Don’t Panic, We’ll Still be Here

So, as all you Corrie Canucksters must know the CBC is imposing a two week long Coronation Street drought on us for the duration of the some obscure sporting event. Over this break, your ever loyal and hard working updaters are looking for ways to keep the Corrie spirits up during that long dark walk to August 25th when we are once again reunited with Duckworths and MacDonalds, Plats andGrimshaws Websters and Battersby-Browns.

I hope to put up one or two posts during the break and for one post I’m, hoping for the participation of our constant readers. I’m just looking for your take on characters, storylines and perhaps a wish list of what you’d like to see on the street. So, if you are reading this and interested in showcasing your opinion or imagination, please email me at

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6 Responses to Don’t Panic, We’ll Still be Here

  1. geenee says:

    Favorite characters and storylines would be good.

    Best comedy scenes.

    Best and worst weddings.

    Most touching death scenes.

    History of longtime characters (the few that are left)

  2. whitehorsefan says:

    Best New Year’s Moments

    Child Actors of Coronation Street

  3. Joy says:

    I would be interested in the language of the street. Particularly, Fred Elliott quotes. I miss Fred. I say, I miss Fred!

  4. CorrieLoverUSA says:


    7:30 AM Coronation Street – Eps. #6676 (Pt 1)
    Gail decides that she can’t ignore her worry about missing David anymore and calls the police.
    8:00 AM Coronation Street – Eps. #6676 (Pt 2)
    David fakes his suicide.
    8:30 AM Coronation Street – Eps. #6677
    Jason and Sarah’s honeymoon is cut short. Sally’s feelings for John grow.
    9:00 AM Coronation Street – Eps. #6678
    Sarah tries to play David at his own game. Sally thinks John has feelings for her.
    9:30 AM Coronation Street – Eps. #6679
    Sally decides to declare how she feels to John. David gets his hands on Sarah’s wedding dress

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    How about some profiles and info about the greats in Street history – folks like Ena Sharples, Bet Lynch, etc.

    Or we could use the time to circulate a petition that Hilda Ogden be brought back – I’ve seen some youtubes, and WOW was she awesome! I saw the one where Stan gave the kids her coat for the Guy (a la Sarah-Lou’s wedding dress) and it breaks your heart!

    I’d offer to contribute writing to give youz guyz a break, but I’m such a newbie that I don’t think I have anything meaningful to contribute. Yet.


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Besides, the blog name is Corrie CANUCK, not Corrie YANK.

    Spread the North American love!


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