In Which Glacia Finds Herself a Bit Catty – Update


I watched Corrie this morning and I was such a mean girl that  I felt as if I were channeling a drunk Paul Lynde.  (The over 40 crowd can thank me for that reference later.)


Three things:


  1. Todd’s getting fat. 
  2. Violet looks like she just hauled her ass up from the couch during a 3 day Maury Pauvich marathon to go get herself some more Cheezies from the kitchen.  Pregnant or no, she needs to comb her hair and burn that excuse for a sweater.  If were Liz I would have sent her home to change. 
  3. Lloyd has the table manners of a HORSE.  What’s with the elbows on the table hunkering down and talking with your mouth full bit?


The One Thing We Know About David is He Has EXCELLENT Taste in Music



You know, these days I can’t get enough of David.  I can’t believe that merely a year ago I was begging for him to be taken off the show because I couldn’t stand looking at that smary face anymore.  But now, he’s becoming one of my favourites!  The character is complex and interesting (unlike the rest of the family).


This episode finds David listening to ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (Glacia genuflects) and I so happy that he too recognizes Kurt Cobain as the genius he was and that Nirvana produced sublime poetry delivered from the voices of cherubim.


David asks Audrey if he’ll be allowed to use scissors when he enters hair styling school seeing that he’s a registered psycho now.   Audrey tells him to grow up but still defends him to Bill, etc.


Later in the Salon Gayle and Sarah arrive and when David asks how Jason is, all holy hell is poured on him by Sarah.  There’s enough argy-bargy (with Sarah asking David how it feels to know that his entire family wants nothing to do with him and that he has no friends and no future)  that Audrey sends David home for the day.


Later that evening Gayle finds David in the car sleeping and she tells him to come inside.  They have yet another of their painful mother/son talks and she wonders what’s wrong with him.   He said he didn’t know and that he felt like he just didn’t know how to be happy (Glacia started to feel sorry for him) and then he continued on about how he can’t help being who he is no more than someone can help having blue eyes (aaaaaaaaaaand Glacia’s sympathy goes ‘poof’ with the fact that he’s trying to suggest he has no responsibility for his actions.).


The conversation ends with Gayle telling David to stay away from the wedding and to give Sarah her day.  David responds with, ‘FINE, Why don’t I just DO that, Mother!’


Sean Is a Sneaky Pete

Sean continues to harp on about the baby’s gender and when Marcus shows up Sean tries to weedle the info out of him.


Over drinks Sean moans about how Marcus’s work is so much more interesting than his own, to which Marcus replies that it’s not all hearts and teddy bears.  For instance, Vi’s baby is old enough to pick it’s own nose and that it will pee in inside the womb.


Sean says, ‘Typical bloke, isn’t he?’


Marcus replies, ‘Yeah.’  And then, ‘D’oh!’


Sean is happy to know the gender but Marcus, rightfully so, is pissed.   He can’t figure out if Sean is stupid or incredibly selfish and says that he really doesn’t like this side of him as he marches out.


You know, again, I have to give kudos to whoever is developing the characters on the show.  I think we all know people like Sean who are really cool and fun to hang out with but are kind of needy and selfish and can really, really drain you.


Eat With A Horse

Eileen comes over to babysit so that Jody can go on her big date with Mr.Ed….I mean Lloyd.  


Half way through the babysitting detail, Eileen catches Kayleigh sliding down the drainpipe.   She tells her to get inside and K tells her that she’ll tell everyone that Eileen hit her.   Eileen tosses her ass inside the house anyway.


Kayleigh calls Jody at the restaurant which forces her to leave before she can finish her bag of oats.  She gives her apologies to Llyod and speeds off.


Back at the house she finds that K. is fine and called her back for no reason.  Jody is livid and for a moment there, I thought K was going to become a victim of shaken preteen syndrome.


What’s Up With Liam

Liam hears a voicemail from Karla and it’s clear that he misses her like the desert misses the rain.   He offers to check on the flat for Rosie and while he’s there, he picks up the picture of Karla and Paul and looks thoughtfully at it, which was cool because it was such a 1970’s ‘As The World Turns’ moment.


Then he puts down the picture and goes out to buy Maria some bling.


WHAT the hell is that?  John, Papa?  What kind of guy psychology is that?  Is it guilt?  For what?  The fact that he has a crush on his sister-in-law?  Is that supposed to be cheating on the girl he’s been dating for 15 hours?


In Other News

Doreen dates the world and let’s Rita know that she thinks Norris has a crush on her.

‘No, no, no,’ replies Rita, “Norris is so into me, not you.’

Doreen responds, ‘Pfffft, as if!’

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17 Responses to In Which Glacia Finds Herself a Bit Catty – Update

  1. debbie says:

    There is totally more of Todd to love. I was thinking that since he came back to the show.

    Why would Jody go home? That was stupid. Why would she believe that Eileen hit her sister?

  2. John says:

    Liam is clearly having a crisis of faith. Deuteronomy 25, verse 5 clearly states:

    “If brothers dwell together, and one of them dies and has no son, the wife of the dead man shall not be married outside the family to a stranger. Her husband’s brother shall go in to her and take her as his wife and perform the duty of a husband’s brother to her.”

    However, Liam feels that Carla finds him repulsive so he’s torn by his duty before God and the hots he has for his sister-in-law.

    Psychologically? Not too complicated: “Can’t sleep with Carla. CAN sleep with Maria. Must sleep with Maria more.”

    Maria, for her part, just wants a decent, fit bloke whose kind of trendy and who’ll treat her nicely. A few more of these dead-end relationships and that requirement will be refined to “a walking penis that spurts money.”

  3. glacia says:

    Why would she believe that Eileen hit her sister?

    More importantly, why would she care?

    I just see no redeeming qualities in that family at all. K and Darryl are just mopey shits. Jody and Mel are pleasant but boring as hell. Finnigan or whatever that kid’s name is? Cute, but really another Bethany.

  4. Gayle says:

    Why does a 13 year old need a babysitter? I assume Daryl and Mel were working in the shop. I am loving having Todd back in the show. My husband and I were commenting how Violet is starting to look like a slob. She works in a pub for heaven’s sake. She is starting to get on my nerves, she wanted a baby so badly now all she does is mope around. I also really like Marcus and didn’t blame one bit for getting so pissed with Sean.

  5. pip says:

    A 13 year old who slides down drainpipes to go out partying needs a babysitter, in my books. As well, Finley is home, isn’t he? For all her moaning about having to look after the kids and wishing someone else would do it Jody nevertheless seems to think she’s the only one capable. Eileen is sooo capable.

    Violet seems to be having doubts about whether she wants Sean to be a full blown daddy. Given his behavior, I don’t blame her.

  6. geenee says:

    Maria will one day be able to join the ranks of cynical females, along with Fizz, Leanne and Violet. You just know that eventually Liam and Carla will give in to their passion and leave her brokenhearted.

    Jodi is a martyr and needs to get a life. The whole family is a waste of space. Jerry can be entertaining and funny with Eileen but she can never believe a word he says and will soon catch on to that. I think she’s already having her doubts and seeing how selfish he is.

  7. eps says:

    From Tyrone to Liam – You’ve come a long way baby.

  8. debbie says:

    “Cute, but really another Bethany.”

    You cut him deep, Glacia

  9. thebigseester says:

    1. Kayleigh is an obnoxious brat. (And she clearly needs a sitter – she came home drunk from a friend’s house a couple of months ago). That would have been justifiable shaken preteen syndrome. OTOH, she acted EXACTLY like a 13 YO. It is, after all, all about them.
    2. Eileen needs to RUN. She does NOT want to end up responsible for this brood.
    3. Guys: when you buy a woman jewelry, you are making a statement. Seriously.
    4. Great. Another dog to get ignored, mistreated, and eventually abandoned. (Don’t let Ken walk that dog, Liam!)
    5. Violet could turn anything into mopesville.
    6. I like Marcus too.
    7. David is one of the most interesting characters on the show right now.


  10. thebigseester says:

    Also, awesome Paul Lynde reference, Glacia! Have you ever seen American Dad? Roger the Alien talks like Paul Lynde. Hilarious!

    I was shocked that kids today know who Nirvana was. Happy about it though. (Can you be “happy” about Nirvana?)

    Why wasn’t Grandpa Munster called in to babysit? Kayleigh seems to like him OK.


  11. Glacia says:

    I LOVE Roger.

    I absolutely loved Paul…warts and all. Some of his drinking stories were both tragic and hilarious…but they often are.

  12. whitehorsefan says:

    “Why wasn’t Grandpa Munster called in to babysit? Kayleigh seems to like him OK.”

    I think I trust Kayleigh more than him.

  13. S. Poole says:

    Nirvana are huge among David’s age group if Kurt Cobain T shirts are a barometer, I see kids who were not even born in the early to mid ’90s wearing them. Funny, I took Devilboy for more of a “Milk It” or “Frances Farmer” type than the mainstream Teen Spirit, he would totally dig In Utero’s dark lyrics.

  14. geenee says:

    My grandsons like 70s music: Creedence, Rolling Stones, etc.

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    Hm. I guess Kurt Cobain is the James Dean of our generation.

    If that makes sense.


  16. Modge says:

    Wasn’t Grandpa Munster the one that took Kayleigh into Dev’s and pulled that scam (the note with the flower on it) when they first moved onto the street? I’d think twice about letting him be alone with the kids, never mind looking after them.

    Run, Eileen, and don’t look back. That brood is definitely something she doesn’t need. And even though Eileen may be a little desperate at this point, I can’t figure out the attraction to Jerry – let’s face it, the sex can’t be all that hot, can it?

  17. Michigander Fan says:

    Well, I recognize that Grandpa Munster isn’t a great influence on the kids. OTOH, I doubt Kayleigh would be shimmying down a drainpipe if he were the one babysitting.

    By now, he has already been a negative influence on her, so the horse is out of the barn on that.

    However, he may teach her important life lessons, like – why go out and potentially get caught underage drinking, when you can drink at home with Gramps and nobody’s any the wiser?


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