Update – Thursday July 18, 2008

Who’s that Girl?

At the factory Liam offers Kelly and Vikki overtime, which they agree to. Rosie then arrives to the office as if nothing had ever happened between her and Liam. Hayley rushes into the factory to talk to Liam about her trip to Africa. Liam urges her to sit down and calm down.

Fizz and Maria are walking down the talking when Maria is sees Liam come out of the factory with a very attractive blonde woman whom he kisses goodbye. At the same time, he sees Maria. Before he has chance to go over and explain, he is called back in the factory to answer a call.

Maria and Fizz are having lunch in the cafe. Maria is feeling very stupid as she thinks Liam is seeing the woman he kissed outside the factory. Fizz explains she should just ask Liam who the mystery woman is.

Maria goes into the pub, heads straight to Michelle and asks if they have any blonde female relatives. Michelle says they haven’t but does look a little confused by the question.

Someone really needs to tell Maria, just to concentrate on her life and goals instead of worrying about men all the time. I guess it is easier said than done.

Liam then enters the pub and sees Maria, he explains the woman was a buyer who he’s trying to keep happy and it was a business meeting. Maria pretends as if she doesn’t care – the Liam seems upset that she doesn’t care. He says he would be upset if he saw Maria kissing another man. She perks up and says it did, indeed bother her and tells her he’ll do anything to make it up.

At this point, I think of the Cadbury commercial with the Devil and say out load – ANYTHING??

Rain in Africa

Is Hayley the new Emily?

Hayley and Roy and in the café and she reveals the phone call was someone from a volunteer group they have been in touch with offering them a place to travel to Mozambique. That evening! Roy decides that it would be impossible to pack up their lives and leave in 24 hours. Hayley agrees but is unconvinced. Roy the suggests they use it as a test run for when another opportunity comes up when they will be able to leave. The volunteer group had told Hayley the next project wouldn’t go ahead until 2014.

Behind the counter Roy has broken the news about the possible trip to Becky. She becomes very excited and seems to think it is final. She perks up wonders about the possibility pay raise/promotion.

At the factory Liam is very understanding about Hayley’s plans. He does mention how much they will miss her but says she has to do what she has to do. Wow, has Maria already changed Liam into someone more calm?

Hayley gets off the phone and it turns out that a volunteer spot has been taken and they won’t get to go after all. But it is Becky who seems more upset at the thought she won’t be able to run the café on her own.

Roy suggests to a very sad looking Hayley, maybe she should go to Africa on her own.

Just call him Pinocchio

John is on the Street when his mobile phone rings, it’s Rosie. He claims he can’t talk because he’s in the staff room at work. Rosie is suspicious as it’s half term holidays. Rosie’s suspicions are confirmed when she steps out of her front door and can see him, right in front of her. Argh!! He infuriates me.


Gail enters the cafe and sits down at a table where David is eating his breakfast. David claims that he doesn’t care about the wedding or any of his family at all, he’s happy on his own. Okay, psycho.

David wonders up to the yard where Bill and Jason work. He sees that the lock on the gate is open and walks in. In his psycho voice he says, “Bad move boys” and lets himself in.

He goes into the office and sees the light on the answering machine. He listens to it and then deletes it and smiles.

He sees some type of wrench and walks around. He goes outside on the scaffold and it gives him an idea. He begins to loosen the nuts and bolts of the scaffolding with the wrench and leaves the building looking smug and satisfied.

Bill and Jason return from lunch to find no messages on the machine. Jason goes out onto the scaffolding and is leaning on the part that David has loosened. A van pulls up and asks for directions, Jason leans in to talk to him. Unknown to him, the rail slightly shifts. Bill is on the phone to the man whose message was deleted by David. The van leaves and Jason turns around looking at Bill – leaning on the rails.

In Other News:

Violet has felt the baby kick and Sean is thinking he wants to be more than a donor.

Sally is still going on and on about John to her work mates.

Kirk and Chesney are eating cereal stuck off on old plates.

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45 Responses to Update – Thursday July 18, 2008

  1. debbie says:

    John really infuriates me. It is obvious that it is not wise to have an affair with a 16 year old.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    “Kirk and Chesney are eating cereal stuck off on old plates.”

    Can I just tell you how grossed out that made me? Ugh.

    Now, re: Jason and the railing – I thought he was afraid of heights? Remember when David was standing near the edge and Jason wouldn’t get anywhere near it? Why is he leaning on the rail? I’m not scared of heights, so I’m not sure how this would work, except that, when I see a snake on TV, I curl my feet under me rather than leaving them on the floor (in case the snake figures out how to breach the camera).

    Any other phobics out there have an input?


  3. whitehorsefan says:

    As a somewhat phobe of heights, I can say that if there is a barrier that makes me feel safe, I am okay, but without the barrier, I get worried. So it makes sense to me that Jason would lean on the railing, but if there were no railing, he would stand well back of the ledge.

  4. Chris says:

    I am scared of heights myself (I always hate it when my dad asks me to climb a ladder to the roof to clean off the snow). However, I don’t mind flying in a plane at all ( I enjoy it actually) or looking out from a window from a tall building.

  5. Gayle says:

    Chris, I am same as you. Flying doesn’t bother me at all, but don’t ask me to climb a ladder.

  6. pip says:

    WHF and Chris, I’m like both of you! I think it’s not so much that we have a fear of heights, but that we have a fear of falling. If I trust whatever it is that will stop me from falling (the airplane, the railing, etc.) I’m fine, but if I don’t then I’m terrified. I can lean over a balcony because I know it won’t give way, but I can’t climb a ladder because I’m afraid I’ll slip.

    John is a complete idiot, and Rosie is a manipulative brat, maybe the next Tracy Barlow? I hope he and Rosie are using protection

  7. Glacia says:

    I’m terrified of heights and most likely wouldn’t even go out on that scaffolding. But then again, construction may not be the job for you if you have a fear of heights.

  8. kunzie says:

    “John is a complete idiot, and Rosie is a manipulative brat”

    Thanks pip – you have nailed my thoughts on this. Rosie is over-obsessed with gaining attention and approval from men (she almost ran away with Craig, fixated on Liam and slept with a teacher). Sometimes this can mean an absence of a strong male figure in a teen girl’s life – but she has a father and grandfather who love her very much.

    Is this storyline a reason to get Fiz and Kirk back together? Will Fiz move in and make order out of bacteria-laced chaos?

  9. geenee says:

    Rosie had Sally as a role model. Sally had Kevin, Les’s son who beat her up, the barrow/hardware guy, some paperhanger (or maybe that was the same guy, Kevin again, then Ian, and back to Kevin. Oh, Martin was there too for a short while. I don’t think Sal would hesitate to have John too if he was interested; but she’s too old for him! Maybe Rosie had too many strong male figures in her life.

  10. kunzie says:

    By strong I meant consistent, reliable, trustworthy and confident. There may have been too many male figures, period….
    To me, a 40-year-old woman with a 29-year-old man isn’t that huge of a stretch. 29-year-olds who sleep with minors is just downright creepy and verging on pedophelia in my book.

  11. geenee says:

    What John is doing is very wrong but Rosie is a beautiful girl and very seductive, despite her age. She has seen her mother go after men and she’s doing the same.

    I don’t mind heights at all on balconies etc. and can climb a ladder; just don’t expect me to let go my death grip to do anything! I don’t like confined spaces like elevators and feel relieved when I step out of them.

  12. glacia says:

    I have to agree with kunzie, a 40 year old and 29 year wouldn’t be that bizarre.

    But I guess I’ll have to wait 20 years and find out if 29 year olds are still attractive to me.

  13. S. Poole says:

    Rosie has daft snake Stape pegged already, the lie he told on his mobile was like, sooooo lame.

    Becky is going to drive Roy ’round the twist if they are spending 10 hours a day together with no Haley as a buffer and I can’t wait to see it. Notice how she was getting a fag ready for her break, tapping it down so she can light up the second she hit the threshold of the cafe doorway? Funny stuff.

    What the hell are Kirk and Chesney doing eating cereal when they stocked up on delicious Poptarts (and instant noodles) at Freshco?

    Was Liam was humming the theme to “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria” at some point? ;p

  14. beaniej says:

    MF good call on Jason’s fear of heights. I forgot about David’s lengthly stint at the builders and taking the ladder away. I do think his bouncing and leaning was just a wee bit overdone even without his phobia. I’m sure that Corrie folks still tell the tale of Jim McD (whose house Jason lives in) falling off scaffolding and wheeling along the cobbles for several years. I don’t think that air travel or the view from a highrise quite compares with standing on a plank leaning on a hunk of pipe. Could be just me though because planes,elevators and balconies already have me freaked out due to a morbid fear of confined spaces.

  15. eps says:

    My bet is on Sally finding out about John and Rosie, ending her tutoring with John, Kevin wanting to know why and Rosie blackmailing her mother: Sally tells about John, Rosie will tell about

    Have any of you watched “New Street Law”? I got such a kick out of all of the actors from C St that appeared. At least one in every episode.

  16. geenee says:

    What channel is it on? And when?

  17. eps says:

    I saw it via DVD, it was a British legal drama , 2 series made in 2006, main actors: John Hannah and Lisa Faulkner.
    Corrie actors in every episode: BY C ST character name:
    Peter Barlow was the clerk in the legal office. The best acting I
    have seen from Chris Gascoyne, he was in every episode
    Vikram (Dev’s nephew)
    Candice – in 2 episodes
    Paul Conners – very interesting role
    Sunita (wife of Dev)
    Toyah Battersby
    Liam Conners

    I really began to wonder what the connection with C St was.
    I got the DVDs through NetFlix.

    Becky and Toyah were also in an episode of Life on Mars.

  18. eps says:

    I forgot to add: Peter and Liam were gay, living together although Liam didn’t have a lot of screen time in the 2 episodes he was in.
    Peter’s character was not a swishy kind of guy – he was the constant voice of reason in the law office.

  19. geenee says:

    Peter and Liam gay? What a waste!

    I really like John Hanna so will watch for this series. Thanks eps.

    I have seen quite a few ex-Corrie actors here and there: Jim, Toyah, Fred and especially Raquel, who has had some good roles.

  20. AngB says:

    I’m with ya Debbie! John infuriates me as well. I really liked him until this past week.

    This is the first time in years I’ve been able to watch in the evenings during the week. I love it!

  21. Michigander Fan says:

    Thanks for the tip about the show – I’m always looking for new and interesting stuff. I’m adding it to my queueueueue (never quite sure how to spell that).

    Speaking of legal ensemble dramas, I still miss This is Wonderland.

    RE: Corrie stars in other places, I LOVE that. I’m certain that Liam was on an ep of Doctor Who. I also saw a YOUNG Tyrone on an ep of Hetty Wainthropp. (He was maybe 12.)

    I absolutely love that kind of stuff. My all time favorite was – remember the librarian at the beginning of Ghostbusters? I saw her in a movie from the 40s. It took me the entire movie to figure out where I knew her from. Awesome stuff.


  22. Michigander Fan says:

    Re: the roof. See, here’s the thing. For someone who didn’t want to step anywhere near the edge before, he was awfully cavalier about leaning over the railing.

    Also, that truck driver was looking for Wong’s Chip Shop. But either that is the same one Cilla worked at (which closed) or Mr. Wong had 2 chip shops within a couple of blocks from each other, which is really bad business.

    Also, since Friday’s update isn’t up yet, but the omnibus is over, I’m going to open the topic:

    He fell 1 story, landed half on and half off the curb, and there’s no major injury?


  23. Michigander Fan says:

    And all Sarah can think about is the wedding. Now, I get that – my sister and her fiance are sweating bullets right now over his immigration status – if everything gets approved too fast, the wedding will have to be moved up, but if it doesn’t get approved fast enough, it will have to be pushed back.

    However, if The Canuck was injured (God forbid) I’m sure her priorities would shift pretty quickly.

    Unlike Sarah’s.

    And while I’m grousing about Sarah, why is she forcing Jason to “help” her make every single little decision about the wedding? Honestly. It’s clear that (like many grooms) he doesn’t care. Don’t torture the man.

    OTOH, if Jason figures out that David is responsible for that little incident, he may decide he doesn’t want a psycho for a brother in law.


  24. Michigander Fan says:

    S. Poole said: Rosie has daft snake Stape pegged already, the lie he told on his mobile was like, sooooo lame.

    AMEN! I mean, if you are going to tell a crap lie, don’t do it down the Street from where Lolita lives, you moron!

    Gosh, do you think Rosie is going to shoot Fizz in the head, like that Long Island Lolita a few years back?


  25. geenee says:

    John and Fizz are not married or even engaged. If he was a decent guy (which I guess he isn’t) he would break off with Fizz instead of sneaking around to see Rosie. He would probably still have to sneak around to see Rosie due to possible problems at school, but at least he would let Fizz move on with her life. But then there would be no dramatic tension!

  26. Gayle says:

    Michigander Fan: I really hope everything works out for your sister (poor girl what stress).

    I agree with you regarding Sarah (and I am so sick of hearing about wedding). I would like to know who the hell will be attending. They have very few friends and neither Nick, Stephen or Martin are even mentioned.

    I loved seeing Todd back, and loved the little scene with him and Becky.

  27. pip says:

    geenee, John would have a hard time getting out of his relationship with Fizz without giving a reasonable explanation, and he doesn’t have one that he can give. As well, being with her gives him a good excuse for being on the street, and thus easier access to Rosie (though I know Sally provides that access as well). Still, nice to have a place you can shower afterwards (ew, ew, ew).

    On the John/Rosie topic, in that episode a few days ago, when Rosie actually admits to her parents and Sophie that she had met up with John, did anyone else get the impression that she actually thought her parents might approve of her seeing him? Can she be that naive?

  28. geenee says:

    Good point about needing an excuse to be on the street but it will end in tears. As for the shower, ew is right.

    I think Rosie is like most teenage girls and can’t stop talking about guys and the current one is John. She just couldn’t wait to tell someone. She’s like Sally in that respect too as Sal never shuts up about John at the factory.

  29. Glacia says:

    I think John just wants his cake and eating it too. Why give up Fizz if you don’t have to.

    BTW- Todd was also on Dr. Who.

  30. beanie says:

    Just the other day John told Fizz that she was his soulmate when she was complaining about Sally. I actually believed he was sincere when he reassured Fizz. Then he boffed Sally’s 16 yr old daughter. I hate John now.

  31. beanie says:

    BTW is John Hannah that Scottish guy who was in 4 Weddings & a Funeral? I love that guy!

  32. S. Poole says:

    Wonder if the Maria-cam Charlie had in the yard back in the day is still present and operational? David may be caught red-handed if Bill rewinds the tape, assuming someone still puts a new tape in once in a while. (hey, it’s a long shot!)

    MF: I also saw a YOUNG Tyrone on an ep of Hetty Wainthropp. (He was maybe 12.)
    OMG, I think we caught that episode a few years ago on TVO! Was he running through a park trying to evade someone and pick up a backpack or bag? Only caught the last bit, now my antennae are up, hehe.

    BTW, the post above where I wrote Rosie has daft snake Stape pegged already, the lie he told on his mobile was like, sooooo lame. — I was channeling Roseh, she sounds like, you know, such a Weatherfield Valley Girl at times. Her name shall be changed to Moon Unit Zappa. ;p

    **notice in the comments someone claims Irish girls are talking like this nowadays**

  33. beanie says:

    S.Poole….AMAZING RECALL!!! How the heck did you ever remember (or actually know in the first place) that dear little Moon Unit TOTALLY talks about her English teacher in that song. Who knew? I’m impressed!

  34. antik says:

    Lotsa Corrie actors past AND future on “Bad Girls” ..

    .. Frankie Baldwin.. Mike’s Alma .. Cilla (nearly unrecognizable) .. and someone soon to arrive on the street..

    .. Noticed IM Kloot got another plug this week.. creepy John telling Fizz about their songs of “twisted love and heartbreak”.. Someone on the Corrie writing staff’s obviously a big fan..

    Don’t really care about John and that skanky Rosie.. so long as it gets Fizz back with Kirk.. .. speaking of whom.. just loooved the “resolution” scene with Chezz.. resolving to keep the house tidy..

  35. eps says:

    Beanie: Yes, John Hannah was in ” Four Weddings…” also in a show called “McCallam” – he was a pathologist.

    Also, Becky (Katherine Kelly) and Toyah (Georgia Taylor) were in series 2 episode 4 of “Life on Mars”. They were “Beauvoir Ladies”, seemed to be some sort of hybrid of Avon ladies, Mary Kay and Stepford wives in the 70s in Manchester.


  36. geenee says:

    Wasn’t John Hannah in Rebus? Or am I thinking of someone else? I loved him in McCallam. Also loved Bad Girls and wish Showcase would bring it back. Frankie and Cilla were great in that one.

  37. debbie says:

    The thing with Rosie, like many 16 year-old girls is that they seem very savvy and sexy and confident. But, they have no idea of the real consequences of their actions. If you have ever over-heard two 16 year-old girls talking, their lack of foresight is stunning. Therefore, they don’t make the most informed decisions. That is part of growing up and generally, they have to make mistakes are stupid decisions. But, it is best that they do that with other 16 year-olds.

    This is what is so infuriation to me about John. As a teacher, he should know that better than anyone. But, like Nabakov’s narrator, he is unreliable, selfish and a unable to take responsibility for his own actions. So, he blames Rosie for her sexuality like it’s her fault that he can’t control himself.

  38. fondue123 says:

    …John Hannah was also in all the Mummy movies (with Brendan Fraser)

  39. whitehorsefan says:

    Exactly how I feel Debbie! That’s what’s been bothering me about this storyline. They have been portraying it as though Rosie and John are equally culpable and deceiving when John should really be a responsible one.

    When I worked as a crisis counselor, the 15 and 16 year old girls who were pregnant almost invariably had older (adult) boyfriends. Adults who get involved with teenagers do it because they know they can exploit them, manipulate them, and generally do what they want.

  40. Michigander Fan says:

    And John Hannah was in Sliding Doors (which was actually a pretty fun movie).

    Another John Hannah fan!


  41. geenee says:

    Somehow the Martin/Katy story bothered me more; probably because Martin seemed so out of character and was a decent guy and a good father. We don’t yet know much about John and his background except that he and Fizz were an item when she was quite young – but not how far they went. He knows he’s doing wrong and should smarten up – but probably won’t.

  42. Gayle says:

    John makes me sick. He is a teacher for God’s sake. Rosie is only 16! (Can you tell I have teenaged nieces!) I hope Kevin kicks his ass!

    I also found the Martin and Katie story very creepy, I almost stopped watching. I found Katie to be an extremely immature girl for her age, who becomes pregnant with her parents forcing her to have an abortion.
    I thought it was completely out of character for Martin.

    I was so glad when that storyline FINALLY wrapped up.

  43. debbie says:

    The Katy thing was especially gross because she really wanted to get pregnant and Martin still didn’t break it off.

    It was just bang out of order.

  44. eps says:

    According to the CBC listing in our local newspaper TV guide C St will not be on Thursday this week. Anyone know anything about that? I checked the CBC website – no help there. They listed C St as showing at 4:30 – 5pm in Vancouver. It actually comes on at 7pm.

    Never mind. Looks like there is a soccer game Thurs. night so there will be 2 episodes on Friday. Man, I am not looking forward to the Olympics.

  45. geenee says:

    John was particularly creepy tonight, kissing Rosie in her own home and almost being caught by Sally.

    I hate the Olympics.

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