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Update For Episode #6690 August 29, 2008

The episode in which much bitchiness prevails. The Fat Bitch The madness continues at the Morton household with the departure of Jodie for the region of the Thames and Darryl being away on holiday. Jerry is at his wit’s end … Continue reading

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Music on Corrie This Week

Human League – “Love Action” I believe this was the song Wiki requested at the jukebox. The Beautiful South – “You Keep It All In” This was playing in the Rovers. I used to love these guys. Hall & Oates … Continue reading

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Update: Thursday August 28, 2008 – She’s a

Singletons Single #1 – Lloyd discusses the singles party with Steve at the office of Streetcards. The report is that Chantelle is saving herself for marriage and once she arrived home they found her mother waiting for them at home. … Continue reading

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Update – August 27, 2008. Everyone likes a little Moosehead Edition

The Key to Claire’s Heart Claire and Sally are in the cafe talking about Claire’s plan for the singles night. Women wearing locks will be approached by men with keys to which of them has the key to her heart. … Continue reading

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OY, Give Us the Update Already, Eh?

Okay, so my favourite scene of the evening is Doreen, Rita and Doris kibitzing the the Kabin. Why is it my favourite? We find out that Rita has wicked def Yiddish skillz when she pulls the word ‘schlep’ out of … Continue reading

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The New CBC Corrie Site

CBC has revamped its main Corrie site. The main page now includes a photo from this evening’s episode, as well as a three sentence synopsis of tonight’s show, as well as for each of this week’s broadcasts. Keep in mind, … Continue reading

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Monday August 25th – It’s About Time Update

UK Time Monday November 12th 2007 – Episode 2 Yesterday two of my co-workers hovered around my desk asking nervous questions about the street and CBC programming. I had to assure them several times that yes the street will be … Continue reading

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It’s Back!

    Just a reminder that Corrie is back tonight, same bat time, same bat channel. Now, I seem to remember reading a comment here on Corrie Canuck rumouring that the CBC were going to just jump ahead the episodes … Continue reading

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Please take a moment…

To wish our esteemed founder, Corrie fan, and vodka enthusiast, Jacqueline, the happiest of birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLACIA! MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!!

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Corrie’s Best Loved, Least Used Characters

5 more days of Olympics left, kids, and we’ll get our Corrie back. In the meantime, who would you like to see more of in the show when it returns to our screens? Here are a few people I think … Continue reading

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