Update for Episode #6670 July 18, 2008

Rosie and John

John meets up with Rosie and her jubblies in the back alley. He wonders what is so urgent. Rosie and her copious cleavage wants to tell Mister Pasty Shower Man that she has decided to follow his advice and return to school to complete her A levels, not at Orc Hill mind you, but at his school, Weatherfield High. Mister Pasty Shower Man is less than enthralled at the news, and does his level best to impress upon Rosie and her heaving bosom that if she is returning to his school, their sordid, tawdry affair must end henceforth, lest it have serious repercussions on his being gainfully employed. Hootie McBoobitie scoffs at his lack of a sense of adventure, and tells Mister Pasty Shower Man that it is only a problem if someone finds out, before she flounces off, leaving him feeling flummoxed.

Kev and Sal the Harpy seem to have differing opinions when they are told the news of the return of their eldest daughter to the educational empire.

Liam and Maria

The two ‘hotties’ of the street continue pursuing their tepid romance. To be honest Papa Smurf had more heat in his Enchiladas Azteca last night than these two do in their so-called relationship. They should both realize that they are merely settling for the only available dregs of the Coronation Street singles crowd, give up on the whole romance thing and devote their lives to charity.

Hayley and Roy

The debate continues about whether or not Roy and Hayley should go to Africa, with the improbable timing of the potential departure and all. Before long there is a phone call to the cafe from the group going to Africa letting them know that they have filled one of the places, and that there is only one spot remaining in the group. This would seem to put an end to the dream Hayley has had to go to Africa and do relief work. After some debate and deliberation Roy encourages Hayley to go abroad on her own, as he only wants her to be happy, and it would be a good way to set things right after all the grief he has caused her of late. Besides, it will be a good way to re-discover the lost art of letter writing.

Hayley packs her things, Becky sends her off with a tearful hug and an admonition to mind the elephants, and then Roy and Hayley get in the cab so he can see her off at the train station.

Ches and Kirk and Fiz

Chesney points out to Kirk that if Social Services were to come by and see the sad state of affairs in the flat he would put into foster care faster than you can say Borussia Moenchengladbach.

Liam comes out onto the factory floor with a bouquet of flowers and proceeds to play a game of guess who the flowers are for. After some debate amongst the factory girls the winner of the bouquet turns out to be Fiz. Looks like Mister Pasty Shower Man has a bit of a guilty conscience.

Later at The Rovers Kirk runs into Fiz and the girls. Fiz tells the gang she is off, and plans to check in on Ches. Kirk, horrified that she will see the deplorable state of affairs, sprints out he door to intercept her. Fiz is not to be put off with excuses about Ches being at judo, goes into the flat and discovers that it is looking better than it ever has. Turns out that Ches did a bit of spring cleaning in October, and got rid of 32 chip bags, 21 pizza boxes, and 17 other take away boxes. You did well Grasshopper, says Kirk and the two decide to make an early New Year’s resolution to do a better job of keeping the place clean. Amen. Ches then pulls out the 9 Pound 82 Pence that he found in the flat and the two waifs sprint out to get kebabs with their newfound wealth.

Jason and David

Jason is standing on the scaffolding in the yard having some playful banter with Todd and Becky in the street below about how he could manage the business without Bill. Little does he know that Bill is still in the yard, and hearing everything that is being said about him. Bill sneaks upstairs to have a bit of a laugh with Jason by pretending to be mad at him. When Jason turns in shock to see Bill standing there, he ends up pressing up against the rail, which David had loosened earlier, which fails, sending Jason tumbling headlong from the second floor into the street. Becky and Todd rush across the street to his aid, David happens to be stood outside when it happens and calls for an ambulance, Hayley rushes out from the cafe and takes charge of the situation.

Once again someone is taken away from the street in an ambulance. Once again the residents of the street debate and gossip about what has happened. Bill is worried that it was his fault. Becky is convinced that he will be in a wheelchair for life.

In the hospital room the Capulets and Montagues are gathered around the prone figure of Jason. Concern is etched on the faces of all and sundry. The doctor comes by at last and tells them that Jason will likely make a full recovery from his injuries. Jason is told how good a job David did during the trauma. David, doing an excellent job pretending that he is concerned about the health of Jason, is lurking around the hospital hallway when Gail spots him. She tells David that after the good job he did after the accident, he should be in the room with Jason. It seems as though there is some progress being made in healing the rift between David and the others…

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10 Responses to Update for Episode #6670 July 18, 2008

  1. Pauline says:

    David calls for an ambulance after Jason’s fall and now Gail praises him for that like it is a big thing? Am I missing something?

  2. Michigander Fan says:


    It’s all about the positive feedback. If David gets ENOUGH positive feedback, his self-esteem will be higher, and he will stop being an antisocial little sh*t.

    Or something.


  3. geenee says:

    It’s sort of like toilet training; you praise every little job well done!

  4. Glacia says:

    I can’t figure this thing out on David’s part. He loosened the railing and then seemed genuinly concerned when Jason was pressing against it. I get the impression that he didn’t want anyone to get hurt with the loose railing…but IT’S A LOOSE F@$$%KING RAILING ON A SCAFOLDING 197,000m IN THE AIR!

    Usually if things turn out the way he wanted them to, they show us David doing his Muttley snicker.

  5. the pink lady says:

    Glacia: I think you are right. But he did think he could save the day and be invited to the wedding. My hero….

  6. debbie says:

    I think he did it with no thought of what could happen. I think it is the same mental block that made him hide drugs in a kid’s toy. He’s so caught up thinking that he is more clever than everyone else he doesn’t think about the damage he can do.

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    Yeah. I think he thought it would come loose and scare Jason, not that he might actually be seriously injured.

    He IS 16, after all. 16 YOs are not renowned for their ability to think about possible outcomes. (Paging Rosie Webster!)


  8. whitehorsefan says:

    “David calls for an ambulance after Jason’s fall and now Gail praises him for that like it is a big thing? Am I missing something?”

    And she kept saying he took control of the situation when it was actually Hayley. Gail is just grasping at straws (blink, blink).

  9. geenee says:

    I think he scared himself when he actually saw Jason fall, sort of like the drugs in the doll thing. He seems to be really impulsive but not able to see ahead to the consequences of his actions, then he seems genuinely sorry. Or maybe he’s just worried that someone will find out he did it.

    He’s really conflicted about his family – hating them until they shun him, then feeling lonely and left out. He doesn’t have much of a life other than tormenting people. Gail is just desperate and doesn’t have a clue what to do with him.

  10. whitehorsefan says:

    When David was making the 911 phone call, Mr. WHF said that because David helped out, he would start to be accepted back into the Platt family fold until it came out that it was he who caused the accident. He reasoned that that is why David did it.

    I am not so sure David was that thoughtful, but think he did try and take advantage of it by playing the hero (kind of). Unlike with Bethany, I don’t get the sense that he is sincere in his concern for Jason, and is just pretending so as to get back in with the family.

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