Monday July 21st 2008 – The Thanks for the Visual Update

Wednesday October 24th 2007

The show opens with Becky breezing into the café she’s super fun complaining humerously about blokes in wigs. She see that Roy is pretty much beside himself in the café and tells him that Hailey will be home before he knows it with sensible shoes in tow.

I guess Roy spends the rest of the day in a fog because later we see him by the bus stop talking with Liam. At first they have a really sweet conversation and it is clear that they both miss Hailey. But, things take a turn for the strange when Liam tries to get Roy to look at the bright side which includes Hailey coming home all bronzed and fit and Roy will want to get his hands all over her. Thanks for the visual.

Violet and Sean have an exciting day. They go for an ultrasound and like some other deluded parents Sean is convinced that tons of other people will be interested in the fetus visual. In any case, the pair head to the hospital where Marcus does the ultrasound. He asks if they want to know the sex. Violet immediately says ‘no’ while Sean says ‘yes.’ This does not bode well as Sean tries to pressure Marcus into revealing the sex of the fetus.

The randy geriatric set is on fire on the street these days. All thanks to a Ms Doreen Fennick. The lady is on the prowl and is also a bit of a tramp/my hero. In the Kabin Norris has his knickers in a twist because Doreen is seeing George and Ivor, two men from his Angela’s Ex’s crew and is deciding between them.

It seems that Doreen’s milkshake brings all the OAP’s to the pub. That’s were Norris finds the bachelor duo waiting for Doreen, planning to make a Doreen sandwich. At this point I’m pretty sure the writers are doing their best to make us all uncomfortable.

Anyway, George and Ivor are actually there to see if Norris is sweet on Doreen. They believe he is. Later, Rita, Norris, Doreen, Ivor and George are sitting around the table listening to Doreen tell a story in which she, of course, ends up naked. The man in the story is, of course, transfixed by her creaminess. Again, thanks for the visual.

Over at the Webster’s, John, the cobbles creep, has shown up early so he can make out with a Rosie the minor hottie. This was just really creepy and Sally almost walked in on them.

Rosie manages to snow Sally who is just all too excited to study Keats. John is clearly bored by the lesson and distracted for Rosie. I wonder if he was thinking about what will happen to his career and his relationship once the affair is discovered.

Honestly, the sight of those two kissing really grossed me out.

Jason is released from hospital. He is on crutches and bruised, but he’s been given the green light. He can’t work for a few weeks but he can certainly move forward with the wedding. This, of course means he can’t climb out of the window.

In the pub, which is the natural first stop after you are released from the hospital, he talks with Bill who has done a lot of thinking about Jason’s fall. While his thinking may have been coloured by his natural and understandable suspicions about David he figures that David is responsible for Jason’s fall. In fact he’d bet his house on it. And by his “house” he means his drawer in Audrey’s bedroom. Anyway, Jason does some thinking about it and talks with Todd about it as well. He figures that while David could have loosened the railing he would not have actually tried to kill him.

A bit later Jason, Todd and Sarah tell Gail what they believed happened. Gail flies off the handle because she points out that they have no proof beyond the knowledge that David is a psycho. Finally, after some raging, it is clear that she believes that David would be responsible for this. The show closes with Gail realizing that, yes, she has raised a monster.

In Other News

Rosie tendered her resignation from the factory.

Candise decided to ditch the wedding.

In a pathetic attempt to get Jody a story line, she and Lloyd make a date.

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7 Responses to Monday July 21st 2008 – The Thanks for the Visual Update

  1. Michigander Fan says:

    Random thoughts:

    1. Boy, Bill sure made the leap to David quickly, and Jason and Sarah were right there with him.
    2. When Bill said he would bet the house, I said (out loud) almost verbatim what Jase and Todd said. It was weird!
    3. Gail’s a flipping moron! (Yes, I know this isn’t news.) So you’re just going to willy nilly blame my son, with NO PROOF?! They’re called fingerprints, Gail. If the poe-lice show up, they might find some. It’s not inconceivable. Moron. Watch an episode of CSI sometime.
    4. I really enjoy the actor who plays Norris. He does “insufferable jerk” really well.
    5. Not sure I can discuss Rosie and John. I might bleed from my ears.


  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Also, I still think Jason must be the luckiest so and so to ever walk the cobbles. That was a heck of a fall, and I swear when he was lying there, he was half on, half off the sidewalk. I cannot believe he didn’t do more damage than that. Very weird.

    What a concept – Eileen is going to babysit for the wee Mortons! Babysitting – how cutting edge!


  3. glacia says:

    Debbie, those shoes you posted are far, far to flash for Haley. (Remember the hiking boot/dress combo?)

    You know, re: Jody and the rest of the unwashed clan, I got a feeling deep, deep in my heart that that family will go the way of the last family that lived there, the Harris’s. The writers will soon realize that none of the family save Jerry have any appeal to the viewers and kill them all off in well fell swoop. I see Greaseboy going all Crown Prince of Nepal on them all. Jerry will probably survive by being in Zurich, flashing the locals with his ‘keh-baaaabs’.

  4. whitehorsefan says:

    MF: I believe that Jason was not seriously hurt because he has no brain. I was fully expecting the docs to come around, and state that the CT scan revealed that Jason is walking around with only a brain stem. (My friend’s mother swears that there is a documentary out there that talks about people, regular, functioning people, who do only have a brain stem. Jason is one of them).

    Which leads me to my next point:

    I love to watch poor Jason think. You can see how hard it is for him, with that little gerbil running on his wheel as fast as he can.

  5. geenee says:

    Or they could just move! What a concept: no killing – just moving on – and I won’t miss them.

    Rosie and John really enjoy taking chances on being caught. It was gross watching him wipe his mouth. He deserves to lose his job and seems to have no remorse. And Rosie enjoys fooling her parents again. It should be an interesting scene when the truth comes out and I wonder if it will be Kevin or Fizz who explodes. But then, Sally won’t be pleased either that he preferred Rosie over her.

  6. beanie says:

    Sally’s reaction re: John/Rosie

    a) She’s PO’s that SHE isn’t the object of John’s passion.
    b) She’ll be humiliated that everyone in the factory KNOWS.
    c)She’s actually quite pleased that Rosie has chosen such an intellectual ‘Partner’
    d) She acts like a mother should and launches an all out attack on the perverted teacher who’s boffing her 16 yr old.

    Any bets?

  7. Piper says:

    I loved the little exchange in the pub where all the guys wanted to try out Jason’s crutches. It’s the little interactions that make the show so real and enjoyable! I could totally see myself or friends doing the same thing!

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