jubblies. Better men than John Snape have melted before it’s power. Too much blue cleavage can even have an adverse effect on Papa Smurf.

  6. Glacia says:

    Does it make him blue?

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    BTW, Creepy John Stape is not even in the same league with Ron Wood.

    He has a penchant for teen girls, but he’s GOT to be 60 (probably older). Eeeeewwww.


  8. Modge says:

    Why did Fizz need to go fetch Chesney from all the way across the road? Just to give Creepy John an opportunity to contact Lolita Webster, I guess. When John was standing there in the flat, did anybody else notice the gut on the man, or was it the way he was standing?
    Watching Jody talking last night, it struck me that she could be a younger, cuter and rather less obnoxious Janice Battersby.
    Sally, in full Hyacinth Bouquet mode when accosting John & Fizz outside the pub. She’s a hoot.
    And lastly – if Carla’s bedroom is behind Door #1, next to the wall with horrible flocked wallpaper, where the heck is that spiral staircase leading to?

  9. whitehorsefan says:

    Modge: I often wonder where that spiral staircase leads to as well, usually after I wonder which brothel is missing its flocked wallpaper.

    I was just a little annoyed at the way the John/Rosie scene played out last night. Rosie has the power in this relationship? Really? In reality I think John would have reminded her that he is an adult and a respected teacher. Her mother has a crush on him. And she has just got busted for lusting after an employer. So who is anyone going to believe if he denies it: him, or her?

  10. geenee says:

    Hyacinth would be a perfect nickname for Sally! But Hyacinth has higher morals. Can’t wait for Sal to find out about Sarah and John.

  11. John says:

    It’s hard to say who would believe whom in that case. Even if Stape stopped everything at that kiss and told it wasn’t happening, Rosie could announce to the world they were having an affair anyway. Even if he denied it, there would always be this doubt around the guy. Once you’re accused of doing something incredibly inappropriate, once you deny it, the accusation can always linger.

    That said, if he was actually responsible, he wouldn’t have allowed things to do go as far as they did at the Websters. If I was a teacher at a student’s home, I wouldn’t even sit on the same couch as her for fear of even the appearance of impropreity. That makes me wonder if he’s done this sort of thing before.

  12. Gayle says:

    John, I was thinking the same thing about Stape, he sure didn’t protest too much! He phoned her…which is totally inappropriate.
    Why doesn’t Sally wake up and keep a closer eye on her daughter? Sophie seems to heading in the same direction, she has quite a smart mouth on her.

  13. pip says:

    John seems to have set things up so he’s not the aggressor, and so that he has no choice but to go along: in for a penny (a kiss) in for a pound (a tumble). He truly is a creep and this can’t have been the first time he’s done this as he doesn’t seem too guilt ridden about it. Yeah, I notice that pot belly on him the other day when he was nakees (to steal term from Rugrats). Ick, ick, ick.

  14. whitehorsefan says:

    Pip, I hope you are right and the scene last night was John setting it up so that he can play the victim.

    John, I agree that if Rosie were actually to disclose the matter, John would not be able to weasel himself out of it. But, I think in these situations, the adults will often tell the teenager that no one will believe them. And, although there is a lot of awareness of sexual abuse, that threat still buys silence.

  15. fondue123 says:

    sorry to post this twice (see previous thread), but I’d like to throw my 2cents into the current discussion: Pip, you’re right, this isn’t the first time for John Stapes. Think about how old Fizz must have been to have dated John in the past? I believe the character is 22 now. She showed up first at 15 and was fostered by Roy and Hayley, left and returned a few years later. I don’t recall any John Stapes from her stint on the show as a 15 year old, so this previous relationship must have happened after, when she was 16? 17? Whatever, my point is it seems as if he has a history of this kind of thing…I’m pretty disgusted by this character, honestly, and the whole story line. And they’ve already done this with Martin/Katy…why again?

  16. geenee says:

    Good point. Fizz must have been pretty young when she was seeing John the first time. We don’t know how far things went between them but there was less of an age gap than with John and Rosie.

    I don’t know why they’d repeat this storyline – unless they’re running out of ideas. Does anyone know how old John is? He seemed to say that yes, he’s a teacher but he’s not teaching her and that seemed to make a difference in his mind.

  17. missusmac says:

    Upstairs at Carla`s is a den-like thing. I remember they sent Michelle`s kid up there one time to play video games during a sleepover.

    John and Rosie feels different than Martin and Kateh. I don`t sense any affection here, just plain icky predatorship — on both sides! Rosie wants to hitch her wagon to an older man and be taken seriously, etc., as the `woman`she is. John wants the adulation and admiration of a teenager — but Rosie ain`t no pushover.

    I really really do hope Kevin uses a big wrench and beats the shit and the shoulder hair out of him .

  18. Michigander Fan says:


    I completely agree, and I think we had a whole conversation a couple of months ago about how passive aggressive the Snake is. (Although it was in relation to something with Fizz. I just can’t remember what specifically – I have early stage CRS.)

    He is one sick puppy!

    Rosie at least (hopefully) will grow out of it.

    Ches and Kirk are absolute PIGS! It’s really getting gross. It pongs (I feel certain).

    Is it just me or is this Africa thing really sudden?


  19. Michigander Fan says:

    AHA! Eureka! From the Feb 28 comments:

    “Glacia, you know I love ya, but I gotta disagree about John Stape. I think he’s manipulative and controlling. I swear I dated him (under another name). That whole “why are you all the way across the couch from me?” thing. It’s either seriously immature or seriously manipulative. I hope for Fizz’s sake he’s just immature, because manipulative takes a LOT of healing to get past.”

    (Yes. I am OCD. I thought we had covered this already.)


  20. pip says:

    Yes! I remember that about John, and as well there was the discussion about him suggesting to Fizz that she should improve herself by going back to school which was a passive way of saying she wasn’t as good as she could be.

    The Africa thing does seem really sudden and honestly there is no way they could have arranged to go in less than 24 hours. There would have been banking issues they’d have to take care of so that Becky could access the business account (and really, though she’s come a long way, she’s not ready to be trusted with that yet – like making a newly recovering alcoholic a bartender).

  21. glacia says:

    I’m posting this info, but John is 29 which puts him 7 years older than Fizz.

  22. missusmac says:

    Yes, I`m disappointed in the Africa thing too. Very North American soap sudden plot line.

    Again, I never know if threats of Africa or going to Vegas mean a character is really leaving the show. In the U.K., there would be press about that. I don`t go looking for the press, because I hate spoilers!

  23. Gayle says:

    I agree about the Africa thing. Makes no sense. What on earth are they going to do for money? They aren’t exactly wealthy people.

    No, as much as I like Becky I wouldn’t exactly give her the keys to my house.

    I do wish this wedding thing would wrap up, I am so sick of Sarah yapping on her cell phone 24/7, does she never do any work? Where is Bethany? I know what David did was wrong/stupid and he has apologized continuously, if Sarah would let him come to the stupid wedding, he’d probably settle down.

  24. geenee says:

    Maybe whatever agency pays for building the schools in Africa, pays enough to get there and live on, and the cafe may make enough to pay wages to Becky and an assistant.

    I’m looking forward to the wedding. It should be coming up soon. I love the crazy hats they wear and something always goes wrong in a funny way.

  25. John says:

    Roy did ask Ken Barlow if he would help as well so I imagine he’ll know enough to deal with suppliers and business aspect of things whereas Becky would handle the service aspect.

    Besides, they can always email Roy in Mozambique if they needs to tie up any loose ends. It’s a little far-fetched to be sure but there are always ways around these types of things.

    The writers have been a little bit cagey about Roy’s actual wealth. He was able to buy the café because, as someone said, he never spends his money so I assume there’s no outstanding mortgage there (and wasn’t there an inheritance somewhere?). On the other hand, they borrowed quite a bit of money to buy Amy Barlow née Patience Cropper. So they haven’t decided if he has a small amount of wealth or if he goes paycheque to paycheque.

  26. Michigander Fan says:


    Yes, that’s a larger question that bugs me about Corrie – people are ALWAYS going on vacation.

    Now, here’s the thing: I get that it’s a lot cheaper to go to Spain if you live in the UK vs. North America, but still – these are working class people. How many of these people even get PAID TIME OFF? Michelle was in Ireland for weeks, came back and went again. She was lucky they held her job for her, but how did she make her rent?

    Now you have a couple who wants to pack up their lives and go to Africa? Who owns the building? Does Roy? If so, it would behoove him to rent out that flat to try and have some income. If not, then they darn well better clear out all their crap, or it will end up in the trash. Or worse, they’ll be on the hook for rent every month they’re away.

    Considering that Becky couldn’t even make porridge while they were away last time, this seems really abrupt.

    Was there an issue with the actors? A contract dispute? It seems very unplanned.


  27. Modge says:

    I’m a little disappointed that the top of the staircase is a den. I had convinced myself last night (with the assistance of a little chardonnay) that it was a bondage dungeon. Oh, well……it made sense last night.

  28. Tanzie says:

    Not really a spoiler (I hope) but the actress who plays Haley wanted some time off to spend with family etc. The writers came up with the Africa storyline so that she can return when she’s ready. Better than killing her off or having her move away.

  29. missusmac says:

    Thank you Tanzie! This is the kind of background info I am too chicken to search out. Too afraid I’d find out that Becky is having Roy’s baby or something….

  30. Michigander Fan says:

    Having my baby… what a lovely lovely way of saying how much you love me…

    Thanks for the info about Haley, Tanzie. That explains it. Which means that Haley’s going to Africa but Roy isn’t.


  31. Glacia says:

    Modge….I like your thinking.


  32. Modge says:

    Glacia: Back at ya!

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