Monday July 28th – The Nothing Will Spoil My Special Day Update

UK Time – Wednesday October 31st, 2007

Yes folks, it was the episode we have all been waiting for. It’s Sarah-Lou Platt and Jason Grimshaw’s wedding day and the pictures will be perfect except for the fact that the groom is in crutches. I think we all knew that Sarah and Jason were not going to get the perfect wedding. David was determined to ruin their day and it looks like he got what he wanted.

The show opened with David in the car listening to the soundtrack of all disaffected teens the world over. I couldn’t get the lyrics quickly enough.

Gail is blinking on the staircase on the phone with the police reporting David missing. She is really worried about him as any mother would be. I don’t mean to be hateful, but I’m not in love with her acting right now. It’s a bit like she is suffering from the Emily Bishop disease.

Meanwhile, at the house of Grimshaw there are about a million people getting ready. We’ve got chubby Todd, Sean and Marcus, Eileen, Jason and Violet. Sean and Marcus look great together. They look extremely handsome in their suits, and very much like the perfect couple. Violet looks great in that gold dress. The boys are all getting set to pop into the rovers for a drink before the ceremony.

In the salon, Maria is doing Sarah’s hair and is questioning her about David. Sarah refuses to let David spoil her day. She doesn’t believe that David really intends to kill himself. He’s just after attention. When Sarah gets home she finds the police at the house and is irritated as she assumes they are there because of David.

As all this is going on David is standing on the roof of Underworld watching everyone. He’s kind of like an evil, northern English, batman without the super powers.

Back at the Platt house, Sarah comes down the stairs in her wedding dress looking fantastic, with the exception of her hooker’s eyes. I don’t eve know how someone could get that much eye make-up on. Even Bethany looked cute, yet still super creepy. Every time that child opens her mouth I expect her to tell me what my mother is doing in hell.

On the street, the old people who weren’t invited to the wedding line the cobbles to see Sarah come out and head for the church. It’s actually a nice scene with Rita, Emily, Doreen and even Norris genuinely wishing Sarah luck on the big day.

As Sarah is getting what she really wants – perfect pictures – David leaves a voice mail on his mother’s phone, “bla bla bla, did you think I was joking in my note, bla bla bla, I will be put of your hair forever, bla bla bla I wish I could be there to see the looks on your faces”

He happens to be parked in front of the canal, where Richard Hillman took them for a little dip a few years ago, just in case you missed it.

We jump back and forth between the church and the canal. Sarah and Jason get some church music, David blasts “The You and Me Song” by the Wannadies as he drives the car into the canal.

The only man in the UK without a cell phone witnesses the car taking a nose dive in to the water. He runs off to call the police, and here is some important information, he doesn’t know if anyone swam to shore because he ran off to call the cops as soon as the car went into the water.

Back at the church, before the end of the ceremony, the cops arrive at the church to tell Gail about finding the car in the canal. Gail decides to leave the church to go see about her son. Audrey and Bill follow.

Sarah and Jason stand at the altar. Jason thinks they should stop the ceremony until they figure out what is going on. Sarah is not having it. I am in full agreement with Sarah. Stopping the ceremony when there are just a couple minutes left is foolish. Plus, we’re talking about David. Sarah makes the point that if they stop the wedding then the terrorists David will win.

They continue with the ceremony while the congregation whispers, but Maria runs out of the church. She catches up with Gail and Audrey and tells them about the note David left. Gail and Audrey are well upset with her, but I think their anger is kind of misplaced here.

Back in the church, the ceremony finished pronouncing the couple husband and wife. Sarah smiles, but Jason just looks concerned.

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33 Responses to Monday July 28th – The Nothing Will Spoil My Special Day Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Debbie, awesome update as always! I completely agree with you regarding carrying on with the wedding, they were almost done. Also, regarding the heavy, heavy eyeliner.

    I know David is an evil little shit, but if only Sarah had involved him with the wedding, I don’t think any of this would have happened. David is in dire need of counselling.

  2. MBfan says:

    Fantastic update! I just love the writing here – you are all so talented. I’m envious.
    How shall you keep the creative juices flowing during the Olympics?

  3. papasmurf1964 says:

    Was good to see Deirdre is still alive.

  4. debbie1975 says:

    Thanks Gayle,

    I don’t know about that. David seems to do a good job of making problems. I think if she had involved him he would have tried to ruin it anyway. He has spent a lot of time doing a lot of things to hurt his family.

    He does need counseling. I don’t know what happened with the family counseling they were doing. That just kind of stopped.

  5. fondue123 says:

    wonder if anyone else noticed that David completely recreated what I believe must be the source of his “issues”: Richard Hillman driving the family into the canal. Even down to the music playing: The You and Me Song by the Wannadies. My daughter pointed that out, and I have to give the writers credit for such awesome continuity!

  6. the pink lady says:

    In no other place but Weatherfield would the police:

    1) taken their sweet time to look for a person (note: not yet a body) from a body of water in the middle of the city

    2) burst in on a wedding or told potential next-of-kin of the victim that someone’s car may have been spotted driving into a canal. I think most police would have needed a bit more to go on than that.

    I do, however, know that this is an easy way for the Corrie writers to add drama to the situation.

    Did anyone notice the look on Jason’s face at the end of the ceremony? It looks like the marriage off to a rocky start. Like we expected anything other….

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    “As all this is going on David is standing on the roof of Underworld watching everyone. He’s kind of like an evil, northern English, batman without the super powers.”


  8. Michigander Fan says:

    Random comments first:

    You are right about Sarah’s eye makeup – she is too pale to carry off that much dark eye makeup.

    Marcus & Sean were adorable – and I loooved that Sean didn’t know where the wedding was.

    I see Steve has joined the “hair too short for his head” club with Michelle. I usually say that a guy’s hair cannot be too short. On Steve, that hair is too short.

    Thanks for making sure us newbies get the significance of where David went into the water (and even the same song!)


  9. Michigander Fan says:


    Deirdre is alive, but I didn’t see Ken at the wedding. Perhaps they have morphed into 1 person – anymore you either see Deirdre or you see Ken.


  10. Diane/tvor says:

    And what boggles my mind is:
    They start the wedding.
    David leaves phone message and drives into canal.
    Buddy runs off to find a phone
    Police question buddy.
    Police figure out which church the wedding is in and arrive.
    Vows are not even finished yet.

    I think there must be a TARDIS involved here somewhere.

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    Now, on to the actual “suicide” –

    I, too, found it hard to swallow that the police would show up AT THE WEDDING to say they think maybe David’s car went into the water. Also, they were very lackadaisical about trying to rescue him, as was the witness. How do you just stand there, waiting for the police to show up, when someone might be drowning?

    Also, I felt terrible for Maria. What an awful position to be put in. It was unfair of Sarah.

    Additionally, can I just put on my “you reap what you sow” hat for a minute? If Sarah had shown Gail the note yesterday, Gail would have called the police then, and the police may well have found David before the wedding. I don’t know about the UK, but someone vocalizing suicidal intentions here gets a 48 hour vacation in the Psych Ward. Then, David would have been rendered harmless and Sarah’s wedding would have gone off without a hitch. See? It always pays to do the right thing!

    As an observer and not a participant, I agree with Sarah. We all know David is a twerp and likely faking. However, as a participant, I may have been inclined to stop the wedding. And I think the look on Jason’s face at the end of the episode was him realizing that the wedding was largely simply a battle between Sarah and David, and that his wishes were less important to Sarah than proving her brother wrong.

    Aside: my GGM died on my aunt’s wedding day. Everyone in the family kept it a secret from my aunt so her wedding day would be happy for her. No long term damage to anyone’s psyche was reported.


  12. Michigander Fan says:


    Absolutely! This wasn’t a Catholic wedding – most weddings are less than a half hour from start to finish.

    We could use a couple of Weatherfield cops here in Detroit!


  13. Michigander Fan says:

    Debbie said: He does need counseling. I don’t know what happened with the family counseling they were doing. That just kind of stopped.

    Seems to me no one would go except Gail. She was going alone for a while. Then we didn’t hear more about it. The problem is it’s really hard to change established family patterns when only one person wants to make a change, so it was kind of doomed to failure.


  14. whitehorsefan says:

    “This wasn’t a Catholic wedding – most weddings are less than a half hour from start to finish.”

    It looked Anglican to me- if it is high Anglican than maybe it takes hours upon hours like the Catholic ones?

    But, even despite that, yes, the cops were pretty quick to get to the church, and a little slow to do the rescuing.

    I also thought Jason was seeing Sarah in a new light. I don’t think emotional blackmail was a great way to start off wedded bliss. My take on it was not so much that Jason realized that the wedding was a power play between Sarah and David, but that he was seeing that she could be a selfish, self-centred brat.

  15. glacia says:

    I’m going to assume the passerby with the dog didn’t know how to swim, cause I hate to think that he wouldn’t have tied the damn dog up and jumped in the water. (Although having just had a incident in my own life with a non-swimmer who grabbed onto me and almost drowned me….maybe it’s wiser not to go in after someone who’s intent on killing themselves…who knows.).

    The cops – they couldn’t have waited 5 freakin’ minutes? They don’t know if David was in the car or even if it was his the car, so what the hell difference was 5 minutes going to make? While I’m sure they have some mandate that the next of kin needs to be told ASAP, they still could have waited at least until the bride and groomed kissed.

    BTW, I like how quickly Sarah was trying to get through her vows.

    Good point about the 48 hours MF. I once had a border that had a breakdown and we ended up taking her to the psych ward. We were terrified that the were going to send her home with us, but luckily, quick thinking Mr.G. saw something in her journal (aka The Manifesto) that she gave to him to read – with the slightest hint of suicide. That was enough to have her hospitalized for 72 hours and enough time for mom to travel from B.C. to collect her.

  16. kunzie says:

    I have yet to see a single human being successfully connect with David on any level. I’ve been on the fence but now leaning toward feeling he is sociopathic. I pity his family – their efforts to distance themselves only escalate his behaviour…but what are they supposed to do, let him abuse them forever? His being 16 complicates matters because he is not an adult and (I think?) Gail is still legally responsible for him. Any counsellor that can successfully rehabilitate him is a genius in my books.

  17. geenee says:

    LOL Debbie! I found it pretty far fetched that the police would interrupt the wedding for what? It would have only taken a few minutes to finish and the dithering around about whether to finish took longer! There was nothing anyone could do for David at that point anyway; either he’s dead or he swam to shore – or maybe jumped at the last minute.

    I did think about David choosing the same spot as Richard and that was his revenge on Gail for being with Richard.

    I wondered where Ken was too since we saw Dierdre for the first time in ages.

  18. beanie says:

    Deb……ROFLMAO !!!!! I agree with all of you about the makeup. I too thought the actions (or lack) of the police was odd but the Gail was BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!! Seconds and I mean seconds before the couple were to say I DO…Gail sauntered from the back of the church all the way to the alter at a slower pace than when she was escorting the bride. WTF was that about??? It was a given that David would somehow ruin the wedding but come on writers!!! I haven’t been too wild about Helen Worth’s acting lately but even SHE must have said “You want me to do what???? When????”

  19. debbie says:

    I think it would be a bad idea to jump into the canal after David unless you had the training to save people.

  20. Piper says:

    Interesting note about the continuity regarding the song playing when David drove his car into the canal – that was a nice touch.

    However, they did drop the ball a bit regarding Gail/Eileen’s outfits. Remember Eileen was so pleased with her original wedding outfit until Sarah said that Gail had a similar outfit. Eileen bought a new outfit but what Gail ended up wearing looked nothing like what Eileen had originally.

    I agree with all the comments re: the timing of the wedding and the cops actions but I did find the episode entertaining so just laughed some of them off.

  21. beanie says:

    “On the street, the old people who weren’t invited to the wedding line the cobbles” did anyone else find this odd? I understand not inviting Norris or Blanche but Rita and Emily and Dieken? They’ve lived alongside Saraloo since she was in diapers.
    I’m not sure who IS invited but I’m curious to see them at the reception (if it takes place) since LeeAnne had a staff of 50 or so lined up for the drilling.

  22. whitehorsefan says:

    Glacia, when did this hospitalization occur? I have dealt with many people trying to go to the hospital or trying to not go to the hospital because of mental health issues, and if they are suicidal, they basically have to have a knife sticking out of their chests to be admitted. I suspect this became the norm only when the serious cutbacks to medicare funding occurred, so your experience maybe was before that? Or maybe because your border had no family with her they were more cautious.

    In any case, it makes no difference. If they had found David, he would have been assessed and, (a), been admitted to hospital or (b), released, Gail would have been told that he was fine enough and Sarah would have been justified in going ahead with the wedding. So yeah, Sarah didn’t really play her cards right in this one.

  23. glacia says:

    It’s always a crap shoot who gets invited to weddings on the street. I’ve never found they make much sense. You’ll invite someone you never had much to do with previously, but then the person who saved your life 3 years ago is on the X-list.

    Debbie – yeah, I agree with the swim thing. I guess I was just thinking gut reaction, but then again, that’s probably the reason that I almost get drowned by non-swimmers.

  24. beanie says:

    Piper thanks for mentioning the outfits. I thought I must have missed something that happened to Gail’s (identical but never seen) outfit. I also thought that especially in a country where people really get ‘duded up’ for weddings, Christenings and funerals Gail was very much underdressed for the Mother-of-the-bride. A black dress with a blue blazer and NO HAT??? OTOH Eileen looked smashing.

  25. glacia says:


    This was about 4 years ago. However, she was also clearly manic at that point and convinced that she knew who was responsible for 9/11 and that there was an anti-semetic plot at works against the Blue Jays.

    So those may have been contributing factors. It did however take about 7 hours to get her assessed and hospitalized – and because we weren’t family we weren’t allowed to be anywhere near this process, but of course we weren’t just going to abandon her so it was 7 hours of sitting in a waiting room waiting someone to tell us what was what so that we could phone the family out west.

    Have I mentioned that we will never rent out a room ever again?

  26. debbie says:

    Glacia, I can totally imagine what your face must have been like through that whole ordeal.

  27. papasmurf1964 says:

    Do people get invited to the wedding ceremony itself? I thought that aspect was always open to whoever wanted to show up and it was the reception that people got invited to.

  28. Michigander Fan says:

    I also thought Jason was seeing Sarah in a new light. I don’t think emotional blackmail was a great way to start off wedded bliss. My take on it was not so much that Jason realized that the wedding was a power play between Sarah and David, but that he was seeing that she could be a selfish, self-centred brat.

    That is probably one of the most insightful comments ever posted on this site!

    AWESOME! You said what I could only vaguely grasp.


  29. Michigander Fan says:

    OK, I can see not jumping in if you can’t swim. But that’s when you put your vocal chords to good use.

    As in, “HELP! Can anyone swim? Someone’s in the river and they need help!!!”

    What you DON’T do is stand by twiddling your thumbs like some reject from Seinfeld, waiting for someone else to show up and help.


  30. Michigander Fan says:

    I’ve known a couple of people who voiced suicidal intentions: 1 was just about David’s age and 1 was in college. The teen started off on 72 hour psych and ended up in a 6 or 8 week residential program. The college kid just had a 48 hour observation period.

    I will say age does seem to be a factor – the fact that they were both kids (or close to being kids) seemed to mean everyone took it quite seriously. Of course David is a kid too. I don’t know that the reaction would have been so major if it had been someone my age, for example.

    Glacia, that sounds like a horrendous experience. Dare I ask who was responsible for 9/11? And anti semitic plot against the Blue Jays? Shouldn’t that be anti-Canuckic plot? Cuz that I might buy…



  31. Michigander Fan says:

    In all the excitement, I completely forgot about the matching MIL outfits. Ah well.


  32. Pantagruelle says:

    That was a great detail about the witness not knowing if David swam to shore because he was too busy running away.

    Here’s another important detail that nobody has commented on: when David’s car went into the canal, the driver’s side window was rolled down.

    If you remember when Richard drove the mini-van into the canal, the windows were up, which for some reason makes the car fill up with water faster than if the windows are down. It seems to be that way in pretty much every tv show that involves a car going into a lake, and presumably in real life too. There’s something about the water pressure that then makes it extremely difficult to bust open the windows or even to roll them down manually (assuming the car has old-fashioned roll-down instead of electric windows, which presumably short-circuit when they hit that much water). When Richard drove them all into the canal, the Platt family struggled up against the windows for quite some time before they managed to bust them open or slip through a crack or something (not quite sure how they got them open, but it took a while), during which time the car filled up very quickly.

    Since David’s driver’s side window was rolled down in the last shot before he went into the canal, he 1) has more time to get out before the water fills up the car; 2) doesn’t have to struggle to roll down the window or break it against the water pressure; and 3) could, theoretically, start swimming the moment the car went underwater.

  33. beanie says:

    Wow Pantagruelle great catch!!! I remember the old days with manual windows. I heard that you should roll down the window as soon as the car hits the water and wait till the car fills with water….then the pressure is equalized and you can open the door. Oh..BTW don’t panic LOL. I don’t know why you wouldn’t just go out the window though. Hmmmn. Does anyone know what to do with new-fangled windows? Dang! It’s 4 am! I’m not STILL up…just woke up. Hate when that happens. Hmmmn.

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